The King is Dead. . . Long Live the King

The Chief Constable of the Calgary Police Service, Jack Beaton, has served notice that he will not seek an extension of his contract and will retire as of December this year when his current deal expires.

Big deal.

Jack Beaton has been an ineffectual Chief and his departure announcement underlines that. We now have to bear witness to eight or so months of a lame-duck leadership after seven years of a lame-brained regime.

After several months of Beaton musing out loud, indicating to all who’d listen, that he was open to a contract extension and being deafened by the silence, he has now announced his retirement. But not without talking about his availability for other potential Chief’s jobs. Sorry Jack, no takers.

Since being appointed Chief Constable of the Calgary Police Service, Jack Beaton has been a resolute failure in my opinion. He claims successes such as G-8 but frankly that’s nonsense. G-8 in Kannaskis was the end result of a lot of pre-planning by the RCMP, CSIS, the Armed Forces, private security and the Calgary Police Service. Yes, CPS had a role, but frankly the role was limited as the main action was an hour west of the city.
Having said that, I did think their tactical, rapid response of CPS members on the 8th Ave. mall at the McDonald’s restaurant was poetry in motion. Some of the more radical elements of the looney left tried to do a “takeover” by moving quickly from the main protest group and we’re thwarted by the CPS Bike Squad so they were unable to stage their planned inanity. But what, exactly the Chief could claim as his own from that, is negligible, if anything at all.
Just a few days before he announced his delayed but inevitable departure, the Calgary Police Association put out a survey to its members. In and of itself, that’s not particularly unusual.
After all, their last survey was a year and a half ago. That survey yielded a staggering 75% disapproval rating in “senior management” of the Calgary Police Service.
But this survey is extraordinary. There are only four questions. The first of which is very telling: “Do you have confidence in Jack Beaton as Chief of Police?”
But what is more telling is the cover letter addressed to the members of the Calgary Police Service. In it, the Association President, Al Koenig writes: “Historically, there have been security issues surrounding the use of internal mail systems and we have been made aware that email sent via the CPS system to CPA offices as having been intercepted and therefore security as well as anonymity could not be guaranteed.”
While union rhetoric is expected, this is much more. It is, essentially, an allegation of illegal activity made by way of an instruction to its members. And it is made in such a way as to accept that the illegal activity is de rigeur.
Given that Beaton used an Anton Pillar order (a civil search warrant) to try and find out who was behind a web site critical of his leadership – or lack thereof as the case may be – this distrust is much more than union rhetoric.
So much so, that I asked a Calgary police officer what the mood was like in the department since Beaton’s announcement. The response was: “He needs to be gone a lot sooner. Jack can create a lot of carnage in the 8 months or so he has left, and he is vindictive and egotistical enough to do so.”
Beaton will have been Chief Constable for seven years when he retires in December, the longest serving Chief in Calgary’s history. But that won’t be the only thing that defines his legacy. He altered the hand-positioning in the salute offered by members of the Calgary Police Service to superior officers by 90 degrees. Good to know he had some kind of lasting effect.
Beyond that, there’s not much. So, why is he hanging around for another eight months?
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  1. The end of Jack Beaton’s tenure as Police Chief of CPS has been way too long in coming. As a CPS member, I can tell you, clearly and unequivicably, that Beaton is the most despised Chief in CPS history. In fact, he may currently be the most despised Chief in Canada.

    But why?

    Basically, Jacko-wacko has used his position in a manner that is abusive, incompetent and illogical. So much so, that after he mused about staying a few more years, dozens of members eligible for retirement (who otherwise may have stuck a round a few more years) put in their retirement papers. Other cops who are on the junior-side of the fence, are quitting and going to places like RCMP, Victoria, Saskatoon and Halifax regional.

    Jack Beaton has never, ever shown any respect whatsoever for the members who he claims “I am proud of the work our members do each and every day.” B.S. Jack has, by his own actions and re-actions, displayed a behavior pattern that can at minimum be described as tyrannical. Want examples?

    1) Jack hired his own private “secret” police, consisting of Bruce Dunne (Maxim Research and Corporate Consulting – a former partner of Jack’s from the street days) and Bennett Jones law firm, to hunt down his internet critics through the unethical usage of the infamous Anton Pillar civil search warrant. The witch hunt was legendary and was paid for by Calgarian’s tax-dollars (a good portion of which no doubt went into Dunne’s questionable pockets). Estimates are that the witch hunt cost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. Scary.

