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Plan to scrap 2 term limit


Xi Jinping


BEIJING - The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, already considered the country's most dominant since Mao Zedong, looks to have further cemented his grip on power after Beijing unveiled plans to scrap the presidency's two-term limit.  China's official news agency, Xinhua, announced the dramatic news on Sunday in a bland 36-word dispatch. It paves the way for Xi to remain in power well into the next decade and perhaps even beyond.   (Guardian UK)


COMMENT:   Has China's strongman forgotten the perils of power?  


Extradited to the US


Prado Alava


BOGOTA - A man accused of smuggling more than 250 tonnes of cocaine over the past decade has been extradited to the US from Colombia.  Prosecutors say Washington Prado Alava, an Ecuadorean national, was a drug lord with operations across the Americas.  He is also accused of ordering the murders of judges, prosecutors and police officers in Ecuador.   Prado Alava was arrested in April 2017 as he travelled to visit family in the Colombian city of Cali.  (BBC)


MORE:   From boatman to drug lord 


Palace attack  


MOGADISHU - The number of deaths from Friday's twin car bomb explosions in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, rose to at least 38.  Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack, which targeted the presidential palace and subsequently a hotel.  (DW)


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Nikolas Cruz


PARKLAND - Broward County deputies received at least 18 calls warning them about Nikolas Cruz from 2008 to 2017, including concerns that he 'planned to shoot up the school' and other threats and acts of violence before he was accused of killing 17 people at a high school.  (Naples News)


MORE:   FBI tip line

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Employers arrested


Joanna Demafelis


DAMASCUS - Joanna Demafelis, 29, was found frozen in her employers' Kuwait apartment freezer more than a year after she was reported missing.  Her employers Nader Essam Assaf and his Syrian wife Mona have been arrested in Damascus after a manhunt lasting several weeks.  (BBC)


PREVIOUS:   Maid found dead in freezer 


More revelations


GENEVA - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says 21 members of staff have left their jobs for sexual misconduct in the last 3 years.  The revelations come as the aid sector has been hit by numerous allegations of sex abuse and exploitation by workers.  Friday's statement follows reports that Plan International, a children's aid agency, confirmed 6 cases of sexual abuse and child exploitation by staff or associates. On Friday, 22 aid organizations said they were 'truly sorry' for the sector's failings in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct by workers.   (BBC) 


MORE:    UN Aids accused 

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Tow truck ring


Daniel Steininger


NEW YORK - From June 2015 to Dec 2017, investigators say Daniel Steininger, 44, worked to root out and restrict competition in the towing industry across all 5 of New York City's boroughs.  He allegedly managed a fraudulent monopoly in the industry by creating shell companies, obtaining false licenses with the city and giving the appearance others were owners.  The indictment alleges Steininger's drivers were also a part of this operation.  (WPIX 11)


MORE:   Towing ring used violence   DA announce takedown 


Death getting digital makeover


OTTAWA - The path Canadians must take to inform their governments about a death in the family is getting a digital overhaul.  An 85-page consultants' report from Oct 2016 called for the end of 'multiple layers of administration' in provinces and territories, inconsistent sharing of information between jurisdictions, and paper-based processes that result in forms that aren't legible or are incomplete.  In Ontario, for instance, municipalities play a role in the process, steps which the consultants noted 'do not necessarily add value.'  The consultants also called on governments to make more information easily available for citizens because many don't know what they need to do when a loved one dies.  (CTV) 


Notice of libel


OTTAWA - Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has formally served a notice of libel against CTV news regarding a story of sexual misconduct.  Brown has vehemently denied this story.  CTV News stands by its reporting and says it will actively defend its journalism in court.  (CTV) 


Wood stove


HALIFAX - A fast-moving fire that claimed the lives of 4 children in rural NS last month was ignited by heat coming from a wood stove, the province's fire marshal confirmed as he said his office must do a better job of releasing such information.  Last week, a spokeswoman for the provincial government confirmed the fire marshal's investigation had been completed, but she refused to release its basic findings, citing 'privacy laws.'  The response from the Municipal Affairs Department, which oversees the Office of the Fire Marshal, was criticized.  (CTV)


