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Jerry Capeci’s Gang Land

Rick Porrelo's American Mafia

Mafia ran migrant reception centre

ISOLA DI CAPO RIZZUTO - Italian mafia have infiltrated one of Europe's largest reception centres for migrants, creaming off state funds that were earmarked for the care of new arrivals, prosecutors said on Monday.  (Reuters)   MORE:   Mafia controlled migrant centre   Mafia ring running migrant centre   Stealing food from migrants


Officials support each other

NAPLES - A network has been established to bring together state officials who openly oppose the mafia. The group, called Avviso Pubblico, offers mostly moral support to administrators who fight organized crime in their towns.  (Reuters) 


Mafia bomb stash

CALABRIA - The Italian navy has sealed off access to a huge underwater wreck from the Second World War, whose onboard stash of explosives was being raided by the 'Ndrangheta Mafia to make bombs.  (Independent) 


Missing brothers

MONTREAL - Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto are missing.  Montreal police issued a notice about their disappearance saying the 23 and 30-year-old brothers' lives are in danger.   (CTV)  MORE:   Missing brothers    Family plead for help   Convinced he was target of street gang 


Struggling to keep up

The mafia use restaurants, bars, construction companies, retailers and real estate to control the territory so they can monitor an area for other opportunities.  Investment becomes a tool to help them infiltrate and expand their influence on local politics, public administration, bankers, lawyers and the community.  (ABC AU) 


 My life under armed guard 

For 8 years, the journalist Roberto Saviano has faced constant threat of death for exposing the secrets of the Naples mafia in his book Gomorrah.  (Guardian UK)    


   Mob boss dies

DETROIT - Reputed Detroit mob boss Giacomo 'Jack' Tocco, 87, also nicknamed 'Black Jack,' died Monday, July 14, 2014, according to funeral notices.  (CBS)   MORE:    Death cuts Vegas ties    Detroit Crime Family   Giacomo 'Jack' Tocco 


Conspiracy to commit murder

ST. CATHARINES - 6 men previously swept up in the Project Ink police operation that's targeting Mob activities in Ontario's Niagara region now face two charges each of conspiracy to commit murder.  (Sun Media)   PREVIOUS:   Busting a billion dollar drug ring    Drug arrest leads to murder charge  



LONDON - The convicted mafia boss Domenico Rancadore has been remanded in custody after appearing in court over his connections to the crime syndicate following his rearrest.  (Guardian UK)   PREVIOUS:    Mafia boss wins   Unmasked   'The Professor' can stay in London     Domenico Rancadore  

Mob hit

LAVAL - Rocco Sollecito, a reputed high-ranking member of the Rizzuto crime family, has been killed in a daytime shooting in Laval.  (CBC)   MORE:   Mafia boss killed   Mafia leader assassinated    Mafia member gunned down   Shooting means 2 left   


Online ATM

MALTA - Malta hosts one of the highest concentrations of online gaming license-holders in the EU, and the industry now rakes in $1.4B in annual earnings on the island, making up 12% of Malta's GDP. But Malta's capacity to effectively police this industry has since become a source of worry for law enforcement across Europe.  (OCCRP)


'Sniper van' found

METAIRIE - The riddle was what he was doing in a van outfitted with what appeared to be gun ports, with a sniper rifle and silencer inside.  (New Orleans Times-Picayune)      



COLOGNE - Organized criminals are stepping out of the shadows to make a profit in Europe's largest economy, Germany.    (DW)   MORE:  Mafia infiltrates construction business   Crime in Germany   


President called as witness

PALERMO - Giorgio Napolitano was named as a witness in the probe, in which the Sicilian Mafia is alleged to have offered to end bombings which killed 21 people in the early 1990s, including judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, in exchange for softer jail sentences and conditions for convicted gangsters.  (Reuters)   Giorgio Napolitano 


Murdered by the mob

LAS VEGAS - In 1962 the Mob-managed ex-con with fists like hams captured the world heavyweight title for the Mafia with brutish nonchalance.  (Independent UK)   Sonny Liston 


Cocaine seized

GIOIA TAURO - A ton of Mafia cocaine with a street value of more than £250M ($340M) after it was seized from a container vessel by Italian colleagues.  Officers from the SOCA passed the tip off on to Italian detectives after they were told of a 'huge shipment' of the class A drug had left South America and was heading for Europe.  (Daily Mail)   RELATED:  Gangs using aircraft to fly cocaine to Africa


