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Gazette: Corruption in Quebec

Formula E sues

MONTREAL - Formula E Operations is suing Valerie Plante and the city of Montreal for damages caused by the city's decision to cancel the 2018 and 2019 Formula E races in Montreal.  (Montreal Gazette)


Volunteering rules

SAINT-SEBASTIEN - The provincial construction inspector (CCQ), told the gathering of parents, grandparents and teachers that painting a school for free - and without the proper licence - is illegal in Quebec.  (PostMedia)  MORE:   CCQ halts volunteers  



MONTREAL - A list of more than 60 sites of known and possible old landfills was kept secret by the City of Montreal for 22 years until a CBC investigation exposed it in 2015.  In 2016, 16 updated maps were released showing the location of 94 old quarries around the city.  (CBC) 


Too successful to stay illegal

TORONTO - Quebec's Charbonneau Commission revealed the intertwined relationships are between organized crime, business and politics and it would be folly not to expect similar links in Ontario.  (Sun Media)


Allegations against new minister

MONTREAL - Reports in the Journal de Montreal claim Laurent Lessard gave millions in grant money to the group where his wife works.  Since Lessard's tenure in that role ended, the report claims the group has received far less funding.   (CTV)   Laurent Lessard


Documents altered

MONTREAL - 2 analysts hired to investigate the Ministry of Transportation told a parliamentary committee the reports they prepared had been altered.  Annie Trudel testified that during her 18 months of auditing the Ministry and how it awarded contracts, she was subject to repeated instances of harassment and sabotage.  (CTV)  


18 months

Former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault was sentenced to 18 months in jail and was ordered to repay the government $300,000 after pleading guilty to fraud and breach of trust last year.   (CBC)  MORE:   Jailed   Lise Thibault 


Chauffeurs cost

MAYOR - Montrealers will pay $337,000 to 3 drivers to chauffeur Mayor Denis Coderre and members of the city executive committee in 2016.  (CTV)   Denis Coderre



MONTREAL - Quebec's financial market watchdog, the AMF, is filing charges against a former director of the Liberal party who was also head of the Metropolitan Transport Agency, Joel Gauthier.  (CTV)   MORE:   Sued by security regulator    AMF charges Gauthier  


Too many perks

MONTREAL - Jean Charest, nearly $370,000; Pauline Marois, about $130,000; and Bernard Landry, close to $140,000.  Those are the sums the three ex-premiers have cost the Quebec public since leaving office.   (CP)    


Bill to bypass hearings 

QUEBEC - McInnis Cement was formed by members of the family that founded Bombardier.  It has received financial support from successive Parti Quebecois and Liberal provincial governments as well as the Caisse de depot pension fund manager.  (CTV)   MORE:   Plant to proceed without hearing   Laurent Beaudoin


Office renos

MONTREAL - Treasury Board President Martin Coiteux has also called the Quebec Society of Infrastructure (SQI) onto the carpet.  A total of $686,667.09 was spent on repairs to riding offices of 27 members of the Cabinet since the April election.  (CTV)


Guilty plea

ALMA - Jean-Francois Morency has admitted to dropping charges, in exchange for cash bribes, back when he was a prosecutor.  (CP)


Medical errors

MONTREAL - In 5 years, more than $62M in damages has been paid to Quebec patients due to medical negligence and errors, according to a news report.  In 2013 alone, almost $16M was paid out to victims of mistakes or negligence.  (CTV)


Aggressive take down

MONTREAL - The security team at the La Ronde amusement park is facing criticism after 7 security guards combined to forcibly subdue a man caught lighting up in a non-smoking area.  (CTV)   


MONTREAL - A conflict of interest forced the president of the CAQ to quit one of his business roles.  A Journal de Montreal investigation found that Stephane Le Bouyonnec, who's running for a seat in the La Prairie riding, has ties to iCash, an online money lender that issues high-interest loans outside of Quebec.  Le Bouyonnec has also been serving as the president of the board of Techbanx, a company that develops algorithms to evaluate credit and speed up the loan process.  (CTV)   Stephane Le Bouyonnec


Government run language scam?

