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RCMP affidavit


OTTAWA - Vice-Admiral Mark Norman divulged cabinet secrets to an executive with a Quebec-based shipyard and advised him how to use the media to pressure the Liberals into approving a $667M naval supply-ship contract, the RCMP allege.  On Tuesday, an Ottawa judge lifted a sealing order on a heavily redacted RCMP affidavit that sheds light on the criminal investigation that led to the removal of the Canadian military's second-highest-ranking officer.  (Globe & Mail)


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Soldier killed


Robert J Dynerowicz


CFB WAINWRIGHT - A Canadian soldier has been killed and 3 others hurt during a training exercise Tuesday in Wainwright, AB.  Sgt Robert 'Bobby' J' Dynerowicz, an Armoured Crewman with the Royal Canadian Dragoons based at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, died following an accident involving a light armoured vehicle at CFB Wainwright around 8am.  (CBC) 


Police surveillance report


Jean Charest   Marc Bibeau


QUEBEC - News that former premier Jean Charest and a top party fundraiser, Marc Bibeau, were under police (UPAC) surveillance as late as 2016 as part of a corruption investigation has stirred up some ghosts in the halls of the National Assembly.  Is it possible the 2011 Charbonneau commission into corruption and collusion - set up by the government to get at the heart of the matter but which was focused mainly at the municipal level - didn't go far enough?    (Montreal Gazette)


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Carbon tax minister


Catherine McKenna


OTTAWA - Catherine McKenna was trying to mark World Penguin Day with a simple tweet accompanied by a cute video of penguins frolicking in the wild.  Problem is, those weren't penguins in the video, but puffins.  (CP) 


Nudge experiment


OTTAWA - An experiment using 'nudge' letters to coax Canadians in the underground economy to pay their taxes has flopped, highlighting the limits of this new approach to changing citizen behaviour.   (CBC) 


Judge blocks another Trump order


SAN FRANCISCO - A judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump's executive order that sought to withhold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants.  The ruling from District Judge William Orrick III in San Francisco said Trump's order targeted broad categories of federal funding for sanctuary governments and that plaintiffs challenging the order were likely to succeed in proving it unconstitutional.  (Reuters)


Lumber tariff  


US protectionism


WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump intensified a trade dispute with Canada, slapping tariffs of up to 24% on imported softwood lumber in a move that drew swift criticism from the Canadian government.  Most of the softwood in Canada is owned by provincial governments, which set prices to cut trees on their land, while in the US it's generally harvested from private property. The fees charged by Canadian governments are below market rates, creating an unfair advantage, US producers say. Canada disputes that.  (Bloomberg)


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Protesters block roads




CARACAS - Venezuela's major transport arteries juddered to a halt on Monday as opposition protesters blocked major roads and staged sit-ins across the country.  Tens of thousands of people joined the latest protests, which follow a month of anti-government demonstrations, political clashes and looting that have left at least 22 people dead.  (Guardian UK)


MORE:   Renewed violence    24 now dead

COMMENT:   Maduro selling the golden goose

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Trial begins


MONCTON - The RCMP officers who responded to the Moncton, NB, shootings that left 3 Mounties dead and 2 others wounded in 2014 did not have the proper equipment or training, the Crown said Monday, the first day of the national police force's trial on charges of violating the Canada Labour Code.   (CBC)


COMMENT:   2014-Moncton tragedy showed cops outgunned

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Towing industry dominated by OC


Montreal's towing industry has been infiltrated by organized crime groups that resort to violence and intimidation to secure profits, according to a report released Monday by the city's inspector general.  (CBC)


REPORT:   Rapport sur I'industrie du remorquage a Montgreal  .pdf in French

MORE:   Corruption alive and well    Industry riddled   Industry reform needed


Jail terms canceled


EDMONTON - In an effort to streamline the court system and modernize law in Alberta, the NDP government has made the move to eliminate arrest warrants for Albertans wanted for minor infractions.  Starting May 1, residents of Alberta will no longer face jail time if they fail to pay their fines for things like not shoveling their sidewalk or riding transit without a ticket.  Officials say almost half of the 200,000 outstanding warrants in Alberta are for minor offences.  (CTV) 


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Syndicated mortgages


TORONTO - More than $1B of investors' money has likely been lost in syndicated mortgage investments in Ontario, according to a Toronto real estate lawyer.  On Monday CBC News reported that more than 120 Chinese investors in the Greater Toronto Area were set to lose nearly $9M in these kinds of investments, but David Franklin says that's just the tip of the iceberg.   (CBC) 


