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US SC blocks carbon plan


WASHINGTON - The US Supreme Court on Tuesday delivered a blow to President Barack Obama by putting on hold federal regulations to curb carbon emissions mainly from coal-fired power plants, the centrepiece of his administration's strategy to combat climate change.  The highly unusual move by the justices means the regulations cannot take effect until after the legal challenge is resolved.   (AFP)  


MORE:   Obama vows to press ahead  Clean Power Plan 


IMF bailout warning


WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned it will halt its $40B bailout programme to Ukraine unless the conflict-torn eastern European country takes immediate action to tackle corruption.  (Guardian UK)


PREVIOUS:   Corruption in Ukraine 


Troops shoot youth


JERUSALEM - Israeli military said troops patrolling near the West Bank city of Hebron encountered Palestinians throwing rocks at vehicles on a main road and shot one of them.  The Palestinian health ministry said Omar Madi, 15, was taken to hospital in Hebron where he was declared dead.  (Reuters)


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OTTAWA - In a statement filed late Monday, the Onion Lake and Poundmaker Cree bands accused Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) of failing to promote and develop energy resources on their lands and of failing to protect those resources from being drained by wells adjacent to them.  (CP) 


Generic price gouging


OTTAWA - There's almost a 20% gap between generic drug prices in Canada and foreign markets, according to a new report, a price difference one expert called gouging.  The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) is a federal watchdog on drug prices. In a report titled Generics360 released, the board examined the prices of 554 generic drugs representing more than $1B in Canadian sales in 2014.   (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   War on Legal Drugs


Crackdown riot





Hong Kong's Lunar New Year celebration descended into chaos as protesters and police, who fired warning shots into the air, clashed over a street market selling fishballs and other local holiday delicacies, with dozens injured and more than 60 arrested.  (AP)  


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Chinese defector


WASHINGTON - A defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system.  Ling Wancheng disappeared from public view in California last year shortly after his brother, Ling Jihua, a former high-ranking official in the Communist Party, was arrested in China on corruption charges.  (Free Beacon)


Train crash




BAD AIBLING - Two commuter trains crashed head-on Tuesday morning in a remote area in southern Germany, killing at least 9 people and injuring some 150, some of whom had to be cut out of the wreckage and transported across a river for medical care.   (AP) 


MORE:   Bad Aibling rail accident 


Wrong flight




MOGADISHU - A suspected suicide bomber who blew a hole in the fuselage of a Daallo Airlines plane last week and forced it to make an emergency landing in Mogadishu was meant to be on a Turkish Airlines flight.  The bomber was sucked out of the plane through the 1-metre-wide hole when the blast ripped open the pressurized cabin in flight.  (Reuters) 


MORE:   Daallo Airlines Flight 159   CCTV footage   Dead passenger ID'd, 6 arrested

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Man sets himself on fire


LONDON - Police are today investigating the death of a man who set himself alight yards from Prince William and Kate's London home.  The unnamed man, believed to be in his forties, died next to Kensington Palace at around 3.40am Tuesday morning.  (Daily Mail)


Umpires secretly banned


LONDON - 2 international tennis umpires have been secretly banned, while 4 others face being thrown out of the sport for life on charges of serious corruption.  Umpires from Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine are among those alleged to have taken bribes from betting syndicates in exchange for manipulating live scores on the International Tennis Federation's Futures Tour (ITF) - which allowed crooked gamblers to place bets already knowing the outcome of the next point.  (Guardian UK)


COMMENT:   Secrecy aids corruption

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Trial enters new territory


 Jian Ghomeshi


TORONTO - With the collapse Monday of the third accuser's credibility it's now apparent the case was built upon the self-serving and carefully edited allegations of dishonest complainants, two of whom appear to have been colluding and gleefully anticipating Jian Ghomeshi's ruination, and raised up on the gossamer wings of unproven allegations in the press and on social media. Now the trial, merely by continuing to proceed, actually threatens to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.  (National Post)  


MORE:    Crown could not have avoided trial woes   Importance of digital debris to trials   Final crown witness 


More migrant boats sink


LESBOS - More than 30 people died off Turkey's coast attempting to reach Greece after 2 boats capsized.   24 migrants died after their boat capsized in the Bay of Edremit, while 4 people were rescued. Further south, another 11 people died in a separate boat accident.  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says 374 refugees and other migrants have died so far this year while trying to reach Greece.   (AP)  