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Where your tax dollar goes


OTTAWA - As we prepare for next week's federal budget, here's an interesting exercise: How much money does Ottawa spend and what are its biggest expenses?   (CBC) 


Billions spent with no impact


EDMONTON - Alberta's auditor general said in a report that the province has spent billions in a failed attempt to reduce class sizes over the last 14 years.  Auditor General Merwan Saher said in the report that the program had not been effectively direct or overseen by Alberta Education.  Saher said the $2.7B in funding was meant to hire teachers to reduce class sizes.  Instead of working towards those goals, Saher said the province stopped administering the program actively, and the funding was absorbed by school budgets.  (CTV)


REPORT:   AG of AB Feb 2018 report   .pdf 


Value of bankruptcy laws


SUDBURY - Former Sudbury mining company First Nickel has been sentenced to pay a landmark fine of $1.3M following the deaths of two workers at Lockerby mine - but it seems unlikely that will ever be paid.  First Nickel was found guilty of 6 charges under Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act.  The charges were in connection with the 2014 deaths of Norm Bisaillon and Marc Methe, who were killed after a fall of ground at Lockerby Mine in Sudbury. First Nickel went into receivership in 2015.  (CBC)


MORE:   ON Ministry press release    Defunct company fined 


Corruption perceptions index 2017


BERLIN - This year's Corruption Perceptions Index highlights that the majority of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption, while further analysis shows journalists and activists in corrupt countries risking their lives every day in an effort to speak out.  (Transparency International)


MORE:   Canada tied for 8th 


More missing school girls


DAPCHI - The governor of Nigeria's Yobe state told residents of the village of Dapchi in person on Thursday that 76 of their schoolgirls who were reported to have been rescued from Islamist Boko Haram kidnappers were in fact still missing.  Boko Haram insurgents drove into Dapchi on Monday evening in trucks, some of them camouflaged and mounted with heavy guns, and attacked the girls' school, sending hundreds of students fleeing.  (Reuters)  


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Cocaine ring busted


BURNOS AIRES - A former Russian diplomatic official and an Argentinian police officer are among those arrested in connection with a large cocaine seizure at the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires that prompted a year-long investigation into an international drug ring.  The Russian-Argentines Alexander Chikalo, who is suspected of being in charge of the logistics, and Ivan Blizniouk, a police officer accused of providing contacts to jump through customs controls, were arrested.  (AP)   


MORE:   Embassy, cocaine, arrests 




Lisa Marie Presley


Lisa Marie Presley says her former business manager handled her money so poorly that her $100M fortune was whittled down to a measly $14,000.  According to the documents filed on Feb 21 the late Elvis Presley's daughter is accusing Barry Siegel of dissipating her wealth 'through his reckless and negligent mismanagement and self-serving ambition.'  (Blast)


MORE:   Sues 




Joseph Stroup


BEARSPAW - Joseph Stroup, 64, a man dubbed 'America's most-wanted deadbeat dad' has been arrested thanks to the sharp wits of a small-town Alberta restaurateur, who managed to identify the 20-year fugitive after he suspected he was being scammed.   (CTV)


Information warfare


OTTAWA - The ease of spreading disinformation online coupled with the collapse of journalism's traditional role has led to 'total' information warfare, Canada's spy agency claims in a shocking new report.  The CSIS is warning that the spread of disinformation online poses an existential threat to the 'Western democratic pluralism' in Canada and its allies.  (Toronto Star)


REPORT:  Challenges of disinformation    .pdf

MORE:   Feds can't fight fake news


State secret: toxic workplace


TORONTO - Ontario's Liberal government has kept secret an explosive report that paints some of its most senior bureaucrats - male and female - as bullies who have harassed and discriminated against hundreds of provincial lawyers and administrative assistants for years.  The workplace for 600 government lawyers and several hundred administrative staff at the Ministry of the Attorney General is described as a 'toxic' cesspool where fear and retribution rule the day.  The report was intended to be kept secret.  Each copy is stamped with a unique number across each page, and those who received a copy were warned leakers would be fired.  (Toronto Star)