Government in the dock

PALERMO - Prosecutors in Palermo have indicted 12 men for alleged Mafia crimes, including the two most feared recent heads of Cosa Nostra and a former Interior Minister, in a case that has once again turned the spotlight on the relationship between Italian politics and organized crime.  (Independent UK)


Mafia investing

BRUSSELS - Fighting mafia plans to subvert democracy, the EU Parliament has been working on protective frameworks. This comes as organized criminals are increasingly seeking to launder money by investing in otherwise legitimate ventures. One of these is the media.  (Euronews)   


LOCRI - A former GTA resident has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in Italy after being convicted of Mafia-related corruption charges.  Antonio Coluccio, 48, was charged in Italy in 2014 with extortion and Mafia association after a sweeping series of anti-corruption arrests in Southern Italy.  Some of the investigation involved wiretaps on phone calls between Canada and Italy, targeting the Commisso crime clan of Siderno in southern Italy.  Coluccio's 2 older brothers, Giuseppe and Salvatore, are already in prison in Italy on Mafia-related charges.  The 3 brothers all lived in the GTA in the early 2000s.  (Toronto Star)

Smugglers used retired police dogs

Mob enforcer testifies

Threat from boss ended informant work

Ursino guilty

Inner workings of OC group

Court hears testimony from enforcer 

Desperate measures

Shock at arrest of lawyers

Beating triggers concerns

Labourers’ International Union

Mafia and labor racketeering

CUPE national office takes control

Union linked to Mafia ties

Global fraud probe

12 arrested 

Trafficking arrests


Undercover agent inducted

RCMP press release

Police helped mobster avoid arrest


Mob killings

Hitman's murder

Prolific killer

Shot dead   

Pizzeria shut down

Striking fear in ON's mob

Carmine Verduci 

Italian crime clan  

Victim was wanted in Italy 

Who will be GTA's next mob boss?  

Climbing the Mafia ladder


Canada lax on Mafia

Flight risk

Too dangerous to let out of prison       

Mob connection to construction

OPP to investigate    .pdf    


Man in custody   

Are mob tensions heating up?

Warning shots 

Mafia flowers

Bruzzese deported 

Gang raids lead to arrest of cop

Cop among charged

Police raids

Gangster arrested

Raids made a 'significant dent'

Search for mob boss

Parole yanked 

Police hunt

OC bust 

Former underboss dead


'Mafia association'

Alleged mobster ordered deported

Thunder Bay

Refuge in Ontario

Boss found in Toronto

Grandfather detained   

Wanted in Italy, in legal limbo here

Mafia raid

Canadians named as Mafia suspects

Ontario men named  

Camera di controllo  

Gunned down

Mafia style shooting  

Mob war possible    

Light on GTA mob  

Nobbing the 'Ndrangheta  

Mafia sweep  

Mafia probe 

Giuseppe Coluccio

Fugitive to be deported

Murder plot uncovered

Criminal underworld of cocaine barons

Entrance to the underworld used  

Mobster back in jail

Mafia families in Toronto  

300+ arrested in Mafia crackdown

Victim stalked

HAMILTON - Police now have evidence that more than one person - and as many as 4 vehicles - were involved in the "stalking" of mobster Angelo Musitano in the week before he was executed in the driveway of his on Chesapeake Dr.  (Hamilton Spectator) 

Mobster stalked before hit

Homicides linked 

Musitano crime family   

Well planned

Bulletproof cars

Mobster shot

Mafia hit

Mob hit  

Mobster shot

Calculated hit


Mob is still here  

Cocaine bust

SAN JOSE - Police in Costa Rica arrested 7 men suspected of smuggling several tons of cocaine to the US and Europe, part of a crime ring linked to the Italian mafia allegedly run out of a New York pizzeria.   (Reuters)  

Costa Rica busts cocaine ring

Mobster held

Traffickers tied to pizzeria busted in Italy

US DoJ press release    


FORT LAUDERDALE - Anthony 'Big Tony' Moscatiello was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the mob-connected 2001 slaying of a prominent South Florida businessman during a battle over control of a fleet of gambling ships.  (CBS)

Sentenced to life



Gus Boulis

Anthony Moscatiello

Mafia soldier was FBI informant

'On the Waterfront' mob

NEW YORK - Sabato (Sal) Catucci saw himself in the same light as Marlon Brando, the star of the classic film "On The Waterfront" which documented the pervasive corruption on the piers.  (NY Daily News)   