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Cop sues


CHICAGO - A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed his neighbor filed a lawsuit against the teenager's estate, arguing the student's actions prompted the shooting and caused the officer 'extreme emotional trauma.'  Officer Robert Rialmo's lawsuit was filed Friday.  (Chicago Tribune)


PREVIOUS:   The Quintonio LeGrier, Bettie Jones shooting


Germany shuts down bank


FRANKFURT - The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) said Sunday it was shutting down the German arm of Maple Bank, which is part of Canada;s Maple Financial Group.  BaFin accused the Frankfurt-based lender of tax evasion and money laundering, saying the company will have to set aside funds to cover tax payments.  (DW)


MORE:   Canadian bank tied to money laundering   National Bank writes off $165M stake in Maple Bank   National Bank of Canada

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Competition in Canada


Shaw Direct satellite TV packages went up in price by, on average, $3 a month per customer.  Bell raised its monthly TV prices last week by $2.  Rogers is upping rates on a number of TV packages on Feb 24. The company says the majority of customers will see a monthly hike of $3 or less.  On March 2, Telus will hike many of its TV deals by $2 to $3 a month.  (CBC)


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Trade based money laundering


WASHINGTON - Plastic buckets from the Czech Republic imported into the US with the declared price of $972 per bucket! Toilet tissue from China imported at the price of over $4,000 per kilogram! Bulldozers exported to Colombia at $1.74 each!  These suspicious-looking prices were cited by one of the witnesses testifying at a congressional hearing, Feb 3, on money laundering and terrorist financing.   (Epoch Times)


We can spend BIG


OTTAWA - The federal government could be yielding more tax dollars to municipalities to collect and spend as they see fit, say two big-city mayorsCities are ready and willing to help kickstart the economy, the mayors said, and the promise of a quick, $60B cash injection from Ottawa is very appealing.   (Global)


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Standoff ends


UVALDE - Uvalde County official confirms at least 4 people are dead following a shootout 2 miles south of downtown Uvalde.  The standoff with police ended around 1:30pm Saturday, more than 19 hours after the original call came in.  (KENS5) 


Nightclub shooting


ORLANDO - 2 are dead and 10 others are injured following an early morning shooting at a nightclub in the Orlando tourist district.  As many as 3 shooters were being sought.  The shooting took place at Glitz Ultra Lounge just before 1am.  3 off-duty OPD officers were at the scene working as security when the incident took place. The officers did not fire their weapons.  The shooting took place entirely inside the club where about 300 people were inside.   (Orlando Sentinel) 


MORE:   Club shooting 


6 man hit squad



Kavanagh         Kinahan             Thompson


DUBLIN - Police are hunting a man dressed as a woman who was part of a 6-man squad who gunned down a major Dublin drug dealer at a weigh-in for a boxing match on Friday afternoon.  2 of the gang were photographed wearing SWAT-style police uniforms with metal helmets and tactical vests carrying Romanian-made AKM assault rifles.  Dublin gangster David Byrne, 33, was 'riddled' with bullets as he stood by reception in the Regency Hotel by the gang.  The hit was targeted. It's believed members of the Christy Kinahan gang - to which Byrne was aligned - were the targets.  The shooting is likely to have been in retaliation for the murder of Gary Hutch in September in Spain.  (Daily Mail) 


MORE:   Gang warfare

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Suicide of a scam victim


Benoit Violier


LAUSANNE - The 'world's best chef', who was found dead in his home last week, was the victim of a huge wine scam that put him in considerable financial trouble, according to reports.  Benoit Violier, 44, whose Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville was awarded 3 Michelin stars, committed suicide last Sunday, leaving no note.   But it is now claimed he was in significant financial trouble, despite the apparent success of his restaurant in Crissier, near Lausanne.  Swiss financial magazine Bilan claims he was the victim of a vast scam allegedly masterminded by Private Finance Partners, a Swiss wine company based in Sion. (Telegraph UK) 


Copyright lawsuit


Kobe Bryant   LeBron James


NEW YORK - Take-Two Interactive Software Inc has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over its depiction of tattoos belonging to NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in a popular video game.  Solid Oak Sketches LLC said Take-Two should pay damages for incorporating 8 tattoo designs, which the plaintiff had licensed from various artists, into its NBA 2K16 game.  (Reuters)


