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City evacuated




FORT MCMURRAY - A massive wildfire has destroyed homes in at least 6 neighbourhoods in Fort McMurray, forcing 80,000 people to flee the city in the biggest evacuation caused by a fire in Alberta's history.  However, no injuries or casualties have been reported.  (CTV)


MORE:   CHED: Wildfire   CTV: Fort McMurray   CBC: Live blog    Weather network  Mass evacuation   Videos   1600+ buildings 


Missing wind farm records


TORONTO - The OPP has launched another investigation into allegations that provincial government officials illegally destroyed documents concerning an aborted contract to supply electricity to the provincial grid.  This time, it's a green-energy contract with a company that builds wind farms.  (PostMedia)  


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Increased cancer risk


According to a study by the University of Birmingham and the University of Hong Kong, long-term exposure to environmental pollutants, and more specifically, to ambient fine particulate matter, is associated with an increased risk of mortality for many types of cancer.  The new study supports the 2013 decision by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer to classify outdoor air pollution as a whole, as well as the particulate matter contained in outdoor air pollution, as carcinogenic to humans.  (Relaxnews)


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Medical error deaths


Medical errors are underestimated and could be the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, say doctors calling for more transparency internationally.  Death certificates in Canada, the US and 117 countries rely on a mortality coding system - ICD - that doesn't capture fatal consequences due to failures in health care.   (CBC) 


Part 3


While the Canadian government does little, if anything, to address online sports betting, the US has made efforts to curb what has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business.   (CBC)


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AG spring 2016 report


OTTAWA - In his 2016 Spring Reports tabled in Parliament, Auditor General of Canada Michael Ferguson presents the results of 5 audits completed by his Office since last winter.  (OAG PR)


1-Venture capital action plan

2-Fraud in citizenship program

3-Appointment process in administrative tribunals

4-Drug Benefits-VAC

5-Canadian Army Reserve

Special report-PPP Canada 2015

Special report-VIA Rail Canada 2016


MORE:   Dozens of suspected criminals became citizens   Not fully ready to deploy   Report highlights


RCMP settles


Catherine Galliford


VANCOUVER - Cpl Catherine Galliford, whose allegations of sexual harassment in the RCMP sparked widespread attention, has accepted a settlement that ends a 4-year legal battle with the national force.   (CBC)  


PREVIOUS:   RCMP Harassment 


Pot shop crackdown


Vancouver's crackdown on unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries has begun, with bylaw inspectors issuing 44 tickets to date and confirming that 22 stores have already closed.  But many owners are refusing to shut their doors and are mulling legal action, while others are refocusing their business efforts on cities without regulations including Toronto.  (CP)




SAN JUAN - Puerto Rico's Government Development Bank, the island's primary fiscal agent, owes creditors $422M on Monday, a payment Garcia Padilla has said the bank cannot afford. The looming default is part of a broader economic crisis in the Caribbean haven plagued by $70B in total debt, a shrinking population and a 45% poverty rate.  (Reuters)


MORE:   Cascading defaults   Exodus 

COMMENT:   Debt bomb could blow-up

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Food shortage


Nicolas Maduro


CARACAS - President Nicolas Maduro, is facing a 'perfect storm' in political terms: an opposition-promoted recall vote which began this week, food shortages that are resulting in looting and riots, extremely high violent crime and a drought that has triggered failings in electricity and water service.  Add low oil prices, devaluation and the world's highest inflation rate to the mix and it is a much more potent cocktail of discontent than any Venezuelan President has had to face.  (EFE)


MORE:   1M signatures to recall   At risk of unravelling   National Guard 'occupies' brewer   National Assembly power cut off   May 2016 President raises minimum wage 30%

COMMENT:   Venezuela runs out of money to print new money

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Boat sinks


GONAIVES - At least 21 people died when the boat they were sailing on to Bombardopolis sank off Gonaives, in northern Haiti.  It is not known exactly how many people were on board the vessel that, in addition to passengers, was transporting food products.  Civil Protection repeated its call to the public not to take the risk of sea travel in adverse weather conditions, noting that in the past two weeks 28 people have died as a result of the rainy and stormy weather.  (EFE)


Gang takedown


GUATEMALA CITY - 66 people were arrested Monday in five regions of Guatemala as police moved to dismantle a gang-linked extortion racket targeting bus companies.  Members of the Barrio 18 gang are accused of demanding annual payments of more than $100,000 from intercity bus operators. More than 1,500 personnel, supported by 126 ground vehicles and 2 helicopters, have been deployed in the offensive against the extortion ring. (EFE) 


