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The job of Chief Constable of a modern police service is a difficult one. The occupier of the office has to be one part politician, one part police officer and one part masochist. In Calgary, it would seem, that Chief Constable Jack Beaton has managed to get and keep the top job without any of the required skills.

Having met Beaton, I am pretty sure he is not an idiot. So, why does he keep doing and saying such idiotic things?

Without delving too deeply into it, let’s take a peek at the past few days.

The Calgary Police Association this past week released the results of a poll of its members which said, in a nutshell, that the rank and file had no confidence in the leadership of the Calgary Police Service and that the vast majority wanted a new chief to be recruited from outside the service.

Pretty stunning stuff really. Beaton has been, frankly, an embarrassment to the taxpayers of Calgary with some of the idiotic things he has said publicly. Where to start? Hmm…well there was the lunacy he spouted about not thinking that police officers in China wouldn’t be able to speak English He apparently found out this little gem of the incredibly obvious when he was in China on an indefensible junket. . . sorry, recruiting drive.. I mean really. . . .if you actually thought that and found out the reality when you went there, would you admit how stupid you were publicly? Jack Beaton did.

The reality is that, regardless of what the latest garden gnome put forward by the police commission to try and defend their ridiculous decision to extend Beaton’s contract in 2005, Beaton has lost (if he ever had) the confidence of the rank and file membership of the Calgary Police Service.

Without the buy-in of those at the sharp end of things, no purported leader can be effective. Beaton clearly has not got that confidence. He has said he will leave when his current contract expires in December. So, he is now a lame duck. And an unrespected lame duck to be exact.

Why, in the face of that, will he not resign? Most involved in the police service have no confidence in him. How and why would any leader who does not have the support and confidence of his troops think they can and should remain in their position?

It really is a mystery. But then given everything that has transpired demonstrating how ineffectual a leader Beaton has been, I suppose it really isn’t surprising.

Beaton has proven himself to be nothing more that a small-minded man who cannot tolerate any criticism. Even though that criticism is well-deserved. He is of little consequence. The proud men and women who serve the citizens of Calgary have no confidence in Jack Beaton. Period. So, why is he still there?

Leo Knight

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  1. It is not only the proud men and women who serve this city who have lost confidence in ol’ Jack – I would suggest that many a citizen feels the same way . . . truth be told was there any REAL confidence in Chief Jack from the begining?

  2. If you look back two years ago it was the same result on the surveys. Seems like people like to complain but are never willing to do anything about it. It is easy to pay lip service to an injustice or look the other way when it becomes difficult. Why don’t the people who are complaining. The ones who it affects, Do something?

    Actions speak louder then words .. think enough words have been shouted .. Now back them up!

  3. Leo,

    The same should be said of the Police Commission, they need to spend less time proping up Jacks regime and more time looking after the well fair of the members…since when is 1 man more important then all the rest combined?…. If you find a cancer you cut it out to save the rest of the body…you don’t cut out healthy tissue to save the cancer!

  4. The survey conducted by the CPA shows an accurate, factual depiction as to what the vast majority of the police officers think of the Service, their Chief and the current direction of CPS.

    Neither Jack Beaton nor the Police Commission have any business doubting the veracity of the survey methodology. It is as “scientific” as can be expected, as members are regularly persecuted and victimized by Jack Beaton’s system of “devine retribution” if they put their names to anything. However, all one has to do is ask a veteran officer what the situation is and they should get some accurate corroboration as to what kind of house Jack has built.

    As for Ian Wilms and his Police Commission spin doctors, Ian ought to know damn well that there are MAJOR problems in CPS. The Commission is well aware of the FACTS – and that Jack Beaton has presided over the demise of a once great Canadian police force. The main problem of course, stems from Beaton’s leadership and a very corrupt and morally bankrupt management team.

    The Alberta Police Act clearly states that the “Chief Constable shall provide adequate policing services” to the citizenry. The shortage of cops on the street AND in so-called “special units” -along with an archaic shifting/deployment model- as well as a FAILED recruitment drive, are proof positive that Jack Beaton has failed in the duties of his office. The policing services which were to have been provided by Jack are lacking to such an extent that in some districts you will have 1 patrol car on a night shift policing an area of 200,000 people. I s this adequate? I think not. The media needs to ask Ian Wilms this question.

    The Commission is also well aware of, and complicit in, the misappropriation of budgetary resources by Jack Beaton in 2005. Jack spent hundreds of thousands of TAXPAYERS DOLLARS for his own private use – to conduct a private investigation and civil action against his critics (remember the Anton Pillar, ‘standfrim.biz” stuff?). Jack should have, at minimum, been fired for using public monies to pursue his critics (from what we now understand, pretty much all of the criticisms presented on the website have been identified as being true).

