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Still going

VANCOUVER - 10 years after 6 men were killed in the worst gang slaying in the Surrey Six murders, the court proceedings are still dragging on.  On October 19, 2007, Corey and Michael Lal, Ryan Bartolomeo, Eddie Narong, Ed Schellenberg and Christopher Mohan were shot execution style at the Balmoral Tower on East Whalley Ring Road.  One of the men charged - alleged Red Scorpions gang member Jamie Bacon - has been in custody for nearly 9 years and is still awaiting trial.   (CBC)


Another publication ban

Crown deals

Surveillance book

Misconduct trial delayed


Guilty plea

Mountie resigns

RCMP charged


Another charge

VANCOUVER - One of the three Bacon brothers is facing a new charge alleging he was trying to get a Crown witness in the 'Surrey Six' case killed.   (24 Hours)  

Brother charged

1 year

VANCOUVER - Sophon Sek was initially charged with manslaughter and break and enter in connection with the October 2007 gangland slayings.  But in a deal he pleaded guilty only to the offence of break and enter.   MORE:   Guilty plea    Sentenced   Paid $25K


25 years 

VANCOUVER - Convicted murderers Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston face a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years on those charges.  (CBC)

Found guilty


Surrey Six verdict


2 convictions    

Ex-girlfriend heard

Closing arguments

Trial wrapping up  

Former leader testifies

'They saw our faces'

3 years left

Plea to conspiracy

Guilty plea    


Surveillance team lost Bacon

Capture on police surveillance  

Hells Angels control 


Police search team

VANCOUVER - A black pistol and two boxes of ammunition were found in a man's closet inside accused killer Cody Haevischer's apartment just 3 days after the Surrey Six murders.  RCMP Cpl. Thana Hodge testified Friday about being part of a search team on Oct. 22, 2007 that entered suite 1601 at the Stanley apartment at 10082 148 St.  (Vancouver Sun)

Trial highlights collateral damage

Innocents and not-so-innocent

Lai took over drug line day before shooting

Suite previously housed grow-op

Heads covered

Former apartment manager testify

Men of 'questionable behaviour'

Surrey Six trial highlights collateral damage


Killed to eliminate witnesses

VANCOUVER - The execution of 6 people, including 2 innocent bystanders, in Surrey, BC, began as a hit on one rival in the province's violent drug trade, but 5 more were added to the bloodshed to ensure there were no witnesses, the Crown alleged Monday at the start of a sensational gang trial.  For the first time, prosecutors outlined what they allege happened in a 15th-floor condo on the afternoon of Oct. 19, 2007.  (CTV)

Not guilty pleas

Rivalry, disrespect touched off killings

Police add charges

Lower Mainland Murders 2007

6 found dead in Surrey condo

Narong connected with UN gang



Chris Mohan, 22,  had recently moved next door to the apartment targeted in the attack.


Edward Schellenberg, 55, had been called out to the apartment building to deal with a possible gas leak on the top floor of the building.  


At approximately 16:31pm Oct 19, 2007 Surrey RCMP were called by the Surrey Fire Department to what was originally thought to the scene of a gas leak at an apartment building in the 9800-block of East Whalley Ring Road.  HAZMAT members entered the condo building, and discovered 6 deceased persons inside one of the units. File #IHIT 2007-LMD-37035

Independent Soldiers killed:

Edward Sousakhone (Eddie) Narong, 22

Corey Jason Michael Lal, 21

Michael Justin Lal, 26

Ryan Bartolomeo, 19  


Red Scorpions on trial:

Matthew James Johnston

Cody Rae Haevischer

United Nations gang

Jamie Kyle Bacon

Sophon Sek

will be tried separately at a later date



15 years for Dennis Karbovanec

A man who entered a guilty plea in connection with the slaying of 6 men in a Surrey, BC, high-rise apartment has been handed a life sentence.  The decision comes just days after Karbovanec pleaded guilty to 3 counts of second-degree murder and 1 count of conspiracy in the October 2007 murders.   (CTV)


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