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5 plead guilty

MONTREAL - 5 men with ties to a Montreal street gang called Unit 44 were charged with the murder of Raynald Desjardins' business partner and close friend. The 5 men pleaded guilty on Thursday to being part of a conspiracy to kill Gaetan Gosselin, on Jan 22, 2013. One of the five, Olivier Gay, 34, also pleaded to being part of a conspiracy to murder Vincenzo Scuderi, 49, who was killed 9 days after Gosselin.  (Montreal Gazette)  


7 charged

OTTAWA - Police allege one-time leader of the Vanier Bloods and high-profile drug dealer Adnan 'Ace' Fazeli, 32, is the ringleader of what detectives have now called 'The Fazeli Group.'   (Ottawa Citizen)


10 years

MONTREAL - Shane Kenneth (Wheels) Maloney, an alleged leader in the West End Gang, was sentenced to an overall 10-year prison term for trying to buy 25 kilos of cocaine from an undercover agent and for having stored enough firearms and explosives to start a small war.   (Montreal Gazette)


Gangs responsible

TORONTO - Police say that a group of 'pathetic parasites' with ties to gangs operating in the NW corner of Toronto have been responsible for at least 50 violent robberies over the last 7 months.  The suspects are predominantly made up of members of the Complex Crip Gangsters and the Treyy Money Gang.  (CTV)


Associates arrested

RED DEER - 2 people with ties to the Independent Soldiers and Red Scorpions are now facing charges after police raided 2 properties in Red Deer a couple of months ago.  (CTV) 


4+ years

YELLOWKNIFE - A 24-year-old BC man was sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail after pleading guilty to possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.   (CBC)   PREVIOUS:   856 gang   856 gang in Yellowknife   CFSEU arrests 856 gang members   Gangs in BC  


Vancouver gangster

TORONTO - Sukh Deo, 34, was inside a white Range Rover when 2 men started firing at him just before 3pm in an alley near Yonge St and Eglinton Ave.  Both were wearing construction vests - one green and one orange.  (Vancouver Sun)    MORE:   Victim known to police   Victim identified   Involved in Wolf Pack   Victim was facing drug charges


 Conviction reinstated

OTTAWA - The SC agreed with BC prosecutors that the evidence against United Nations gangster Michael Newman, killed Marc Rozen during a botched 2004 robbery, supported the more serious count of first-degree murder. (Vancouver Sun)   JUDGMENT:   2016 SCC 7  


JIBC arsons and shootings

VANCOUVER - United Nations gang associate Vincent Eric Gia-Hwa Cheung, 40, allegedly used his connections to organized crime to help him with a campaign of terror against people linked to the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC).   He was arrested along with his alleged accomplice Thurman Ronley Taffe, 54.  (Vancouver Sun)    MORE:   Charges in arsons, shootings    Accused is lottery winner   Charges


Disorganized crime

VANCOUVER - Half the roughly three dozen shootings in the Surrey and Delta area since March have been linked to a drug feud between two groups involved in 'disorganized crime,' said RCMP.  (CP)   MORE:   Surrey conflict over drugs, turf   Truth telling issues   Steven Blaney   No new boots on the ground   Explosion rocks business   


Gang hotspots

OTTAWA - In Atlantic Canada, the Bacchus outlaw motorcycle club runs the drug trade, according to police biker crime specialists. In oil-rich Alberta, bullets fly when the Red Scorpions clash with the United Nations crew. In the Prairies, the White Boy Posse's migration east from Edmonton has spilled blood in Saskatchewan.  (CBC)  


Human trafficking ring

TORONTO - 9 people have been charged and another is sought in a national human trafficking ring that Toronto police allege saw Complex Grip Gangsters members romance teen girls and women to lure them into prostitution.  (CTV)  


Peek into gang life

CALGARY -   He has walked alone through some of the most unsafe neighbourhoods in Calgary in hopes he'd be stopped by gang bangers wanting to know what he was doing on their turf.    (Globe & Mail)  REPORT:   Unravelling identities and belonging  .pdf 


Gangsters targeted

MANILA - James Riach, Barry Espadilla, Ali Shirazi and Tristan Olazo remain in custody in the Philippines on charges.  (Vancouver Sun)  PREVIOUS:   4 Canadians arrested   Raid finds 2 Canadians  



