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I should know better.  But I watched the CBC National news tonight.  I know, I know, but there really wasn’t much else on. 

For the first time since, uh, I don’t know when, I screamed at my television. 

The CBC ran a piece of journalistic tripe about the war in Afghanistan with the marking of the 100th Canadian soldier killed in action in that troubled part of the world.  The absolute bias was prevalent in the piece.  They found two families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and a peace activist who has written a book to present an anti-war point of view that had not a hint of balance or, dare I say, common sense.

Without disparaging the families of the brave men who died in the service of this country, I couldn’t help but get angry at the mother of one soldier who said she was okay with her son being a peacekeeper but didn’t want him shooting at someone.   Honestly, she said that.

And then the intellectually-challenged man married to her criticized the mission we are on in some weird attempt to say Canada has done its bit for NATO and we should leave without addressing the job that is not yet done against the Taliban and the forces of evil who are trying to destroy our very way of life.

Now, I grieve along with every other Canadian for the death of every man and woman who is killed in the line of duty in the service of this country.  But, it is disingenuous to the extreme to suggest that if we simply bail on Afghanistan life will be alright.  The harsh reality for all the group huggers is that we, the West, have got to engage in a shooting war with the forces of Islam who are trying to eliminate our way of life.  There is no other way to look at the so-called War on Terror.  And best that war be conducted in a place far away from our shores.


It’s been awhile since I have posted and for those who have written wondering why, suffice to say it has been an extremely busy period for me given that, in addition to my day job and other writing projects, I advise two CFL clubs on matters of security and November was the playoff season.  One of the clubs I work with won the Grey Cup and it was a pure joy to bear witness, at close quarters, to their victory. 

To those of you who enjoy my musings I pledge I will be more forthcoming in the next while.  To those that hate what I say, I will try to say more than ever. 

Leo Knight

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  1. I’ve been aware of the “so-called media” not telling the whole story, or as I like to call it, the truth, ever since they did a piece about something I knew. And they only told enough of it to carry their spun message to the heads of a majority of Canadians. And then comes the arguing with others, because they saw the news and believe they have become experts in that subject. When you point out what the news missed, the common response is, “No that’s impossible, the news would have told us. You’re a liar.” Even if those words are unspoken, they are there.

    Citizens have no place in deciding what is best for our military. For example, during world war 2, despite the fact that everybody rallied for one side or the other, and the fact that people who were completely against the war were few and far between, and the fact that the “school dropout” hippy-generation did not exist yet, would it have been intelligent to drop your arms and leave Europe the moment France was liberated? Some might have said so, because they were only concerned with France, for example; what happens outside of France was none of their “business.”

    The Nazi’s (not the Germans) would have regrouped and re-invaded, and probably would have crossed the Atlantic if left unhindered. Even when Germany was conquered, forces remained for another 45 years or so to ensure “the job was done.” If they just walked away in 1946, would things be different? The Germans weren’t to blame, they didn’t know they voted in a totalitarian leader until it was too late. The Germans lost control of their country and their sovereignty, just like the Afghans did when the Taliban first took over. If the Taliban were operating jewish death camps, would you think differently of them? The reason they don’t, is because they will kill any “non-believers” on site. Some would say this is different than antisemitism, but really its the same, since the jews are their sworn enemy and if you’re not taliban or muslim, then you may as well be a jew. They are taught as children by their elders to hate and have desire to kill non-believers.

    So where does that leave us? Should we bury our heads in the sand and prohibit or destroy our weapons? Should we continue to rally behind our forces for another 45+ years? What should we do, because we can’t “just leave.” The shit’s already hit the fan, and we’re at war around the world, even if it doesn’t look like it when you go shopping.

    And I can guarantee you, if this new Canadian “democratic” coalition takes away our guns, then this country would be ripe for an invasion. WE are the reason the war is NOT here. Would anybody want to change that?

  2. Perhaps you should be working for the Americans and go to war yourself. People like you are the reason for war in the first place. Maybe you should grow a set of balls instead of shooting your mouth off.

  3. Welcome back.

    ..and maybe it's time to privatize the CBC. That way, we can get the place cleaned out, of all the Liberal 'appointees' that have been stashed away in the management & editorial boards forever.

  4. Leo you are just getting more and more pathetic.Why in God’s name would a CFL team need a security advisor?Protect players from paternity tests?Procure clean urine for their drug tests?Considering your past history of virulent promotion of”Canschlaus”,I’m surprised you even watch Canadian football or hockey for that matter.And now you accuse the CBC of anti-semitism…keep the craziness coming!

  5. Don’t you love the logic of the left? They can’t formulate a reasonable argument so they resort to screaming, name calling and all manner of loud obfuscation.

    I am neither left nor right in politics, but rather I am all about right and wrong. In this country it is nigh on impossible to engage in a reasoned debate on any topic lest the lunatic fringe begin losing then they start spewing venom and abuse. Watch for it. It is a regular occurrence.

  6. Anonymous #1 has a good grasp of whats going on over there. The other anonymous has bought the left wing socialist drivel that is so common amongst the latte sippin crowd these days.


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