    The unjust persecution of members like Shaun Horne, Taufiq Shah, the WAC 10 and other whistleblowers – and the absolute misuse and abuse of public dollars and resources associated with that – are more examples of Jack Beaton’s failure in adhering to his own precious “core values”. It seems that Ian Wilms and the Police Commission has ignored these malfeasances as well.

    The Commission has also ignored members who have come to THEM in past with documentation and evidence detailing the systemic abuses committed by certain supervisors and managers. Instead of an investigation, the Police Commission asked for Jack’s opinion on the issues brought forth – and the concerns were quickly dismissed (No surprise there I guess).

    Instead, the Police Commission gave Jack a blank cheque to spend however way he wanted. These abuses committed by Beaton were just some of many during his 7 year regime.

    In order to further stifle criticism and prevent his officers from “whistleblowing” on illegal/corrupt activity, Jack has recently amended CPS policy to expressly PROHIBIT any sworn or civilian member from making ANY REPRESENTATION to the Police Commission or its board (unless its a complaint against Jack directly. And we all know where those go). Members who go outside of the Service to report abuses within can now be punished. All with the apparent blessing of the commission.

    Instead of doing their duty to the citizens of Calgary, the Police Commission has allowed the Chief to run an immoral, procedurally abusive and incompetent regime. As a result, some of the best and brightest police officers are retiring and quitting in droves, sick/stress leave is way up, and the collective morale of the members is the lowest it has ever been in 100 years. All because of Jack Beaton and his power-mad syncophants on the 9th floor. The “old boys” are running a-mock.

    It is highly advisable that the City of Calgary and their Police Commission recruit and find a new Chief from outside of the organization. This will be a good first step towards “healing and reconciliation” between the citizens, the police, the managment and the Police Commission. Ian Wilms, Craig Burrows and all of the other “Jack-supporters” need to start being honest, logical and ethical – and see the problems that Jack Beaton, Jim Hornby, Dean Young, Peter Davidson and a few others have created for Calgary – and take some real and constructive steps in ridding the CPS of its internal rot. All it takes is a few rotten apples to spoil the whole basket.

    Despite what Ian Wilms professes in the media, the membership of the CPA has EVERY RIGHT to make attempts to influence the search for a new Chief. It is the lives of the officers, and ultimately the public, who depend upon the right candidate getting hired to replace Jack. It is in the PUBLIC INTEREST that the new Chief be hired apart from the current regime.

    The Calgary Police can relate to the recent allegations made in the RCMP – and a system of old-boys clubs, negligence and internal crime – which has led to a very public embarrassment. Well, guess what? The Calgary Police management team is not really that different. The members are merely trying to correct a very serious problem as quickly as possible.

    The Calgary Police Commission should be ashamed of itself for the way in which it has supported Beaton over the years. They need to take steps to correct the problem. Instead, I fear the worst is yet to come. Ian Wilms, Craig Burrows and company have perhaps one last chance to set CPS straight. If they fail to do this, may heaven help the police and the taxpaying citizens of Calgary.

    The problems inside CPS have a direct effect on public safety and confidence. Ian Wilms needs to realize this. For once, I wish someone would do the right thing.


    Angry Calgary Taxpayer.

  5. It is intellectually offensive on every level and offends every sensibility every time Jack opens his mouth. He sued the website people on the basis and excuse of protecting the very people he has clearly systematically destroyed with exception of a select group when clearly that whole charade was all about Jack.

    It is evident that no lessons were learned from that exercise. Two years later and the complaints are worse than ever. The dysfunction has come full circle and appears to more than ever lend credence to the arguments presented during that case. In speaking with the lady who was sued for what she believed was the right thing to do, the second website was created as a result of Jack doing exactly what he is now, blatantly ignoring and silencing the voices of the membership. Ironically, they have had their e-mail privileges taken away too!

    It is beyond me how he can stand in front of both print and on camera media and say the first CPA survey was “flawed and faulty” and now when it’s reaffirmed by a second survey say it’s “unscientific”, “politically motivated” and of course my personal favorite, “They were mail in ballots and we all know what happens there”.

    Let’s break that down. How could it be unscientific? Four direct questions were asked and answered by the members that live this day in and day out and they answered. Ian Wilms leans in some squad cars on a walkabout and deems that to be a survey of integrity and becomes incensed when challenged by a member of the media on it. How it could be politically motivated is baffling unless of course you count the fact that the members are saying they want a clean start free of vested interest and legacy mismanagement.