TORONTO - Gunman Bilal Deeb was sentenced to life in prison for rendering Jesse Kay a quadriplegic.   (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:   Accused sparred with victim years before


41 arrests, 417 charges

TORONTO - Those arrested were allegedly members of the Galloway Boys and Orton Park gangs who since 2011 have been fighting for drug turf in southeast Scarborough.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:   Police target rival gangs   Hundreds of charges in gang roundup


Footballers targeted

KARACHI - A remote-controlled bomb hidden in a motorbike has torn through a crowd of young football players in a soccer-obsessed slum in the Pakistani city of Karachi, killing an estimated 10 children and teenagers.  (Guardian UK)  MORE:   Bomb kills 11   Children killed  


Criminal story

TORONTO - Trevor Edwards most recent crimes - he’s pleaded guilty to 12 charges in all - involve beating and kidnapping his former stripper girlfriend after she took off in their Mercedes, not knowing he’d hidden $50,000 in the trunk. (QMI) 


Gang rivalry at centre

TORONTO -  At a news conference later in the day, Toronto police Chief Bill Blair and Supt. Chris White of the Organized Crime Unit said that two gangs named Young Buck Killaz and the G-Siders were terrorizing the Toronto area and had branched out across the country.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  60 arrested   Canada-wide sting      


Canadian apprehended

NUEVO VALLARTA - Reputed drug trafficker Nicholas Michael Lucier was detained in the Pacific coast city of Nuevo Vallarta.  (EFE)  


SEATTLE - Kevin Donald Kerfoot, 53, was sentenced in Seattle to 13 years in jail after entering a guilty plea in April following an unsuccessful 10-year fight to remain in Canada.   (Vancouver Sun)  MORE:   13 years 


Gang tentacles

EDMONTON - A Provincial Threat Assessment identified 138 criminal networks operating in Alberta.  In their latest annual report, ALERT has identified 245 criminal networks active in the province.  (Sun Media)MORE:   Marijuana makes up more than half of ALERT drug seizures  2016-17 ALERT annual report 


Gang linked to 3 murders

TORONTO - Police believe the Asian Assassinz are linked to the fatal shooting of Thuan (Tony) Nguyen, 25, in February 2013. The murder of Michael Nguyen, 23, who was shot in the parking lot of Yorkdale Shopping Centre in April 2013.  Police believe the gang is responsible for the murder of Byron Linares, 27, in June 2013.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Raids target gangs    2 violent gangs were the focus


Blood turf war

JIANGSU PROVINCE - Knife-wielding gangs are clashing outside hospitals and spilling each other's blood in China over a precious resource - blood donations.   (Epoch Times)


Drug turf war

DAWSON CREEK - The streets of Dawson Creek have become a battleground in a growing drug turf war, and now police are asking the public for assistance to try and stop it before innocent bystanders are killed.  Police think there's as a many as 6 different gangs vying for the drug trade in Dawson Creek and the surrounding areas.   (CBC)   MORE:   Shooting, kidnapping linked to drug war 


Anti-gang squad report

VANCOUVER - The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU-BC) has released its annual report aimed at discouraging involvement in gangs, especially for young women who follow the lustre but find something entirely different.  (CP)   REPORT:   Youth, girls and gangs 2015  



HALIFAX - Police in Ontario say the gang known as North Preston's Finest is actively recruiting girls and women from the Maritimes, forcing them into a life of prostitution in cities across Canada.  (CBC)  MORE:  18 women rescued   Nationwide human trafficking investigation    


Gang linked drug ring

KAMLOOPS - Mounties say they have put a dent in the drug trade with their bust of a gang-affiliated drug ring that resulted in the seizure of drugs, electronics and a lot of guns.  (Kamloops this week)    


Operation thumbs down

LOS ANGELES - Over 800 hundred law enforcement officers and agents served dozens of arrest and search warrants in Operation Thumbs Down, an 18-month investigation that targeted members and associates of the Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips.  (FBI)   MORE:   Gang raid    Images of children with guns 


Anti-gang report released

VANCOUVER - For the first time, the provincial anti-gang police unit has issued an accessible report on criminal gangs for the public – a document that says BC organizations maintain headquarters in this province while doing business around the world.  (Globe & Mail) 