2015 election costs


OTTAWA - Elections Canada says last fall's marathon federal election campaign cost $443M to administer - 53% more than the 2011 election. And that's just the preliminary estimate.  The independent agency doesn't yet know how many millions it will have to pay out to political parties and their candidates, who are eligible for rebates of up to 50% and 60% respectively on their campaign expenses.  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   Canadian federal election 2015    Liberal Party   Conservative Party   New Democratic Party 


Over promise, under deliver


Christy Clark


VICTORIA - Clark campaigned in 2013 on BC being able to pay off all its debts with LNG money, with those revenues also counting towards a $100B prosperity fund and development that would generate 100,000 jobs.  The premier is poised to enter the 2017 campaign with no LNG revenues and the potential of no shovels in the ground on any major LNG facility.  She has spent the week in Ottawa meeting with the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers, all with more than 100 power players from BC in tow.  (CBC) 


PREVIOUS:   Greed & Corruption BC


Sexism, cronyism claims


VANCOUVER - In December 2012, dozens of Vancouver-based Health Canada employees were called to a meeting in a local hotel. They were asked to consider joining a new organization, the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), which would assume responsibility for providing public health-care services to almost 160,000 First Nations people in the province.  In late 2013, the FNHA assumed responsibility for providing health care to all First Nations people in BC.  Under a tripartite agreement, it began receiving annual payments from Ottawa and the BC government that will total more than $4.7B by 2023.  (National Post)


MORE:   FNHA executive team   FNHA board of directors

PREVIOUS:   7-Establishing the FN Health Authority in BC 


Spike in OD's


VANCOUVER - Police are warning drug users to be cautious after 11 overdose deaths in 16 days.  Police say the spike is concerning because 3 people typically die each week from drug overdoses.  Police believe fentanyl use may be the cause.  Police say the victims ranged in age from 20 to 56 and that not all of them were known or experienced drug users.  (CP)


PREVIOUS:   War on Legal Drugs


Taiwan earthquake


Getty Images


KAOSHSIUNG - A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan early on Saturday killing at least 12 people, most in a 17-storey apartment building that collapsed, with some people still known to be missing in the ruins of the complex as night fell.  (Reuters)  


MORE:   Kaohsiung earthquake   Death toll at 26   Developers of collapsed building detained 


Officer shot


Jason Goodding


SEASIDE - A Seaside police officer was shot to death while serving a warrant on a man who was wounded by a second officer Friday night.  The officer has been identified as Jason Goodding, 39.  He had been with the department since 2003, most recently working as a Patrol Sergeant.  (KOIN)  


MORE:   Officer killed   Suspect dies


Guilty of murder


MaKayla Dyer 


WHITE PINE - An 11-year-old boy has been sentenced to spend the rest of his childhood in custody after he was found guilty of the murder of an 8-year-old girl.  A Jefferson County Juvenile Court judge found Benjamin Nicolas Tiller guilty of the murder of MaKayla Dyer.  MaKayla Dyer was killed Oct 3, 2015, outside her home. Tiller was playing with MaKayla Dyer, her 11-year-old sister and her friend when he asked her to retrieve her puppies. After she said no, he went inside and came back with a 12 gauge shotgun.   (WATE)


EU has been good for us


European Commission


BRUSSELS - Jean-Claude Juncker and his top officials fly by private jet between Brussels and the European Parliament in Strasbourg just 220 miles away, documents show.  The parliament spends around $290,000 to charter two express trains to take officials, MEPs and others from Brussels to Strasbourg on a Monday morning and back on a Thursday afternoon. In addition the Parliament also charters a large aeroplane each Wednesday afternoon for around 100 staff who wish to return to Brussels early. It spares them the public train, which takes nearly 6 hours due to frequent stops. Running 2 bases, and shuttling staff between them, now costs $189M a year, including $73M on maintaining buildings that sit empty for 3 weeks in a month.   (Telegraph UK)  


PREVIOUS:   Greed and corruption EU 


Slipping into unrest


PORT-AU-PRINCE - Haiti slipped deeper into unrest on Friday as former fighters roamed the capital and a mob of protesters stoned one of them to death, days before President Michel Martelly is due to leave office with no elected successor.  (AFP)  


MORE:   Haitian presidential election   Power vacuum looms   Caretaker agreement 


Stranded at border



Syria Daily                Nov 2015 AFP


ALEPPO - Thousands of Syrians were stranded on the Turkish border Friday after fleeing a major Russian-backed regime offensive near Aleppo where a new humanitarian disaster appeared to be unfolding.  (AFP)