MONTREAL - The students are graduates of the PEQ, a vocational and French-language study program run by the province's school boards.  But students who have graduated from the program are being called in for interviews by Quebec's MIDI to evaluate their French. A(CBC)   MORE:   Immigrants tricked by government   


Looting swarm

MONTREAL - The masked group sprayed anti-capitalist graffiti and pasted an anti-gentrification poster on the storefront windows of 3734.   (CBC)


Overlooked tragedy

During the past 15 years, 3,000 young Quebecers under the age of 19 have died in violent or suspicious circumstances. Of these, some 260 are aboriginal children.   (La Presse)


Footbridge off limits

MONTREAL - The Claude Brunet Bridge was built last year at a cost of $4.5M. Despite the fact that construction crews left months ago, the bridge remains off limits, because it's unsafe.   (CTV) 


Lots of people to appoint

MONTREAL - While other Canadian provinces largely shuttered their international outposts in a bid to balance budgets in the mid-1990s, Quebec has built up a formidable force of trade officers, immigration advisers and quasi-ambassadors around the world.  (Toronto Star)


School board elections abolished   

MONTREAL - Education Minister Francois Blais confirmed that there will be no more school board elections in Quebec.  (CTV)


Unpaid tolls

MONTREAL - There is one toll bridge in the Montreal area - and it seems a lot of cars aren’t paying the toll.    (CTV)


'Win' for Quebec regulators

MONTREAL - It's not the first time a contest has avoided the province because of its strict rules. So now Quebec has found itself on a contest blacklist that includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.  (CP)  RELATED:   Virginity tests banned in Quebec


Exact change fine

MONTREAL - When Pauline Tantost was kicked off a Montreal city bus for not paying her fare with exact change, she was shocked. And then a transit inspector handed her a ticket with a $219 fine for not paying her fare.   (CBC)          


$500K was just sitting there

QUEBEC - The Quebec government is spending $500,000 to create a committee to examine wasteful spending by the federal government. (CP)



MONTREAL - A professed holy man has been charged with committing an unholy act: defrauding the popular Quebec zoo Parc Safari out of nearly $1M in an alleged scheme involving two of his followers.  (CP)  MORE:  Pastor arrested   


Most valuable named

QUEBEC - The Quebec government has doled out $3.9M in fines since August to motorists caught by photo radar and red light cameras.  The most effective radar location is at the southbound 15 near the Atwater exit.   Nearly 8,500 drivers have been caught at the site since the summer.  (CTV)   


 Bonus for taking patients

QUEBEC CITY - Quebec Education Minister Yves Bolduc wants to know if he'll have to repay part of all of a $215,000 bonus he received for taking on 1,500 patients for a brief 12 month period, around the minimum requirement for receiving the bonus. (CP)    MORE:   Bonus unethical    Yves Bolduc  


Quebec's auditor finds problems

MONTREAL - Quebec's auditor general is warning the provincial government that it is seriously underestimating the cost of paying doctors.  (CTV)   AG criticizes ED Minister, again   Michelle Courchesne


Contract to prosecutor's office

QUEBEC CITY - A report into Quebec City's contract for a new hockey arena has been transferred to the provincial prosecutor's office following months of controversy surrounding the deal.  (CP)  REPORT:  Findings of the investigation   


Tax fraud arrests

Quebec provincial police made a series of arrests in an alleged invoicing fraud they estimate bilked the government of nearly $9M in taxes.   (CBC) 

Blizzard blame

MONTREAL - Almost 7 days after the last snowflake of a huge winter storm, Montrealers are still sorting out what caused a 300-car, 12-hour traffic jam on a freeway, has a truck driver facing mischief charges, put 3 civil servants and 2 provincial ministers in the hot seat and has even rattled the ivory towers of McGill University.  (Globe & Mail)

Political pressure?

Premier lashes out at Maclean's

Social malaise author quits McGill

McGill under fire

Nothing unites like criticism

QC 2016-2017 budget released

MONTREAL - Quebec plans to begin rolling back healthcare taxes while avoiding a deficit for a second year in a row, a rare feat among Canadian provinces struggling with slumping commodity prices and bloated balance sheets.  (Bloomberg) 

QC budget by the numbers    

Quebec budget 2016-2017

QC budget 2015-2016

QC budget

Quebec's debt 

Philippe Couillard

Quebec's 'welfare state' still growing

Debt of the Government of Quebec  .pdf  

Minister resigns from cabinet

MONTREAL - Sam Hamad temporarily stepped aside from his post as Treasury Board president, after Enquete raised allegations about his relationship with a former fundraiser, Marc-Yvan Cote.   (CBC)  