Joint investigation

CALGARY - 8 people are facing more than 100 charges in connection to alleged criminal activity in the Calgary area.  The charges follow a nearly year long investigation into drugs and weapons in the Calgary region as well as BC’s lower mainland.  (CTV)


Gang warfare areas

LOS ANGELES - P Jeffrey Brantingham, an anthropologist at UCLA who uses statistics to study crime, has applied the Lotka-Volterra equations to gangs.   (Smithsonian)


Spy moms

TORONTO - Police claim the lookouts have an unobstructed view of the Jane-Finch intersection, and can report the movement of police vehicles.  Officers said the women are allegedly paid to watch for police vehicles and contact the drug lords by walkie-talkie or BlackBerry Messenger when a cruiser is nearby.  (QMI)


CBSA tattoo handbook

Tattoos are useful indicators to identify individuals who are members of a gang or a criminal organization. It is important to note that an image may have several different, occasionally innocuous, meanings, depending on the interpretation of the individual or gangs using it.  (CBSA handbook posted by Public Intelligence)  MORE:  Unemployed   Tattoo leads to conviction  


BC gangsters over their heads

VANCOUVER - Gangsters from BC are increasingly doing business with drug cartels in Mexico - a recklessly naive trend that has resulted in 5 deaths in the past 4 years, police say.  (CBC)


Canadian gets prison

BILLINGS - A Canadian citizen will spend more than 7 years in federal prison for smuggling guns from Montana into Lethbridge, Alberta.  (Billings Gazette)


Shower Posse crackdown

TORONTO - Police in Toronto and Jamaica say gang-related homicides have significantly declined in the 20 months since the arrests of key leaders of the Shower Posse, a violent criminal organization that operates in several countries.  (CBC) 


Underage, armed & dangerous

Are you worried your child might be involved with a gang? Police say there are several warning signs that you should watch out for.   (CTV)   MORE:   Career choice


Northern drug sweep

RCMP in the Northwest Territories say they have arrested 22 people following a series of drug busts in four communities.    (CBC)  



VANCOUVER - Nazfar Mirhadi and Veronica Moncur were found not guilty in BC Supreme Court, but 5 others were found guilty.  The 7 were arrested in October 2011 after a 29-year-old man was kidnapped from a restaurant in downtown Vancouver.  (CTV)  MORE:   Gang related kidnapping 


Ordered extradited

SICAMOUS - Colin Martin, who the US accuses of being the kingpin in a cross-border drug smuggling operation that left 2 people dead, has been ordered extradited to the US.  (CBC)     MORE:   Revealed as informant    Martin remains in custody     Drug bust     


7 years

TORONTO - Folorunso Owusu was convicted of 2 counts of second-degree murder.  Owusu fired a gun at the Danzig party organizer Nahom Tsegazab during a confrontation, hitting him and a young woman.  Tsegazab and an unidentified man shot back into the crowd of 200 people killing Joshua Yasay, 23, and Shyanne Charles, 14, and injuring 21 others.  (Toronto Star) 

Danzig shooting   

Guilty plea

14 years  

Alleged gunman arrested

Galloway legacy

New generation mentored by old

Police link street gang to shootings

Battle for gang leadership

Galloway Boys

Malvern Crew

Plea to lesser charges

Shaquan Mesquito

Additional charges

Charges laid


BBQ shooting charges  

Reckless discharge of a firearm

1 gunman arrested

'Very intelligent, always laughing'

Poverty of morals

Youth guilty 

Victims identified

Shyanne Charles   Joshua Yasay



Barbecue shooting

Police link BQ deaths with gang war

Threat of retaliatory violence 



2nd arrest

ABBOTSFORD - A suspect who set off a manhunt on both sides of the Canada-US border over his alleged involvement in a shooting and drug-smuggling incident is now in custody following a raid on a home in Abbotsford, BC.  (CTV)  

Abbotsford manhunt 

5 still in hospital

10 wounded   

Rally against gang violence

Gang crackdown is no hollow pledge: Campbell

2009 Integrated Threat Assessment   .pdf  

Effect of enforcement on drug violence  .pdf    

Concrete roadblocks set up in front of homes

Justice in our times

Bad press for BC    BC or Colombia?

