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Organized Crime

Biker Massacre

Hells Angels Guilty Sept. 2003

Hells Angels Guilty March 2004


High-tech auto theft

SAN DIEGO - Law enforcement authorities said they have broken up a sophisticated auto-theft ring run by a Tijuana-based motorcycle club that swiped 150 Jeep Wranglers in San Diego County over the past several years.  (San Diego Union Tribune)   MORE:   DoJ press release 


Hells Angels conquered Canada

LAVAL - There is a specific moment when the Hells Angels began their takeover of Canada.  It was Dec 5, 1977, and the Popeyes, a motorcycle gang based in Quebec, had patched over to join the American motorcycle gang at a party in Laval, a suburb just north of Montreal.  (Vice) 


Hells Angel sues for defamation

VANCOUVER - Damiano Dipopolo, who is employed as a longshoreman, says a series of articles written last month by a man who runs an anonymous blog called Gangster out blog is damaging to his reputation and character and could result in him being fired from his job.  (PostMedia)  MORE:   Sues for defamation   The dilemma     Gangsters out blog: Damiano Dipopolo    


May be buried

SAINTE-ANNE-DE-MADAWASKA - Mario Bergeron, who was known to police as a full patch member of the Hells Angels, went missing in April 2008.  RCMP believe he was murdered in connection with organized crime and that his body was disposed of in the area.  (CBC) 


Extortion charge

CALGARY - Former Canadian Olympian and purported Hells Angels member Ken Leblanc made a court appearance on an allegation he tried to extort $150,000 from a Calgary businessman.  (Sun Media) 


Garbage collector

VANCOUVER - Ronaldo Lising, a full-patch Hells Angel in an elite BC chapter, has been hired by the City of Vancouver to work as a garbage collector.  MORE:   Hiring review launched    Public-sector benefits too rich  


Shooting linked to bikers

SYLVAN LAKE - Officials have charged two men who are members of the Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club, which has ties to the Hells Angels, after a man suffering from gunshot wounds was found walking near the town.  Daniel Huddlestone, 34, and Cameron Monkman, 28, have been charged.  (CBC)  


Inside the Angels

Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan has written extensively about gangs and organized crime in BC. She was first contacted by former police agent Micheal Plante in June 2010 about a possible interview.  (Vancouver Sun)   MORE:  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4   Part 5  Part 6 


Hells Angels sue MTV

HOLLYWOOD - The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is suing MTV and producers of the reality show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory for infringing and diluting their skull-with-wings insignia. (Hollywood Reporter)  TMZ    Rob Dyrdek 


Biker gangs in Central NL

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR - With biker gang activity seemingly on the rise in Newfoundland and Labrador, the RCMP are giving more details about clubs operating in Grand Falls-Windsor.  (CBC)


Infiltrator can pursue contract case

The government may have breached its settlement with a former federal agent who claims the Hell's Angels burned down his house in retaliation for his successful infiltration of their motorcycle gang, the US Court of Federal Claims ruled.  (Courthouse News)   Jay Dobyns  


4th suspect nabbed

LONDON - After 10 days on the lam, the fourth suspect wanted in the shooting of a Hells Angels member and a woman in London, Ont., is in custody.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Gang war brewing   3 arrested   2 shot near clubhouse  

Arrest in drug bust

MONTREAL - Jean-Francois Emard, the presumed head of biker gang Rock Machine, was among 6 arrested. The arrests were part of a larger anti-drug operation by the SQ.  (Montreal Gazette)


Biker gang raids

TROIS-RIVIERES - Quebec provincial police expect to arrest at least 30 people today following during raids targeting the Deimos Crew, a Hells Angels-related biker gang.    (CBC)  MORE:   36 arrested    


Hells Angels jailed

CORFU -  A trio of full-patch Alberta Hells Angels are in jail in Greece after being arrested following the near-fatal beating of a Greek man.  (Real Scoop)   MORE:   Attack in Greece  


Mandatory meeting

OTTAWA - More than 700 Hells Angels and affiliate members are expected to party in Ottawa all weekend long, in celebration of the 15th anniversary of their Ontario chapter. Every 4 years, they hold a mandatory-attendance meeting, and this year Ottawa won the bid to host.  (CTV)   MORE:   Tourists