Treasury president to step down

Sam Hamad   

Premier Tech

Sponsorship Scandal

Quebec general election 2014

Swearing in

Power Corporation

PLQ fictitious district 

Fund raising for the PLQ

Marc-Yvan Cote

UPAC investigating former minister

Heart of PLQ illegal financing 

Liberal majority

Philippe Couillard 

Nathalie Normandeau

Former says she didn't help firm  

4 years

LAVAL - Former Quebec construction mogul Tony Accurso has received a 4-year prison term following his conviction on fraud and corruption charges.  (CP)

Many arrests, few convictions  

Accurso appeals verdict

Found guilty


Jury finds guilty  

Jury acquits Accurso 


Accurso acquitted  

Accurso mistrial declared


Zampino not guilty

Not guilty 

Quebec settles

Municipalities to be paid back

Outgoing politicians

Names have changed, players haven't

Guilty plea to kickbacks

Charbonneau Commission  

Final report (French)  .pdf

Gazette: Charbonneau Commission

Cautionary tale of biblical proportions

No cleanup

Corruption reimbursement    

Arrested   Jean-Marc Robitaille

Corruption probe arrests 

Vaillancourt gets day parole 

UPAC arrests

3 more guilty pleas 

Bribe taker sentenced

Federal Bridge Corporation

Former cabinet minister retires

1 year for Applebaum 

Investigated by UPAC

13 plead guilty

Condo in wife's name

Police surveillance report

Probe begins 

2 liberals never saw a courtroom  

UPAC probe

No faith

Jean Charest   Marc Bibeau

Next up

July UPAC raided Terrebonne City Hall

City manager suspended

Journal de Montreal

Vaillancourt guilty plea

Mayor pleads guilty

Pleads guilty

UPAC examine English school boards  

UPAC investigating Claude Dauphin

UPAC ignored complaints 

Corruption more widespread than thought

Corruption 'widespread' 

Applebaum found guilty


Less than adequate follow-up


Jacques Daoust

Investissement Quebec

Publication ban lifted


Steps aside 

18 months

Former mayor sentenced 

Michael Applebaum  

Ban lifted

Decline of Montreal   

Nathalie Normandeau 

Former deputy premier arrested

QC public service employees 

Guilty plea 

Whistleblower sentenced

No jail time

Found guilty

Guilty of corruption  

Corruption 'sentences'

Saulie Zajdel

Publication ban

'Blame' under publication ban

Claims of illegal donations

Pauline Marois

Claude Blanchet

Former mayor to be sued


Deeply rooted

Political class arrests  

Snow removal companies defrauding

Contractors colluded 

Fire chief charged   Warwick

UPAC raids home of ex-mayor

UPAC raids offices

Zambito pleads guilty


Union boss appeals

Former FTQ head sentenced

Boss sentenced

Prison for fraud  

Guilty of fraud

Denies he's a gangster

Ministers meddled

Unions blame corruption for shortfalls 

City Hall searched by UPAC

Quebec Liberal Party

PQ letter halted growth

Controversial fundraisers   

Fundraisers wear shady ties  

Execs were fundraisers  

Anti-corruption squad search Liberal HQ

No choice but to cheat 

Bid was rigged  

Political interference normal

Every party after money

Political fundraising  

Union boss guilty

Guilty of intimidation

Political ties

Links to QC Liberal party  

Violette Trepanier    

Yacht Touch 

Quebec Order of Engineers  

Nathalie Normandeau   

Bid rigging suspected

Hydro Quebec behind collusion  

Questionable activities denied  

Concrete mogul's shindig not a fundraiser

Engineering firm contributed

Ex-minister wasn't involved

Julie Boulet 

PQ underestimated deficit

Inquiry turns eye to political parties 

Marois defends husband's integrity    

PMO endorsed to head Montreal Port

Road to nowhere at PQ minister's urging

Travel pictures

Michel Arsenault

Tony Accurso

Warnings went unheeded

Bureaucrats knew  

Former SQ chief

Keeping the system going

Inflated expenses were justified


Not guilty plea     

Cabinet minister asked for cash

Political financing

Hypocrisy of the parties

Culture of corruption

Toe the corruption line


Guy Chevrette 

Former minister defends road

Chevrette calls allegations libelous 

Jean Lavallée

Photo makes splash


Union plan to ask PQ to prevent inquiry   

Intimidation, violence on work site

Kickback scheme reported       

Confesses to bribes



No apologies

Whatever Rambo wants  

Mayor denies influence peddling

Another city manager resigns

City chief tried to sack police chief

Trusteeship boss targeted

Unions no longer deciding

Quebec sues 

Former mayor Hammered

Former mayor arrested

Hammer Squad arrest 

Bribes needed 

Kickback scheme fund QFL

Bullying is a matter of perspective 

Visit from OC member  

Over paid

Bureaucrat quits arts council

New tourism chief steps down


Charles Lapointe 

CEO opposes inquiry

Timely launch  

Padma Bridge       

'No Padma bridge job for corrupt firm'  