Final protest


NAURU - The video footage shot on a mobile phone is unsteady but clear enough.  It shows a man, drenched in liquid, standing alone in a clearing, pleading.  In the background, the white shirts and blue caps of staff from the UN high commissioner for refugees are apparent.  The man makes a swift, small movement with his right arm, and suddenly, his body is alight.  (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Woman sets herself on fire   Government to close 17 detention centres

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Plea deal


Angold, Alligood, Lampley


SAN FRANCISCO - Sean Michael Angold, 24, struck a plea deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against his two travelling companions who are each charged with first-degree murder and related counts.  Angold was arrested in Oct with Morrison Haze Lampley, 23, and Lila Alligood, 18.  They were charged with shooting and killing Audrey Carey, a 23-year backpacker from Quebec, in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park during the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music festival. Carey's body was found Oct. 3, 2015.  (AP)


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Cellphone data


NEW YORK - A US senator is calling for a federal investigation into an outdoor advertising company's latest effort to target billboard ads to specific consumers.  New York Sen. Charles Schumer has dubbed Clear Channel Outdoor Americas' so-called RADAR program 'spying billboards,'' warning the service may violate privacy rights by tracking people's cellphone data via the ad space.  (AP)  


PREVIOUS:   Big Brother surveillance 


Talcum powder cancer case


ST LOUIS - Johnson & Johnson has suffered its second costly court defeat in less than 3 months over claims its talcum powder caused cancer. And many more cases are looming.  A jury in St. Louis awarded $55M in damages to Gloria Ristesund, who used Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder for more than 35 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011.   (CNN)


PREVIOUS:   War on legal drugs


Fraud trial


PARIS - The trial of 12 people accused of involvement in a multi-billion euro carbon-trading fraud opened in Paris on Monday, in a case that has been described by French authorities as 'the heist of a century'.  The trial has all the hallmarks of a crime thriller and comes nearly 7 years after French authorities cracked down on a carbon-trading scheme that cost the EU $6B.  (AFP)  


MORE;   CO2 scam   EU emission trading scheme

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Documents leaked


BRUSSELS - Talks for a free trade deal between EU and the US face a serious impasse with 'irreconcilable' differences in some areas, according to leaked negotiating texts.  The two sides are also at odds over US demands that would require the EU to break promises it has made on environmental protection.  (Guardian UK)


REPORT:   TTIP leaks

MORE:   TTIP leak

MORE:   Is TTIP dying?

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May Day Protest




MONTREAL - The annual May Day march turned chaotic on Sunday as Montreal police clashed with anti-capitalist demonstrators in the city's downtown.  The afternoon march began peacefully but degenerated after about an hour, when police say protesters threw projectiles and broke windows at a downtown police station, prompting police to fire off tear gas canisters.   (CP)


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Union under trusteeship


OTTAWA - The federal public-service union representing Canada's 17,000 immigration and employment workers is under trusteeship following allegations of serious financial troubles in some of its regional offices and infighting among its executive members.  In an unusual move, the PSAC says it placed the union under trusteeship earlier this year after an unprecedented number of complaints by and against members of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union's national executive, as well as audits into financial-related issues at the regional level.  (Globe & Mail)


Return on investment



Wynne               Clark 


TORONTO - GreenField and its related companies have received more than $160M in government support since the Liberal government created a dedicated fund for the ethanol industry.  Further research by CBC News also shows that GreenField companies and its founder have donated more than $430,000 to the Ontario Liberal Party in the same time period.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Fundraising reward   Companies received $2.36B in corporate welfare   Life in a banana republic 




OTTAWA - The federal government quietly spent $75M to settle with victims and creditors affected by the Lac-Megantic rail disaster - a contribution that also shielded it from lawsuits related to the deadly crash.  The Liberals have refused to reveal how much the government gave to the $460M settlement fund, even though at least 2 parties accused of wrongdoing in the deadly Quebec derailment disclosed their contributions.  Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the figure was 'classified' when asked how much taxpayer money the government set aside for the settlement.  (CP) 


PREVIOUS:   Lac-Megantic rail disaster 


Another rejected breathalyzer test


BRAMPTON - A Brampton judge has acquitted a driver who failed a roadside breath test after accepting a former government scientist's evidence that the device is faulty and the process used in Ontario flawed.   (Toronto Star)  