Bankruptcy laws strike again


Maureen and Wendell Strong started hearing the rumours early in 2016: Alberta landowners with Lexin Resources natural gas wells on their property weren't getting paid.  In Alberta, most landowners don't own the mineral rights below their land and are required to allow access to energy companies that want to drill wells. Landowners like the Strongs are paid an annual lease rate that typically totals a few thousand dollars. In March, Lexin Resources was forced into bankruptcy by the Alberta Energy Regulator.  (CBC)


Meltdown part 2


WASHINGTON - Baby Boomers have incurred nearly $100B in student loans so that little Johnny and/or Susie could get that degree they always wanted.  Parent Plus, created by Congress in 1980, allows parents to borrow to cover tuition and living expenses.  40% of student loans originated in 2009 - 2013 going to subprime borrowers, more than double the subprime mix of the mortgage market in 2005.  Now, just as these parents are entering their retirement years, a record number of them are having their Social Security and pension payments garnished to pay for student loans that they never had a prayer of being able to afford.   (Zero Hedge) 


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Bus, tanker crash


KIBWEZI - A crash between a passenger bus and a tanker ferrying cooking oil has killed 24 people along the main highway connecting Kenya's capital, Nairobi, and the port city of Mombasa.  The accident occurred in the Kibwezi area around midnight on Monday as the bus driver was trying to overtake another vehicle but collided with the oncoming tanker truck.  Another 19 people were injured so the death toll could rise.  (Reuters)


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2 executed


VARNER - Jack Jones and Marcel Williams received lethal injections on the same gurney Monday night, just about 3 hours apart. It was the first double execution in the US since 2000. The state said the executions needed to be carried out before its supply of one lethal injection drug expires on April 30.  Besides the two executions Monday, Arkansas put to death one other inmate last week and has a final one scheduled for Thursday. 4 others have been blocked.  (AP) 


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Brazilian prison gang suspected




CIUDAD DEL ESTE - The commando-style raid in the early hours of Monday unfolded with military might and coordination.  Dozens of gunmen blocked highways, burned trucks and cars, sealing off the perimeter of their target for hundreds of yards. The assailants, who were wearing flak jackets and driving in armored vehicles, used explosives and .50 caliber guns to blow the facade off a transportation company office in Ciudad del Este. They killed a policeman, broke open the vault and then escaped - apparently fleeing by motorboats up the Parana River.  The haul was initially estimated at $40M.  (Washington Post)


Every name is important


6M Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices during World War Two. Since 1954, Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, has been working to recover the names of all the victims, and to date has managed to identify some 4.7M.  'Every new name is a small victory against oblivion.'   (BBC) 


2nd round


Emmanuel Macron       Marine Le Pen    


PARIS - Centrist Emmanuel Macron will face off against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, 48, in the second round battle for the French presidency on May 7.   (AFP)


MORE:   French presidential election 


UN creditability


UNITED NATIONS - Saudi Arabia, a country accused of having an atrocious human rights record for treatment of women, has been elected to the United Nation's Commission of the Status of Women (CSW).  (Global)


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Create wedges


BIRMINGHAM - Self-starter IS strategies could be evolving to be customized country by country in Europe, targeting the hated 'gray zone' where Muslims live in secular democracies.  'ISIS seem to be adjusting a more tailored strategy,' said Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, North America director of Quilliam, one the world's first counter extremism organizations.  (Epoch Times) 


Accused wants info


OTTAWA - A naval engineer from Hamilton, accused of trying to spy for Beijing, is asking a federal judge for full access to information about CSIS wiretaps of the Chinese Embassy.  Qing Quentin Huang says federal secrecy has placed him in an 'impossible position' as he prepares to defend against espionage charges.  The Canadian citizen was arrested on Dec 1, 2013, in Burlington, following a brief RCMP-led investigation dubbed Project Seascape.  (CBC)


Volunteering rules


SAINT-SEBASTIEN - Mayor Martin Thibert was almost finished painting the interior of his kids' public school with the help of a group of volunteers when an inspector showed up.  The provincial construction inspector (CCQ), told the gathering of parents, grandparents and teachers that painting a school for free - and without the proper licence - is illegal in Quebec.  She then demanded the names and IDs of all 10 people in the room. The March episode made headlines around the province and highlighted the tight hold of unions over Quebec's bureaucracy.  (PostMedia)


MORE:   CCQ halts volunteers  


US terror list


MONTREAL - The US has quietly added 2 Canadians fighting in Syria to its most-wanted terror listFarah Mohamed Shirdon, an Albertan of Somali heritage, is alleged to be a recruiter and fundraiser for IS. Quebecker Tarek Sakr is identified as having conducted sniper training for the Al Qaeda-linked al-Nusrah Front.  (Toronto Star)