SNC-Lavalin Kerala scandal  

Anti-corruption unit raids engineering firm

Exec explains ties  

Union chipped in for yacht

Accurso holding sway over union boss

Never took bribes 

'I'm a union chief'

Ex-president testifies

Defending severance packages

Fast track to funds

Hells Angels may have rigged election


Mafia had its hooks into FTQ

FTQ tried to cover-up 

'Do not worry, we provide remote starters'

Links examined

Former PQ leader sues

FTQ fund testifies at National Assembly 

Former mayor arrested

Former mayor arrested    


Boss clears up 'deal' with premier's husband

Probing friendship

Mayor blows the whistle     

Investment funds

Publication ban

Desjardins 'boss' of Dupuis

Commission hears recorded conversations

Name of QC cabinet minister comes up 

Mob, bikers not in control

FTQ president to resign

Union leader resigns

Dupuis admits pressure  

Workers pay the bill

Trying to rehabilitate criminals

Mafia influenced city hall

Retirement fund was just sitting there

Cozied up to Hells Angels

OC infiltrated union

Close ties

Mafia controlled construction union

Inquiry delayed after witness hospitalized

Mob, Hells Angels bosses had close ties

Unions turned blind eye to corrupt execs  


Senator denies involvement  

Senator rips CBC

Leaves diplomatic post     

Documents outline probe

Link between Mafia, unions

Former union boss testifies

Lobbying for mob infiltrated company  

Legal system is not a deterrent

Candidate 'scared'

Police called in to protect mayoral candidate

Tax evasion charges

Anti-corruption squads team up

Criminal charges

Construction workers on strike

Conservative candidate arrested 

Notary admits collecting cash  

Coffee machine change

Cash-stuffed envelope offer 

Andre Boisclair

Severance pay 


Former ministerial aide arrested

Laurent Blanchard

Superficial change

Laval's former GM testifies  

Party cash

Councillors confess

Good Samaritan

Others collaborate

'I felt compelled to do so'

Bid quashed, more delays

Boss wants charges thrown out


Zambito files for bankruptcy

CEO quits  

Interim mayor resigns

Alexandre Duplessis

Allegations of corruption in mayor debates

Candidate tossed over bribery allegations

Interim mayor resigns

Publication ban lifted

Laval trusteeship


New mayor took money too 

Mayor's cash in Europe

Corruption to blame for Montreal's potholes


Car bomb 


Focus on North Shore

Mulcair contacted by anti-corruption

Asphalt cartel formed in 2000

Hotbed of corruption

Witness admits kickbacks to ex-mayor

Firms set up cartel

Bagman testifies how he collected money 

Simple system

Sitting MNA leaves CAQ over allegations

'Reign of terror'

Organized collusion

Deep corruption exposed

Municipalities meet amid scandal



Unsolved murder

CBC board member linked

Vaillancourt allegedly tried to bribe Muclair 

On the defensive

PQ lawyer pokes holes in testimony

PQ suddenly concerned

Judge fingered

Judge accused

Political financing crooked

Easy to find front men

Ex-mayor unhappy

Police protection for Tremblay

Organizer describes illegal donation system

Laval accused 

UPAC looking for millions offshore

Accurso construction changes hands

Police chief nixed demand

Chief denies allegations


Caught in a contradiction

Never knew of collusion

Zampino challenges evidence

#2 on the stand

Zampino testifies


Fake billing financed parties

Political parties asked for bribes

Review of ethics

Money for contracts  

Trusting, not naive 

Gifts didn't influence decisions  

37 nabbed  

Accusers were lying

Election laws were ignored right from the start

Mr. 3% a victim

Trepanier at the helm

More confusion and contradictions

Tipped off on public works contracts

No one blew the whistle

Other witnesses are liars

Mr 3% denies taking money

Integrity test

Mayor didn't know

Cash never made it to party coffers 

Money paid to party

Collusion in Longueuil

Inquiry mandate extended

Cash was for fundraisers

Value in zoning

Former manager places blame

Questions swirl around Mayor  

List of political parties in Canada  

'Were you stupid and incompetent?'