BC Follies

Faster, higher, stronger - and deadlier

Drug war on another border: Canada

Crime bill could help ID gangsters

Piercing the logic of body armour law 

Drug hotel is about to empty out

Clouding the issue of gang crime

Targeted list grows

Politicians under the gun 

Gang Politics

Illegal gun action plan released 


Stabbed over crack video

TORONTO - Blood was spilled over the alleged Rob Ford crack cocaine video.  Mohamed Siad, 27, was stabbed while in custody when other gang members wrongly blamed him for the heat coming down on them in Project Traveller because of the alleged crack video.  (QMI)  Caught up in police raids

Star investigation


Operation traveler raids

'I don't answer to the mayor'

Men in Ford photo suspects in raids

224 charges    

Raids happened for a reason


Recovering in secret 


Kamloops Daily News

Unfit to stand trial

VANCOUVER - John Margison, a member of the Independent Soldiers gang, was charged with 5 other men in connection with the Nov 2011 abduction of Eric Low. 

Man shot in underground parking lot

Guilty plea

Gang culture hard call for judges



VANCOUVER - Police have closed in on a former Surrey man believed responsible for the high-profile slaying of Indo-Canadian crime boss Sandip Duhre in January, 2012.  Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil, who is currently being held in Greece pending extradition to Toronto, is believed to have organized the grisly Duhre murder in the Sheraton Wall Centre. Duhre took several bullets to the head as he sat eating at a high-end restaurant on the evening of January 17. 

Suspect already charged in Toronto hit


4th arrest made  

Alkhalil a suspect

Hit was plotted from prison

3 more charged

Victim was a gang leader

Gambling debts  

Dhak Duhre Gang  


Who's who in the UN gang

Murder plot

VANCOUVER - The Cory Vallee murder trial has offered a fascinating glimpse into the violent world of the notorious United Nations gang and its targets.  UN members-turned-Crown witnesses have testified that the gang plotted against rivals, killed young street-level dealers, and even arranged a hit on one of its own members, who was hiding out in Mexico.  One of those witnesses, a man who can only be identified as C due to a publication ban, also described discussions he had with the gang's leader in 2011 about killing me.  (Kim Bolan)

Vancouver Sun: Jonathan Bacon  


UN gangsters plead guilty to conspiracy

Agreement of facts 



Hard time

Gang Court Challenge

Man found dead  

US police have eye on BC gang

New court documents .pdf

Complaint filed

BC gang leader arrested in Texas

United Nations Gang

Wanted gangster running BC ski business

Guilty plea

Guilty of manslaughter

UN gangster pleads guilty  

4 more years

4 years

Former biker boss pleads guilty

5 plea guilty

Father of victim dismayed at pleas



Bacons & friends

Appeal court adds 2 years

VANCOUVER - Jarrod Bacon's sentence has been revised to 14 years, instead of the 12 he received earlier this year for conspiring to import cocaine into Canada from Mexico.  (CP) 

Bacon sentenced  


Bacon Brothers

Law of crime  

Major gangs of BC

Gangster gunned down

Gangland shooting   

'Cross-fire' feared  

Just 'like you and me' 

Man wounded in shooting  

UN members facing charges

Red Scorpions/Bacon brothers vs. UN


Police grapple with warring gangs    

VANCOUVER - The sun was setting on Coal Harbour when the Vancouver police marine squad took special notice of a charter boat called the Magic Charm.  Aboard the vessel were dozens of young men, some of whom were linked to the Red Scorpion gang.   (Vancouver Sun)

Police chase gang members



Gang bust

Red Scorpion arrested

Woman found dead

Men charged for stabbing murder

AB gang arrests

Take down a blow to Red Scorpions



UN member executed

CULIACAN - Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz, 36, had spent much of the last three years in Mexico and was the key cartel contact for the notorious BC gang. 

