True to form, released murderer reoffends


There is no doubt that the justice system in Canada is fundamentally flawed.  But every now and again, a case that perfectly illustrates the fact comes to light.

And so it is with a story out of Winnipeg about the exploits of an utter waste of skin named Martin Junior Hayden who for 32 years has been a boil on the butt of  society.

In July 2000 Hayden and two other equally talented knobs attacked 33-year-old George Terrence Monias.  They invaded his home, beat him with fire extinguishers and one of the idiots, Valentino Ben Harper, dropped a fifty-pound  (20 kg) television on Monias’ head as he lay supine.

Needless to say, Monias died as a result of the attack.  In the first demonstration of a justice system gone wrong, Hayden was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter.  He was given a mere eight years in prison. That was the second demonstration of how badly the system is broken.

The killing of Monias was planned and deliberate and those involved should have been charged and convicted of first degree murder.  The sentence then would have been life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

But no, this is Canada and we must give every opportunity to thugs. 

So, after serving two-thirds of his sentence, Hayden was released.  And, being the thug that he is, it only took a matter of a few days before he very nearly killed someone else and evidently, for no apparent reason. 

At three o’clock in the morning Hayden confronted a 34-year-old man walking down a Winnipeg street with a woman.  Hayden and his fellow traveler that night, Michael James Butson, a 31-year-old waste of good oxygen, began assaulting the man and when the woman tried to intervene to stop the attack, she was beaten too.

The male victim was rushed to hospital and luckily for all involved, they saved his life.  Unluckily for Hayden and Butson, they were promptly tracked down and arrested by Winnipeg police.  They spent the weekend at Winnipeg Remand.

Unfortunately they won’t be there for long I’d wager.  Despite everything, there is little doubt they will get bail pending their trial.  You see, in this demented Dominion it is very hard to go to jail.  And even when you do go there, Corrections Canada does their level best to ensure you get out as quick as possible.

Leo Knight
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  1. Prime example to reinstate the death penalty, especially now that we have advanced forensics to prevent wrongful capital punishment. Although our society is based on judeo-christian beliefs, one major flaw with this is the interpretation of the 10 commandments.. When translated from greek, it is supposed to read “thou shalt not murder” instead of “thou shalt not kill”, and the difference is well-defined in the old testament.

  2. Capital Punishment is murder. First degree, state sanctioned murder. It is the height of hypocrisy. State sanctioned murder does nothing to prevent crime. It just makes murderers out of all of us, especially those who advocate for it

  3. It certainly prevents re-offending, which wastes all of our money and puts all of society at risk. Sacrifice one to save the many. The diatribe you espouse is simply the opinion you’ve been forced to eat by the media. Killing isn’t murder. Eye for an eye, that particular individual problem is dealt with and won’t put anybody else’s lives in the way.

  4. But anonymous #2, it will prevent the offender from ever offending again. Like anonymous #1 said, with advanced forensics we can prevent wrongful convictions and capital punishment. I take it that you would like to give these misguided, miscreants another go at living within society? Hello?? Maybe you can have some move in with you? Face it, some people are evil and need to be removed from society forever.

  5. With an attitude like that Anonymous #2 must live in BC. In effect what you are are saying that is okay for BUTSON to murder and pillage because they are not the state and hence don’t know any better? However when the state does something like impose capital punishment to protect society from a violent repeat offender, its murder?????

    As for the height of hypocrisy? You are the poster child for it. You are one of those who stand on their throne and preach “peace, love, and groovy” Yet were BUTSON to victimize you or a loved one, you would be the first to throw the switch.

    Moreover, prove the rest of us wrong, let BUTSON move in with you and your family so you can rehabilitate him. Be a good role model for him and show him the error of his ways.

  6. Anonymous # 2, you are wrong on so many levels. Capital Punishment is not murder it is in fact a government sanctioned killing, a government elected by the people who compose the society, a society which has the right and the duty to protect all it’s members from the predators of the world. If you want to walk through life as a sheep ( next potential victim) thats up to you. If they brought back the death penalty and were using it on people like Bernardo and Clifford Olsen and any other killer where there was no doubt ie: DNA evidence, I’ll flip the switch and sleep like a baby that night knowing that the world has that much less evil in it. And to sweeten the deal look at all the potentialy harvestable organs that could be harvested to save decent people ( assuming of course the execution has not damaged them). But so you don’t think I am a total ogre I would qualify those who would eligible for execution: those who killed more then 1 person, those who killed in the commission of a sexual offence,those who killed a child, those who kill the elderly, those who killed in pursuit of a terrorist cause.
    But as others here have said I would invite you to open a half way house for murderers and sexual preditors ( or as I am sure you believe the misunderstood) and put your ass on the line just as I have done in 14 years of law enforcement.

  7. Anonymous #2, thats the crap I would expect to hear from an elementary school teacher, or to be reiterated by children who haven’t learned to form their own opinions.

  8. “put your ass on the line just as I have done in 14 years of law enforcement”

    Ditto for me…I’m at 10 this September. I don’t think I can last till 20 years with the socially engineered BS that prevails in Canada’s justice and political system.

  9. We will simply not have capital punishment because the Canadian people do not trust the police and the courts and with good reason .Law enforcement should stick to law enforcement(and marijuana growing) and abide by the people’s decision.Good luck with your crops boys.