Blind eye to corruption 


Bureaucrat commits suicide

Suicide after meeting with UPAC

Leaked report

Lawyer concerned about fair trial    

Defense of party begins

Shoe box filled with cash

Zampino was the power in Montreal

Anti-corruption arrests

Paolo Catania

Meter contract was rigged

Political donations were 'a cancer'

Illegal donations keep piling up

Witness asked about ties to senator

Political donations

Political financing

Provincial business was legitimate

Deep-rooted and far-reaching

Witness confirms giving to party  

Union Montreal   

'I am not a member of OC'

'Mr Sidewalk' denies

Witness questions existence of Mafia

Judge threatens to charge witness

City sacks 2

Construction boss changes story

City engineer blamed

Canada missing $145B in infrastructure

Canada's infrastructure gap

Major engineering firms were in

City blames wear and tear

Borsellino's memory is improving

Giving cash to politicians is a part of life

Provincial politics

Cash for contracts 

Party boss pushed into the ropes

Conflict of interest   

Goodies simply 'good business'

1997 reports never seen by public  

City Hall raided

'Take only your coats'

Sopranos of Montreal  

Ties to Rizzuto family

Habs tickets used

Firm confirms 'inappropriate' party financing

Defending cash to politicians

Wiretaps expose reluctant witness

Whistleblower quit

Politicians overruled decisions

Publication ban 

Lalonde shows no remorse

Mayors wanted kickbacks

Alleged corruption in boroughs

Big infrastructure contracts were rigged

Testy exchange

Dumont returns

Made up testimony

Dumont wants to dismiss his confession 

New allegations

At the restaurant of the Mafia

Mays doesn't know members of the Mob

'Smear campaign'

Not being investigated

Mayor in the sights

Mayor arrested 

Firms were in on collusion

More about kickback system 

Engineering pres confirms bid rigging

Call for inquiry on computer contracts

New Hammer boss

Hammer squad to have a new head

Perjury arrest

Witness arrested for perjury

Executive committee to hand over report

Report 'reappears'

What is your province doing?

Probes starting to heat up  

Squeezing the sleazy

Provincial contracts    


UPAC arrests mayor

Another mayor to resign

Mayor decides to resign

False billing raids

New measures to fight corruption

Installer recounts intimidation

Mafia intimidation

Death threats from Mafia

Corrupt politics

Partial lifting of publication ban

Engineer and his boss on stand

Boss and 3 others suspended

Benefits part of 'business model'

City Hall warned years ago 

'I was not a puppet'