UN and the Canada-Mexico connection 

Man ID'd as Canadian shot dead

Gang charges .pdf

Indo gangster ran a death squad

856 gang in spotlight

Canada-wide manhunt for New West man

Canadian slain  

Trail leads from drug raid to murders

Murder of Eugene & Michele Uyeyama

Gang violence erupts in BC

Tara Singh Hayer

A history of OC in the Indo community

Little likelihood of arrests

Murdered involved in drug trade  



Greeks sentenced

VANCOUVER - 2 members of a Vernon, BC-based drug gang known as the Greeks have been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years after being convicted of murder.  Dale Sipes was given two life sentences, one for the torture and murder of David Marniuk in 2004 and the other for the execution-style murder of Ron Thom in 2005.  Leslie Podolski was sentenced to life for being an active participant in Marniuk's death.  Both of the convicted men were described as gang enforcers.  (CBC) 


Greeks guilty

5 convicted

Vernon Greeks found guilty

Greeks gang convicted  

Grisly details

Murder charge  

Trial testimony

Greeks gang

Murder trials begins   

'Greeks' dismantled


Criminal organization sentences

KELOWNA - Thomas Fraser and his associate Jason Herrick, both of Kelowna, were the first people in BC convicted of committing their crimes for the benefit of a criminal organization. 

Drug bust

CRIME task force comes to the Cariboo

Gang task force tackles escalating violence

RCMP Briefing Note   .pdf  

SA 'criminal' chooses Canadian jail



VANCOUVER - 50-year-old Thomas Gisby was shot twice at close range at a Starbucks in Nuevo Vallarta. Police say Gisby was the head of his own gang called the Gisby Crime Group and was involved in drug trafficking as well as other illegal activities for two decades.   (CTV)  

Alleged trafficker gunned down  

5 provinces join forces

TORONTO - Fed up with Ottawa's response to organized crime, five provinces are taking the law into their own hands.  In an unprecedented move, justice ministers from Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta signed an inter-provincial accord to work together to combat bikers, mobsters and gangsters.  (Toronto Star) 


Joining gangs

OTTAWA - The number of federal inmates who belong to gangs behind bars has climbed 32% in the last 5 years.  (CBC)

Gang violence and immigration

Toronto gun summit

Gun violence meeting

Notorious twins' guilty plea big win for gang unit

Stepping up the ranks of Indo gangs

Street gangs for hire

Gang violence spreading

Properties seized

Drug bunker found   7600 Nixon Rd  

'Cultural difference'

Drugs, bombs and guns

The RCMP's gangster 'hit list'

'Six feet under' 

Big Circle Boys born of Red Guards

BC Homicide Statistics - 1999 to 2004 



Family ties

CALGARY - One major difference between the criminals involved in Calgary's all-out gang war and gangs of the past in the city is the degree to which the top members are related through family ties.   (CBC) 

Gang war forces tactic changes


Enforcer flips  

Granted immunity

Calgary Herald: FOB killers  

Decline of gang

Gang life in Calgary   

Another hole in the legal system

Allowed to stay    

BC gangs like Alberta

Prison calms gang violence

Hired gun deported

6 years later

3rd arrest

2nd man charged  

Cop intel found

Tran released

Guns under toys

Calgary gang war claims 50 lives

Police raid gang home

Gang members arrested

Tran remains in Canada


Gang warfare intensifies

WILLIAMS LAKE - At least 3 First Nations gangs with roots in nearby reserves are at war in and around the small ranching and lumber town in BC's Central Interior.  Gangs known as the 712, Indian Outlaws and Chilcotin Rebel Warriors clash over drugs, money and revenge. The violence has flared on reserves such as Soda Creek and Anaham, leaving native leaders in despair.  (Globe & Mail) 


Indian Posse

Indian Posse  

Native Syndicate

Redd Alert

Prison death

Warriors bust

Prison gangs and youth gangs in Canada  


Retaliation watch

HOBBEMA - When 15-year-old Preston Thom heard bullets flying as he stood outside his home in the Hobbema townsite south of Edmonton, he gave his little brother a hard push and told him to run.  It was enough to save the 12-year-old, but not Preston. 

