Organized Crime




Asian triads and Sidewinder






War on illegal drugs

OC in Sports

Report links growth of OC

OTTAWA - The government's decision to no longer require Romanian citizens to obtain travel visas before coming to Canada has led to a 'noticeable increase' in organized crime activity, according to a declassified report.   (Global)


OC ring

CALGARY - A drug investigation by ALERT has uncovered an alleged organized crime ring operating in Calgary and police believe the group is involved in a cross-border drug trading operation.   (CTV)  MORE:   School pals formed crime cartel    Shootings linked to international drug trade  


Crime lord informant

NEW YORK - Paul Le Roux said he had once sold missile technology to Iran, shipped guns from Indonesia, and trafficked methamphetamines out of North Korea. He calmly told a jury in New York that he had taken part in at least five murders. With a businesslike demeanor, he admitted not only to arming a 200-man militia in Somalia but also to hatching plans to use mercenaries to overthrow the government of the Seychelles.  (NY Times)  MORE:   The Mastermind    Acquittal for two    Paul Le Roux


Tow truck ring

NEW YORK - From June 2015 to Dec 2017, investigators say Daniel Steininger, 44, worked to root out and restrict competition in the towing industry across all 5 of New York City's boroughs.  (WPIX 11)   MORE:   Towing ring used violence   DA announce takedown 


Inmates in distribution ring

FARGO - According to court documents, 2 individuals - a Canadian and a Colombian national - helped orchestrate the movement of drugs while they were serving time in Quebec's Drummond Institution.  (National Post)  MORE:   US DoJ press release 2   US DoJ press release 1 


Fight to be next boss

Mobsters are jostling to fill the vacuum left by the death of an organized crime mega-boss, resulting in about a dozen unsolved violent incidents this year in Ontario - shootings, explosions and killings.  After Vito Rizzuto, considered by police to be Canada's most powerful mobster, died in Montreal in Dec 2013 of reportedly natural causes, a vacancy at the top opened up. And the results have been bloody.  (Toronto Star) 


OC syndicate busted

NEW YORK - The US attorney's office said the suspects operated internationally and across the US, trafficking in drugs and stolen goods, including cigarettes and shiploads of chocolate, while engaging in extortion, murder for hire, and credit card fraud.  (RFE)   MORE:   DoJ press release    Shulaya enterprise busted   UFC veteran among 33


RCMP charge 4 men

CARAQUET - On July 1, 2016, a transport truck was stolen from Eco-Technologies Ltd in Caraquet, NB.  The truck was then used in the theft of the refrigerated unit of lobster from LeBreton and Sons Fisheries in Grand-Anse, NB.  The load of lobster was valued at $1M dollars.   (RCMP) 


US accuses Canadian company

VANCOUVER - US Attorney General Loretta Lynch named PacNet, a company with offices in a building in downtown Vancouver, as a financial linchpin in global money laundering. PacNet was the payment processor that allowed global criminals to deposit cheques scammed from mostly elderly victims, Lynch alleged.   (Vancouver Sun)   MORE:   OFAC press release   US accuses   CNN investigation PacNet     Loretta Lynch


OC targets

MONTREAL - Among those arrested are: Leonardo Rizzuto, son of former Montreal Mob boss Vito Rizzuto; the lawyer for the Rizzuto crime family, Loris Cavaliere; as well as the presumed head of the Mafia, Stefano Sollecito.  (PostMedia)   MORE:    Hells Angels, street gangs and Mafia arrests   48 arrested   Wanted suspects 


Sled puller sentenced

BURLINGTON, Vt. - Authorities say Cedrik Bourgault-Morin, 21, of Quebec, was found with about $1.6M worth of Xanax pills after he tripped a sensor while smuggling the drugs across the border in a sled on Jan 13.   (AP)   PREVIOUS:   Arrested 


Illegal gaming houses

TORONTO - Police say an influx of illegal gaming houses and casinos in Toronto's east-end over the past year is leading to a spike in violence.  Investigators have already identified 28 illegal gaming houses and 5 illegal casinos in the past year.  (CTV)

100+ homes seized

SACRAMENTO - More than 100 houses in Northern California being used by Chinese drug traffickers to grow marijuana were seized by US federal authorities in a two-day operation (KTLA)   MORE:    DoJ news release


Crime ring dismantled

TORONTO - Police have dismantled what they call a 'network of foreign nationals' who are accused of targeting and burglarizing dozens of GTA homes over the past several months.  The 14 suspects are alleged to be a part of an organized crime group originating from Chile.  (CTV)   MORE:   Police bust crime group 


Profits to Canada

India's Enforcement Directorate (ED) moved a 'letter of request', under the Prevention of the Money Laundering Act, seeking details of properties owned by the accused in Punjab's multi-crore synthetic drug racket in Canada and UK.  About 40 Indo-Canadians are named in connection with the investigations.  (South Asian Post) 