PREVIOUS:   Courts and justice 


Application changes


OTTAWA - The RCMP has changed its application requirements, with more people now eligible to apply to be a Mountie and some applicants not needing to take some of the previously mandatory tests.  Up until now, Mounties had to be Canadian citizens. But under the changes that took effect today, permanent residents who have lived in Canada for at least 10 years are eligible to apply.  The shift could only help the RCMP meet its target for 20% of its ranks to be comprised of visible minorities.  (CBC) 


Dam armed guards


MADHYA PRADESH - India is officially in the grip of its worst water crisis in years, with the government saying that about 330M people, or a quarter of the population, are suffering from drought after the last 2 monsoons failed.  But the security measures cannot stop the drought from ravaging the dam, with officials saying it holds just one month of reserves.  4 reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh have already dried up, leaving more than a million people with inadequate water and forcing authorities to bring in supplies using trucks.   (Guardian UK)


PREVIOUS:   300+ dead in heatwave


US missionaries slain


SAINT MARY PARISH - 2 US missionaries were found slain in a rural area of the Caribbean island.  Randy Hentzel, 48, and Harold Nichols, 53, were identified as the two men.  Their battered bodies were found in bushes in separate areas of St. Mary parish.  (AP)


Provincial cash cow thrown out


A New Brunswick judge has ruled the province's restrictions on bringing alcohol into the province for personal use violate the Constitution's free-trade provisions.  (CBC)


MORE:   Judge throws out Canada beer barrier    Antiquated booze laws    Beer ban unconstitutional  Feds back move to liberalize flow of alcohol

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Doesn't have to reveal info


OTTAWA - The SCC has ruled the World Bank has immunity under international law and won't have to hand over its documents to a Canadian court hearing a corruption case involving ex-SNC-Lavalin employees.  (CP)


JUDGMENT:   2016 SCC 15

PREVIOUS:   Corporate scandals 


Inside an epidemic


VANCOUVER - 4 years after fentanyl was first detected in the victim of a fatal overdose in BC, officials have declared a public-health emergency. (Globe & Mail)


PREVIOUS:   War on Legal Drugs


Racketeering lawsuit


WASHINGTON - A Federal Lawsuit charges Dr. Margaret Hamburg, former Commissioner of the FDA with conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers - under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law. The amended RICO lawsuit was filed on April 11, 2016 in the US District Court in Washington DC on behalf of 8 plaintiffs who claim they have suffered severe harm by ingesting the drug, Levaquin whose deadly risks were concealed to protect financial interests.  (AHRP)  


MORE:   Johnson & Johnson   Renaissance Technologies


State of emergency




BAGHDAD - A state of emergency has reportedly been declared in Baghdad after supporters of the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the Green Zone and entered the parliament building.  The unrest comes after weeks of political turmoil in Baghdad over efforts by the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, to replace party-affiliated ministers with technocrats.  (Guardian UK)  


MORE:   Corruption protests   Protesters in Green Zone   Shia storm parliament   PM orders arrest of protesters

COMMENT:   Disintegration of system 

PREVIOUS:   Everybody is corrupt   War on terror


Canadian run hospital destroyed


UOSSM Canada hospital


ALEPPO - A hospital run by a Canadian non-profit organization that operates in Syria has been bombed, marking the second attack on a civilian hospital in the war-torn city of Aleppo in the last 3 days.  No one was killed in the bombing because it happened on a local holiday.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Aleppo bombed

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Ivory torched




NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK - More than 100 tonnes of ivory has been set ablaze in Kenya, the largest ever such fire, in an attempt to shock the world into protecting endangered elephants.  Eleven giant pyres of tusks from around 6,000 elephants, a quantity 7 times the size of any previous burn, were lit by the Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta, at a ceremony in Nairobi national park on Saturday.  (Guardian UK)  


MORE:  Ivory bonfires

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Tax-cheat crackdown


OTTAWA - For the first time, the CRA has disclosed the net impact of several enforcement measures announced in the 2013 budget. The results reveal a gain that is nearly 3 times what was forecast.  The 2013 budget estimated and booked $550M a year by 2014-15 in additional revenue from added enforcement. The CRA now says the final net impact of the measures was $1.57B for that year.   The amount of owed tax that goes uncollected is called the 'tax gap.'  The CRA has long been criticized for refusing to estimate how much it is, even as other countries regularly publish such data. For instance, the IRS reported on Thursday that the US tax gap is $458B (US tax gap 2008-2010 $458B  .pdf).  (Globe & Mail)


MORE:   Foreign direct investment 2015   CRA has yet to pay any rewards   Panama Papers searchable database will be released May 9