REPORT:   Public notice 9967, 9968  .pdf 


Value of political donations


Paul Oei


VANCOUVER - A BC Securities Commission panel has heard allegations that Paul Oei claimed a number of politicians were supporting a Metro Vancouver recycling plant project, allegedly the centre of an immigration-investment scam.  Oei, a prominent BC Liberal donor, is accused of an extensive fraud on Chinese investors, whom he allegedly impressed by 'rubbing elbows' with BC politicians.   (PostMedia)


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School funding ruling


YORKTON - A SK judge has ruled that the provincial government must stop paying for non-Catholic students to attend Catholic schools in the province.  The ruling stands to upend the provincial government's current practice of paying for any students who attend Catholic schools, regardless of students' religious affiliations.   (CBC)


JUDGMENT:   2017 SKQB 109   .pdf

MORE:   Funding ruling   Far reaching consequences

PREVIOUS:   Catholic secondary schools


Defamation suit overturned


Andrew Weaver


VANCOUVER - A BC judge wrongly decided 3 National Post writers defamed a prominent climate scientist, and a new trial is required to fix the errors, according to the BC Court of Appeal.  In the case brought by Andrew Weaver, now leader of the BC Green Party, the trial judge's key mistake was to determine the allegedly defamatory meaning of 4 separate articles by reading them together, as a whole, and then assigning joint liability to all the authors, the court ruled.  (National Post)


JUDGMENT:   2017 BCCA 0160 


Ethics issues


Vic Toews


WINNIPEG - Canada's ethics commissioner has found former Conservative cabinet minister Vic Toews broke the rules by doing consulting work for 2 MB First Nations after he left office.  Toews was also found guilty in 2005 of violating Manitoba's Elections Act.  (CBC)


MORE:   Toews under fire 


Targeted murder


VANCOUVER - On April 24, just before 6:30am, the RCMP responded to a report of a dead male in the 2800-block of River Road at the Terra Nova Adventure Park.  When police arrived, they located Muzaffer Darwaish, 28, and confirmed he had suffered gunshot wounds.  (Voice online)


MORE:   Identified 

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2 teenage girls


Serena McKay


SAGKEENG FN - 2 teenage girls face murder charges after Serena McKay, 19, died in what RCMP say was a homicide in the Sagkeeng First Nation.  The girls, age 16 and 17, have been arrested on second-degree murder charges and are in custody.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Video alleged to show deadly attack


Senior homicide


HAMILTON - James Acker, 86, was attacked by a second male patient - who is 83 and also has Alzheimer's - at St Joseph's Villa in January.  On April 16, 2017 Mr. Acker died and an autopsy revealed his death was connected to the assault.   (CBC)


Infection linked to 6 deaths


HALIFAX - A common respiratory infection that caused 6 deaths at a Halifax-area nursing home and infected more than 30 others there is contained and poses no danger to the public, the NS Health Authority reported Tuesday.  Adults with RSV might have the symptoms of a common cold, such as a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, mild headache, cough, fever, and a general feeling of being ill. There is no treatment other than normal over-the-counter cold remedies.  (Halifax Chronicle Herald) 


Klown pleads guilty


SYDNEY - Dale Rancourt, also known as Klutzy t. Klown, has pleaded guilty to sexual assault involving a girl under the age of 16.  The 51-year-old children's entertainer entered a guilty plea Tuesday in Sydney provincial court. He also pleaded guilty to breaching a court order by being in an area frequented by teens.  (Halifax Chronicle Herald)


MORE:   Klutzy pleads guilty


Guilty plea


SEATTLE - A BC man who fought his extradition to the US for more than a decade on drug smuggling charges pleaded guilty in a Seattle courtroom Tuesday.  Kevin Donald Kerfoot, 53, entered guilty pleas to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and ecstasy, just months after he was finally handed over to US authorities.    (Vancouver Sun) 


Motivation unknown


National Post


TORONTO - A woman who got stuck atop part of a construction crane in downtown Toronto for hours was rescued Wednesday morning after being strapped to a firefighter and rappelled to the ground.  The woman was then handcuffed by police and was handed over to paramedics.  (National Post)





Anthony Raine             People of Interest


EDMONTON - The body of Anthony Joseph Raine was discovered Friday afternoon next to Good Shepherd Anglican Church in north Edmonton. Investigators later determined the boy's remains were left there 3 days earlier, on Tuesday, April 18.  Joey Stanley Crier, 26, and Tasha-Lee Mack, 25, are charged with one count each of second-degree murder+.  Police said both were the toddler's guardians. Crier was the boy's father and Mack is Crier's girlfriend.  (Global)  