Where illegal drugs are coming from

Fentanyl originating from China, heroin sent from east Africa, and anabolic steroids from Moldova. Documents show where these illegal drugs and more are being trafficked from.  A 2016 CBSA 'drug analysis report,' obtained under access to information legislation, offers a larger picture of how illegal drugs are arriving in Canada.  (Global News)  


Drug lab dismantled

EDMONTON - July 5, officers with the EDGE Unit executed a search warrant at an Edmonton home, seizing 67,000 fentanyl pills, valued at about $2M.   Police also seized more than $1M in Canadian currency, 4 large cement mixers, 2 pill presses, and a 2001 Ford F-150 with a hidden compartment.   (CTV)  MORE:   Biggest fentanyl bust in Canada


OC probe

VANCOUVER - 9 people have been arrested by BC's anti-gang task force after a year-long investigation involving illegal gambling houses and millions of dollars in laundered money in Metro Vancouver.  (Vancouver Sun)  MORE:   CFSEU-BC press release


Illegal migration worth billions

Experts say unauthorized migration generates billions of dollars for criminal groups in Latin America, earnings that are set to grow as a result of tightening US immigration policies.  Human smuggling from Latin America into the US accounts for an estimated $7B in revenues for organized crime groups in the region an official from the UNODC told Cronica.  (Insight Crime)


Towing industry dominated by OC

Montreal's towing industry has been infiltrated by organized crime groups that resort to violence and intimidation to secure profits, according to a report released Monday by the city's inspector general.  (CBC)  REPORT:   Rapport sur I'industrie du remorquage a Montgreal  .pdf in French   Corruption alive and well    Industry riddled   Industry reform needed   Towing raid


Crime ring

MONTREAL - Police arrested 19 people including Patrick and Steve Daraiche, the owner of the Metaux St Jean scrapyard and his brother.  Police said the Daraiche brothers were the ringleaders of a group that stole big trucks and tore them down in order to resell parts.   (CTV)     MORE:   3 year investigation


OC group take down

CALGARY - 10 people have been arrested and 111 charges now laid in the dismantling of a Calgary-based organized crime group that operated in Alberta and BC.  (CBC)   MORE:   Wanted man turns himself in  


Trade based money laundering

WASHINGTON - Suspicious-looking prices were cited by one of the witnesses testifying at a congressional hearing, Feb 3, on money laundering and terrorist financing.   (Epoch Times)


Buddhist temple zoo

KANCHANABURI - 40 dead tiger cubs were found in a freezer at a Buddhist temple that operated as an admission-charging zoo.  (AP)   MORE:   Police stop truck carrying tiger skins   Tiger temple monks lose battle 


Ivory torched

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK -  Eleven giant pyres of tusks from around 6,000 elephants were lit by the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, at a ceremony in Nairobi national park.  (Guardian UK)   MORE:  Ivory bonfires   Ivory trade     


Romance scam linked

TORONTO - 6 people have been charged in connection with a $5B money-laundering and fraud case being investigated in Toronto and the US.  Toronto police began their investigation with a 'romance scam' reported in the city in August, 2014. A 63-year-old Toronto widow had been defrauded of $609,000, police said at a news conference on the fraud case Thursday.   (CTV)  

Black Axe in Canada

Auto theft ring

Car theft ring has ties to Black Axe 

Silence around Black Axe

Money laundering case

Neo-Black Movement of Africa


Black Axe on Facebook

OC in Nigeria


Human trafficking investigation

VAUGHAN - Nearly 200 people have been charged and 169 people have been rescued as a result of a cross-border investigation into a human trafficking ring.  The arrests are part of 'Operation Northern Spotlight.'      (CTV)  

OPP Operation Northern Spotlight - phase 4

FBI Operation Cross Country

47 charged in Canada


27 years

NEW YORK - Jimmy Cournoyer, 34, pleaded guilty in May 2013 to charges including money laundering and conspiracies to manufacture and distribute marijuana and cocaine. (AP)   

27 years  

Forming an empire 

27 years 

Canadian Drug Kingpin pleads guilty    

'Assassination fund'  

Mob had 'hit' fund

Accused of witness tampering

Pot smuggling operation

Mafia, bikers and Mexican cartel alliance

Accused threw tantrums aboard flights

Scourge for US law enforcement

Alliance fueled NYC's pot trade

Accused of being cartel kingpin  


Global OC as big as G20 nation

Organized crime is so big globally that were it a country, it would be part of the G20 group of major economies, the Australian government said. 

