Truly Canadian….


I'm on holidays on the East Coast, golfing during the day and basking in the liquid sunshine that seems to define this Maritime summer.

In the evening I must confess to succumbing to my masochistic side by watching Canada at the Olympics in the Totalitarian People"s Republic of China.

At this point it seems that American swimmer Michael Phelps will get more gold medals than our whole Olympic team.

We are a nation that accepts mediocrity. Our broadcast on the the Canadian Broadcorsting Castration is sponsored by the Chicken Farmers of Canada.

I'm trying to get my head around what could possibly be more embarassing. It's not coming….

Leo Knight

– Leo Knight on Blackberry

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  1. Every once in awhile I like to check out the latest in antiCanadianism.

    It’s entertaining to watch what kind of intellectual contortions some will stoop to, to crap on Canada.

    The 5 ringed circus, as one measure, sounds just about right. It is afterall of great significance to everyone’s life. Who doesn’t go a single day without thinking about speedos, or fosbury flops It’s forever the talk of the town and my income, family’s happiness and hairline depend on it. Remember the gold medal winners in Athens? What was their names again? I jest, I remember them all too!..Who could forget?

    About as many as “forget” the standings in the 2006 winter games, I imagine.

    Funny, Canada-haters whine year..and year..after year..Yet can never seem to find their way out of the country to those greener-fields-afar.

    What’s up with that?

    P.S., that’s “embarrassing”…y’all.

  2. phelps is a freak with physical oddities that amount
    to nothing more than physiological doping,,,the states has to rely on fishboy for a quarter of their gold metals,,,they must be real proud,,,cant even beat the communist chinese totalitarians in the golds!,,,they try hard to emulate the commie exceptionalism,,,,,,,the commies have olympic exceptionalism down to an art! a few othes just try hard to emulate their adoration for the olympics!

  3. In North America, we put our olympics after daily work, and it even comes second to buying groceries. We don’t have the “family shame” of ONLY achieving a silver medal. Forget family shame, more like NATIONAL SHAME. If you’re chinese and you come 2nd, they will do the sociological equivalent of stringing you from a tree and beat you with sticks, or harass you on the internet (and real life) until you off yourself. These “athletes” hardly have any life whatsoever outside athletic competition, like they’re in some sort of quarantine from the real world. I would call somebody an athlete if they could balance real world life AND manage time to train, because otherwise, I could never hope to ever become an athlete, but I am one. I just haven’t been blessed with a life of working 100% towards olympics since birth. Thats all I have to say about the commies. At least in the U.S. (as opposed to Canada) they have patriotism and support their athletes.

    You: “Boss, I need the day off to train for the olympics next week.”

    Canada_Boss: “WHAT! If you leave now YOU’RE FIRED!!!”
    U.S. Boss: “Take the rest of the week off, I want you to make us PROUD!”

  4. Canada does have a poor track record of supporting Olympic athletes. Its amazing that we won as many medals as we have considering the lack of coaching, training programs, and financial support from the Federal Gov’t etc etc.

    Harper and the Ottawa crowd should step back from the pork barreling and allow enough funds to flow into Olympic programs.

  5. Anonymous 4, where have you been since the 1960’s? put the blame where it belongs!, squarely on the shoulders of the Liberal Party of Canada.
    The PC’s have only been in power for a couple of years yet they’re responsible?


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