The Fat Lady isn’t singing yet

With everyone pretty much accepting that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are going to form the next government, word comes in the form of a Decima poll suggesting that although Harper is holding his ten point lead nationally, the Liberals in Ontario have shown something of a resurgence.
The fat lady may be warming up in the room next door, but if Ontario goes solidly back to the Liberals, she may never get to take the stage. And that is troubling.
The winds of change may be blowing everywhere else in the country but there is still a large segment of the population of Ontario that seems to believe that the status quo is preferable to the legacy of corruption, entitlement and cronyism that has marked the last 12 years of Liberal domination in Ottawa.
Although there was good news for those of us who want to see an end to the Liberal stranglehold on the country. Harper’s Tories have apparently made some terrific gains in Quebec of all places and Harper was there again today to reinforce his message to federalists.
Can the Tories elect MPs in Quebec? Hard to imagine, but certainly any path to a majority government requires the support of at least some of the ridings in that province. Certainly Gilles Duceppe seems to have come to grips with the issue and has turned his guns onto the Conservatives.
And speaking of guns, a litany of special interest groups and the usual suspects form the left are warning that a Harper government would wreak all manner of havoc.
Phil Fontaine, leader of the Assembly of First Nations was moaning in the media about Harper not being fully behind the Kelowna native deal reached in November. Then there was EGALE, the gay rights group saying: “If Stephen Harper goes ahead with his plan to reopen the divisive equal marriage debate, it will lead Canada into a legal swamp.”
And then there was the Canadian Climate Coalition who are worried that a Harper government would back away from the Kyoto accord orchestrated by Martin mentor and bribe-taker Maurice Strong. They accused Harper of moving Canada “into the same camp as U.S. President George W. Bush.”
Anytime one of these left wing loons wants to discredit the Tories and Stephen Harper they invoke the name of the US President as though he is evil incarnate.
And Paul Martin was busy today shooting at all comers but couldn’t resist yet another wild accusation that Harper has a “hidden agenda.” I am really getting tired of that one. I only wish Martin would.
There are only a few days remaining until election day. The curtain may be ready to fall on a government bereft of ideas and riddled with corruption. But, the fat lady is still only warming up her vocal chords.

Leo Knight

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