Criminal profits dwarf GDP

CBSA seized drug data

Seizures from around the world

Seizures from US border crossings

Ambassador Bridge leads Canada in seized 

BC top gateway for smuggling party drug

OC worth $90B in east Asia

Opium crop hits record high

OC in East Asia and the Pacific  .pdf  

Opium risk assessment 2013   .pdf

Cross-border criminals

Awareness-raising campaign

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Mobsters without borders

Criminals target energy, financial markets

Crime a world class industry

OC 15% of world GDP


Drugs seized

OTTAWA - The Canadian Armed Forces say one of their ships helped seize more than 600 kilograms of cocaine off El Salvador.  The Forces say HMCS Whitehorse helped the US Coast Guard intercept a vessel, where they found 15 bales of cocaine floating in the water nearby.  (CP)

HMCS Toronto

Another bust 

Another bust on the high seas 

Bravo Zulu

Heroin seized 

Heroin linked to terrorist groups

Military helps cocaine bust


Auto theft ring

OTTAWA - The investigation, dubbed 'Project Heisenberg', was launched in October 2016.  Buyers were told vehicles did not have a warranty on test models or 'gift' vehicles from manufacturers. The stolen vehicles were sold at discount prices using fraudulent bills of sale from legitimate dealers.  Ferry Emile Cave, 42, and Rodrigue Leonard, 53, face multiple charges including money laundering and possession of property obtained by crime.  (CTV)

Auto theft ring

Police bust ring

Car cloning

Billion dollar racket

Vehicles stolen shipped around the world

Motor vehicle theft in Canada

Auto theft ring busted

Operation Lock

Chop shop busted  

3 owners charged  

500 charges laid  

New device

Bill Dhaliwal - King of car thieves


16 years 

NEW YORK - Dino Bouterse, the son of Suriname's coup-leading president Desi Bouterse, was sentenced in federal court in New York City to 195 months in prison for attempting to provide material support and resources to Hezbollah, along with narcotics trafficking and firearms offenses.  (LAHT)   

Desi Bouterse

President's son get US jail

Son of drug trafficking president gets 16 years


President's son arrested

Son charged

USAO press release

WikiLeaks linking President to drug trafficking


Casino spy fears

MACAU - China feared that casinos in Macau owned by the billionaire gambling magnate and Republican party funder Sheldon Adelson were used by US intelligence agents to entrap and blackmail Chinese officials, according to a 'highly confidential' report for the gambling industry.   (Guardian UK) 


Union calls out regulators

Triads and a Las Vegas giant

Asian triads and Sidewinder

Movie figure linked

Sun Yee On

Charles Heung 

Wah-Keung movies    


Court overturns conviction

MIAMI - The 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled 2-1 that former agent John Connolly was improperly convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in the 1982 slaying of World Jai-Alai President John Callahan.  (AP)

James 'Whitey' Bulger

2 consecutive life terms


Witness killed

Bulger ops not to take the stand  

Whitey Bulger trial

Bulger on trial   

Bulger loses 1st round

Witness testifies

Court appearance  

Henchman details killings

Frail, paranoid  

Will Burlger spill the beans?  


New England Mafia weakened  

Bulger hid in plain sigh  

FBI not to blame in murders

Kin loses award

Flemmi testifies

Stephen Flemmi

Guns and cash

Would you buy a house from this man? 

Enjoying the win

Pay or 'get killed'

Whitey arrested  

Ex FBI agent says witness was killed

Lawsuits vs. FBI to open in Boston

The search for 'Whitey' Bulger

Louis Litif

John J. Connolly

Jury convicts Connolly

Case comes due for ex-FBI star

$2M reward

The Departed


Police bracing for war 

TOKYO - Police in Japan are bracing for an outbreak of gang violence after reports that the Yamaguchi gumi is about to split.  (Guardian UK)      

World's richest OC group

Banks face OC investigation



Mitsubishi UFJ

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp



Assets frozen

Kenichi Shinoda

Treasury sanctions PR release  

Still trying to square 'Brothers' Circle'  

Yakuza swaps charity for reconstruction

'We have to evolve our business model'


Where have Japan's Yakuza gone?

Japanese OC site  

Taking on the Yakuza

Ikumi Yoshimatsu

Beauty queen banned from ceremony


Fukushima nuclear accidents  

Boss out of jail

Japan's not-so-secret mafia

Bosses take legal classes

No bailout results




After livers, cash to UCLA

Tadamasa Goto

Justice minister quits

Keishu Tanaka 


Suspect killed

NEW YORK - Alberto Yusi Lajud-Peña, one of a number of suspected ringleaders behind a global bank heist operation that netted the thieves $45M in stolen funds, was mowed down inside his Dominican Republic home last month while playing dominoes.  (Wired)


USAO indictment

Global ATM heist

Cybercrime indictment

ATM heist nets thieves $45M


23 years

KINGSTON - Notorious Jamaican drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke has been sentenced to 23 years in a US prison, the maximum sentenced he faced.  (BBC)  

Dudus gets 23 years

We've got him  

2010 Kingston unrest

Christopher 'Dudus' Coke

Crushing Coke  

Shower posse Toronto  


What the fragmentation of OC means

During the 21st Century, fragmentation of criminal organizations has intensified. In Mexico 7 major criminal organizations have now become 'between 60 and 80.'  (Insight Crime) 