    Jack puts out a vanilla survey and it’s the holy grail of information gathering worthy of automatic credibility! The members in this second survey are saying EXACTLY what they said two years ago just in clearer terms with 500 more voices. You don’t have to hire a big shot PR firm to figure out the math on that one and the resulting trend analysis! Is Jack suggesting that select members of the police force had the ability to submit multiple questionnaires from 900 officer’s home addresses? Isn’t that just a tad illegal?

    Instead of refuting and obfuscating what is crystal clear and entirely obvious out of hand why would he not just man up and take ownership for seven years of administrative misery for the members? Jack has zero credibility. To believe him is to believe that CPS is Pleasantville and those who have concerns malcontents. How can he say absolutely and unequivocably that there is NO truth in ANY of this? Zero, none. Hell, the accused in the cases they do day in and day out have the right to two sides to every story. That doesn’t apply apparently here. There’s only one truth and that’s Jack’s. The Emperor’s clothes are pristine and he’s personally offended by the mere thought. Does that seem rational to you?

    Instead of leaving with such a black legacy he could actually do something to fix some of the problems, the ones that are still manageable, like for example shifting. He would be then known as the Chief who was semi-accountable for his miss-steps. He could leave with a modicum of honor by just doing something specifically for the rank and file instead of the complete shroud of darkness that presently exists. He will never be able to recover fully from his deeds, that’s understood.

    How many times and in how many different ways does it need to be said before something is done? As before and now again, a member appears in blackout on television. Jack’s response? “That’s only one, go talk to the other 1599 members.” But Jack, the others did talk, in fact 60% screamed and you dismissed them, remember? “80% say they are happy to work at CPS, would recommend their family members and anyone else to work there. We’re clearly one of the top 100 companies”. That’s the same argument he trotted out two years ago which apparently means he’s either using the same vanilla survey or alternatively asked the same questions in the new one. Yes Jack, they are saying that they love what they do and where they work, what clearly they are NOT saying is they love the Chief, his flawed management, select members of the executive or the treatment they are getting. They do their jobs in spite of the toxic environment they are forced to work in because they do believe in their calling. They are to be applauded.

    Now, Jack’s putting out another survey that is above reproach because he deems it so. He must be one of Wilm’s classmates from the good old days. They both appear to have graduated from the school of “Because I said so” I do believe.

    The members have talked Jack and some of us are actually listening. Clearly, they know talking to you and some of your management team is an exercise in futility. The concrete evidence of the last four years supports that this is undeniably true. Your response to both very public call outs is also undeniable. YOU AREN’T LISTENING, you are too busy with self preservation and ego.

    I’m baffled how the Chief of Police of a major city, or any city, town or berg, who by the very nature of the profession he has chosen is supposed to stand for truth and accountability yet spends all his time, energy and taxpayer’s money obfuscating the truth and ducking personal accountability all in the name of the citizens of Calgary.

    Jack Beaton is transparently self serving (the only thing he’s transparent about) and clearly enabled by the Commission. What was Ian Wilms thinking? Burrows, well, it’s expected.

    The citizens of this city need to pay attention to this Greek tragedy that is unveiling before their eyes. At the end of the day it’s the members and the citizens who have everything to lose. Jack will swan off to his beloved renovated church with a hefty pension and side contracts happy as a clam while CPS toils to bring some semblance of fairness, moral and order back to the fold. It will take years to undo the damage and only EXCELLENT leadership can steward that. It’s more than clear that the Commission doesn’t care.

    The members have spoken loudly and clearly and it’s time that someone in power listened. How much more evidence is required before something is done? Dr. No, are you listening?!

    A taxpayer who refuses to pay taxes until someone does something about this nightmare.

    Hug a cop today, they really do need it!

  6. Because Chief Beaton is afraid of what will be revealed in the hearing that may cause him embarrassment…like how he’s alleged to have used a former partner from the police service as his agent…..a man with a questionable background…ever heard of 6 degrees of seperation? well sometimes it’s a lot less then six!

  7. I expect there will be a lot more revealed than just who he used. I would be more concerned with how he did it, his true motives and what bodies are buried at CPS. He has a lot to lose. This could be the tip of the iceberg of finally finding out what they’ve been up to for all these years and finally holding people accountable.

  8. Well, the problem is that the bodies were getting burried back when Silverberg was the chief and Cst. Shahs case may be the best venue to finally hear about it.Unless,of course,Jack succeeds in keeping the hearing closed.