MORE:   Toddler died from head trauma 


Senior in care charged


TORONTO - Terry Shorter, a 68-year-old resident of Bridgepoint hospital has been charged with manslaughter following the death of another resident.  Officers were called to Bridgepoint on Feb 26 when Catherine McNamee, 90, fell and struck her head after being pushed.  McNammee died of her injuries on March 4.  (Toronto Star) 


No consequences


Hamilton police broke the law when they failed to tell the provincial police watchdog about an officer's involvement in a crash that killed a motorcyclist in Hamilton last year.  Now a SIU probe is underway, but only because the victim's family contacted the SIU, almost a month after the crash.   (CBC) 


PREVIOUS:   Policy to not tell public   SIU   Watchdog misses target   SIU annual report 2015-16   .pdf   Speed up investigations  


Drug bust


VANCOUVER - A months-long investigation into suspected drug dealing and criminal activity in New Westminster has resulted in the seizure of $300,000 worth of deadly drug fentanyl by police.  (Global) 


Funeral home arson


MONTREAL - A funeral complex in NE Montreal was targeted by arsonists early on Tuesday morning.  The Loreto Funeral Complex is owned by the family of former mafia chief Vito Rizzuto.  (CP)


Death ruled a homicide


CALGARY - Cyrus Nel, born in June 2015, was found in medical distress in his home, in the 600-block of Taradale Drive NE, at 9:00pm on August 31, 2015.  He was taken to hospital but died a day later. Police believe that the fatal injuries were inflicted on Cyrus in the family home.  Investigators have spoken with the suspects.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Homicide   Death a homicide   




Abbie Speir


YELLOW GRASS - Emergency services were called to a home in Yellow Grass, SK for reports of a fire on April 20. There, they found the body of Abbie Speir, 33.  Kevin Obina Okafor, 37, is facing charges.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Death suspicious   Woman found dead 


SIU investigating


TORONTO - A 61-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries, including burns to a significant portion of her body, after Toronto police were called overnight to a North York apartment.   (Toronto Star) 


5 years


MONTREAL - For Avik Caron, opportunity came knocking in 2011 when the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers rented a warehouse partly owned by his wife to store that year's harvest.  As if he had been handed the keys to a bank vault, Caron almost immediately began looking for a black-market buyer who could convert the syrup-filled barrels into cash in his pocket.  He was sentenced Friday to a 5-year prison term and a $1.2M fine.  (PostMedia)


PREVIOUS:   Canadian food


3rd cop arrested


NIAGARA - For the third time in a week, Niagara Regional Police have laid charges against one of their own officers.  On Friday, the NRP announced they arrested Sgt Jake Grant after an investigation that began in March. Grant, charged with one count of assault, has been a member of the NRP for 15 years.  On April 14, Sgt. David Bridel, a member of the service for 21 years, was arrested and charged with one count of mischief.  On April 18, police said they arrested Const Mark Taks and charged him with criminal harassment and harassing telecommunications.  (Sun Media) 


House arrest


Ronald Houlahan


OTTAWA - Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynn Ratushny said it was only Ronald Houlahan's decades of good deeds as a respected lawyer, judge, volunteer and family man that spared him from time behind bars for the theft of $250,000 from the St Patrick's Fallowfield parish, where he was chair of the cemetery committee for 8 years.  (PostMedia)


PREVIOUS:   Lawyer pleads guilty




Leonard Pinnock


TORONTO - Hamilton resident Leonard Pinnock, 33, was waiting in a vehicle parked outside a strip mall near Dufferin St and Bowie Ave at around 9:30pm when he was shot multiple times by an unknown assailant.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Victim identified 




HOPE - On April 20, just before 7:30am police responded to a report of a deceased male located on a rural Forest Service Road north of Hope.  The male victim was identified by the IHIT as Michael Walter Bonin, 20, a Prince George resident.  (The Progress)    


MORE:   Victim identified   Man murdered

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WHITEHORSE - RCMP officers found Wendy Margaret Carlick, 51, and Sarah Macintosh, 53, at a residence in the McIntyre subdivision on April 19. Police say both women lived in Whitehorse and Macintosh was a member of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation.  RCMP say both deaths are being treated as homicides.  (CBC)


MORE:   MMIW advocate a victim 


Bus crash


QUESNEL - Police say 1 person is dead and several others are injured in a crash involving Greyhound bus and 3 other vehicles in BC's Cariboo region.  RCMP say the crash happened Friday just before 5:15pm on Highway 97 south of Kersley, BC.  4 vehicles travelling north were involved, including the bus, a car, a pick-up truck and a tractor pulling a piece of farm equipment.  (CP)  