Armoured car ring busted

MONTREAL - The 5 suspects aged between 47 and 64 allegedly robbed 5 vehicles between 2011 and 2015 and unsuccessfully tried to take a sixth in an aborted attempted in 2014.  (CP)


Saudi prince busted

BEIRUT - Lebanese authorities detained 5 Saudi citizens at the airport last week after finding 2 tonnes of Captagon amphetamine pills bound for Saudi Arabia on a private jet.  (Reuters)   MORE:   Prince busted

Steroid bust 

EDMONTON - ALERT has seized $10M worth of steroids from Edmonton homes and storage lockers, marking what's believed to be the largest illegal steroid bust by a Canadian police agency.  (QMI)       


Cops charged

MADRID - A Spanish judge charged 9 police officers with doing favors for people of Chinese nationality linked with the criminal group headed by businessman Gao Ping.   (LAHT)   MORE:   Charged    Dirty tricks    

Cash, drugs for official documents

GATINEAU - Police allege Harbi Mohamoud Gabad, of Gatineau, targeted drug addicts, and offered money for their identification, and then used the documentation to apply for passports.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Passport scheme   SIIS 


Billions in refunds on fake returns

WASHINGTON - An inspector general's report found that the IRS continued to pay refunds on hundreds of thousands of fraudulent tax returns in recent years, and sent dozens of checks to the same addresses, including in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. (WSJ)  REPORT:   Fraudulent tax returns involving identity theft  .pdf   Breach of IRS tax returns

Sold expertise

SEATTLE - The documents say when Rapinder 'Rob' Singh Sidhu quit the RCMP a decade ago, "He used his special knowledge and skills, obtained through that privileged position, to earn for himself and his criminal associates large sums of money in the international cocaine trade."  (CBC) MORE:   Ex-Mountie to be sentenced   To be sentenced 


3 charged

TORONTO -   3 Toronto residents were arrested in connection with a crime ring which police say ripped off banks and the government with stolen cheques and welfare fraud to the tune of millions of dollars.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Police bust OC ring

Gun pipeline mules

TORONTO - They’re the mules, the ones who bring the guns across the border. And they learn the hard way that fast money can come at a high price.  (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Moving guns across the border   No ID required   


OC target

PARIS - French rural areas are facing a growing crime wave as thieves steal potatoes from the fields, grapes from the vines and expensive machinery from farms and showrooms.   (AFP)

Asia high on meth

Drug use is increasingly ravaging Asia, particularly with meth use rising to record levels in most countries, according to a report released by the UNDOC.  (Asia Sentinel)  REPORT:   Record high meth seizures  


$6B money-laundering hub

The Liberty Reserve digital money service that was shut down laundered more than $6B in criminal cash.  Weekend police raids in 17 countries scooped up Liberty Reserve's owners, operators and its computer hardware.  (BBC)  DOCUMENTS:   US v. Liberty Reserve  Digital money service offline   Gold Age    

Permanent residency

TORONTO - Kai-Guo Huang came to Canada from China as refugee claimant Yu Chen in 2006.  To get into the country as a refugee claimant he was fingerprinted, interviewed and a criminal record check was completed. A second set of fingerprints were given and another criminal check done when he applied for permanent residency.   (Toronto Star)      


OC sweep

THE HAGUE - Operation Archimedes involved 20,000 law enforcement officers in more than 300 cities, ports, airports and border crossings. They made 1,027 arrests.  (AP)    

Frozen assets

Canadian authorities red-penciled almost $4.3B in suspect assets belonging to dictators, allegedly corrupt officials and others in response to the Arab Spring uprisings.   (CP) 


Godmother gunned down

MEDELLIN - Griselda Blanco, the drug kingpin known for her blood-soaked style of street vengeance during Miami’s “cocaine cowboys” era of the ’70s and ’80s, was shot to death in Medellin by a motorcycle-riding assassin.  (Miami Herald)  Griselda Blanco 

Hunt for fraud ring

MONTREAL - The RCMP says the alleged thieves were stealing debit card machines from businesses, then hacking into the computer processors in order to get information needed to produce counterfeit credit cards.   (CTV)   MORE:   22,000 victims    60 arrests warrants


Post-MDG agenda

While casualties from armed conflict are reaching a historical low of approximately 50,000 a year according to research in 2012 (.pdf), little has been done to effectively combat the threat of organized crime groups around the world.  (IRIN)    MDGs

Private ATMs vulnerable

A CBC investigation has uncovered methods organized crime may be using to launder money through privately owned automated tellers, or ATMs.  (CBC)