List of Sikh separatists


NEW DELHI - India has handed Canada a list of 9 people in Canada who are suspected of trying to revive a Sikh separatist movement in the Indian state of Punjab.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting India and on Wednesday he traveled to Punjab where he told state leaders his country would not support anyone trying to reignite the movement for an independent Sikh homeland called Khalistan.  (Reuters)


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Small 1st step


TORONTO - Pharmaceutical companies will have to reveal in detail the payments they make to patient-advocacy groups and professional medical societies in Ontario as part of the province's efforts to pull back the curtain on money in medicine.  These changes will allow anyone to search the name of a health charity or non-profit in an online database to access funding information.   (Globe & Mail)    


 PREVIOUS:   Follow the money   War on Legal Drugs


Bribe probe


ATHENS - Greece's parliament launched a probe into claims that nearly a dozen senior politicians received bribes from or helped promote Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis during their term in office.  Novartis' overcharging alone is estimated to have cost the Greek state some $3.7B.  The Swiss giant has already paid multi-million dollar fines in the US, China and South Korea to settle corruption cases.  (


MORE:   Novartis bribery claims 


DNA image


Parabon Nanolabs


CALGARY - Police continue to investigate the death of an infant whose body was found in the Bowness area on Christmas Eve and have released an image of the child's mother that was generated using DNA phenotyping.   (CBC) 


Foot identified


SOOKE - The BC Coroner's Service has identified human remains found near Jordan River in Dec.  The service says it has completed a DNA analysis confirming the human remains are those of Stanley Okumoto, 79, a man from Bremerton in Washington State.  Okumoto went missing on Sept 19, 2017.  He was found in Clallam County two months later, but his remains were missing the left leg and foot.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Foot found    DNA 


Hung jury


Joey Merlino


NEW YORK - The federal racketeering trial of reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino ended with a hung jury.  (NY Daily News)


MORE:   Mistrial 


Land rights


VANCOUVER - Rick Desautel was 40 miles north of the border and the officers would quickly find he was an American citizen without permits to hunt in the Canadian province of BC.  The ensuing legal journey lasted more than 8 years, as Desautel fought to prove his indigenous heritage, and thus his right to hunt in lands which were his ancestors' territory long before any border was drawn.  The case appeared to reach an end in Dec when the provincial government lost its appeal at the BC Supreme Court.  Last month, however, the government filed papers to appeal yet again - a sign that it intends to continue its fight.  That fight, however, could have unintended consequences: Desautel's case could set a precedent that would grant tens of thousands of Native Americans living in the US a new set of rights - in Canada.  (Guardian UK)


JUDGMENT:   2017 BCSC 2389   

PREVIOUS:   2017 BCPC 84   .pdf  


BC budget 2018


VICTORIA - BC's NDP government has presented its first full budget, expanding on the province's efforts to rein in the housing market with new taxes, taking the first steps toward its daycare plan and reforming the province's beleaguered public auto insurer.  The fiscal plan puts into place some elements of the party's election platform from last year's campaign, but abandons or significantly alters several high-profile promises.  (Globe & Mail)


RECORD:   BC budget 2018   .pdf

MORE:   Business blindsided   BC budget highlights   Budget things 


Radon high risk


VANCOUVER - The BC Building Code separates the province into two areas based on their potential for radon exposure. Radon Area 1 is east of the Coast Mountains and covers the Interior of the province. Radon Area 2 covers everything west of the mountains.  According to Health Canada, radon kills 3,200 Canadians a year and is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.   (CBC) 


Victims rise to 1,510


ROTHERHAM - The number of children believed to have been sexually exploited in Rotherham has been raised to 1,510.  The National Crime Agency (NCA) detectives revealed the updated figure in a briefing on Operation Stovewood, the investigation into child sexual exploitation over a 16-year period in the South Yorkshire town. Prof Alexis Jay's report in 2014 identified 1,400 victims.  The NCA inquiry, the biggest of its kind in the UK, has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% are of Pakistani heritage.   (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Grooming rife  