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Helicopter crash


BERGEN - A helicopter carrying around 13 people from an offshore oil field crashed Friday near the western Norwegian city of Bergen, police said. Rescue officials said 11 bodies have been found.  (AP)  


MORE:   BC owned helicopter crashed caused by mechanical failure  




CHILLIWACK - Police were called to the 46000-block of Yale Road after receiving a report of a stabbing at approximately 3:30pm.  An injured man was found, and despite efforts to treat him at the scene, he died.  A second man was taken into police custody.  (CBC)   


MORE:   IHIT on the scene 




Lonnie Leafloor


OTTAWA - The body of Lonnie Leafloor, 56, was discovered Monday afternoon after police were called to 1400 Lepage Ave, an Ottawa Community Housing apartment building.  Police said a neighbour found the man's body inside the building and that the body had been there for several days.  His death has been deemed a homicide after an autopsy Tuesday, and Ottawa police say the incident is not believed to be a random event.  (CBC)


MORE:   Police investigating   Stabbing  




SUNDRE - Sean Terrance Letwin, 30, of Beaverdell, BC, crossed the centre line with his eastbound car and collided with Henryk Yonza's Harley Davidson on Hwy 27, about 15 km east of Sundre.  Letwin was arrested at the scene, and is now charged with impaired driving causing death and driving while unauthorized.   (Sun Media) 


PREVIOUS:   Impaired charge pending




THUNDER BAY - The body discovered on Saturday afternoon in a wooded area near Brant St in Thunder Bay has been identified as Marie Lynette Spence, 30.  Based on the evidence examined to date, her death does not appear to be criminal in nature.  (CBC) 


Win for language cops


MONTREAL - The Quebec government is moving to force the Wal-Marts, Best Buys and Burger Kings of the world to put on a French face.  Regulations announced Tuesday by Culture Minister Helene David will require businesses with non-French trademarks to display prominent French signage, whether it is a slogan, a description or a message about what's on sale.  (PostMedia)  






Cynthia Mullapudi


TORONTO - Police have charged a 24-year-old Toronto man with murder following the fatal shooting of a man and woman in an LCBO parking lot.  Joseph Anzolona, 26, and Cynthia Mullapudi, 24, were shot and killed near Ellesmere Rd and Victoria Park Ave at around 10pm on Friday.  Harris Nnane, 24, a known gang member, was arrested on Sunday and charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Identified   Taken too soon   Targeted shooting 


Human remains found


BROOKS - RCMP have announced the discovery of human remains, 10 months after second-degree murder warrants were issued in connection with a missing person in the area.  Police have not said the two cases are connected.   (CBC) 




Sergio Piccirilli


MONTREAL - Sergio Piccirilli, 56, a well-connected drug trafficker arrested a decade ago received a 15-year sentence in a case that took many twists and turns before finally reaching its end on Monday.  With the time he has served off and on since he was arrested in 2006, Piccirilli was left with a prison term of 9 years and 9 months. (Montreal Gazette)


RELATED:    Biker duo in court 


Film welfare cut


VICTORIA - BC's finance minister said Monday the province's film tax credit rate will be chopped to 28%.  He said the subsidy was forecast to cost the government almost $500M. (CP)


IIO called in


ABBOTSFORD - BC's police watchdog has launched an investigation to determine if police action led to the death of a man in Abbotsford this weekend.  Around 8:30pm Sunday night, officers responded to a call about a fight at a business in the 32900-block of South Fraser Way.  Officers found an unconscious male outside the store on the ground.   The 54-year-old man was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead at 9:16pm.  (CTV)


MORE:   IIO released jurisdiction

COMMENT:   IIO is struggling to be relevant

RELATED:   Officer involved shooting in Red Deer 


Gang warfare intensifies


WILLIAMS LAKE - At least 3 First Nations gangs with roots in nearby reserves are at war in and around the small ranching and lumber town in BC's Central Interior.  Gangs known as the 712, Indian Outlaws and Chilcotin Rebel Warriors clash over drugs, money and revenge. The violence has flared on reserves such as Soda Creek and Anaham, leaving native leaders in despair.  (Globe & Mail) 


2 facing charges


VANCOUVER - The 2 men arrested in connection with a disturbing sexual assault on the UBC campus this weekend are slated to make their first court appearance Monday.  UBC resident David Singh Tucker, 28, has been charged with 3 counts of sexual assault with a weapon, 3 counts of unlawful confinement, robbery, and disguising his face with the intent to commit a crime.  His alleged accomplice, Yuan Zhi Gao, 23, of Vancouver, is charged with breaking-and-entering.  (CTV)