Crime ring leader sentenced

NEW YORK - Armen Kazarian was sentenced in Manhattan federal court to 37 months in prison for his involvement with the Mirzoyan-Terdjanian Organization, an Armenian-American organized crime enterprise engaged in a wide range of criminal activity. (FBI)   PREVIOUS:   2010 Medicaid fraud   44 charged

Family business

TORONTO - A Toronto man, his wife, and 3 kids were arrested in what police say was a family-run chop shop and car-theft operation in Etobicoke.  The arrests  occurred after a 6-month investigation conducted by York police, who said they found about $500,000 worth of stolen cars and car parts at Collision World Bodyshop.   (CTV)


International drug network

HALIFAX - In May 2009, an importer who usually brought steel rods into Canada in containers suddenly switched to bales of cotton, and that was enough to prompt the CBSA in Halifax to take a closer look.   (CTV)  

OC probe

EDMONTON - More than $400,000 worth of equipment was found at 3 separate locations in what RCMP are calling one of the largest busts ever in Strathcona County east of Edmonton.  (CBC)   MORE:  Tip leads to stolen machinery  


Bonds seized

ZURICH - Italian prosecutors say they have broken up an organized crime ring that was hiding trillions of dollars of fake US bonds.  Worth $6T, the bonds were found in three metal boxes in a warehouse in the Swiss city of Zurich.  (BBC)   MORE:  Fake US bonds seized   US Treasury security 

Illegal logging worth billions

Illegal logging generates $10-15B around the world, according to new analysis from the World Bank.  Its report, Justice for Forests, says that most illegal logging operations are run by organized crime and much of the profit goes to corrupt officials.  (BBC)   REPORT:  Just for Forests   .pdf 


AMW arrested

TORONTO - Kujtim “Timmy” Lika, 47, one of America's Most Wanted (AMW) was arrested in midtown Toronto .  (Toronto Star)  

Global ring

NEW YORK - A New York City crackdown on suspects allegedly involved in forged credit cards and identity theft led authorities to a $13M global crime ring, (CNN)   MORE:  Fraud ring  


Condo home

MONTREAL - Nestled between the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal and the banks of the St. Lawrence, the 200 condos in the imposing red-brick building offer spectacular views and one of the most prestigious addresses in the city.   (Julian Sher)  MORE:   L'Heritage du Vieux-Port    Fournier at fundraiser  

Plea deal for vor

NEW YORK - The feds secretly recorded Armen Kazarian's often-profane threats by tapping his phone while investigating a massive, $163M Medicare fraud scheme that led to charges against him and more than 70 others last year.  (NY Post)   PREVIOUS:   OC members charged   Vor = Thief in law


Smuggling ring bust

MONTREAL - Police arrested nearly 60 people in QC and ON as they broke up an international money laundering ring.  In what the SQ is calling Operation Tarantula, officers have spent months investigating an organized crime ring spanning North America, South America, and Europe.  Police said biker gangs collaborated with aboriginal criminals to buy tobacco in the US and then smuggle it into Canada, where it was sold in Kahnawake and the Six Nations.  (CTV) 

SQ targets tobacco

Smuggled tobacco bust

Tobacco smuggling

Mafia involvement in tobacco trafficking 

Mandatory minimums

Tobacco smuggling  

Hauling ice cream


Chinese gangs step in

ROME - Chinese gangs have exploited a gap in Italy's crime world, expanding into northern and central cities while the traditional mafia concentrates on the country's south.   (Telegraph UK)

Prosecution seeks 8 years

MONTREAL - Ronald Chicoine pleaded guilty in 2008 to laundering millions of dollars for organized crime figures, and saw assets worth nearly $50M seized by authorities.    (CTV)


Widow's conviction upheld

HONG KONG - The widow of Raymond Huang Hong Chao, a Vancouver man who was killed in a high-profile gangland ambush, is in custody in Hong Kong after she was convicted of laundering proceeds of crime from Canada.    (Globe & Mail)

Last of the Godfathers    Big Circle Boys

'Friends and family'

LONDON - Colin Gunn, an underworld godfather who ordered the execution of two grandparents, has been able to correspond freely with up to 565 “friends” on the social networking site for the past two months.   (Times online)   PREVIOUS:  Jailed for life



BUENOS AIRES - Angie Sanclemente Valencia, 31, is accused of persuading young women to smuggle cocaine from Argentina to Europe via Mexico.   (BBC)  PREVIOUS:  Drug gang   Angie Sanclemente Valencia

Drug ring

THUNDER BAY - OPP say they have dismantled a prescription drug and cocaine trafficking ring allegedly run by an inmate in jail.  (CBC)  


Where the money is

WASHINGTON - Organized crime gangs are exploiting a new target for illegal profit: Medicare and Medicaid.  Experienced in running drug, prostitution and gambling rings, crime groups of various ethnicities and nationalities are learning it's safer and potentially more profitable to file fraudulent claims with the federal Medicare program and state-run Medicaid plans.  (CNN)