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4 found dead


RYERSON - Police received a 911 call at 7:30pm Friday from someone who found 4 bodies in a home in Ryerson Township.  Officers who arrived on the scene found 2 men and 2 women dead inside.  All 4 bodies showed signs of trauma.  (CP)  


MORE:   Deaths deemed suspicious   4 found dead 


Investigated as a homicide


STAND OFF - Police were called to assist a man reportedly in distress in Stand Off, AB, at around 11pm on Friday.  The man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The death is now being investigated as a homicide.  (Global) 


Taser death


CHILLIWACK - The IIO is looking into a fatal incident between a man and officers with the Chilliwack RCMP.   The IIO says that at about 2pm Saturday officers responded to reports of a parental abduction involving a male suspect.  Officers arrived and used a taser on the man sending him into medical distress.  Police administered first aid and paramedics were called, but the man died a short time later.   (CBC)


MORE:   IIO probe  Fatal police encounter 


Property owner shoots theft


OKOTOKS - One man is in hospital and a property owner is in custody after shots were fired during an alleged theft in progress early Saturday.  It happened near Okotoks at about 5:30am.  The owner of the residence encountered 2 individuals rummaging through his vechicle(s).   During the confrontation with the individuals, there were an unknown number of shots fired from a firearm.   (CBC)


Ministry worker dead


MONTREAL - A 44-year-old Transport Ministry worker was killed and 7 others injured when a car struck them in Montreal's west end on Friday night.  A van and SUV collided in the centre lane and the SUV veered into the group of workers.  The driver of the van, a 38-year-old man, was arrested for impaired driving causing death injury.  (CTV) 




Hossein Lotfi


WINNIPEG - On Jan. 9, 2018, suspicious circumstances surrounding a traffic stop led officers to investigate a residence on Manila Road, where they discovered Hossein Lotfi, 77, deceased.  Yvonne Littlejohn, 36, and Myra Dawn Bird, 35, have been charged with second-degree murder+.  Charles Clayton Shabaquay, 43, has been charged with arson causing damage to property+.  2 teenagers were also charged with arson causing damage to property and theft.   (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Body found   Man found dead   Police investigation    





Gerald Leduc       Marco Michaud


OTTAWA - Gerald Leduc, 53, was attacked inside his Selkirk St apartment on July 18, 2017.  Leduc died from his injuries on Jan 18.  Police announced a warrant for Marco Michaud, 36, for second-degree murder in what detectives believe was Leduc's drug-related fatal beating.  (Ottawa Citizen)


MORE:   Wanted 


Missing plane found


The wreckage of a plane that went missing on a flight from Alberta has been found in the US.  All 4 men aboard were killed.  The 4 have been identified as Bill Kaupp, 64, his son Clint, 28, and 2 family friends, Tim Mueller and Ron McKenzie.  (CTV) 


Murder charge dropped


EDMONTON - Firefighters were called to a home in Armitage Crescent on Aug 22, 2017, where they found a 29-year-old mother and her 5-month old son in serious conditions.  The baby later died of smoke inhalation.  Bronson Woycenko, 20, was initially charged with second-degree murder, arson, disregard for human life, and two counts of mischief.  But on Friday, EPS said most of the charges have been withdrawn because the Crown determined the evidence would likely not result in a conviction.  A 20-year-old woman was originally arrested in connection to the fire, but all the charges have since been dropped.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   2 charged   Fire was arson   Fire was deliberately set    





Marcel Reardon      Anne Norris


ST JOHN'S - The 12-person jury delivered its verdict of not criminally responsible in the Anne Norris first-degree murder trial.  Norris had admitted to killing Marcel Reardon, 46, on May 9, 2016.  (CBC)


MORE:   Norris found NCR

PREVIOUS:   Admits killing   Admits to killing   Arrest  


6th charge


Skandaraj Navaratnam


TORONTO - Alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur has been charged with one additional count of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Skandaraj Navaratnam.  McArthur is now facing 6 charges of first-degree murder.  Police say they still believe that there are other victims.  (CP24)