Bikers expanding

OTTAWA - The Hells Angels biker gang is expanding its presence in the national capital region with the help of the Red Devils, a proxy group or 'farm team' for the international crime organization.    (CBC) 


Wanted arrested

MONTREAL - Jessy Kean, 36, was the subject of an Interpol arrest warrant before his arrest by Montreal police.    (CJAD)         



HAMILTON - Police were on site at the motorcycle gang's clubhouse at Gage Ave N and Beach Road on Thursday morning, helping the bailiff with 'an eviction proceeding.'  (CBC)     MORE:   Turfed   Surprised by eviction


Biker gang raids

MONTREAL - About 70 police officers are raiding locations linked to a drug-trafficking ring on Montreal's South Shore.  Police say the ring is controlled by alleged members of the Devils Ghosts, which is affiliated with the Hells Angels.   (CBC)   MORE:   Ghost Devils arrested     Men arrested   Bikers face drug, weapons charges   Gang members linked to shooting 


Hells Angels win

OTTAWA - Canada's highest court has ruled that a group of Hells Angels members who received a stay of proceedings because of lengthy delays in their case will not have to stand trial anew.  (CBC)  JUDGMENT:   2014 SCC 6 


Biker turns himself in

GANDER - Patrick Wallace Bemister, 26, turned himself in to police in Grand Falls-Windsor just before 5pm after a Canada-wide warrant was issued for his arrest.  (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Bikers brawl with cops


Connected and gang related

ST JOHN'S - Police believe a drive-by shooting in a St. John’s subdivision targeted the wrong house and is connected to a suspicious car fire and the local drug trade. (St John's Telegram)  MORE:   Biker rumours bad for business 


Bikers threaten to charge cop

CHATHAM - The owners of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club aren't happy with scrutiny from the Chatham-Kent Police Service's biker enforcement officer.  They notified police that if Const. Yancy Eddie is spotted in or around the clubhouse premises at 27 Degge St in Chatham, they want him charged with trespassing.   (QMI)  


Collecting child support

TORONTO - How do you collect child support from someone who has a secret identity and address?  (Toronto Star)  


4 years

VANCOUVER - Kelowna Hells Angel Bryan Oldham was sentenced to 4 years in jail for his 'integral part' in brokering a deal for half a tonne of cocaine in 2012.  (Vancouver Sun)

Limo filled with Hells Angels busted

Angel dead 

Dies in custody

18 years

Welcome to the family

Vancouver HA meltdown

10 years


Convicted on all counts 

On trial


Publication ban lifted   

Hells Angel arrested    

Inside the Angels

Crime & the waterfront part 1

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Hells Angels control of docks

Port Metro Vancouver

Bikers gather for clubhouse opening

Associate pleads guilty

Middleman accused 

Fort McMurray biker gang bust 

5 years

Hells Angel convicted

Widdifield ruling

Hells Angel to face charges

5 years

Found guilty 

Found guilty

Kelowna cocaine trial

Guilty on all counts

No justice for cop

Hells Angel convicted

Annual ride

Pivot legal aiding and abetting

David Giles - busted

Clubhouse seized

Taxman also after assets

Clubhouses targeted

Drug labs busted

Drug offences

Trickle-down effect

And justice for all . . . to not see

Lawrence Dean Bergstrom  

RCMP bag bikers in cocaine bust

Hells Angel guilty; Police respond 

Hells Angels pleads guilty 

Kelowna Hells Angels arrested with guns

Clubhouse sparks warning

Clubhouse raid

Clubhouse raided

Mounties execute search warrant

Hells Angels conspiracy

Bike gangsters

Fishing for cocaine with the Angels

Bust proving a hollow victory 

Man pleads guilty  

Federal way man sentenced 

Clubhouse Langley, BC

Disingenuous or Dumb?

45 Hells Angels 


3 convicted of manslaughter

VANCOUVER - Dain Phillips was beaten to death in Kelowna, BC, in June 2011 in what was described as a dispute between Phillips' sons and two of the men on trial - Daniel McRae and his brother Matthew.  The McRaes and Schell were convicted of manslaughter, while Robert Cocks was acquitted.  Hells Angels members Norman Cocks and Robert Thomas have already pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were each sentenced in January to 15 years in prison.  (CP)


Hells Angel surrenders

7 charged

Dan Philips murder trial 

Hells Angels sentenced
Guilty pleas
2 guilty pleas


Ex-biker boss suing

WINNIPEG - Ernie Dew  is now fighting the federal government in court, claiming they stole his house by illegally seizing and selling it under proceeds-of-crime legislation. 