Catucci linked to Gambino organization

Waterfront Commission of NY Harbor

Department of buildings mobbed up

Mob sweep nets inspectors

'Low-show' jobs

Counterfeit goods ring busted

Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal

When smuggling, soccer and mafia collide

ROSARNO - When police went after mafia boss Francesco "The Fat Head" Pesce in southern Italy, they ended up with more than they bargained for: his local soccer team, Rosarnese.  (Reuters)  PREVIOUS:   Boss found in bunker

Mafia banker held

BANGKOK - An Italian banker convicted for having links to the mafia has been arrested in Thailand, authorities say.  Vito Palazzolo, 64, was given 9 years in jail for laundering money for the Sicily-based Cosa Nostra.  (BBC)     MORE:  Vito Palazzolo      

'Last night alive with mafia boss'

Marilyn Monroe is said to have spent the evening with Sam Giancana after taking the singer’s private jet to Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe.   There the gangster apparently tried to persuade her not to go public about her affair with President John F Kennedy.  (Daily Mail)   MORE:  Death of Marilyn Monroe  Marilyn Monroe     Sam Giancana 

Mafia plundered EU building funds

REGGIO CALABRIA - Since 2007 alone, the EU has authorized some $3.9B to Calabria alone, ostensibly to develop one of Italy's most backward and isolated areas. Yet hefty slices of that cash are thought to have gone to the Mafia, which is thought to have taken "pizzo", or Mob tax, on the building of everything from roads to windfarms.  (Telegraph UK)   PREVIOUS:   Italy sacks council   Autostrada A3 

2nd lawyer found dead

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas attorney David Amesbury was found dead by apparent hanging, 5 days after attorney Nancy Quon was found dead in the bathtub of her Henderson home.   (LV Review-Journal) 

Gang ran betting operation

LONDON - A multi-million pound mafia network used a British betting firm as a front to launder money according to Italian police who have rounded up dozens of members of the group and seized the company.   (Telegraph UK)

$134B 'bond' find

What do you get when you mix two Japanese nationals with some fake US government bonds, a slow train to Switzerland and members of the Italian financial guard?  The answer is a $134B conspiracy theory which has fired up a whole realm of financial bloggers on the internet. (BBC) 

'My job was to kill Trudeau'

AMSTERDAM, NY - Mike Craft ran bars frequented by members of the upper New York State mob.  He also came within a few weeks in the summer of 1974 of becoming something far worse, he says – the assassin of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  (Toronto Star)

8 years

NEW YORK - A legendary airport robbery recounted in the movie 'Goodfellas' came back to haunt Vincent Asaro, 82, when a judge cited evidence of his role in it while sentencing him to 8 years in prison for an unrelated road rage arson.  The sentence was for the 2012 car torching, which prosecutors said resulted when Asaro directed Bonanno crime family associates to track down and set afire the car of a motorist he believed had cut him off.  (Daily Mail) 

Vincent Asaro

Crime family arrests

Full Indictment   .pdf

Crea, Madonna & Truscello

Crime family members arrested

Smorgasbord of mob schemes

DeCavalcante crime family

Guilty plea

Associate pleaded guilty

Gotti grandson arrested 

Rise and fall of Black Mafia 

30 years ago

Paul Castellano

10 years

US Attorney's office in New York  

Sicilian mafia 'plotted-to-kill'

Salvatore Riina    

'Old-school mob activity'

Mob figures charged

Vinny found guilty

Why juries believe 'rats'

Omerta sleeps with the fishes


Mob history made  

Joey and Vinny  

Mob rat smokes out Vinny 

Remains ID'd 

Withdraw racketeering plea

Martin Taccetta

Found not guilty

Mobster acquitted

Lufthansa heist  


Inmates running the asylum

Dewey & LeBoeuf 

106-count indictment

Charged in law firm's collapse

Crew busted

Hoops alibi  

From born again to dead  

Wiseguy words of wisdom

John Franzese 

Underboss faces prison  

Crime boss falls asleep in court 

Case lasts longer

Canadian sentenced

Rizzuto crime family   

Indictment of Lucchese crime family

Vincent Basciano

Book cooking scheme


Dominick Cirillo

Joseph Massino      

Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano

Massino: The Last Don

Report: 'Last Don' sings

'Heads will roll'