Too many packages

TORONTO - The discovery of a series of suspicious packages inside the Amazing Party and Costume Store has now prompted an investigation by the organized-crime unit and raised questions as to why a business as harmless as selling Halloween costumes has become the target of a not-so-harmless act.  (Toronto Star)   MORE:  Owner lashes out   Reward offered


Organized crime goes green

MONTREAL - Organized criminals in Canada are going green, turning to environmental crime as an increasingly lucrative way to raise money.  A report released by Criminal Intelligence Service Canada says crime networks have developed underground markets for electronic waste and scarce natural resources. (CP)


Canada a top ecstasy supplier

Organized crime goes carbon

Government and organized crime: History of co-existence


Psychoactive substances go global

The annual report of the UN's office of drugs and crime says that the number of legal highs 'with a negative health impact' being marketed around the world increased by a further 20% to 541 substances.   (Guardian UK)

2015 world drug report

Shatter on police radar

Shatter prompts police warning

Drug linked to deaths


Opium cultivation thrives

SE Asia opium survey 2014   .pdf

'Bath salts' drug lord

Treasury Department designated

EMCDDA 2012 annual report 

'Illicit drug market’


UN debates drug policy's impact

From Kenya to Canada

Complex drug warning


European Drug Report 2014

New legal high every week

Opium growth

Myanmar opium survey 2012  

Opium production on the rise


UN drug update

Central America drug gang violence

Asia and the Pacific drugs  .pdf     

Lab bust  



Tainted ecstasy death  

Deaths linked to toxin

MDPV banned in Canada


Chemical seized 



Civil forfeitures seized cash

EDMONTON - In 2008, legislation was introduced to allow the Alberta government to seize assets from criminal activity. Friday, Justice Minister Jonathan Denis revealed 12 crime prevention projects have received a total of $1.61M because of this legislation.  (CTV)

Ontario criminals pay hefty price

Tracking the techie mobster



Political gold

HONG KONG - Triads in the New Territories are said to have run into an unforeseen problem: they cannot find a politician who can be relied upon to do right things for them - which obviously would be the wrong things for the mass of honest citizens in a part of Hong Kong where gangsters seem to thrive.  

Sun Yee On triad

Wo Shing Wo triad

Triad society

Chinese criminal organizations

Gangs in Toronto

Hundreds mourn Taiwan gang boss

Bamboo Union


Drug baron guilty

ST HELIER - Drugs baron Curtis Warren  who is believed to have amassed a fortune of £300M was convicted of trying to smuggle £1M worth of cannabis.   (Daily Mail)  

Plan to target organized crime

SOCA annual report 2008/09  .pdf

SOCA annual plan 2009/10   .pdf


Police create map of criminal gangs

UK's 5,000 most wanted

Nottingham's 'godfather of crime'

Brian Brendan Wright

Ben Kinsella

Adams family


Ex-admiral arrested

GUINEA-BISSAU - Rear Admiral Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto was picked up on a boat in international waters near Cape Verde.  He is described by the US as a kingpin in Guinea-Bissau's huge drugs trade.  (BBC) 

UN housed drug kingpin for 3 months

'Drug trafficker's dream'

Moussa Dadis Camara




Guinea on alert for 'attack plot' by cartels

Crime lords 'ruining West Africa'

West Africa

Organized crime plundering West Africa

TV confessions

New Senegal record cocaine haul


Africa - new front in drug war


1 pleads guilty

SYDNEY - Quebecer Isabelle Lagace pleaded guilty to charges of cocaine possession today in an Australian court.  Lagace, 28, was arrested along with 2 other Quebecers 4 months ago after 95 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $30.5M was allegedly found in their suitcases on-board a cruise ship.  Andre Tamine will face trial and Melina Roberge is petitioning to have her case dismissed.   (CBC)7 years

Heroin in false bag bottoms

Facing smuggling charges  


Canadians charged

Dumb and Dumber world tour     

Australian Federal Police 

'Free' trip to Canada

Meth bust

Record seizure

Phone tip-off

Australian Institute of Criminology

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing


Becoming a mafia state?

Israel has become one of the world's leading exporters of investment scams, stealing an estimated $5B to $10B per year from victims worldwide.  Despite the fact that Israeli police recently announced that these investment scams are largely run by organized crime.  The Israeli government, parliament and authorities have to date proved unwilling or unable to shut them down, in part because these fraudulent industries have a powerful lobby in the Knesset.   (Times of Israel) 

OC hit 

Police recommend billionaire be charged

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Mob boss assassinated

Israeli mafia

Son vows revenge


Europe’s Future Mafia States

The National Intelligence Council released its latest study on the world’s future, Global Trends 2025.  Buried on page 33 was this tantalizing tidbit: “Crime could be the gravest threat inside Europe as Eurasian transnational organizations become more powerful and broaden their scope. One or more governments in Eastern or Central Europe could fall prey to their domination.”   (Center for Public Integrity)