'Peg drug market


Criminal group

2 charged

Tattoo shop hit    

Rock Machine bust 

Hells Angel sought

Firebombings linked to bikers 

Rock Machine calls CTV  


Former boss sentenced

Gang tensions  

Bikers' had a mortgage

Clubhouse seized

9 years for Hells Angel

Project Divide nets 2

Insider set up bust

More arrests

15 years

Biker gets 15 years

Guilty plea

1 convicted


LHS in Winnipeg  

MB Rock Machine operation

Biker gang eliminated 

Prez arrested  

1 arrested, 1 still wanted

Prez arrested

Raids target Redlined Support Crew  

Biker gangs in 'active war'

8 years

Biker war brews  

Boy shot in home  

OC unit investigating  

Biker granted bail  

Project Divide arrests

Murder plot

New charges 


Hells Angels sting

EDMONTON - 2 Edmonton members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang have been arrested and charged following a lengthy investigation that led to the recovery of $1M in stolen property, the seizure of 21 firearms and 8 other arrests.  (Edmonton Journal) 

10 face hundreds of charges

Hells Angels sting operation

Appeals court bumps sentences up

Bikers defy cops

Out to stop biker meet

More details released

Investigating Hells Angels   

Cocaine trafficking

Prison for cocaine conspiracy

Bikers backed coke ring

Grow op blitz



SASKATOON - A Hells Angels member arrested in the Project Forseti raids has been found guilty of trafficking cocaine.  Rob Allen was arrested and charged, alongside 13 others, in Jan 2015 after police raided nearly 20 properties across SK and AB.   (CTV) 

OC charges

SPS: Project Forseti    

14 arrested

IOCN project Forseti   .pdf

Raids target puppet club

Hells Angels suing

Mystery man

Law unconstitutional

Hells Angel to stand trial 

Lawsuit threat


Chapter shut down

OTTAWA - The Hells Angels have shut down their elite Nomads chapter outside Ottawa, just a month after hosting a national gathering of more than 500 outlaw bikers.  Neither the bikers nor the police are saying why there is no longer a Nomads chapter.  (Toronto Star)

Strip club documents

Biker can be denied a liquor licence

Liquor licence revoked

Strip club closes 

Hells Angel guilty 

Bikers get gear back

Biker charged

2 years

Bizarre twist

Bikers suspected 'a rat'

Snitch asked for help

Biker boss gets life in prison

Bikers' secrets


Support club 

Not guilty

Hells Angels under attack

Court upholds 'anti-gang' law

Angels' appeal gang law

'Tech guy' jailed

2 years

Branch dismantled

Police take down drug ring 

Biker gang probe

Court rules

'Thank you'

Lack of witness sets free bikers

Biker gang rebuilding

Witness objected to vest on deceased

Hells Angels beat OC charges

Blogger leaked order to raid

Bikers won't get back bling 


Drug raids target biker gang 

2 more sentenced

Hells Angels sentenced

Rat inside the clubhouse

Hells Angels square off

Exclusive pleasure club   

Rat in their midst  

No rips and no rats

9 years

'An uninterrupted life of crime'  

Guilty of drug trafficking

Witness labelled a liar

Guilty in date-rape drug bust

Rock Machine recruiting in GTA

11 years

Gang run like a business

Angels in court

Ex-president jailed 


Biker 'rat' opposed giving tour

Biker ordered deported in 1999

Ex-biker guilty in slaying

Biker's son snubbed by military

Biker gets 6 years

Ailing biker

Biker verdict causes uproar

Logo battle

Hells Angel charged

Hells Angel sues strip club

Bikers had secret police documents

Bikers admit selling drugs


Cash buried

SHERBROOKE - Police in Sherbrooke have unearthed around $45M on a former Hells Angels compound.  The money was buried in plastic buckets in various spots of land, and was only found after police received the tip from former gang member Sylvain Boulanger.  (CJAD) 