    “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.”
    – George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

    I suspect the other issue,at hand, is that the Calgary police commission is in bed with and affraid to act against Jack.He’s repeatedly proven himself to be a raging tyrant who’s hopelessly caught up in his narcissitic mission to quench his sociopathic personality.

    He never admits to wrong-doings in his day-to-day business and naturally assumes that all agree with his impetuous behavior and why shouldn’t he? For years,seven to be exact, he has operated his corrupt little empire with impunity.All the back door deals and back pocket pals in power have made sure of that.They’ve helped to create this demon and are now circling their wagons to defend him.

    I can’t help but feel bad for all the officers who are continuously belittled by these fools in their quest to “scientifically” alter the obvious.

    The hull is vertical and the ship is on it’s way to the bottom.There’s no saving it now for Jack nor the rest of his “carbon-copy” comrades.

    The police commission will need to beef up their,current,jellyfish approach to the chaos if they wish to save any bodies.

    “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
    – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

    It’s time to get the political “p*****s” out of power and get people that aren’t affraid to get in,get their hands dirty and get the job done!

    Jack! give up the pipe dream.Your reign of tyranny over the members is coming to an end and your legacy of terror will never be forgotten by anyone.You are not the chief your mommy wanted you to become nor the King of Calgary.Step down while you still have a few days to retain your thinned luster.

    Remember Jack,
    “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”
    – Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

  9. One has to wonder how all of his (Jacks) little minions are doing?….once he goes and the domino theory kicks in, not to mention once the yoke of oppression is off and the oppressed begin to act out against thier former oppressors…

  10. “And Moses spoke unto Pharoah: ‘Let my people go'”

    – I think that its plainly obvious as to why Jack Beaton is shutting outthe public view from Tof Shah’s disciplinary hearing; why Beaton is hiding information from the media, and why he is deliberately misleading the media and public when he claims there is no merit to the CPA surveys that spell out accurately the internal sleaze, rot and filth in the Office of the Chief.

    Beaton and his syncophantic followers are secretly scared (paranoid) that the public will find out about certain malfeasances, that have gone on over the years. The “Pharoah” is also trying to keep an iron hand of absolute control over the CPS rank-and-file, the Police Commission and his own managers.

    History proves that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The CPS executive is no exception. Jack Beaton and the management have had absolute unchecked power and control for nearly 8 years – and zero accountability to anyone. Explain to me, what other city would allow the Chief of Police the power to veto selection to the Police Commission chair? What other city in Canada would allow a public office holder to use public money for his own civil litigatory pusuits? What other city in Canada would overlook the fact that 89 PERCENT OF THE HONEST, DEDICATED, RISK TAKING, HARD WORKING POLICE OFFICERS IN THEIR CITY, HAVE AGREED PUBLICLY THAT THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO CONFIDENCE WHATSOEVER IN THE CHIEF OF POLICE?

    It amazes me how City Hall and the Commission have allowed the CPS to fall into the pit of hades. Sure, the cops still do a great job with the system that they are forced to survive in. But, look at the retirements! Look at the attrition rate among junior-to-senior officers! Jack stated to the media “if people were unhappy, they would leave.”

    Well, guess what? They ARE leaving. Wait until summer time hits, and watch the resultant exodus.

    And yet, silly hall and the Commish are letting Jack stay around till December, and they are ignoring the obvious facts at issue. All to the detriment of the frontline cop.

    So, for the rest of the year, we get to watch Jack Beaton blow wads of cash on trips to foreign countries to recruit new cops (to replace the good ones he drove out of his kingdom), we get to watch Jack shut out all forms of inquiry into how he protects his sleazy subordinates (and his old partners), we get to watch further witch-hunts (that will no doubt be hidden from public view at all costs) and we get to hear about more shenanigans inside/and outside of the Andrew Davidson Building.

    Oh, yes. And we get to watch the continued collective misery of brave and noble police officers – who are watching the downfall of a once great Police Service. Like Pharoah’s slaves, they will be stifled from speaking out, their emails will continue to be censored and “the floggings will continue until morale improves. By the way, we need you to get 20 tickets this month or else; and we need you to take more calls, do more community projects and hurry up and finish those follow-ups; and put your forge cap on and learn the new salute. Jack needs a legacy he can brag about. Hurry up and finish building Jack’s pyramid.”

    Pharoah would be so proud.

  11. I would have thought a comparison to Germany circa 1945 would have been relevant , but really the end of any despot inserted here would do……….


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