  10. Anonymous #9 Time to grow up don’t ya think. You cannot blame thr whole profession because a couple of ‘dirtbags” slipped through the cracks … that’s like saying all hockey must stop because of the actions of guys like Bertuzzi ( Sp?). Next time before you post something try and put a little “educated” thought in to it.

  11. Anonymous #2 and #9 don’t seem to understand that there is a certain necessity to reinstate a penalty of death for the worst-of-the-worst.

    I wonder if #2 and #9 are actually FPS’ers themselves (?). It would explain their lack of educated reasoning on the subject.

  12. Anon 11&12, this is the junk our educational system tells kids to think. I have always been “pro-capitalpunishment”, however when I began highschool half a lifetime ago, my teachers even told me this wasn’t something to be argued, I was wrong. They don’t want you having your own opinion, regardless of how much thought or evidence has gone into it. So I had to keep silent instead. These thugs have absolutely no place in our system. What are we to do, support them with fancy food and gyms for the rest of their life? Where they can do drugs and drink alcohol. And empower themselves so when they are released they have become a better criminal? OOPS I mean EX-CONVICT, because they’re supposed to be fully rehabilitated? Yet more than 60% of convicts are recidivists and will never rehabilitate, regardless of what you give them in terms of learning to live a different way of life, like getting a free education. And anyone successfully prosecuted for murder using new forensics are still in jail so we don’t know how much of that 60% recidivism would increase. In any case, we have prison overcrowding because the more crime that occurs, the less room there is for them, and crime continues to increase. So we should look at those with 14+ year sentences and execute them to make more room. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then execute convicts with 9+ year sentences. If that doesn’t solve it, keep decreasing until we can give the peace officers authority to outright condemn and execute at will. Really its not a far stretch from deciding someone is “mentally ill.” And blahblahblah about “absolute power corrupts absolutely” because they themselves could become condemned.

  13. “Racist” is a word thrown around by the ignorant because they have no logical aurgument to make.

    Shpuld there be a death penalty? I think so for the Olsens and Bernardos of the world.

  14. To that the best you could do? type the word ‘racist’?. Anon#15 was right in describing you.

    Capital punishment should be reserved for the following:

    1. Child molesters.

    2. Premeditated Murder.

    3. Serial Rapist.

    4. Serial Murder.

    5. Organized crime / Gang members.

    The advent of DNA and Forensics pretty much guarantees guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The accused would get one appeal and one appeal only re the sentence. If they lose, sentence to be carried out immediately.

    The above is harsh but necessary. The above categories of people are a cancer in society and thus a danger to society.

    Study after study has shown that the majority of the above never rehabilitate. So why should the law abiding peaceful people have to suffer being victimized by the criminal element? Tell me how that makes any sense?

    As an example lets look at a current case in BC.

    The BACON brothers are a well known criminal organization behind drugs and weapons trafficking. They are the primes suspects behind the shooting on Schoolhouse St / Lougheed Hwy earlier this year in Coquitlam.

    James and Jarrod are currently facing 24 counts of weapons charges (yes I said 24), YET they make bail and get house arrest.

    I dare someone / anyone to explain to me how that sentence for those crimes will rehabilitate them and deter them from being a menace to society.

    Go ahead…I’m waiting.

  15. yeah like posting bullshit comments on webforums is anything other than masturbation.

    If you want to make a difference lobby for legal concealed carry.

  16. Without discussion you cannot make change.

    Concealed carry? give your head a shake this country won’t even allow sworn members to carry thier sidearms off duty…where as in most States they are required to carry them off duty ( not looking to start a whole “we’re not the U.S. bashinf thing here folks)

  17. The post by Anon #17 is just as retarded as the post by Anon #2.

    There is no way in blue hell that civilians would ever be allowed to have concealed carry permits in this country. As Anon #18 stated sworn members can’t carry duty pistols off duty. Which is ironic since we’re agents of the Crown 24/7.

  18. Anon 16, not sure if you understand, but the actual definition of Organized Crime is two people committing a crime, and a third person knowing about it. So if you happen to know two people who have committed a crime, you would be executed too. It would be easier to prove somebody is a gang member, and of course they should all be executed..

    Anon 14, by racist are you implying that executing criminals is racist? Which would imply criminals belong to a visible demographic..? Perhaps this question (rhetorical or not) is in itself racist?

    As for concealed carry, I think thats a good idea. In Utah for example, most people carry a handgun, and as a state is amongst the lowest in gun-related crime. However, if someone spotted the pistol butt when I reached for a magazine or pay for groceries, I would imagine people would freak out even if I had a licence to carry.

    But if it were like other weapons, concealing it would be illegal, so you would have to wear it visibly in a holster. Then walking about with a holstered firearm would be like a way of showing you are a lawful citizen. This has implications of somebody running by to unholster & steal your sidearm, which officers have to deal with daily. Good-quality paddle holsters require a tight vector when unholstering the pistol (straight up) so dislodging is difficult. Plus, many people in the U.S. carry a knife on the other side to repel somebody going for their sidearm.

    Or maybe if carried sidearms had to be fingerprint-locked to the user.. and could be disabled by police by radio frequency..


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