Buried money

Buried their money 

Investigation launched into trial  

Justice failing to deliver

Pleads guilty, released

First 'marathon' biker trial begins

Hells Angel shot

Maurice 'Mom' Boucher

Prison sentences reduced

Judge cancels trial

Mom charged 

Judge scolds prosecution

Operation SharQC timeline

The 5 who have been set free

Questions about anglophone bikers 

Gun graveyard

Operation SharQc

Police raid towing companies

Towing company raids      

Mom still doing business

Ontario Hells Angels moving into Quebec  

Follow up raids

Reduced charges pleas

Member has charges dropped

Trial postponed

2 more plead guilty

Guilty plea to conspiracy

Support party    

Faces murder charges

Murder charges

Escapee sues for $25M 

13 plead guilty 

2 plead guilty    

Biker bust 

Trial to be split 

$25K for murdered rival

Power of the patch 

Drug bust

Lobbyist's links to Hells Angels

Varin rejects contract criticism

Most-wanted arrest  

27 years

Reported suicide

Found dead

Escaped Hells Angel found dead  

Prison escape

Bunker demolished


Hells Angels get 20 years


Guilty pleas  

Quebec biker war

Drug raids

23 arrested

Not criminally responsible

Raids target alleged Hells Angels  


Some charges dropped

Tories to hit rewind on 'mega-trials'

New scanner used

Potential large murder trial     

42 arrested 

Arrests in 'Project Decepticon'

Ex-wife arrested

Operation Baladeur underway

Biker confesses to 27 murders



Hells Angels trafficked drugs

Suicide breeds skepticism

Inmate found dead  

3rd murder charge  

Brothers plead guilty  

Life sentence  



Hells Angels drug cases dropped

Operation SharQc fiasco 

Judge frees bikers  

Judge orders release

QC justice minister disappointed  

Judge defended

James Brunton

Hells Angels linked cases thrown out

Properties are from crime

Explosives found

Devil 'n Angels

Highway to Hell

Power vacuum

New biker war coming

They're back   

We're back

Canadian walked the beaches 

Canadian murderer in Coronado  

Taxpayers fund defence

Biker to get house arrest

19 still on the lam  

Hells Angels round-up

Brothers plead guilty

Gang leader pleads guilty

Police bust puppet club

2 life sentences

Takin' care of outlaw biker business  

Hells Angel denies crime connection

Fugitive arrested

RCMP: Investigation results in arrests


HALIFAX - A party in Musquodoboit Harbour marks the return of the Hells Angels to Nova Scotia.  (CBC)

Hells Angels return 

Crackdown on biker clubhouse

Police raid Gate Keepers clubhouse

Guilty plea

Biker pleads guilty 

Biker violence

Turf war on the horizon

No charges

No charged in fatal assault

Gang complaint

OC charges laid

Clubhouse raid


$150K reward for Gregory Brushett

Gang members charged

Jail drug smuggling

Biker involved in bar death

Man dies from injuries

Biker arrest 

Bacchus implicated

Man arrested 


2nd arrest

EL PASO - Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter president Juan Martinez Jr. died Aug 3 after he and 3 other bikers were shot during a July 30 bar fight at Mulligan's Chopped Hog.   (El Paso Times)

Another convicted

Bandidos guilty

Found guilty 

Vagos biker arrests

Biker gang arrests  

US ICE news release  

Bikers indicted

3rd arrest

Kingsmen VP executed 

Life sentence


Hells Angels riding on

2015 Waco shootout

Civil right suit

Waco Tribune-Herald coverage 

Decline to indict

Untold story of shoot-out

Booking 170+ slow and tedious

Mug shots

Waco bikers held


48 more indictments

Blunders onward

Beginning of shootout video

Untold story  

Charges in biker shootout

Biker brawl

Law-abiding MCs keep messing with bikers


1 dead, 7 hurt

Colorado Motorcycle Expo  

Bulletin warned


Shootout arrests

4 killed by same caliber of rifle fired by police 

Leaders nabbed

Officer shot 

Shaun Diamond 

SWAT officer shot 

Biker brawl 

23 years

Federal infiltration

Biker convicted

2011 shootout at the Ascuaga’s Nugget casino

Life sentence

Raid offers peek inside biker gang 

Biker convicted

Biker gang leaders charged

Bandidos leadership arrest

4 arrested in biker killing 

Mortgage fraud

Hells Angel sentenced

3 charged with murder

Biker feud  

Private funeral planned  

Search on  

Hells Angels sue

'Known criminal organization'