MORE:   UN probe finds detainees 'extermination' in Syria     Forces edge toward Turkey border   Canadian airstrikes to end

PREVIOUS:   Battle of Aleppo   Migrants 


UN discharges peacekeepers


BANGUI - A human rights group alleged Thursday that at least 8 women and girls were raped or sexually exploited by UN peacekeepers late last year in Central African Republic (CAR), and the world body announced that, following a new policy, more than 100 troops would be sent home.  (AP)


MORE:   Rape by peacekeepers

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Teens charged


James & Jerome Taafulisia


SEATTLE - 3 brothers are charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and 3 counts of first degree assault in last week's shooting at a Seattle homeless camp known as The Jungle.  James Taafulisia, 17, and Jerome Taafulisia, 16, are being charged as adults.  Their 13-year-old brother is being charged as a juvenile.  The teens were wards of the state but had run away from every foster home DSHS had placed them in. They were in regular contact with their mother, who had her parental rights revoked by the state.   (King5)  


MORE:   Teen charged    Mom's drug deal

PREVIOUS:    The Jungle (Seattle)   Victims identified   2 killed, 3 wounded


Senator won't face criminal charges


Don Meredith


OTTAWA - Ontario Sen. Don Meredith will not face criminal charges over allegations he had a sexual relationship with a young woman that began when she was a teenager.  (Toronto Star)


Lobbyists industry


VANCOUVER - Last month, lobbyists gathered in Vancouver for The Future of Lobbying, a one-day conference put on by BC's Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists, Simon Fraser Institute's Governance Studies and Public Affairs Association of Canada (BC Chapter).  Last year, there were 2,502 in-house and consultant lobbyists registered (.pdf) in the province, up from 1,451 four years (.pdf) ago.  While others do get some attention that works out to 30 lobbyists for every MLA.  In Ottawa, there are 3,008 lobbyists (.pdf) or 9 per MP.  (Integrity BC)  


Foot found




BOTANICAL BEACH - Another mysterious foot has washed up on a shoreline in BC, in the 13th such discovery in the last 9 years.  Hikers found the foot Sunday, on Botanical Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Through missing person reports and DNA testing, 10 of the washed-up feet have been identified as belonging to individuals who died by suicide or accidents along the BC coastline.   (CTV) 


PREVIOUS:   Human feet found 


Families ID victims



Quinn Taylor     David Eminess


TORONTO - Family members have identified the two men killed during a weekend shooting in Chinatown.  The shooting occurred at approximately 3:20am on Sunday outside the New Ho King restaurant on Spadina Ave.  One of the victims was identified by his mother as Quinn Taylor, 29.  The other identified by family as David Michael Eminess, 26.  (CTV) 


MORE:   Taylor identified   Identified   Victims had no gang ties   Police release surveillance images


3rd person charged


REGINA - Police say Robert Brian Oochoo, 23, of Regina is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Matthew John Wells, 48 on Oct. 22, 2015.  Jason Dustin Hotomanie, 25, and a 15-year-old boy, face similar charges in connection with the incidents.  (CTV)


PREVIOUS:   15-year-old charged  Charged    15-year-old charged   Police name victim    


Assault charge


STITTSVILLE - A teenage boy is facing criminal charges after he allegedly assaulted another player on the ice with a hockey stick during a major midget hockey game in the Ottawa community of Stittsville last November.  Ottawa police said the player, who is under 18, 'crossed a line from a hockey play to a criminal act' on Nov 8, 2015.  (CBC)


MORE:   Hockey incident leads to charges 


2 years


Ron Leger


WINNIPEG - The former priest of a St. Boniface parish has been sentenced to 2 years behind bars for sexual assault.  Last July, Ron Leger pleaded guilty to 3 counts of sexual assault and 1 count of sexual interference with someone under the age of 16.   Leger, 77, used to lead Holy Family Parish and founded Teen Stop Jeunesse. He was defrocked by the church last summer.  (CBC) 


Counting kids in care


WINNIPEG - MB is changing how it counts the number of children in its care amid concerns it is being unfairly compared to other provinces.  The province will no longer include children who are voluntarily placed in care as part of the overall number. It will also exclude kids who are brought into the system under new customary care legislation, when a child at risk of apprehension is placed with a family member in their community.  Both will be reported in a separate category.  (CP) 