Posh private club 

Le 357C  

High-ranking Liberals frequent club

Long list of invitation-only meetings

More quit Union Montreal party

Overpaid for sub-par pipes

Federal tax dollars  

Rizzuto summoned

Vito Rizzuto  

Mafia intimidation

Witness in tax trouble

No bribe, no deal

Owner describes threats

Bribes, golf trips, wine and escorts

Cleaning up

Mayor steps down

UPAC raiding more construction firms 

Laval suspends awarding of new contracts

Tolerating corruption

Pro at cooking contracts

Adept at cooking contracts

Disbelief at commission

Dumont involves Tremblay

Mayor aware of 2 sets of books

Named exec takes sick leave

Toronto Star: Quebec public inquiry

CBC: Quebec corruption inquiry

Return on investment

UPAC raids Laval's political party

Hacking away at corruption 

Kickback fee

Another mayor resigns

Judge unimpressed with testimony

More defections 

Montreal's #2 resigns

Prosecutor raises eyebrows

UPAC raiding more Laval engineering firms

Ghosts of sponsorship scandal still around

Organizer cross-examined

Memories of Quebec politics

Safe stuffed to bursting with bills

Testimony directly implicates mayor

Montreal taxes up 3.3% in proposed budget 

Detailing 20 years of bribes

Corruption machine was an open secret

Reporting corruption wasn't his job

A bag full of money

Bureaucrat accepted kickbacks

Abdallah rejects allgations

Political elite 'disgusted' by bribes

Flurry of denials   

Federal corruption off limits

Loto-Quebec exec switches jobs

Percent paid to win contracts

Parties move into damage control

Ex-director general implicated

Array of allegations

Testimony wraps up with advice

Kidnapping, beating followed

Mayor's former right-hand man was corrupt

Zampino was corrupt

Mayor's political party granted status

Mayor's circle allegedly took bribes

How to get around laws

Mayor suspends new contracts

Montreal puts projects on hold

Operation Hammer put a chill on bid-fixing

More named

Kickback allegations spread to Ottawa

Probe widens

Party got kickbacks

Police guarding Zambito

Kickbacks to politicians    

Allegations of party financing

Portions of publication ban lifted

Quebec Liberals named

Party 'shocked' by corruption allegations

Corruption not limited to construction

Andre Villeneuve

Companies colluded

Deals rigged

Mob got a percentage

Companies at Mafia Xmas party

Mayor's former inner circle swept up  

Gazette: Corruption in Quebec

'Ndrangheta operating in Toronto

Mafia group top threat in GTA 

ON premier skeptical       

City engineers on vacation with Zambito

Explaining ties to Mafia

Montreal Mayor 'shocked'

Bosses gave cash to Mob

Detective compares QC and ON mobs

Attention on OC in Ontario

OPP commissioner disputes OC claims

Collusion difficult to monitor  

Parties bag donations  

Raids net 11 


Corporate Scandals  

Labour leader on trial

Investigators scrutinize OC

Inquiry wants to expose Mafia structure    

Premier wants proof

Mob expert testifies

PQ, Liberal lawyers grill witness

Whistleblower leaked report

Long fight against corruption  

Fed ties to construction

More lawsuits

Lise Theriault  

Mafia, investment fund


Union vows to appeal

Downside of not doing anything

Union goes to court  

Union ordered goons to intimidate workers

Applebaum cash for zoning changes

Jean-Pierre Blackburn

Construction companies raided

Bill to tighten screws on construction firms

Threats of violence  

CRA can probe contracts

CRA seeks court order  

RCMP refuses to cooperate   

Business owners

Arson pests

NCC member leaves after linked to bid-rigging

Firms alleged role

Mayor's former inner circle swept up

Anti-corruption squad arrests   

Anti-corruption raid  

Corruption squad targets mayor    

Cozied up to Hells Angels

OC infiltrated union  

Secret union deal

Denis Coderre

Liberals only honoured contract after

Regulatory hearings     

HQ raided

Quebec Liberal Party

Reported money to the Liberal party  

$2M to federal parties

Reported money to the Liberal party

Firms hit jackpot with federal stimulus cash

Criminal charges

Gilles Vaillancourt

More raids in Laval 

Corruption commission faces security breach

Union doesn't want wiretaps played

Emails for corruption inquiry reportedly hacked

RCMP investigating  

2 investigations  

Tories declare port corruption case closed

Mayor denounces Mafia    

Don't drink the water

Le rapport de l'Unite anticollusion

Link between OC and construction  

Home of mayor raided

Mayor's home raided  

Anti-corruption infighting

Robert Lafreniere

Commissioner named 

Anti-corruption squad search companies

Alleged smear attempts

Link between tax auditors & construction

'A scale undreamed'  

Industry rife with corruption  

'Because we paid, we received'  

Contractor says lobbyist won him job

Charest ends appearance as witness

Jean Charest

Marc Bellemare 

Sewer cartel in Quebec  

Bridge repair to cost 

At least $1.3B to replace bridge  

Champlain Bridge  

Report to be released     

Ouimet involved in Sauve's company

France Charbonneau

OC is 'everywhere'

Businessman denies wrongdoing

MPs are hypocrites   

Construction companies charged

Fog of corruption   

Quebec to tighten cap on political donations   

Jacques Duchesneau 

'Dark illness' infects Canada

Are politicians as jaded as voters? 

Government loan scam  

6 failures in 12 years  

'Serious indications of irregularities'  

2 more nabbed in Operation Hammer 

Pleas end chance to turn on spotlight

Firms plead guilty to tax-evasion

How schemes build a floating palace  

Who is Tony Accurso?  

