The President is missing


In my lifetime, I have never been embarrassed by a sitting US President. Until now.

I remember watching the resignation speech of Richard Nixon and shaking my head at the apparent ineptitude of Jimmy Carter as he fumbled the Iran hostage file. I ground my teeth as I listened to the testimony of Oliver North and tried to stifle my gag reflex as the impeachment of Bill Clinton wound on following the ill-advised spilling of his DNA on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress.

But for all that, they occupied the office of the President of the United States. POTUS. The leader of the free world.

And, as events in the Middle East have demonstrated, no matter what we may think or want, the eyes of the world turn to the US to provide help when things are bad. It is not, as the political left might have you believe, that America is imperialist or a colonial power or any of that leftist nonsense. As we have seen in Libya in the past week, the freedom fighters have been calling for American help in, at minimum, establishing a ‘no fly’ zone.

And POTUS? He’s been golfing and generally amusing himself by doing anything but appearing as the leader of the free world. Even the imminent meltdown of four nuclear reactors in Japan could not rouse the Speechifier in Chief from his vacation. After all, he needs a good rest with all the speeches he gives. It’s tiring spouting all that rhetorical BS.

Today, the UN Security Council finally agreed to enforce a no fly zone. Well, that is about a day late and a dollar short in my opinion. The Benghazi rebels who have be trying to remove the terrorist leader of Libya are almost a spent force.

Time will tell how this will all turn out, but the salient question is, where has Obama been? When he should have been seen as the leader of the western world in the face of a crisis he was …golfing. Oh, and appearing on ESPN picking who he thinks will be in the Sweet 16 and on to the final four in the NCAA annual basketball tournament known as March Madness. Frankly, who gives a fig! The world is in crisis on two continents and Barack Obama thinks college basketball is worthy of his attention.

If he does not go down in history as the worst President in US history, I will be astonished.

Leo Knight

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  1. If u think Obama’s the worst POUS. THEN U HAVE BEEN LIVING IN YOUR Right Wing bubble to long.Get your lips off of Rush,Bill,and all the other Repugs .u been sucking and bitch about whats happening in your own back yard.Iiligitime non carurundum……..

    • Name-calling and nonsensical vitriol are the result of an extreme-leftist education system pushing idealisms on the weak-minded, stifling opinions and thought. An entire generation of people have been manipulated.

      • Lets talk nonsensical vitriol.How about the criminal parasites who call themselves “servants” of the people who are in the pockets of the RICH and their major corporations.Both crooks and Liars, the REPUBLCONS and DEMORATS serve the same beast just two slightly different facets of the same agenda.Don’t you all just enjoy being led around by your noses.TRUMP & Palin 2012 lol,lol,…….

  2. The reality of it all is that you right wing cry babies can’t get over Nov.5,2008 ,when hell froze over, Keep your skates on Losers……


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