    2)The Elbow Drive raid from 2000. Jack’s regime spent even more truck loads of tax payers dollars to cover for the very questionable actions of Carl DeSantis and a few other officers when they did a seacrh warrant on nacy Killian-Constant’s home; where guns were drawn on the parents, grandparent and children – as well as the family lawyer. Instead of giving an apology and holding certain people accountable, Jack’s regime delayed, delayed and delayed – hoping to “money ’em to death” – and shut down any semblance of an impartial investigation; further traumatizing the family. In the end , Jack gouged 5 grand out of a mother and father who only wanted truthful answers as to why they were “mistakenly” terrorized in their own home. Some core values.

    3)The vengance taken against the WAC 10 (Work awareness campaign) for not writing tickets; and the threats and intimidation against those who participated in union mandated legitimate job action in 2002. Members were kicked out of their units, charged under the Police Act and given “negative paper” which adversly affected their careers – even to this day. All over the ticket quota (which still exists in form). Jack ranted and raved and threatened and intimidated – all to put an end to officers fighting for better wages and working conditions. Careers were ruined under orders from Jack. Don’t believ this? Ask George Rocks and Nick Kiska.

    4) The Kirk MacCallum fraud scandal. The victims never did receive their owed justice and Kirk continues to work in GIU to this day. The money has never been found and, according to Tony Manning’s public testimony in Court (and Kirk’s own admission), may possibly be in a Cayman Island’s bank. No PSS investigation under the Police Act has never been commenced – and some say that some of Jack’s subordinates made away with their money (actually, other cop’s money) before the scheme collapsed. It is said by some that Kirk was never properly prosecuted. All on Jack’s watch. Wonder why?

    5) Jack Beaton has never, ever entertained any notion to replace the current, archaic shift schedule for street cops, with one that is healthier, easier and organized. Even when his own deputies have given their approval for a change in shifting model, Jack has shot down every proposal. He won’t even talk to the CPA about the issue. Officer fatigue, stress and impairment is on the rise and the street strength keeps decreasing. Things are almost at the breaking point in ALL districts. All because Jack doesn’t care.

    –Jack’s self-centred agrandizing interview on QR77 AM a week ago was spin doctoring and denial at its worst. The Titanic has now hit the iceberg – and Jack has decided to ignore and deny the internal problems affecting the service and its members. The hull of the ship is filling with water and Jack is first one to the lifeboat. According to Jack “everything is perfect, morale is up, the CPA is lying and I am the greatest thing that has ever happened to CPS and everybody approves of everything I do.” Nothing can be FARTHER from the TRUTH.

    And despite all of the filth and sleaze that has eminated from the Andrew Davidson Building, the promotion of “good ol’ boys” and sons of retired deputies, the cover-ups and witch hunts – things that are documented FACT – the Calgary Police Commission, in full knowledge of the facts and evidence presented to them – has given Jack Beaton several contracts for more years than was ever justified.

    So, as Jack prances around like a golden peacock, with all of his self-presented police medals; giving speeches at the Petroleum Club and community events – and telling everyone how great he is and how much he has enjoyed his tenure as Chief – remember the officers and civilians that have unjustifiably suffered over the last 7 years of his regime.

    These are the facts and they are INDISPUTABLE. Just ask any cop on the street in Calgary.



  2. In yesterdays paper Alderman McIver syas he hopes that the next Chief comes from within, because there is lots of talent in the organisation. That is true, but they are also a product of thier environment, meaning that they have 20 years of being exposed to a sub culture where abuse of employees is not only accepted but encouraged to attain promotion.

    One of the Deputies has already declared his interest, this is the same guy who was screaming obscenities at the S/Sgts. last week in a private meeting, you might say he’s a chip off the old block head.

  3. It’s a pity. All Jackie boy wanted to do was protect the public reputation of the CPS but he has helped to soil it!

    This guy took an alleged CRIMINAL complaint I had asked the Justice Minister to investigation [of a CPS member and a court clerk fixing the police officer’s photo radar ticket] and he turned it into a misconduct complaint under the Police Act so that he could dismiss it and me.

    The Statement of Claim should be filed against Mr. Beaton by the end of the month alleging that he violated my Charter Rights in a effert to supress my CRIMINAL allegations.