Hells Angels MC v. Napolitano  .pdf   

3 missing men

Missing men  

Arrest made

Arrest in clubhouse raid 

Biker arrested

Biker brawl  

State Hells Angels trial under way

Hells Angels leaders on trial

Beaten before pulling gun    

Suspect identified  

Fugitive captured

Most wanted arrested

Outfit on trial

FBI press release

Mark Guardado      

Ablett case   

Bombing linked to rival biker gangs

Investigation being foiled

Slaying prompts state of emergency  

Road rage

Ok to not serve Hells Angels

Former Hells Angels gets 14 years

Anatomy of a murder

Raid on bikers

New gang in town

Leader mourned  

Biker sting

USDJ press release

Undercover MC shop arrests

11 start trial for Biker Brawl

Ruben Cavazos

Feds want name & logo


Sentenced to death

PATTAYA -   Antonio Bagnato, 28, was charged with abducting and killing Wayne Rodney Schneider at a luxury villa in the seaside resort of Pattaya in 2015.  (Daily Mail)

Sentenced to death

Death penalty 

Body found

Found dead


Suspect confesses 

Police brace for bikie war  

Bikers building in Thailand

Bikie Inc 

'Gutless cowards' 

Police raid bikies

Back to the drawing board

Police blast entry to biker fortress

Hells Angels challenge anti-bikie laws

Raid uncovers cache of weapons

Secret meeting to avoid violence

Sydney bloodbath

Bomb found outside house

'Come on boys, let's go'

Bikie brawl watched by security men

Gang boss weeps for brother

Sentences increased

Bikies seek peace talks

Bikies make a stand

Police gatecrash birthday party

Celebrations disrupted

$6M for members

Great bikie defection

11 bikies charged with murder

Funeral crash

Gang rivalries persist despite laws

Court bungle 'put lives at risk'

Real and present danger

Bikie drug link to top company

Visy distances itself

Shoot on sight

Expert warns of relentless violence 

Police double gang squad size

Hells Angel killed in airport attack

Deadly brawl

Man arrested over supplying weapons

Silent enforcer

Hells Angels implicated in murder

Death dealers

3rd Hells Angel charged

Bikie chief charged  

Bikies rally to oppose laws

Bikie lawyer committed suicide

NSW bikie laws rushed through

Bikie bans drive clubs underground

Turf war

US heat falls on fallen Hells Angels


Life for 7

BIRMINGHAM - Seven members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang were sentenced to life in prison at Birmingham crown court today for the murder of Hells Angel Gerry Tobin.  (Guardian UK)  

The fatal bullet

Planned execution

Video: Funeral of a murdered biker

In pictures: Bikers funeral

4th arrested in UK biker slaying

3 held over M40 biker death

Man pleads guilty to biker murder


Biker gang raids

WIESBADEN - More than 1,000 police officers conducted searches of German biker gangs across 6 German states.  Police were searching for weapons, ammunition, drugs, documents and other evidence, which could give concrete proof of illegal activities.  (The Local)

Shot dead at clubhouse

Brothel raid

Artemis brothel

Hells Angels brothel raided  

Biker run 2016

4 detained 

Trial concludes

Brian Sandberg

Berlin bans Hells Angels

Criminal probe

4 years

9 years


Viking Defence League 

Cocaine bust

'Execution-style killing'

Escalating biker violence

Biker turf war escalating

Part 2: Defending their territory  

Links between Angels and Neo-Nazis

2 more die in shootings

Immigrants must clean up their act

Bagger pleads guilty in fraud case

Fugitive turns himself in to LAPD

Witness balks

German biker trail begins

'Hells Angels own Yab Yum brothel'   

Hells Angels kicked out of Iceland

Stein Bagger

Shoot out at biker bar

Danish calls for anti-gang measures

Biker brawl 

Hells Angels attacked

Mass biker defection 



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