The Lesser of Two Weasels

I have had about all the stomach-churning rhetoric and blatent nonsense I can handle in this election campaign.  

The economy in the USA, Iceland, Japan and many other parts of the world is in the toilet and circling the drain.  NDP leader Jack Layton and Liberal Stephane Dion can only scream “Why isn’t the Prime Minister doing something?”  Well, what exactly isn’t made clear.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not panicked and knee-jerked his way into doing something for the sake of appearing to be doing something.  That’s what a leader does.  A leader does not panic.  

While I abhor some of the things the Harper government has done, or not done as the case may be, one cannot say he has been reckless, which seems to be what the lefty weasels are demanding.

Now, I know for certain that Dion’s Green Shift is a pack of stuff and nonsense.  But clearly, if it was stuff and nonsense a month ago, with the market meltdown, it  is unadulterated stupidity now.  But, Dion continues to say a Liberal government will adopt this in its first budget.  

This is beyond reckless given the market situation, this is economic suicide.  Follow me here.  The so-called Green Shift, the term in itself was stolen without the permission of the owner of the name, is touted to be revenue neutral because carbon taxes placed upon carbon emitters would be offset by income tax reductions.  

Okay. But if the carbon tax is designed to incent the carbon emitters to emit less doesn’t that also follow that that leads to paying less?  And if they are paying less and the income tax reduction is not recinded, isn’t that a recipe for deficit budgets? Well, you know it is, and I know it is.  But that ‘s because we can actually think something through.  And, of course, this simple concept doesn’t deal with the inflationary result because increasing costs on business means business has to reflect that cost on their price to the end user.  Simple economics.

But, apparently not simple enough for the critical thinkers who pull the strings on the most corrupt political party this country has ever had endure. And, if you doubt the accuracy of that statement please purchase Paul Palango’s new book: “Dispersing the Fog” and get back to me after you’ve digested it.

But simple economics seems to elude the other weasel as well, Jack Layton. I may climb a clock tower with a rifle if I hear the phrase “working family” or “corporate welfare” again. Is Layton so devoid of ideas that he must resort to the 1974 election campaign speeches of David Lewis who coined the phrase “corporate welfare bums?”  Layton’s stated policy of eliminating the so-called “$50 billion” in corporate tax cuts enacted by the Stephen Harper minority government may be ideologically sound with the ideological unsound on the political left, but it doesn’t make any sense in the real world.  I don’t care how you paint it, if government raises the cost to business of anything, then business must, by definition, pass that cost onto its customers which of course, means the buying public.  And that is true whether we are talking about oil companines, or financial institutions or the Ma and Pop corner grocery store.  

Why would any political leader with any concept of reality want to add to the financial burden of the average Canadian family at this point in time with the American economy in free-fall and our economic times so uncertain?  Notice I didn’t use the term “working family” and instead used “average Canadian.”  The NDP seems to think the only people who “work” are single moms and union members.  Weasel the Lesser should try and see how hard people like you and I work to pay our taxes, our bills and try and keep a few shekels out of the hands of the government thieves for a rainy day.

The concept of a Dion government or a coalition Dion/Layton government is frightening at best and downright disastrous at worst.  Whatever one may think of Stephen Harper, he is, at least, a true leader and a careful steward of the country. The choice on October 14 is either Stephen Harper or the lesser of two weasels.

Leo Knight
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  1. You’re absolutely correct, Leo. I’ve been following the fictitious statements on the commercials from the Liberals and the NDP, I’ve probably seen 100 but only 2 from the PC’s. The Liberals and NDPs will say whatever it takes to discredit our current government, short of libel. Stephen Harper has been the only leader in over 15 years who has been taking the interests of the citizens into office. He’s going to further decrease taxes, because they aren’t spending like crazy, and he isn’t giving 50 billion to the corporations like the commercials say he is. If we make it harder for the corporations to do business, things cost more for us. So he’s making it a little easier instead, which should brings costs down — whether they choose to keep the extra profit will be proven by whether we choose to buy from them. Many Canadians are cost-oriented, they’ll buy a can of soup that costs $0.47 instead of a can that costs $0.99, when they’re in a situation where every penny counts. Lots of “working families” are struggling and many are going to food banks more than ever. Stephen Harper is going to continue “Trimming the fat” off the government, and this is the main reason why the early election has been called — to further remove seats from the Liberals and NDP so that the government can start doing things without their hands tied behind their backs as a minority government!

    We should continue to take seats away from the Liberals and NDP, we don’t want another kickback scandal, we don’t want to keep funneling cash into Quebec just because their whine is better than their wine, and we don’t want inept politicians like the NDP to have any control over us. The PC’s are on a good track, they are making things work well, and the economy is not their fault. It so happens that the Bank of Canada reduced rates, but the major banks of Canada ARE NOT PASSING IT ON TO YOU. Don’t go and blame the Conservatives for that. In fact, they should write into law something that makes it illegal for them to do this, and that could only happen if they get the majority.