Five crime families

Tales from the mob busts 

Where the NY Mafia goes from here

Mafia round-up

Take down


Thomas Gioeli

Bosses voted on whacking Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani

Mafia plot to kill Giuliani

Phone calls raise questions

NBA ref guilty plea

Tim Donaghy

2007 NBA betting scandal

Guilty referee says NBA fixed series

Ex-ref calls NBA

NBA denies Donaghy claims

Bust details mob's health plan

Reputed ex-NE mob boss arrested  

USDJ La Cosa Nostra Jan 20, 2011

Rick Tocchet

Police Complaint against Tocchet .pdf

William Cutolo 

John (Jackie) DeRoss

Ex-FBI agent indicted

Main man is a lion

Genovese Crime Family's new boss  

Matthew 'Matty the Horse' Ianniello

Prosecutors drop murder case

Mob moll 'petrified' of going to jail

License to kill

International Longshoremen's

Mafia family ceased operations

BUFFALO - Stefano Magaddino, 'the old man' who lived in a nondescript ranch house in Lewiston, once ruled the mob in Buffalo and Niagara Falls with an iron fist.  Maggadino died almost 43 years ago at age 82.  Now, the Mafia itself is all but dead in Western New York.  (Buffalo News) 

Stefano Magaddino

Ex-mob boss indicted

Frank Salemme

Antonio Spagnolo    

Ex-mob boss to be freed

Joseph 'The Animal' Barboza

Patriarca crime family

Just say Cheese Man

Carmen DiNunzio

Mobster captured

A look at mob hits, misses, and deaths

Sting nails reputed mob boss

Big Dig

Luigi Manocchio  

New England Mafia fades away

Mob ties

CHICAGO - A high-ranking employee of the contractor who recently won a $99.4M janitorial contract with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration once served a prison sentence after he was charged in the same corruption case as late Chicago mob boss Anthony 'Big Tuna' Accardo Paul A Fosco was convicted on racketeering charges in 1987, sentenced to a 10-year prison term and left federal prison in 1993, public records show.

Rudy Fratto 

Michael Sarno  

Anthony, Michael Spilotro

Life term

Mob bombing indictments

James Marcello

Mayor Daley

Court papers detail Chicago mob hits

Chicago Outfit

Joey "The Clown" Lombardo

'Clown' mobster nabbed

The mob's babysitter  

Prison coffee contract

MONTREAL - Caffe Cimo owned by the Caruana family and located in the Montreal neighbourhood of St-Leonard, has been the lowest bidder on the Public Works Canada contracts to provide coffee to the prisons for the past 8 years.  Giovanni Caruana was the president of Caffe Cimo until his death in 2012. He was a 'man of honour' in the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, in Italy. 

Court clears extradition

Drug baron to be sent back to Italy

The family man

The Rothschilds of the Mafia on Aruba

Gomery appointment raises questions

Inaction helping OC flourish

Crime family far from dead

Stroll down Mafia lane with snitch

YOUNGSTOWN - 50 years ago Mahoning Valley Mafia boss Lenny Strollo and two of his associates, Vince Serman and Bobby Armstrong, were arrested by US secret service agents and charged with possessing and passing counterfeit $10 bills.  (Vindy)  


Crimetown USA

Pittsburgh crime family

Cleveland crime family

Guilty plea

PHILADELPHIA - Instead of facing a retrial, reputed Philadelphia mob soldier Anthony Nicodemo pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and related offenses in the 2012 slaying of a South Philly man in broad daylight.


FirstPlus Financial Group

Each side invokes mob

Unusual white-collar mob case 

Nicky Scarfo Jr 

Accused of plundering

Philadelphia crime family  

Pittsburgh crime bosses

Feds drop case  

Back to prison

Joey Merlino 

15 years

Racketeering guilty plea

Indicted wiseguys

Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo

Mob tape played

Pittsburgh mob history

FBI agent role 

1957 meeting forced the FBI to recognize the Mafia

Apalachin Meeting Nov. 14, 1957

Joseph 'Skinny Joey' Merlino

Joseph Ligambi 

Boss of bosses dead

PARMA - Mafia 'boss of bosses' Salvatore 'Toto' Riina died in a hospital while serving multiple life sentences as the mastermind of a bloody strategy to assassinate Italian prosecutors and law enforcement trying to bring down the Cosa Nostra. He was 87.  (AP)