MORE:   Greyhound crash 




YORKTON - A Cote FN man has been convicted of Second Degree Murder.  A judge found Chester Whitehawk, 34, guilty of the Feb 2016 death of Chad Cote, 20.  Court heard Cote died from blunt force trauma, after being hit in the head with a metal rotor, and then was stabbed 16 times.  (CJGX)


PREVIOUS:   Murder trial concludes    Charged   Man charged       


13 years


Stephen Morse


VANCOUVER - A man who pleaded guilty to a violent assault of a South Surrey senior has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.  Stephen Thomas Morse, 43, entered his plea last week to some of the charges initially filed in 2015, including sexual assault and aggravated assault. The charges stem from an incident in Aug 2015.   (CTV)  


PREVIOUS:   Charged 


20 years


THUNDER BAY - Donald Milani, 69, was convicted of a number of charges in Nov, including breaking and entering and committing sexual assault, committing an indictable offense while disguised, sexual assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement, and robbery.  All the charges stem from a series of home invasion sexual assaults that took place in rural areas around Thunder Bay between 1985 and 1987. (CBC)  


MORE:   20 years sentence 


Community at risk


Christopher Watts


VANCOUVER - In the nearly 18 months since he was released from prison, Christopher Watts has been sent back into custody 5 times.  Watts, who is now 56, spent more than a decade in prison in connection with the 2001 death of Amanda Raymond.  The parole board decided earlier this month to recommend that Watts be charged criminally with breaching his LTSO - something that it has pushed for twice since his 2015 release, but has never actually happened.   (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   Short lived freedom 


City in trouble


SAULT STE MARIE - The city of Sault Ste. Marie is putting Essar Steel on notice.  The municipality is owed millions of dollars in backtaxes by the steelmaker, and that number is growing.  Essar has been under CCAA protection since Nov of 2015.  The steelmaker owes about $26M to the city, which is about a quarter of city's total tax levy.  (CBC)


MORE:   Steelworkers lose bid to appeal

PREVIOUS:   Essar Steel Algoma CCAA monitor


Logging train derailment


WOSS - Rescue crews converged on Woss from across the north island Thursday morning after word that a logging train had derailed trapping 5 people.  Rail cars were being loaded farther up the tracks in a re-load yard when a cable may have snapped, releasing the train cars.  They then rolled down the tracks hitting a crew working with some equipment before derailing and spilling the logs. 2 people were pronounced dead at the scene.  (CHEK)


MORE:   2 killed   2 dead   Community mourns loss of 3 


Double homicide


WILLIAMS LAKE - Police have confirmed the names of the victims of a double homicide as Jonathan Sellars, 30, and Devon Stewart, 26.  RCMP said they were first called April 18th to a home on Mackenzie Ave where they found the 2 victims.  Police determined the deaths to be suspicious.  (CFJC)  


MORE:   2 victims identified 


Death suspicious


WHITEHORSE - Greg Alvin Dawson, 45, was found dead on April 6.  Police say an autopsy was performed several days later.  'The results indicated that foul play could not be ruled out.'   (CBC) 




NANAIMO - A Victoria man has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with a targeted shooting of a man in the lobby of the Howard Johnson Hotel in Nanaimo early Wednesday morning.  Brandon Tyler Woody, 30, is charged with murdering Andrew Alexander McLean, 34, while using a firearm.   (Victoria Times Colonist) 


MORE:   Targeted shooting    Charges laid

PREVIOUS:   Man in custody




MARKHAM - Police say Noel Williams, 27, was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the area of McCowan Road and Bur Oak Ave at around 1am on Feb 10. On April 19, Richmond Hill resident Jasper Atienza, 28, was arrested and charged in connection with the homicide.  (CP24)


PREVIOUS:   Shooting 


12-year-old charged


GARDEN HILL - RCMP officers went to a home in Garden Hill where they found the 11-year-old with life-threatening injuries. He later died.  During the investigation, they discovered that 3 boys - one 12-year-old and two 11-year-olds - were playing in the home when they found an improperly stored firearm. While the 12-year-old was handling it, the gun discharged.  The 12-year-old has been charged with negligence causing death and careless use of a firearm. The boy's father, who is 36 years old, will be charged with careless storage of a firearm.   (CBC) 


Guilty plea



Christa Cachene        Isaiah Rider


CALGARY - Isaiah Rider, 18, admitted in court that he killed Christa Cachene inside her Ranchlands home following a house party in 2015.  In an agreed statement of facts Rider said he got into a fight with Cachene, 26, stabbed her and pushed her down some stairs.  (CTV)


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