Expert witness


VANCOUVER - The credentials of a so-called expert witness who testified in a major BC child abuse case have been called into question - and her professional views have been labelled 'bizarre.'  Claire R. Reeves, 74, who calls herself a doctor of psychology, holds controversial views.  The BC Court of Appeal has been told her degrees were obtained from 'diploma mills' - fake academic credentials bought for a fee.   (CBC) 




TORONTO - A prominent cardiologist once described as the highest paid in ON is facing a disciplinary hearing over allegations that he, among other things, over-tested patients and over-billed OHIP.  Dr. Bill Hughes, past president of the Ontario Association of Cardiologists, has been charged with professional misconduct.   (Toronto Star)




TORONTO - A 20-year-old man is dead and a 23-year-old man is in hospital with serious injuries after a stabbing outside a bar early Tuesday morning.  It happened on the sidewalk outside Gucci's Bar and Grill on Jane St at around 2am.  (CP24)  


MORE:   1 arrested, 1 wanted    Stabbing 


Son charged


Frank John Lampe


HALIFAX - Police responded to an apartment building on Harlington Crescent around 10:13pm on Jan 21.   Officers found the body of Frank John Lampe, 58, in the hallway.  Police arrested Elias Frank Joseph Lampe, 20, near a bus stop on Willett St a short time later.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Son charged

PREVIOUS:   Identified   Victim identified   Suspicious death    


Police shooting inquest


VANCOUVER - A coroner's inquest will begin Tuesday into a fatal police shooing outside the Starlight Casino.   Mehrdad Bayrami was shot by Delta Police Const Jordan MacWilliams in Nov 2012, after an emergency response team responded to reports of a distraught man with a gun in the parking lot.  (CBC)


PREVIOUS:   Starlight Casino shooting


Real estate probe


VANCOUVER - The independent office charged with overseeing the BC real estate market will investigate allegations of fraud and insider trading by some Metro Vancouver real estate agents, the provincial government said Monday.  (CP)


MORE:   Real Estate Council of BC   368 houses flipped   Weakness in real estate regulation


311 feedback line


VANCOUVER - In 2015, there were 1,345,417 calls, whether by phone, made online or through a new app to 311. That's up from 1,033,881 in 2011.  The city now employs 100 citizen service representatives or CSRs to answer 311 calls on something as simple as wanting to know whether city hall is open, to a request for a building inspection or a report of abandoned garbage.   (CBC)   




WOLSELEY - A former SK school principal allegedly offered her daughter's former English teacher $500 to help boost her grade, a teacher discipline committee heard Monday.  Kimberley Sautner, the former principal of Wolseley High School, is accused of improperly changing six grades - 3 belonging to her daughter, and 3 of other students. The ethics committee also heard Sautner allegedly asked the 2 teachers who had taught an English class to allow her daughter to complete work to upgrade her final mark.  (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)




RICHMOND HILL - Police are looking for the 30-year-old son of a Robert Veltheer, 77, who was found dead Sunday evening in a Harding Blvd W home.  Police won't say whether Jacob Veltheer is a suspect, only that they are looking for him and that he was the last person to see his father alive.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Police seek son   Man found dead 


Possible homicide


LETHBRIDGE - One person is dead following an incident late Sunday afternoon.  Police were called at about 5:15pm to a disturbance inside an apartment complex in the 100-block of Columbia Blvd W.  Officers on scene Sunday night wouldn't confirm if it was a homicide.  (Lethbridge Herald)    


MORE:   Police investigate 


Hit-and-run victim dies


TORONTO - A 59-year-old man struck by a vehicle and discovered at the foot of the driveway of 48 Milldock Dr, on Jan 28 just after 11pm died in hospital on Feb. 6.  (CBC)  


MORE:   Man dies of injuries


Names released


BRANTFORD - The man stabbed to death in Brantford early Saturday morning has been identified as John Liggins, 44.  Police say Liggins was in a common-law relationship with Tara Koiter, who has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with his death.  (CTV)  


MORE:   Victim identified   Stabbing




TORONTO - At 6:30am Sunday officers were called to a residential building on Wakunda Place.  Inside, they found Arthur Kent Taylor, 51, of Toronto, with signs of trauma. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene.  Robert Baily, 51, was arrested at the scene and charged a man with second degree murder.  (Toronto Star)  