Salvatore Riina

Mafia arrest

Rocco Morabito

37 arrested

Trafficking ring bust

Maxi drug bust

Mafia boss caught

Mafia menace

Families control 60% of Australia's drug trade

Bosses caught

Bosses found

Boat seized

Boat, properties seized

Sicilian Cosa Nostra



Little-known mafia

Sacra Corona Unita

Mafia arrests 

Rise of the Godmothers

Mafia Vincenzo Macri arrested

Mafia boss arrested 

OC sweep

Police strike at beating heart of 'Ndrangheta mafia

Gunned down

Boss killed in the streets 

Toxic waste dump

Mafia hunters

Prison guard exam

Another Mafia bunker

Mafia arrests 

Mafia boss arrested

Ernesto Fazzalari


Police crack sheep-farming code

Gaming assets seized


Police seize yacht 

Assets seized

Vincenzo Virga

Trial underway

Mafia Capitale

Mafia Capitale investigation 

Meeting filmed      

Mafia garbage 

Massimo Carminati 

Major swoop

Mobster scandal

New Mafia group

Bruno Caccia

Charged with murder 

Hitman killed 80 people

Matteo Messina Denaro 

Mafia boss arrested

Pasquale Scotti

Price list revealed

Repentant killer

Mafia initiation video

Mafia mayhem

Procession honours Mafia boss

'Cowardly' priests paid respect   

Mafiosi are excommunicated

Pope takes on Italy's mafias

Pope condemns Calabrian mafia

'Last King of Rome' arrested

Mafia boss arrested

'Immigration business'

Stretto web

Another Mafia mistake

R v Grillo and Grillo  

Police decipher code

Mafia raid

Contini clan

Dozens arrested in Mafia dragnet  

Murder 'solved'

Joe Petrosino

NYC cop killer maybe uncovered   

'Lost count of killings'

Antonio Iovine

Torture is 'a very grave sin'

From toe to top

Mafia's toxic waste dump

Father arrested

Nigella Lawson

Deadly ambush 

Pizzerias, cafes seized

Assets seized

Suspect leaps to death

Alfonso Caruana  

Cuntrera-Caruana crime family  

Escaped convict   

Mario Riccio arrested 

Christmas offer

Boy killed in Mafia hit

La Repubblica wrote

Growing up in the Mafia  

Mafia bank bust


'Fed rival to pigs'

Children taken away from families


Rally against Mafia's waste dumping 

Relief funds went to Mafia

ECA 2012 audit report

Auditors find EU wasted $9.6B

MafiaLeaks site seeks whistleblowers

Pizzo paid


Marcello Dell'Utri  

Boss turns state witness

Hitmen kill 3  

Myths about the mafia exposed   

Mafia target

Mafia crackdown  

Italy seizes assets from tycoon

$1.7B in assets seized

Wind farm arrests

Wind farms and the Mafia

Wind power in Italy

Mafia raids 

Mafia swoop

Artwork on display

Assets worth $400M seized

Art business of the mafia

Silvio Berlusconi

Business empire built from scratch

Boss arrested

Roberto Pannunzi 

Deported to Italy

More than a broker  

Antonio Macri

Siderno Group 

Inside the Mafia's drug empire

Michele Greco  

Mafia attacked

Pino Puglisi 

Politicians and policemen on trial

Journalists strike

Mafia drones plan


'Best neighbour'

Mafia boss arrested

Italy anti-mafia op nets mayor

Boss arrested


Mobsters shoot rival at nursery

Mafia show trial

Mob boss found

Police seize resorts

IRA militant on the run

IRA man no longer in Italy

Man denies laundering claims

Police crack IRA/Mafia fraud scheme

Police seize assets

Gaspare Spatuzza 

Radio-detonated explosives tested

Loot shared

The loans, the villa

Berlusconi paid protection money

Mafia buys into the hospital service

Berlusconi ally linked to Sicilian mafia 

No Mafia links after 1992


Fugitive arrested

Gunned down

Tourists stunned

Boss arrested

Boss arrested

6 sentenced

Mafia assets seized

Michele Zagaria  

Mafia boss arrested   

Arrest requested  

Mafia cast shadow over Sicily

Mafia boss arrested

Giuseppe Falsone


Facebook arrest

Woman betrays mafia boyfriend


Giovanni Strangio  

San Luca feud

2 bodies on mafia waste ship

Skulls found on mafia ship

Female informer murdered

Mayor resigns

OC probe

Dell'Utri sentenced to 7 years

Corruption linked

Mafia boss escapes

Unguarded boss escapes

Godfather busted

Mafia boss captured

Mafia boss arrested 

Giuseppe Dell'Aquila  

Bosses turn supergrass

Mafia chief arrested

Moio to cooperate  

Schiavone Jr trapped

Mafia 'sank ships of toxic waste'