MORE:   Suspect stood guard  

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Cops ID torso


Melissa Cooper


TORONTO - Police have identified the woman's torso left behind Charlie's Meat and Seafood butcher shop and have charged a man with indignity to a dead body.  Investigators say the remains, found around 11:20am Tuesday by a worker at the shop, belong to Melissa Cooper, 30, of Toronto.  On Friday, Police arrested Albert Ian Ohab, 38, of Toronto.   (Sun Media)


MORE:   Man arrested   Identified

PREVIOUS:   Human remains found   Torso found   Remains are human   I think I found part of a person    




Michael Mark Ryan


MIRAMICHI - Police say Brandon Blake Colford, 20, of Howard Road, has been charged with the murder of Michael Mark Ryan.  The 49-year-old man's body was found inside his Richard Drive home in the city's east end on April 23.   (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Victim ID'd




GRANDE PRAIRIE - One man is dead and another was flown to hospital in serious condition after a crash between a pick-up truck and an ATV shortly before 10pm on Friday.  Cole Penson, 21, of Grovedale, AB has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death and impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm.  (Global) 




Poonam Litt


BRAMPTON - A jury found Mandeep Punia, 39, guilty of manslaughter in the death of her brother's wife, Poonam Litt, 27, in the extended family's Brampton home on Feb 4, 2009.  They found Punia's husband, Skinder, 45, guilty of being an accessory after the fact of manslaughter for dumping Litt's body on a rural Caledon property, then returning to cut off her clothes and burn the body in an attempt to destroy evidence.  (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Convicted   Guilty

PREVIOUS:  Sister-in-law and her husband on trial    Sister-in-law charged   Remains are missing mother  


Arson charges


Edmonton Journal


MAYERTHORPE - RCMP have charged a 19-year-old man with 18 counts of arson in relation to a fire that burned the CN trestle bridge on Tuesday.  Mayerthorpe saw as many as 21 suspicious fires over a 6 day period.  Lawson Michael Schalm is charged in connection to many of them. Schalm is the son of former mayor Albert Schalm.   (CBC)  


MORE:   Volunteer firefighter charged   Junior firefighter charged


Remains found


Nicholas Brophy


THOMPSON - The remains of Nicholas Brophy, 19, who was reported missing last fall, were found outside Thompson Tuesday.  Brophy was last seen Sept 8.  RCMP Major Crime Services is now in charge of the homicide investigation.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Reward for missing man 


Daughter charged


Shelley Kristine Praill


LETHBRIDGE - Officers responded to a home in the 2300-block of 18 St N shortly after 9:30pm Thursday. Police found an injured 54-year-old woman and she was transported to Hospital. The woman's injuries proved fatal and she passed away in hospital. The deceased has been identified as Shelley Kristine Praill.  Jessica Lee Ann Praill, 28, was arrested at the scene.  Investigators believe the mother and daughter were involved in an argument that escalated and ended with the fatal stabbing.  (CTV)


MORE:   Daughter charged    Woman charged in mother's death   Mother killed 




LEDUC - Police have charged Gordon Robinson, 32, with first-degree murder in a Leduc homicide.  On Monday, RCMP found a body inside a home on a rural property near Highway 625.  The victim has been identified as Ryan Ross, 34.  (Global)


MORE:   Charged    Man charged

PREVIOUS:   Sudden death  


9 years


Natasha Farah


CALGARY - Hussein Ibrahim, 22, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting dead Natasha Farah, 26, outside a Calgary nightclub Aug 23, 2014.  As he was getting into the Jetta, Ibrahim began firing shots into the air. His friend also fired his gun.  After that, Ibrahim shot into the crowd of people in front of the bar.  Farah was hit in the chest by one of the bullets from Ibrahim's gun.  (CBC)


MORE:   Manslaughter plea   Judge chastises killer

PREVIOUS:   2nd degree charge   Innocent bystander     


New allegations


Frank Elsner


VICTORIA - Police Chief Frank Elsner has been suspended by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner while he faces another investigation.  Elsner was the head of the Victoria Police Department when inappropriate messages surfaced between him and the wife of a subordinate officer.  That launched an investigation back in December last year, following allegations Elsner mislead an investigator and contacted witnesses during an internal investigation.  But now the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner is opening 2 separate investigations.   (Global)