Biker with a reputation for doing business

City contract triggers call for investigation 

Bad media, shame

FTQ attacks  

Miranda on vacation with contractors

Borough mayor tied to contractor

Allegations of corruption 

Dropping the Hammer on OC  

Mob linked to construction and politics

Charges filed ‘shortly’

No place for Ottawa in Mafia investigation  

Boyer worked for Accurso

Operation Hammer: former mayor arrested

Hammer squad arrest

Hammer raids

Arrest warrant  

Former police chief to head unit

FTP under investigation  

Gomery concerned about City Hall corruption

Building a case

Liberals suffered Acurso effect 

Number of contracts without bidding increases

Network dismantled

Hells Angels plot

Montreal has loss control of projects   

'Questionable journalistic treatment' 

Laval: contracts to 8 contractors

Construction contracts

Mafia controls 80% of road contracts

FTQ Construction under investigation

FTQ Construction 

Luxury Inn burns down  

Accurso has a strong presence at the Port

Mayor involved former CEO

Scandal swamps city campaign

Political party ‘volunteers'

Senator Housakos: fundraiser

Senator linked to scandal

Collusion in construction  

Ex-cabinet minister quits

Tony Tomassi 

Water and Grime

Municipalities need tougher ethics rules

Between criminal world and business world

Controversy swirls  

Sammy Forcillo   

Cosmo Maciocia  

Gerald Tremblay

La Presse report

Rumors catch the Conservatives

Election mired in allegations  

Drastic changes in election

Labonte left Vision Montreal

Vision Montreal

Leo Housakos    

Fraud charges

Mayor dislikes probe

Anti-corruption squad to probe City Hall

Dauphin steps down

AG won't submit to city council

City hall spy scandal widens

Cost overruns

Repentigny-Mascouche Line

Project to replace rink unnecessary

You can't handle knowing

CRA auditors face probes

Corruption in CRA 

City spying on city's Auditor General  

Phase 2

$500 in a brown envelope  

Criminal charges

Benoit Labonte  

Coretti arrested for fraud

Corruption crackdown faces blowback

Hammer squad hits

BCIA declares bankruptcy

Charest willing to give up $75K annual bonus

Annual reports of the AG of Quebec

Jacques Dupuis

Budget released   


Jean D'Amour

MNA faces new allegations


Media manipulation techniques 

39% voter turnout

Tremblay vows to clean up city hall 

Quebec municipal elections

Heads roll

Excess spending in 2001

SQ arrests ex-bureaucrat, consultant

'Ruthless media hostility'

Frank Zampino

Monique Jerome-Forget

Tories slammed for appointing lawyer

Tories defend appointment

House passes a 'very, very bad idea'

Fundraiser's son appointed 

Duceppe on 'make an offer' tour

Gilles Duceppe

Montreal municipal councillor

Montreal election  

Montreal City Hall

Possible dodgy dealings

Johanne Savard

Report calls for police probe

Money laundering operation

SGF posts $261M loss for 2008

Controversial condos go up in flames

Quebec Liberal Party

Construction giant accused  

Corruption allegations

How judges are alleged to be picked

'Silent majority' being crushed by taxes

Quebec's entitled pull out one trick pony

I was framed

MONTREAL - According to the Journal de Montreal, Guy Ouellette was probing complaints that two of the public institutions tasked with rooting out corrupt activities in Quebec - the police and the provincial securities regulator - are themselves engaged in improper behaviour.  (Toronto Star)


AG to probe allegations
Muzzling attempt
UPAC denies
Slide into totalitarianism
Key points
Guy Ouellette
Arrest over media leak
MNA withdraws from caucus
UPAC arrests MNA

Daycare fraud scheme

LONGUEUIL - 4 people have been arrested on allegations they schemed to defraud Quebec's subsidized daycare system of $15M.   (CTV)

Daycare ineffective

Claims of payment for permits

Daycare permits being resold

7 arrested

MONTREAL - UPAC police officers raided the homes of employees at computer firms, Informatique EBR and IBM, in the Quebec City area and in the north shore of Montreal.  The police operation, entitled Project Mitraille, also targeted bureaucrats working for the Quebec government.  (CTV)  

UPAC makes arrests

$3.3M fraud   

UPAC arrests 6

Corruption scheme

7 arrested related to IT contracts 

We decide our own future

MONTREAL - Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, says First Nations have the right to determine their own future and aren't bound to the result of another referendum vote.  (CP)