Mafia accused of sinking ship

Radioactive waste

Italy finds wreck of toxic waste ship

'Depressed' mobster released

Mob suspects arrested

'Scarface' arrested via Facebook

Mob hitman arrested

Influence hovers over 13M

'Mafia crocodile' seized

Loan sharks making a killing

'Godmother' arrested

Crime boss arrest

Italy fears mafia quake fund grab

Mayor riddled with bullets

Mafia boss arrested

Giovanni Tegano

Mafia ran slave gangs

Mafia boss wins right

Boss captured

Gianni Nicchi

Domenico Raccuglia

2 more arrested


Salvatore Russo  

Pasquale Russo 

No glass ceiling

Camorra take down

Raffaele Amato

Mafia leader arrested 

Mafia sends donkey head

Man arrested for shooting

Mafia shoot-out

Riot after African shot

Mafia wife 'tries for deal'

Married to the mob

Warrant issued for the wife of boss

International arrests follow probe

Fake millions found in Mafia raid

Mafia boss breaks silence

Paolo Borsellino

Dozens jailed

Outcry as 'sad' Mafia boss freed

Mafia boss released

Anti-mafia march

Little-known mafia is cocaine 'king'

Matteo Messina Denaro

Camorra cause a stink

Mafia raids

The Popes and the Mob

Row over army deployment

Michele (the Pope) Greco

Sicily chief guilty in Mafia case

Mafia boss gunned down

'Mafia boss' held in Naples

How Enzo said no to the Mafia

Sicilians grow defiant of Mafia

Italy to withdraw tainted cheese

Italy's toxic waste crisis

Sicilians wise up 

$380M daily to the Mafia

March against Mafia

Bernardo Provenzano

Noose tightens

Boss found dead

Boss hangs himself

Apparent suicide

Sicilian mafia 'decapitated'

Former Italian minister arrested

Salvatore Lo Piccolo

Fugitive dons held

Mafia men get 300 years in jail

Mafia linked to doctor's death

'Top Mafia boss' caught in Italy

Mob boss swallowed secrets

4 arrested in Duisburg murder probe

Soldiers bulldoze Naples rubbish

Police arrest 17 from mafia clan

Living on the Mafia hit list

Italy dealt double blow over OC

I'm just a poor labourer

Police begin mass arrests

A Mafia wake-up call

6 Italians killed in Duisburg

Neapolitan Hell

Gangs turn Naples into battleground

Fears for Polish workers in Italy

Polish kept in Italian 'prison camp'

Dozens seized in Italy mafia raid

The 'Ndrangheta looms large

Anti-Mafia raids net dozens

Naples on fire

From Cocaine to plutonium

Arrests over mafia killing

Mafia murder witness found dead

The stink of greed

Italian cops bust Iraq arms deal

Mafia accused of starting wildfires

At the mercy of the mob

Italy crackdown on Naples mafia

A feud leaves six dead

Naples Sinks into Mafia Violence

Italy considers Mafia crackdown

See Naples and die

Listening quietly in Italy


MONTREAL - Last summer, Norman Rosenblum returned to Canada after having been a fugitive for 18 years. He had skipped out on a sentence he was serving for having brokered, along with members of the Hells Angels and the Montreal Mafia, one of the biggest cocaine deals ever investigated in this country.  He knew he was a wanted man and that Canadian authorities had been advised he would be arriving in June last year. He expected to be placed in shackles the second he crossed the border but no one resembling a police officer was present when he did.  (PostMedia)