    Also, Stephen Harper wants to get rid of the long-gun registry which has been a waste of money for about a decade, it doesn’t help solve crime like some people would like you to believe. All the information is at your fingertips. He is the only leader that won’t increase gun control — any increase in gun control will invariably cause an increase in crime. And Stephen Harper is the only one tackling crime. He wants to strip teenagers of the right to be anonymous when they commit violent offenses like murder and aggravated assault. Kids these days have this “I don’t care about what happens to me because my record gets erased at 18” attitude. You should fear for your life if you encounter one of these kids. They care even less about you.

  2. Here’s the really scary part. Despite all of the corruption, all of the incompetence and the outright arrogance of the Liberal party and its leadership -there is still between 28 to 31 percent of the country that are still willing to vote Liberal (36 percent of Ontario, and about 26 percent of Quebec -provided that you believe the polling data).

    This, despite Adscam, despite an unimpeded activist judiciary (appointed mainly by Liberal PM’s), despite a criminal justice system that favours the criminal, despite Alphonzo Gagliano’s connections to organized crime, despite an archaic taxation system, etc, etc, etc. The list can go on forever, regarding Liberal abuses of power and pure incompetence.

    This presents me with one of only two explainations. One third of the people in this country are either:

    a) Mentally ill,


    b) Willfully blind.

    Which is it?

  3. “This presents me with one of only two explainations. One third of the people in this country are either:

    a) Mentally ill,


    b) Willfully blind.”

    I think it is the third option: socially engineered stupidity.

    In today’s society nobody is responsible for their actions. Commit murder? Fraud? Theft? Impaired Driving?….don’t worry…blame it on the fact that you didn’t get that red bike for Christmas when you were 5 years old, etc etc.

    That’s the Liberal and NDP legacy….

  4. When you look at the comments people have been posting on Canada’s news websites, such as, regarding the articles surrounding the upcoming election, virtually 100% of all the comments are anti-conservative. Any comment posted has to be reviewed and approved, and clearly anybody with a conservative take is getting filtered.

  5. Conservatives FTW!

    Down with the liberal agenda!

    Dion is a peon!

    Layton is abatin’!

    Du ceppe is boletus!

    Its too bad about the votes in that nozzle. Que bec? (what nozzle?)

  6. “Climb a clocktower with a rifle…”???Who would you murder then?Women? Children?Colored people?Bloodthirsty trigger happy campers like you are all the more reason that the police of this country must get serious about gun crime and stop being afraid of offending the Conservative party.How about enforcing the gun laws???/That is an incredibly irresponsible statement for a former(well probably not ever)policeman to publish.Clown

  7. People are just afraid these days to speak their mind, and when they see somebody else has spoken their mind in a way that they think is wrong, they jump all over it.

    If you tell somebody, “I’m going to shoot you,” thats a death threat. But what people don’t realize is that they can go wherever they want with a rifle. Someone might get freaked out, like if you walked into a restaurant with one, but the important part is that its in a case, is locked or disabled somehow, and is a non-restricted firearm. You can climb up and down that clocktower all day Leo, I got your back.

    Something else thats messed up these days, is telling somebody in a threatening situation “I know karate,” because thats supposed to be a death threat, but ONLY if you actually know karate. Well, I know karate, and the last thing I’m going to do is tell somebody. I’ll show them instead. So anybody that uses that line in real life is just a pussy, or some sort of Liberal. The ‘size’ of someone’s mouth is inversely proportional to their fighting ability.

    And to that person who signed Clown, you should quit your day job because you’re not very entertaining. How can you say they’re not enforcing the gun laws? Are you some sort of ignorant child? Adolescents are children too, FYI, just in case you were confused by that too. I’m trigger-happy and I own several rifles, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to break any laws. And do some ACTUAL research, Leo’s career as a peace officer is well-documented.

  8. Why do you hate Canada so much?Canadians will never give the neo fascist Conservative party a majority government because they know right wing parties have no sense of financial(not to mention social) responsibility.Any unimpeded Conservative agenda always ends in bankruptcy and lost wars.The Liberals will thankfully form the next (majority) government.

  9. “Any unimpeded Conservative agenda always ends in bankruptcy and lost wars.The Liberals will thankfully form the next (majority) government.”

    Thats what people like you were saying for THIS election. I happen to think you are completely wrong, you give no proof of claim, no shred of elucidation, just anti-conservative rhetoric. You are probably a school teacher who can’t look beyond their own classroom walls, or past your own nose when outside those walls. You liberal pieces of garbage have almost but completely ruined this country, and the liberals will never get a majority ever again.


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