PQ's sovereignty focus is errant

Frist nations wouldn't recognize Quebec

PQ backtracking on referendum

Economy burns while PQ fiddles


Staggering debt load

Quebec general election 2014

PQ told to keep quiet

Hazards of claiming virtue

PQ floundering  

Election delayed action

Poll says Liberals have a chance for a majority  

PQ trying to bury their panic

PQ panic

Political strategy behind values charter

PQ tables secular charter

Collision course

Fight or flight choice

GTA looks to lure from Quebec

No Power influence

Quebec Premier Jean Charest categorically rejected allegations that the wealthy and powerful Desmarais family exercises influence over his government.  Mr. Charest acknowledged having attended “social events” and even having spent the night at the large Desmarais family estate known as ‘Sagard’ located in the picturesque Charlevoix region just east of Quebec City.  (Globe & Mail)

Power Corporation of Canada  

Paul Desmarais  

Andre Desmarais  

Power Corp board of directors  

Brian Mulroney   

Jean Chretien   

Paul Martin  

Maurice Strong  

Sidewinder Report  

The Canadian connection  

Power Corp   

Language cops grill cheese

MONTREAL - The owners of a Quebec City area restaurant, La Mama Grilled Cheese, received a letter from the OQLF because they have English words on their signs, namely 'enjoy' and 'grilled cheese'.  (CTV) 

Tiny sticker complaint

Bill 101

Court upholds Bill 101

OQLF must tolerate brand names  

Language cops ordering

Quebec defends own Facebook page


Quebec's 1st female premier

Shooting stuns Quebec

Quebec general election

Mayor gave cash to PQ collector

PQ got illegal cash

'Abrasive' whistleblower

Jacques Duchesneau   CAQ 

Candidacy changes game

Some key issues

Areas for corruption highlighted

Journalist joins corruption commission

Fonds de solidarit

Facebook exempt from language law

Language cops settle    

Reaction from special interest groups

Budget hinges on MDs' pay hikes


Quebec bar condemnation of Bill 14

Report scrapped

In the wake of pastagate  

'Caffe' not acceptable

On Language and Linguine

Language police don't like 'pasta'

Language spat during emergency

Sign battle goes to court


Google cataloging endangered languages 

Retroactive booze tax 

Federal language eye on Quebec

Owners shocked 

Language cops take aim at 'e'

Language police go after cops

$24.7M of taxpayers' money

Language cops go wild

Turning back the language police

More language cops

Separatist views disguised as news

More bad news for Quebec

Productivity and prosperity in QC - 2012   .pdf  

Census language results

Linguistic characteristics of Canadians

Aboriginal languages struggle for survival 

Revenue Quebec raids

MONTREAL - 90 Revenue Quebec investigators are executing search warrants at various businesses seemingly controlled by businessman Tony Accurso in Laval, Saint-Eustache and Montreal.  (CBC)  

Revenue Quebec raiding Accurso offices

Tony Accurso

Construction companies suspended


Key figure in corruption scandal arrested  


Charest denies interference in investigation

Probe given full powers  

Former CEO confirms intervention


Dimitri Soudas  

Mafia Inc   Mafia

'There are no drugs'

Major irregularities found

MONTREAL - The Inspector General of Montreal has tabled a report showing the organization that runs Jean Drapeau Park may have mismanaged millions of dollars in public funds.   (CTV)   

Watchdog finds irregularities

Inspector general recommends cancelling

Firefighters fired

Pension status quo no longer option

Bad day for democracy  

Double standard for union protest

Double standard

Public servants riot 

Police chief vows probe      

Celebration riot

Blainville en fete

Rioters set police car on fire

18 arrested  

Inquiry floundering

Annual clash

International Day Against Police Brutality  


Denis Marc Pelletier  

Illegal protest

What taxpayers get for their money

Montreal City Council

Project Montreal

Candidate faces fraud charges

Accused of fraud

Political career on ice

Georges Laraque     

44 to be charged

Bylaw protest

279 issued $637 tickets

Unlawful assembly 

Guilty of contempt of court

Quebec student protests

CBC: Quebec student protests

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois 

'Preventative' arrests

Missteps in Quebec

Quebec Bill 78

Students renew tuition fight

Protest graying 

294 arrested

17 annual protest 

Mayor knew

MONTREAL - The awarding of a $355M water meter contract isn't the only reason Quebec's anti-corruption unit recently raided the home and cottage of former Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay.   (CBC) 

Anti-corruption raid

Timeline of water-meter contract  

Hydro Quebec rolling out smart meters

Hydro Quebec  

Hydro Quebec and Vermont sign $2B pact  

Taxpayers on the hook

Money down the drain

Self-important politicians 

Class-action suit

Prime Time Crime

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