Questions about surveillance tactics

Rizzuto to keep low profile


Separate trials

Vito Rizzuto

Assassinations, firebombs rise

Fire destroys another hair salon linked to Mafia

Arson at another hair salon

Mafia tied hair salon firebombed

Series of arsons

Payment made 

Michael DeGroote

Stayed charges raise questions

Charges stayed 

Crown won't prosecute

Abandonment of charges

Parole restriction

Charges to be stayed 

Lawyer pleads guilty

Drug bust

OC raids  

14 years

14 years

Gunned down

Underboss shot

Contender to throne killed 

IMSI catcher

Pleads guilty

Guilty plea

Waiting for bail hearing 

Bail for Mom's daughter  

Mob and Degroote 

Cocaine arrest

Making money

Just in time guilty pleas

No authorization from regulators

Sons arrested

Sons of mole arrested 

Salvatore Montagna

Defendants plead

7 plead guilty  

Cocaine found in car 

I40 coke bust

Rizzuto's influence

Rizzuto bought condos for $1

Gazette: Rizzuto files 

Lawyer released

Conspiracy to commit murder

Cafes fire bombed

Cafes hit


Raynald Desjardins

Last deal

OC nightmare

Bad dream

Bizarre deal

Casino mogul plotting murder on tape    


Nicola Rizzuto 

Mob rat avoids jail time   

2 more arrested    

Full life - of crime  

Suspect has fled

Daniele Ranieri

Vendetta expected to continue 

Mafioso gunned down

Gunned down

Mafia murder

Victim named in Italian court case

Life sentence wiped clean 

Frank Coppa  

Convicted killer arrested  

2 more arrested  

Cyanide poisoning

Suspect sought   

CRA employees suspended 

Gangster killed

Rizzuto rival shot

Gosselin murder suspects     

Mafia figure killed

Killer in Mexico

Shot in Mexico   

Mobster dies in prison

Chance to gather intelligence

Natural causes

No autopsy?

Mobsters told of repentance

Bust targets Rizzuto rivals 

Bust target unaligned Mafia 

Mafia hit


Feds fund study 

Power struggle


Mafia slaying increase

Suspected mob hit man

Hitman and friend

'Prolific killer'

Party shooting


4 arrested

Death linked to OC   

Body found

Victim linked to Mafia

Former Rizzuto ally slain 

Bodies found


2 arrested after shooting

Another arrest

Another arrest

6 arrested

Mafia boss killed

Sal the mafioso

Mob boss killed   


Another dies

Expected to survive shooting

Mafia assassination  

Body identified

Rizzuto returns from holiday

Violence erupts 

Killed by gangsters

Emissaries of Rizzuto clan killed

Released from prison


Murder of Nick Rizzuto 

In the trenches with the mob

Acquitted again

Suspects released

Suspects linked to Bo-Gars


2 arrested

2 arrested

La Press Desjardins report

La Presse Montreal Mafia  

Mobsters facing gun charges  

Court refuses

18 OC murders

'Money laundering capital'   

Mayor denies Mafia link

Dauphin linked to Mafia

Claude Dauphin

Drug bust  


Mafia linked shootings

Mobster denied parole

Body found    

Loreto funeral home  

'There is no war'

Men face murder charges

6 men arraigned    

No one is talking

Mob boss back   

Rizzuto in Canada

1 dead in shooting  

Canadian godfather plotting


Man shot dead 

First day of freedom

Man of influence

RCMP to hand over documents

Mole unmasked in the RCMP

Accused betrayed by their BB's

Gangland murder 

Lopresti shot  


Blacksmith became Mafioso


Suspected mobster

Godfather's killers disrespectful

Shot in broad daylight  

Crime family far from dead

Turf war

Shooting weakens family's power  

2nd victim identified

Missing, presumed kidnapped

Kiss of death for Montreal Mafia?

50 drug traffickers arrested

Saputo denies alleged link to Mafia

Lino Saputo

Rizzuto gets 10 years in plea dead

Member of the Mafia arrested

Street gangs to blame

Mafia crackdown

Tax man finally shows up

Extradition of Vito Rizzuto

Alphonse 'Sonny Red' Indelicato

Cheque sparks inquiry

Nicolo Rizzuto


Cheque in the spotlight

Agency needs to explain

Many links to officialdom

Issues run deeper

CRA was good to me 

CRA says it 'incorrectly' issued  

Wounded victims identified

TORONTO - Mark Peretz, 49, was shot suffering life-threatening injuries.  Peretz was one of 4 men convicted in a shooting that took place at a California Sandwich shop on April 21, 2004.   (CTV)

Hells Angels enforcer also survived

 Crumbling gangland partnership    

Found guilty

2 arrested for hit

16 years

Revenge plot

National Post tag: Juan Ramon Fernandez  

Canadian mobsters killed

Police fear trans-Atlantic Mafia war

Pietro (Peter) Scarcella, 54 & Antonio Borrelli, 29 Paris Christoforou, 27 & Mark Peretz, 38