MORE:   Charge laid 


25 years


TORONTO - Everton Biddersingh, 60, was sentenced to life without parole eligibility for 25 years for the first-degree murder of his 17-year-old daughter, Melonie.  The teen's charred body was found in a suitcase, and it took until 2012 until police were able to identify her.  (Sun Media)   


MORE:   Sentenced for killing in 1994

PREVIOUS:   Found guilty   Guilty   Dad found guilty   Convicted


Assault death


WINNIPEG - A woman is dead following an assault in the 500-block of Stella Ave around 5am on Saturday.  Officers found Mavis Ducharme, 39, near the area with serious injuries. She was transported to hospital in critical condition, where she died.  (CBC)


Habibi Lounge shooting


Sharmarke Farah


MISSISSAUGA - Police are investigating after a shooting at a Mississauga lounge claimed the life of a teen boy.  Officers were called to the Habibi Lounge on Derry Road shortly after 1am by reports of several men fighting in the parking lot - throwing and hitting each other with bottles. When they arrived they found Sharmarke Farah, 17, had been shot.  (CBC)


MORE:   Shooting 


Masta's Lounge shooting


BRAMPTON - Police say they were called to Masta's Lounge at 284 Orenda Road at about 4:36am. Officers found a male victim in the parking lot, suffering from one or more gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital, where he later died.   (CBC) 




VAUGHAN - 2 men in their early 20s were stabbed just after 3am, in a parking lot on Interchange Way.  1 was pronounced dead on scene, the other was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Several bars share the parking lot where the stabbing happened, and there were a number of people in the area at the time.  (CBC) 


2 charged


CAMPBELLTON - 2 men have been charged with first-degree in connection with the death of Stephane Levesque, 34, of Campbellton, who police say was 'violently assaulted.'  Jean-Yves Landry, 44, and Yannick Landry, 19, of Campbellton were arrested Thursday.  RCMP responded to a report of a badly-injured man in a residential area near Dover St around 12:30am Wednesday.  (CTV)


MORE:   2 men face charges 




CALGARY - The twin 17-year-old brothers killed early Saturday after tobogganing down the bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park have been identified as Jordan and Evan Caldwell.  6 other teens were taken to hospital after the incident, which occurred around 1:30am. Police say the boys hopped on a toboggan and went for a ride on the high-speed run, but on the way down crashed into a gate separating the bobsled and luge tracks.  (CBC) 


MORE:   Twin brothers die 

PREVIOUS:   Incident at bobsled park   2 teens died    


Snowmobile fatality


GEORGIAN BAY - Investigators say 4 men were travelling on 2 snowmobiles when one of the machines broke through the ice near Victoria Harbour.  They say the operator of the second snowmobile - Brent David Fisher, 48, of Innisfil, - died after he got off his machine to help, but also went through the ice.  The other 3 made it safely back to shore.  One of the snowmobile operators has been charged with driving while ability impaired.  (CBC) 


Found guilty



June Goforth        Kevin & Tammy Goforth


REGINA - A jury has found Tammy Goforth guilty of second-degree murder in the death of a 4-year-old girl entrusted to her care in 2012.  Kevin Goforth, was found guilty of manslaughter in the girl's death.   (CBC)  


MORE:   Convicted    Jury finds guilty   SK social services criticized after verdict 

PREVIOUS:PREVIOUS:   Couple face charges   Accused


Dangerous offender


Ibata Hexamer


VANCOUVER - A man who admitted he raped several children in the Lower Mainland between 1995 and 2009 has been deemed a dangerous offender, meaning he will be behind bars indefinitely.  Ibata Noric Hexamer, a former political organizer and DJ, has been in jail since Dec 2010, when he was arrested after DNA evidence linked him to attacks in Surrey, Delta and Vancouver.  (Surrey Leader) 


Priest arrested


Gordon William Dominey


VANCOUVER - Father Gordon William Dominey, 63, allegedly sexually assaulted 5 youth while he worked at the Edmonton Youth Development Centre from 1985 to 1989.  (Castanet)  


MORE:   Priest charged   Alleged historic sexual assaults


Seniors home fire


TORONTO - Police say 3 people are dead, and 15 others are being treated in hospital for various injuries following a fire at a seniors' building in Toronto.  4 people were taken to hospital in critical condition after the Friday afternoon blaze at a five-storey building on 1315 Neilson Road., which run by Toronto Community Housing Corp (TCHC). (CP)  