EU strips millions from Bulgaria

EU reports on Bulgaria & Romania

EU grant riches are plundered

EU suspends funding

EU subsidies 'looted' by Bulgarian mafia

Bulgarian Mafia

The morphing of organized crime

OC invested in Bulgaria's elections

Transportation, smuggling and OC


Yacht seized

DUBLIN - A luxury yacht packed with cocaine worth more than half a billion pounds was towed ashore under armed guard today after it was seized off the Irish coast (Guardian UK)  

UK top of EU cocaine league

2008 state of the drugs problem in EU

Opium glut


Clan nabbed

The image of former Toronto resident  has been splashed throughout the Italian media as American authorities announced one of the largest international drug busts in history.    (Toronto Star)

DEA 'Project Reckoning' 

Giuseppe Coluccio

International bust

Scores held in global drug bust


Gulf Cartel  


LA Gangster Part 7

LOS ANGELES - When the coroner put Jack Whalen's body on a slab, it measured 72 inches, just 6 feet. For years, people had described him as 6-foot-2 or 6-4. But "the Enforcer" was smaller in death than life. (Los Angeles Times)

LA Gangsters Part 1  

LA Gangsters Part 2

LA Gangsters Part 3  

LA Gangsters Part 4

LA Gangsters Part 5  

LA Gangsters Part 6

Gangster Squad


Ex-Soviet crime ring in Toronto

TORONTO - Crime rings of former Eastern European mobsters use Toronto as a base for local and international law-breaking, including kidnapping, extortion and identity theft, say organized crime experts. .  (Toronto Star)

Organized retail crime

VANCOUVER, WA - Chris Frazier had Alli diet pills that he needed to sell. He met a 34-year-old Vancouver man on May 22 and told him that he lifted the pills from a Rite Aid store and was chased out by security.  (Columbian)


Spain declares war on Russian OC

MADRID - Spanish prosecutors launched a major trial against notable members of the Russian mafia. All in all, sufficient evidence was collected against 18 persons.  The culprits have been accused of money laundering and the 'creation of a criminal community in Spain.'  (Eurasia Daily Monitor)

Tambovskaya Bratva

Trial in Spain 

Demand for proof

Putin's secret wealth  

Banker denies identifying daughter

Katerina Tikhonova  

Crushing victory 

Russian presidential election 2018

 How OC took over Russia

 New dictators rule by velvet fist 

2014 Person of the Year

Vladimir Putin

Organized Crime Reporting Project   OCCRP  

Economy minister detained

Alexey Ulyukaev

OC money laundering enterprise 

Russian mafia boss arrested

The end of 'Brainy Don'?

The people traffickers     

Russian banker's killer 'found'

'Probably' approved

Alexander Litvinenko

Litinenko inquiry

Report into the death of Litvinenko   .pdf

Inquiry findings released 

Britain blames Putin

Getting away with murder

Inquiry left questions 

Russian laundromat  

2 hotels seized

Finance Minister Alexei Kuznetsov

'Retired' Russian mafia boss arrested

Russian mafia boss held 

Russia scraps anti-crime accord with US   

Russian Mafia

Andrei Kozlov

Vladimir Barsukov

Tambov organized crime

Peter Mandelson

Oleg Deripaska

Mandelson denies 'favours'

Semion Mogilevich

Vyacheslav Ivankov

Tariel Oniani

Aslan Usoyan  

Focuses on former mobster

'Grandpa Hassan' killed by sniper

Russian boss shot dead

Mob boss assassinated


Jewelry heist verdicts

LONDON - 3 men have been found guilty of involvement in the Hatton Garden safe deposit raid, the largest burglary in British legal history.  4 men have already pleaded guilty to their part in the raid at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit.  (Telegraph UK)  

Bad grandpas

Phots show aftermath

Hatton Garden deposit burglary

Raids yield drugs, cash & guns

Trail of gold

Brinks Mat robbery

Police safety deposit box raids

Serious Organized Crime Agency

UK drug trade

Armed gang convicted

Securitas depot robbery

NCA strategic assessment of serious and organized crime 2015   .pdf


The beer belly mules

BERLIN - Once the work of South Americans and Africans, Germans are now serving as human couriers to smuggle cocaine into Europe inside their bodies..  (Spiegel)

RCMP botched a sting

VANCOUVER - Inter Maritime looked just like any other nondescript company with an office on Howe St. in Vancouver's financial district in 2003.  (Toronto Star)


Not enough money in pot

OTTAWA - Canada's organized crime groups and gangs are much less likely to produce and traffic marijuana than they are other illicit drugs according to a new federal study.  (Globe & Mail)

