When will sanity prevail?


Some folks I know have a place in Scottsdale, Arizona, a getaway they have used for many years to get refuge from the rain, damp and chilliness prevalent in winters on the West Coast. 

With the exception of last year with the COVID travel restrictions, they have gone down to the desert every winter for the last twenty years or so. This year they bought their air travel tickets to go down there. 

They have been dutiful in getting their two vaccine shots and registered for the B.C. government’s digital proof of vaccination. When they booked their tickets they were told they needed to provide proof of vaccination. No problem, they thought, they have followed all the rules thus far. Then they were told they also need a negative COVID test just before flying. At a cost of $200 each. 

Wait. What? They have been vaccinated and could prove it to the standards set by the government. So, what gives? Why a negative test in addition to their provable vaccination  status?

This whole COVID situation has now truly gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. 

It started out with the government telling us about the onset of the virus and saying we just needed two weeks to “flatten the curve.” The idea was to ensure we did not overwhelm our healthcare system with COVID cases until they could prepare for it. 

Okay, we were prepared to accept that situation. But that two weeks has become 19 months and the restrictions are beyond onerous. 

We endured months of lockdowns that jeopardized many small businesses, some permanently, Not too mention people’s sanity. And all without any logical reason for them. And then there is the beyond ridiculous mask mandates. And they are back with us despite approximately 80% of the population having been fully vaxed. 

What message does that send? If the vaccines are effective, then why mask everyone who has been vaxed? If they aren’t effective, then why the big push to ensure everyone has been vaccinated? The government won’t answer these questions. They simply tell us to obey their edicts. They know best after all. 

But do they? What makes our government leaders somehow so all knowing? It’s the science they say. Really? 

Well, if we are looking at science, let’s understand that most masks accomplish the square root of bugger all. It’s just for show. It’s theatre. In simple terms, the only masks that work against this virus are those specified for surgical purposes. And even at that, they are only designed to work for twenty minutes before they must be changed. 

You see, the pores in most masks are too big to be of any effect whatsoever in stopping the COVID virus, its size being much smaller. So those pieces of cloth most people wear that gives them a pass in areas where there is a mask mandate, are totally useless. 

Beyond that simple scientific fact, there is a reason that surgeons wear goggles. The eyes are a huge opening into the body and viruses love big openings. You can outfit yourself with surgical rated masks and change them every 20 minutes, but unless you also wear protective goggles you have accomplished nothing to protect yourself against this or any other virus. 

The hard fact is we are being lied to. And all of it is because the governments are afraid they have a problem and they rationalize they must be seen to be doing something to combat what appears to be little different that the flu we have all grown up with. 

Since the advent of the COVID panic, the seasonal flu seems to have done a disappearing act. The BC Centre for Disease Control issues a bulletin to citizens covering the routine and ongoing flu seasons. 

The current report is interesting and has this gem on the first page summarizing laboratory surveillance: “Compared to prior seasons, the influenza positivity rate (0%) is below the 5-year historical average (1.5%).” 

Now get your head around that. We have gone from thousands of cases each and every year to none. Where did they go? Isn’t it most likely that thousands of COVID cases the government has been using to scare us is really just the seasonal flu? After all, the flu is a corona virus itself. Every year it changes and different variants result. That is why there is a new flu shot every year to ensure those who get vaccinated are protected against the most recent variant. 

But last year there was no flu vaccine. The COVID vaccines were introduced. I almost said instead. There was also no flu apparently. It’s magic. 

Well, I don’t believe in magic. Nor do I believe in the crap we are being fed by our governments. They don’t know what they are talking about and they are sure as hell not following any apparent science that can be found. 

It’s high time we told government we are not going to take it anymore. The majority of the country is fully vaccinated. Mask mandates are beyond useless and reek of nothing but attempted government control over the populace. 

We all need to stand up and say stop all of this nonsense. The governments who are making these editcs are not our betters. In fact, in most cases the bulk of them aren’t smart enough to shine our shoes. Enough already. The so-called pandemic wasn’t. At best, it was a serious flu season with a new coronavirus. The flu virus by the way, and the common cold are both corona viruses.

I’m a smart guy. I can assess the risk me or my family faces in daily life. So can most Canadians. 

When will sanity prevail? 


Leo Knight


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