MORE:   Now charged with deaths of 6 men   Remains of 3 found in planters not identified yet   One of Canada's worst serial killers

PREVIOUS:    PTC: Bruce McArthur 


Charge in bar fight


VANCOUVER - Russ Armfelt, 53, was found unconscious and unresponsive behind the Rose and Crown Pub around 1:30am on Dec 11, 2016.  He was rushed to hospital, but later died of his injuries.  Franco Sarra, 20, has been charged with manslaughter.   (CTV)  


MORE:   Charge laid

PREVIOUS:   Suspicious death   Suspicious death   Fight death   Bar fight     


Not guilty



Tina Fontaine          Raymond Cormier


WINNIPEG - A jury has found Raymond Cormier, 56, not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Tina Fontaine.  Tina's body was found in Winnipeg's Red River, wrapped in a duvet cover and weighed down with rocks, on Aug. 17, 2014. She was 15. Cormier was charged on Dec. 8, 2015.   (CBC)


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No right to be rude


Hazen Colbert


VANCOUVER - Over the years, Hazen Colbert has sent hundreds of these off-colour messages to officials at the District of North Vancouver, prompting council to adopt a policy that redirects all email from people who have a history of sending threatening and inappropriate messages.  He turned to the BC Human Rights Tribunal, filing a complaint that alleged the municipal government was discriminating against him because he is gay and has been an advocate for LGBTQ issues.  But on Feb 14, the tribunal not only dismissed Colbert's complaint, but also ordered him to pay $750 in costs to the district for improper conduct.  (CBC)


JUDGMENT:   2018 BCHRT 40   .pdf




SCARBOROUGH - Officers were called to the area of Old Kingston Road and Military Trail at around 1:30am Feb 15 and found Anik Stewart, 21, suffering from very serious injuries.  He was taken to a trauma centre via emergency run in life-threatening condition where he succumbed to his injuries.  Toronto-resident Aruran Suthakaran, 21, was charged with second-degree murder on Wednesday.  (CP24)


PREVIOUS:   Fatal assault 


Another inmate death


DRUMHELLER INSTITUTION - Brandon Lee Mirva, 25, died in custody Feb 20 but the nature of his death has not been released.   On Feb 17, Anatoly Eichman, 29, died while in custody. The prison was placed in lockdown following Eichman's death while a search of the premises was conducted.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   In custody overdose death


Couple killed in fire


MISIPAWISTIK CREE NATION - Police said they received a report of a fire at a residential trailer early Sat morning around 1:50am.  Upon arrival, the trailer was fully engulfed in flames and was quickly destroyed by the fire.  Michelle Cook, 50, and David Scott, 48, were identified as the victims.  No one with the town's volunteer fire department was available to respond.  (CTV)  


25 years


Justin & Jerome Waterman


TORONTO - Justin Waterman, 18, and Jerome Waterman, 22, were shot to death in a North York parking garage stairwell on Feb. 20, 2012.  A Superior Court jury found that Don Johnson was responsible and guilty of 2 counts of first-degree murder.  Johnson committed the killings when he was 18.  (Toronto Star)


PREVIOUS:   2 brothers slain


Judge stays charges


HALIFAX - A judge has stayed charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder against a Dartmouth man who was awaiting his third trial in connection with a 2000 killing ordered by the Hells Angels.  Steven Gareau, 61, has been behind bars since Oct. 13, 2000, 10 days after Sean Simmons was shot to death in the lobby of an apartment building in Dartmouth.  Gareau was found guilty at trials in 2004 and 2014 of helping set up the shooting, but the results were overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal in 2012 and 2016 and new trials ordered. Justice Jamie Campbell ruled that it would be an abuse of process to try Gareau for a third time.  (Halifax Chronicle Herald) 