Measuring OC in Canada

Grow-op busted

RCMP Sicamouc  

Era of big pot  

Grow op


Edmonton pot busts

Grow-op factory

Canada's spreading cannabis crop

Grow-op king duped homeowners

Pot farm  

Pot farm video  

Grow-op raided

Growers fear 'Wal-Marting' of weed


Gang targeted corrections officer

TORONTO - A correctional services officer was the target of an alleged murder plot uncovered as Toronto police try to stop a notorious street gang in its tracks.   (Toronto Star)  


Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

MS-13 seeks Toronto toehold

MS-13 targeted


Stolen cars

MONTREAL - Every 7 minutes, a car is stolen in Canada, and many of them are packed into shipping containers for export to places like West Africa.  About half the $24.6M worth of stolen cars recovered in Canada last year were found at the Port of Montreal and Port of Halifax.   (Global) 

Worst smugglers

Roberge gets 8 years

Smuggler sentenced  

Lagace gets 7.5 years  

OC on Vancouver docks

Sailboat captain gets 13 years

Another Canadian woman arrested

Drug bust

15 years for hiring truck driver

DoJ news release 

Port of Montreal

11 years

BC man arrested

Canadian arrested

Longshoreman sentenced

16 tons

HMCS Saskatoon involved 

Cocaine seizure

3 men identified

Meth seizure

20 years

5 arrested    Pearson International Airport

Canadian pleads guilty 

Vancouver's cartel connection

Canadian sentenced

Drugs, guns bust

18 arrested

Cocaine seized 

BC residents held

Arrests tied to drug, murder cases

Canadian sentenced

3 busted

Officer's son busted

Smuggling liquid cocaine

Liquid cocaine found 

Cocaine bust  

OC bust

Cocaine trafficking ring

Murder suspect faces cocaine charges 

Doing his job

River sniffs out hash

Detector dog 

RCMP: Operation Harrington

'Wooden' pallets seized

Global drug conspiracies    

Cocaine found

Trafficking operation discovered  

5 arrested   Port of Montreal

5 men arrested

Arrests made

OCs control the docks 

Canadian busted

US Attorney's Office in Buffalo

Arrests in Operation Hagrid drug bust

Drug trafficking bust 

OC bust

OC cell dismantled

Fentanyl bust

Drug bust

VPD press release  

Feds to let shippers screen own cargo

Drug sting 

Charged after cocaine bust  

Drug bust Operation Hamlin 

Guilty plea

Charges dropped

Charged in drug conspiracy

Drug bust

Drug bust   

Project Green Giant   

Cocaine trafficking ring bust     

OC bust

Drug dealing and gambling ring    



Cocaine found

Unclaimed luggage

Cocaine stuffed pumpkins at Montreal airport 

Drug bust

Project Nickel crack-down

LA cocaine bust

Canada wide drug network   

Police dismantle massive drug network  

Cocaine bust

Canadians arrested 

Drug seized

AFP bust 

Port staying wary  

Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA)  

Corrupt workers

Cash, cars, pot seized

6 charged

Smuggling route

Customs agent takes the stand

Port fights drug smuggling image  

Canadian identified

Canadian charged 

Drug bust

Heroin bust

Border agent fired

Cocaine seized

OC likely

Drug bust

US jail for smuggling

Smuggling scheme

Cocaine pineapples

Nexus program

Drug seizure

14 years

'Broke' business owner turned to pot

8 years for smuggling 

Air hostess jailed

Bakersfield drug bust    

$9M drug bust

2nd arrest

Border bust

Poppy bust

Hockey bags seized

Largest cocaine bust in AB history

39 indicted for money laundering

Bean cans

7-year probe ends


6 year investigation

OC arrests 

Bummer dudes

Ottawa's drug problems

Cocaine seized

Drug bust

Trucker charged in US smuggling case

Drug lab crackdown

Guard triggers $100M bust

Heroin seized

Border bust

Ecstasy seized 



BEIJING - Lai Changxing, the man once considered China's most-wanted fugitive, was sentenced to life in prison Friday for running a large-scale smuggling operation that paid off scores of Chinese government officials.  (Telegraph UK) 

The deportation of Lai Changxing 

72 Chinese tycoons died unnaturally

China jails smuggling kingpin

Lai Changxing

Smuggler's blues

631 gangs smashed

Refugee process abused by criminals

3500 Chinese spy companies

Organization of smuggling operation  .pdf 

Deportation will test 'honour & face'


UK tops EU cocaine abuse

LISBON - A renewed popularity in cocaine use among young adults over the past year has put the UK at the top of the European "league table" for cocaine abuse and now even outstrips the levels seen in the US, according to the annual report of the EU's drug agency.  (Guardian UK)  

2010 report on drugs in EU

It's a bird, it's a plane, No it's cocaine

New York blows away the competition

Steep rise in Europe cocaine use

Italian river 'full of cocaine'

Cocaine in surface waters

Cocaine traces at EU parliament


Cocaine use higher in UK  


Organized crime groups

List of criminal organizations


RCMP definition of an Organized Crime


Prime Time Crime

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