MORE:   3 dead   Seniors home not subject to provincial inspections




STANLEY MISSION - Isiah McKenzie, 21, was found deceased by RCMP in a Stanley Mission residence on Feb 1.  RCMP say an autopsy on Feb 3 revealed the death was due to foul play.  Larry Charles, 23, of Stanley Mission with arrested and charged with manslaughter.  Police say Charles and McKenzie were known to each other.  (Global)


PREVIOUS:   Sudden death  


Video of suspect



Sylvia Consuelo       Suspect


TORONTO - Police say Sylvia Consuelo, 34, was alone in her apartment at 121 Kendleton Drive when security cameras captured a suspect entering the highrise with bad intentions around 1:30am on Jan 30.  (Sun Media)


MORE:   Video shows suspect   Police release video   Woman found dead 


DNA samples


Teresa Robinson


GARDEN HILL -   RCMP are collecting up to 2,000 DNA samples from men in a remote Manitoba First Nation in an effort to solve the murder of an 11-year-old girl.  Teresa Robinson never returned home after leaving a birthday party in May, 2015. Her lifeless body was found 6 days later.  This week investigators began collecting DNA samples of 2,000 men living in Garden Hill First Nation.  All DNA donations are voluntary and are being sought from men between the ages of 15 and 66.  (CTV)    


MORE:   FN complies with DNA sampling

PREVIOUS:   Frustrated   Homicide    Body found      


Fraudster arrested


Nelson Plourde


MONTREAL - Suspected con man Nelson Plourde has been arrested and is facing 79 charges, police say.  According to police, Plourde approaches people and says he can help them earn money because of a flaw in the ATM system.  Instead he cons his victims out of their bank cards and PIN, and when promising to make a deposit, withdraws as much money as he can from their account.  (CTV)


Officer's body found


Darius Garda


TORONTO - On April 19, 2010, Const' Darius Garda and some of his 51 Division partners shot and killed Wieslaw Duda, 50, after he refused to get out of his car following a pursuit and drove into one of the officers.  It was later revealed Duda had mental-health issues. Garda didn't find his role in Duda's death easy to live with.  After years of counselling, therapy, pats on the back, time off, special projects, ups and downs, the much-loved Garda went down to the area of Polson Pier in lower 51 Division Wednesday - near where Duda was shot - and ended up in the lake.  (Sun Media)  


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Robbery leaves homeowner charged


HAMILTON - A Glanbrook homeowner has been charged with second degree murder after a man was confronted and shot early Thursday morning.  Peter Khill, 26, has been remanded in custody following the 3am shooting outside his Highway 56 home.  Police have identified the man as Jonathon Dwight Styres, 29, of Ohsweken.  (Hamilton Spectator)  


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Legal action threat


Bill Boyd


REGINA - A SK minister is threatening legal action against the CBC, after the news organization broke a story alleging that the minister made an inappropriate land deal in 2014.  According to a CBC story published Wednesday, Minister of the Economy Bill Boyd asked a government-owned corporation to buy a piece of land for 2 to 3 times more than the appraised value.  (Huffington Post)


Hells Angels lose bid


NANAIMO - The Hells Angels have lost a bid to regain control of a clubhouse in Nanaimo, BC, in advance of a civil trial scheduled for next year.  The province seized the clubhouse in Nov 2007 under the Civil Forfeiture Act.  (CP)




TORONTO - Police say the incident occurred near The West Mall and Rathburn Road at approximately 7pm on Wednesday night.  When authorities arrived, they found a man who was without vital signs, and had 'apparent stab wounds.'  The victim, who was pronounced dead at the scene, has been identified by police as Saed Keyliye, 17.  (CTV)  


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Sarnia Observer


SARNIA - Sukhchain Singh Brar, 50, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Gurpreet K. Brar, 37, whose body police say was found in the burned cab.  (Sun Media)    


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How not to


VANCOUVER - BCIT is rethinking its communications strategy after failing to reveal RCMP are investigating the activities of an alleged voyeur on campus, until months after the man's arrest.  The incident came to light Tuesday, when media reported a student at the BCIT in Burnaby had been charged after allegedly secretly observing and recording men in a campus bathroom.  Court records show Chieh-Sen Yang was charged on Nov 20 - but BCIT did not make this information public, nor reveal until this week.  (CBC)  


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