Suspicious death

Guilty plea

Canada wide warrant


Gang nipped

EDMONTON - Jeremy Paul Krasny, 22, pleaded guilty in provincial court to conspiring to traffic in cocaine and committing an indictable offence for a criminal organization.  Court heard Krasny was part of a prison plot that would have seen a new Edmonton drug gang begin operating with the help of notorious Eastern street gang Ace Crew, an offshoot of a larger gang, The Bloods.   (QMI)


Posse bust

Bummer for slow driver

Gang killing foiled 


Street gang has grown

WINNIPEG - Today - a mere 6 years after the Most Organized Brothers (MOB) first blipped on the Winnipeg Police Service radar - cops say the gang has grown into a major criminal threat with more than 100 documented members and associates. (Winnipeg Sun)

High level drug arrest

Arrested appear in rap video    

Recruiting kids

Cocaine bricks found

Gang members' silence not so golden

Witness home firebombed

Drug bust 


120 arrested

TORONTO - Early morning raids across southern Ontario resulted in the arrests of 120 people and 660 charges laid in connection to a year-long investigation targeting the Driftwood Crips street gang.  (Global)  

Project Kronic arrests 

Driftwood Crips targeted

Project sizzle raids

Police dismantle HOK gang

Jamaican Shower Posse a wholesaler

International crime group exposed

Jamaican Shower Posse

Street gangs still thriving despite big busts

Posse members face deportation

Wrong car

Witness refuses to take oath

Bad day for art

Hatred began with death threat  

Deaths of Shillingford, Taylor and Eminess  

Gang shreds off member's tattoo

Recession fuels turf war

Attempted hit  

Man on bail faces gun charge

Judge blasts Crown over hearing delays

Gangsters post You Tube evidence for cops

2 charged with human trafficking

Grade 9s face 60 charges

4 held in subway swarming

Alleged gang leader faces drug, gun charges

Sick transit

96 arrested

Gangs turn to the web

Smuggler indicted again for running guns

Retooling the war on gangs

Massive raids  

Raids taking place in Ontario

Raids target Latino Americanos


40-shot fusillade hits club district

Abduction linked to school shooting

Morning gun battle

Gang fight behind downtown shootout

Driftwood's furtive '3 generals' unmasked

Police probe officer over raid

Police raid nothing new for some

The Driftwood takedown  

Rivals are poised to fill the power vacuum

Police gang unit targets gang members


Gunned down

LAVAL - Harry Mytil, allegedly tied to the Bo-Gars, was gunned down inside the garage of the Henri Julien St home where he was residing.  

Who killed Harry up?

Murder of a Bo-Gars

Senior officer of the Red


Body found


Gang raids

Construction, arson, drugs and weapons

Quebec, NY drug ring

Gang member loses payout bid

Club Temptation case suspended

Multiple arrests   

Gang leader denied parole

Operation Borax

Raids on window-tinting suppliers

Target escapes  

300 officers conduct drug raids  

HSBC has been good to me  

House for sale    

Arrests in gangland shooting    

Drug raid targeted Dominican gang

Tax bill

Gang leader to keep house


Mexican Mafia takedown

SAN DIEGO - 19 people have been charged as part of a 3-year investigation into the Mexican Mafia prison gang.  'According to the investigation, the defendants operated in two groups, led by either federal prisoner Jose Alberto 'Bat' Marquez or California death row inmate Ronaldo Ayala.  (San Diego Union-Tribune) 

Mexican Mafia

Jose Alberto 'Bat' Marquez

Texas Mexican Mafia

Texas Syndicate

Mexican mafia members arrested

Mexican Mafia member vanished

Indictment details gang's workings

Gang members arrested

Tango Blast



Deputy facing charges

FBI press release

FBI press release  

Cocaine bust

Pot bust

13 years  

Racial 'cleansing' in LA

Truckloads of pot

Man charged with smuggling Ecstasy


Avenues gang raids

Armenian Power

Sweep targets Armenian OC

LA sues imprisoned gang leaders

LA sues gang members

Bid to break gang's grip  

Drew Street Gang arrested for racketeering

Fragile sense of hope for South Central



Another gang murder

DUBLIN - A 6th person has been shot dead in the violent feud between Ireland's 2 most notorious criminals that erupted after an armed assault on a boxing weigh-in in Feb.  A number of gunmen burst into the Sunset pub Monday night and opened fire.  Security sources in the Irish capital were linking the murder to the gang warfare between Costal del Sol-based Irish drug smuggler Christy Kinahan and north Dublin career criminal Gerry 'the Monk' Hutch.  (Guardian UK)

Irish feud

Gang warfare

Nephew is charged 

Anti-terror police arrest

Charged with wearing paramilitary clothing

Gerard Kavanagh lured to his death

Kinahan's bid to be cocaine king


List of criminal organizations

Stop gangsters


Prime Time Crime

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