Video spurs probe


Toronto's transit authority says it will investigate an incident that was partially caught on video.  Footage posted to Facebook on Sunday shows a man being held down by five officers. Bethany McBride, who uploaded the videos, said the man wasn't resisting the 2 transit inspectors who initially detained him when 3 police officers also piled on top of him.  (Huffington Post)


MORE:   Fare inspectors in altercation with teen

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EPS cleared


EDMONTON - Police officers who Tasered a 20-year-old man during the hunt for a suspect in a deadly stabbing in the river valley in 2016 have been cleared of any wrongdoing.  (CBC)


Record check misses


KAMLOOPS - A judge is asking why a Ministry of Children and Family Development record search failed to reveal a history of domestic violence associated with a couple caring for a vulnerable child.  The issue arose as part of a guardianship application filed by the girl's grandmother - known only as NAH - which showed no criminal record, no ministry files and no protection orders.  In fact, the physical file contained reports dating back years in relation to the woman's own children. (CBC)


JUDGMENT:   2018 BCPC 36


Victim identified


Oliver Augustus Willis


BRAMPTON - A Brampton man gunned down in a hail of bullets has been identified as a father and notorious gang leader in the GTA.  Oliver Augustus Willis, 37, known as 'Twinky' and at one time a member and leader of one of the Crips' Toronto factions was fatally gunned down just before 2:45pm on Feb 19 in the area of Vodden Court and Vodden St E.   (Toronto Star)


MORE:   Police ID victim   Shooting   




WINDSOR - The body of Leonard Damm, 73, was discovered by officers at a home at 3275 Bloomfield Road on Feb 18 around 4am.  Officers initially responded to a report of an injured man at the residence.  Police said evidence at the scene led officers to believe the death was suspicious.  After further evidence was revealed by an autopsy, police launched a murder investigation.  (Windsor Star) 





Chance Gauthier     Nouraldin Rabee


WINDOR - Patrol officers were dispatched to the 900-block of Church St after receiving a report of a male laying in the alley on Wednesday Feb 14.  The victim is identified as Chance Gauthier, 16.   Mal Chol, 20, is charged with first degree murder+.  A second man, Nouraldin Rabee, 19, is wanted on an arrest warrant for first degree murder+.   (CTV)


MORE:   1 arrested, 1 sought   Arrest, wanted




SWAN RIVER - The Mounties said they got the report around 11am Sunday. They arrived at a home to find a 36-year-old deceased man at the scene.  Norman Brass, 42, has been charged with manslaughter.   (CTV) 




Justin Langan


REGINA - Emergency crews were called to the 1400-block of Pasqua St around 8:10pm on Sunday for a report of an injured man.  The man (Justin Langan), 40, was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  An hour later, police were advised that a stolen vehicle in NE Regina was occupied by the man believed to be involved in the homicide.  Chad Barre, 31, has been charged with first-degree murder+.   (CTV)


MORE:   Family identifies victim   Homicide   Identified  




Donald Kelly


VANCOUVER - Donald Kelly, 45, was found wounded inside a vehicle just after 10pm Friday by officers responding to reports of shots fired in the area of Sylan Place and Riverview Crescent.  The victim was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.  Kelly was known to police and they believe Kelly's murder was targeted.  Police also found a burnt grey 2018 Chrysler 300 sedan a short distance away.  (CTV)


MORE:   Victim ID'd   Man identified   Targeted victim 




SHERBROOKE - The SQ has confirmed that an explosion that killed Micael Hardy, 31, in Sherbrooke on Saturday was indeed caused by a bomb.  Hardy was reportedly known to play with explosive devices in remote locations.  The blast happened around 6pm on Saint Roch Rd. near Louis Cayer Rd.  A 56-year-old man was arrested at the scene and may face charges of possessing explosive materials.  (CTV)


MORE:   Death handling an explosive device

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2 charged




VANCOUVER - On Jan 30, 2016 Christopher Denis Kwik, 40, was shot in a Granville St apartment.  A charge of second-degree murder has been sworn against Gage McPake and Cody David Stuiver. At the time of his death, Kwik was slated to appear in court on charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking.   (CBC)


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