MORE:   OPCC order for external investigation   .pdf   Police chief suspended 


Crown should handle bail hearings


EDMONTON - A review ordered after the fatal shooting of a Mountie in Alberta suggests police officers should not have to stand in at bail hearings that immediately follow an arrest.  The review concludes that Crown prosecutors should instead be present at all such hearings.  The Alberta government is already acting on several of the review's 31 recommendations, but Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley says it will need to consult with police and the courts before moving forward with others.  (CBC)


REPORT:   Alberta bail review   .pdf

MORE:   Bail review

PREVIOUS:   Constable David Wynn 


Review of SIU


TORONTO - Ontario's SIU will come under an independent review along with the province's 2 other police oversight agencies, the Ministry of the Attorney General announced.   (CTV)


REPORT:   15-TFD-140   .pdf

MORE:   Appointed praised

COMMENT:   Secrecy for the sake of secrecy

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Watchdog offers damning review


VANCOUVER - BC's representative for children and youth has released a scathing report in response to an independent review calling for major changes within the Children's Ministry.  Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond criticizes most of the methodology and conclusions by former BC bureaucrat Bob Plecas, saying he was supposed to examine a specific case involving abuse of children who'd been ordered removed from their mother's care.  Instead, Turpel-Lafond says his report calls for sweeping policy, program and legal reforms within the ministry without consultation with her office, aboriginal leaders, communities or any children in care.  (CP)


RELATED:   Journalist hired to write report now works for government    Whitewashing


Skull found



Rigat Ghirmay        Adonay Zekarias


TORONTO - A human skull and bones discovered near a west-end park belonged to Rigat Ghirmay, 28, who was murdered in 2013.  In May 2013, Ghirmay's torso was found in a duffel bag off a trail near to the area.  Adonay Zekarias was charged with first-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body in Sept. 2013. He is currently serving a life-sentence for the fatal stabbing of Nighisti Semret in Oct. 2012.  (CTV)


MORE:   Remains ID'd

PREVIOUS:   Recent murder: Zekarias 


Hit-and-run arrest



Nelisa Damota        Deriba Wakene


TORONTO - On May 31 2015, Nelisa Damota, a 39-year-old mother of three, was struck by a vehicle on Bloor Street West after stopping at the bank.  The incident occurred around 9pm west of Dovercourt. A suspect identified as Deriba Wakene, 56, has been charged with failing to stop at the scene of an accident causing death.  (CP24)  


MORE:   Charged   Man charged

PREVIOUS:   2 persons of interest   Police find vehicle   Mother killed    




Katelynn Sampson


TORONTO - A coroner's inquest into the death of a 7-year-old Toronto girl killed by her guardians says children in the child welfare system should have a say in how their case is handled.  Jurors in the Katelynn Sampson inquest say the child should always be at the centre of any investigation and should be consulted when crucial care decisions are made.  The 5-member panel has delivered 173 recommendations. (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Inquest report focuses on children

PREVIOUS:   Killing kids 


Found guilty


Kyle Jansen


VICTORIA - A Victoria man has been convicted of manslaughter in the fatal stabbing of a known drug dealer in Langford.  The jury returned the verdict in the trial of Daniel Phelps.  The Crown had argued that Phelps beat Kyle Jansen, 30, and stabbed him in the leg before stealing his heroin in January 2015.  (CP)


MORE:   Jury convicts    Guilty verdict

PREVIOUS:   Arrest   Stabbing     


Gang war


Lincoln Richards & Thai-Shaw Gordon


TORONTO - A 'gang war' shootout inside a downtown Toronto condominium allegedly led to two 17-year-old boys being kidnapped and tortured when they were forced to play Russian roulette and perform sexual acts.  Toronto police are searching for 2 people on a Canada-wide warrant who they believe were directly involved in the kidnappings. Thai-Shay 'Pistol' Gordon, a 130-pound 17-year-old, was described by police at a Thursday press conference as 'the most violent member' of a gang called the Young Buck Killers.  Police are also searching for Lincoln Anthony Richards, 23, who they said is a known associate of the gang.  (National Post)


Suspicious death


EDMONTON - Police are investigating, after a woman was found dead in a home.  Officers were called to the home near 103 Ave and 156 St NW after being called by paramedics just after 2am Wednesday.   (CTV)  


MORE:   Suspicious death 




OTTAWA - The Mountie on trial for child torture enlisted his brother - a priest - to perform an exorcism on his 'possessed' 11-year-old son.  The chilling detail was revealed under questioning by a lawyer who is defending the Mountie's wife, also on trial for confining the boy and failure to provide necessities of life.  (PostMedia)


MORE:   Video shown  

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