The madness in Montreal brings out the liberals

The madness in Montreal yesterday was tragic. On this morning after the shootings, the final tally of dead and wounded has yet to be made. The crime scene is still taped off and investigators are still interviewing witnesses and trying to make sense out of the mayhem.

It didn’t take long for the hand-wringers to come out drawing parallels to the 1989 misogynistic killings at L’Ecole Polytechnique also in Montreal. Some media outlets, were somewhat veiled in their headlines such as: Woman killed by gunman at Montreal College. The implication being obvious.

Hard on the heels of that, the liberal media tried to raise the issue of the Tories killing the bloated, expensive and totally ineffective long gun registry. Notice the quote in the piece by Lucienne Robillard, a senior member of the Liberal Party, which starts off, “As a woman in Montreal . . ..” One wonders if the writer of the report is being paid for his party political piece?

Fortunately for the beleagured taxpayers of Canada, the guns used by Kimveer Gill yesterday were legally obtained and registered just like the pandering Liberals envisioned.

And once again, the gun registry has proven it is totally useless. When will the liberals finally get it and finally shut up? Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has tabled legislation to kill the ineffective, bureaucratic registry. One hopes, even with the minority government and the tenuous hold on power Stephen Harper’s government has, that the House will allow Day’s Bill to pass when Parliament sits again this Fall.

Leo Knight

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  1. typical alliance slander-your hatred for democracy only grows-if u stopped tazering jaywalkers and sucker punching handcuffed women and actually did some real police work i’m certain this nutbar would have been disarmed a long time ago-thank God the rightful government of this country will be returned shortly-nobody living in the city has any business owning guns-go back to Fort Whoop up

  2. So, is the above commentary from “anonymous” supposed to be some type of leftist poetry? Or is the author on some really, REALLY good crystal meth?

    Good to see how well the gun registry worked in this case. The liberal government sure did save a lot of people from gun violence with the federal gun registry. Yessir. All those billions of dollars sure did a lick of good in this case.

    The Blogman

  3. The interesting thing about the left is that they inevitably resort to name-calling when they are devoid of an intelligent argument. Res ipsa loquitor . . .

  4. “anonymous” claims I hate democracy. Far from it. I love democracy which, to me, means being free to do what you want with the absolute minimum of interference from government. I note the reference to ‘rightful government’, as in ‘divine right’, or the right the left granted for decades to government to take away our rights and steal our money.

    OK “anonymous”, you’re the expert, tell me what kind of ‘good police work’ should have been done to disarm this guy? I don’t mean global platitudes, I mean concrete steps. Come on, this shouldn’t take all day, the answers should be on the tip of your tongue. Tell us how it’s done.

    Gee, Leo, I don’t hear anything….should I repeat the question or do you think he’s stumped?

  5. Hi Leo,
    I just caught on to your blog. Interesting dialogue but for me I think the issue goes so much deeper than politics. I dropped you a line at paladin as well. We should get together. You and I have a similar desire to bring about reformation in policing. Check out my blog.
    Best regards


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