    See ya in court Jackie boy.

  4. To the above blogger:

    Regardless of how long or short Beaton’s tenure is/was, it WAS WAY TOO LONG!!!!!

    Jack took a perfectly good police service and destroyed it. You are coorect, however, when you say that Brian Sawyer is sorely needed back.

    I don’t even know how CPS can be repaired after all of the internal and external damage to the service Jack Beaton has caused. Kind of like repairing Iraq after the fall of Saddam.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


    Angry Taxpayer

  5. The steps would be something like this:

    1. Regime change, all the way down the chain of commande as far as the cancer has spread.( Silverberg did some of this , unfortunately she did not cut deep enough, and the bullies in the wings filled the gaps)

    2. Find a Chief of Police who has in his previous Sr. officer duties DEMONSTRATED the core values that the current executive blather on about but do not follow.

    3. Create a Cst. Ombudsman position that would report directly to the police commission, this would help to stop some of the tyranical acts of those with rank who were “raised” in an environment that rewarded negative actions against peers and subordinates, it will take time for them to unlearn these negative behaviours.

    4. Change the promotional process to the following:

    4.1. Members eligible for promotion will self identify their interest in promotion in writing.

    4.2. Each district will create a list of candiates and the members of that district will via silent ballot nominate their top choices , lets say 10, these will be each assigned a number that only 1 person in HR can cross reference.

    4.3. The candiates will submit a resume of their work expierences that has no reference to name or gender, this will be scored on a pre selected criteria.

    4.4. The candidates will write a basic competencies test.Those that score over 75% will move on to the next step.

    4.5. Interviews will be done with each numbered candidate on a pre selected group of questions and a score given.

    4.6. The individual from HR the Ombudsman, and 1 Sr.officer will compile the scores and from there rank the candidates from 1 through whatever.

    This system would promote those with the required competencies and more importantly remove the “suck up” or “brown noser” factor as well as when the children of Sr, officers get promoted everyone will know it was because of their abilities and knowledge, not because their dad sat on the beach in Hawaii with the promotional board officer.

    5. Restructure the sub culture within the service from one of rewarding head hunting to one of respecting employees for their contributions and more importantly some might say, creating a better workplace so that we stop being a training ground for other services at Calgary taxpayer expense. This would also aid in retaining our most sr. street cops and Detectives. Theres a reason the average years of service in CPS are 25+1 day and in Edmonton it’s 33+1 day. This would save also again in taxpayer police training dollars.

    5. Change the operating model of the service from that of a “business model” back to a “service” model. To use a “business model” as the basis of your operations is set your service up for failure, “Business models use the financial bottom line as the measuring stick for success, so how does a “service” which was not created to generate revenue but rather provide a service, possibly succeed under those conditions? ( Other then of course the management imposing expected performance expectations (quotas) in the are of traffic ticket writing), lets concentrate on crime prevention and solving, the core of community based policing.

    6. Continuing education is important, but ongoing core competencies traning is more important, a member of the Calgary Police Service who does NOT aspire to be Chief should not be looked down at because he has decided that he best serves the citizens of Calgary as CFL, Constable for life. Dispite what the current powers that be think, not everyone wants to be a Insp./ Deputy Chief/ Chief of Police.The U.S marines say ” Every man a rifleman” Cps in this spirit should place greater value on the “street cop” instead of looking down at them.

    7. The Calgary Police Commission needs to be revamped, the Chief Of Police should have no say who does and does not sit on the Commission ( except in the case of known criminals or those with criminal associations.)

    8. A full investigation needs to be conducted into the activites of the current management regime and their handling of complaints against members, it’s well known within the service that complaints are generally dealt with based on who the member being complained about is, and not the evidence and allegations against them. I would suggest that a independent Internal Affairs office be set up staffed by retired police officers from other services ( yes, there is enough retired mounties and munis living in Calgary to staff this) who would investigate these complaints if mediation was refused by the complainant.This would put an end to Sr. Officers taking personal ownership of complaints against family members and interferring in, or directing the investigation. This, would not only have the appearence of impartiality but would BE!

    These are some preliminary steps that would help to remove some of the tarnish from the badge that has landed there in the last 7 or so years in Calgary. The police are supposed to be the good guys, somewhere along the way the current executive seems to have forgotten that…or maybe they just never knew.


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