Behind the scenes

Mobster jailed in Russo case stabbed

Friends of ours: Peter Scarcella

Target of mob hit nabbed 

2 brothers arrested

Mafia sweep leads to bodies

John 'Junior' Gotti 

Louis Eppolito & Stephen Caracappa

10 charged

NEW YORK - 10 alleged members of the Bonanno mafia family have been charged with racketeering and related crimes, according to a 37-count indictment.   (CNN)  

4th mistrial

Convicted in 4 NYC murders

'Assassin' breaks code of silence



Thug beat Vicky's guy

DoJ press release

Nephew busted by the feds 

Mob boss cuffed

Daniel Pagano 

Racketeering indictment unsealed

Justice press release

FBI informant

FBI informant

'I am not a rat'

Sharpton documents

Al Sharpton      

Mob arrests

Underboss arrested

Jury tampering 'ingenious move'

Growing up Gotti

John Favara

Goon eyed in Don revenge

Gotti said to break Mafia vow

Mobsters guilty phone fraud

Key Gambino family leaders arrested

Launder the proceeds

Mobsters found guilty

Mobbed up scammer pleads guilty

Jimmy 'The Gent' Burke 

FBI used Mafia enforcer

Edgar Ray Killen  

Ma in court rage  

Peter stole from John

Junior slams judge  

Mafia's 'American Blast'

Split verdict 

'I'm a lying woman beater'

'Our father...the godfather'

Gottis revealed  

'Th-th-th-thats all folks'

Mobsters admit guilt

Bagman sentenced

From big time to big house

Anthony Borgese    Sopranos

Convicted of racketeering  

Cleared of killing officer  

5 arrested

'Mob wives' helps feds make bust

Mob rat sentenced 

Gambino family members sentenced

Gambino mob bust    

Mobsters sentenced

Friend turned informer

11 charged in US gambling crackdown

Gaming shares hit by US charges

Remains of Mafia captains identified

Vincente Gigante, Crime Boss

Genovese family members indicted

Alleged mob bosses among indicted

Reputed mobster indicted at age 96

The Undertaker seeks separation

Mobster sentenced to house arrest

Bonanno 'lies guy' now risks lethal jab

Return of the Godfathers

Domenico 'Italian Dom' Cefalu

George 'Big Georgie' DeCicco 

Mob takedown

Victim had ties to mob

Made man whacked

The case of the exiled mobsters

Where there's smoke there's PJ

Mob rat freed

Gambino deported

Mass arrests show Mafia down

Truck brought crime family to its knees

Mafia sweep reveals GTA link

Double life of Mafia's killer gramps

Skinny Dom gets 5-year sentence

Dominick Pizzonia

Joseph 'Joe C' Caridi

Benedetto Aloi 

7 charged with extortion, break-ins

Salvatore Vitale  

Russell Bufalino

Joe Profaci

Joseph Barbara

Michael ‘Mikey Scars’ DiLeonardo

Bonnie and Clyde murders

Feds tie Gotti to Bonnie-Clyde hit

Scala whacked Castellano: feds

Corrupt brokers got VIP access to gals

Careful shaker of his money maker

Big bosses jailed in New York

170-page indictment   .pdf

Where he's buried

It was thirty three years ago that American labour leader and president of the Teamsters Union, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.  Time hasn't erased the magnitude of the mystery concerning his vanishing act, which is widely believed to be mob related. 

Jimmy Hoffa

Blood found not Hoffa's

Detroit house searched for clues

Frank Sheeran and Jimmy Hoffa

Timeline: Hoffa murder mystery

Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky

Carlo Gambino  Murder Inc.

Terror diverts focus

CANBERRA - Italy's top anti-Mafia prosecutor and Australian police are warning that the massive diversion of law-enforcement resources to combat terrorism is eroding the fight against the Mafia and other serious organized crime groups. (Fairfax Media) 

Amanda Vanstone
Difficult path to political donation reform 

Mafia linked to politicians

Political donations wide open to corruption

Mafia linked to senior politicians

Drugs, murder and politics

OC in Australia  

Mafia cash for visa scandal

Police reopen visa probe

List of Mafia crime families


Bonanno crime family

Gambino crime family

Genovese crime family

Lucchese crime family

Pizza Connection Trial

Maxi Trial

Prime Time Crime 

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