The bath is getting crowded

Well, as witch hunts go, Calgary Chief Jack Beaton certainly doesn’t hold back. The story headlined on Prime Time Crime’s front page today, Chief won’t give up the hunt demonstrates just how out of control he is.

Is it possible he does not realize that by his actions he is proving the Standfirm group were accurate in their assessment? They talked about bullying and retribution and failing to adhere to the Core Principles espoused, but apparently not practiced by this chief.

I was in Calgary yesterday and had to covertly meet with a couple of Calgary cops. They described a climate of fear pervading the department. Members are trying to burn off lieu time hours, taking days off, calling in sick, leaving early and generally doing anything to avoid the Beaton freight train. Said one officer, “Paranoia is running rampant in HQ with many trying to avoid the Chief and his deputies at all costs. ”
And it didn’t stop there. “The climate of fear and terror in CPS is enormous. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!” And why? Because Beaton can’t take criticism that certainly appears to have been well-founded. And, he is proving every day just how accurate that criticism was.

And what’s with the President of the Calgary Police Association? Let’s take a look at the quote attributed to him in the Global stoy. Here’s the quote:

“There appeared to be about 15 people that were regular contributors,” says Koenig. “Now, 15 people out of 2,200 employees is a pretty small amount and they were the same complaints from the same people. If we were to see a couple of hundred different names on there, then there would be cause for concern but at this point it does seem to be a rather small group.”
Well, in the first place, I would wonder how he knows there are only 15 people involved. Certainly, that number has never been discussed in any other forum. Inside information perhaps? And what does he mean when he says if there were a couple of hundred it would be a different matter? He had well over 400 responses to his own survey last summer that showed 70 per cent had lost confidence in the chief and senior management.

I think it is also interesting that any police association is prepared to stand by when senior management are conducting a witch hunt and apparently, is prepared to say 15 members are not a cause for concern. It’s a bloody great concern and Koenig should be roasted by the membership for his malfeasance in not standing up to this bullying style of management. Or perhaps I should say cooperation. For it certainly looks to me like he has rolled over and allowed Beaton to scratch his belly like an old hound dog.

As an aside, where has the Calgary Sun been in all of this? To the best of my knowledge they have barely noticed this story. Why? Every other member of the mainstream media has covered the story and the Calgary Herald, A Channel and CBC have even committed their lawyers to getting the files unsealed. What happened to the Sun’s duty to the good citizens of Calgary? Or are they drinking the same bathwater as Beaton and Koenig?

Just asking.

Leo Knight

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  1. So, let me see if I understand this. Chief Beaton already has the individuals responsible for the website and now he’s taking it a step further to go after the members who had the audacity to write an email? For this apparent unforgiveable sin they face disciplinary action?

    This is an abomination. I’m outraged! Why hasn’t this been stopped?

  2. Leo,

    if you were a hunter,i’d say you got that one right between the eyes.

    to increase the “fear factor” that high is the best way the administration at CPS can feels like they have control.the word is out at the ADB, from the Chief that if any officer is found to be associated to the web sites that they will more or less be slaughtered!! this will explain the cloud of fear.we have officers here affraid of going to the bathroom cause they’re affraid of running into the SS of CPS.its too bad Jack doesn’t realize that this negative affect on his officers will eventually have an impact on the way they do their job and deal with the public.thats why ladies get dragged around naked and people start randomly firing off their service weapons.

    all of this for what?so the chief can go back to his cave,thump on his chest,and chant loudly that he was the victor-over a battle he created in the first place, i might add.

    looks like the citizens of calgary have had enough of you spending their money for your personal gain……HMMMM….Gomery……HMMMMM…..Liberal Government…..oh oh i’m getting off track.sounds like a breach of trust to me.that may even be an indictable offense under the Criminal Code of easy Jack,with all that money and the judicial system at your feet,you’ll never get touched!!just ask your buddy Al at the CPA.

    i’ll bet that you stroke your ego every time you lay your head down on your pillow!

  3. My guess is that the Chief has now learned that the tax paying public is sick and tired of his rampage funded by their hard earned dollars so he has to make it look like he’s got someone or more individuals than he really does.Makes the expense of all those free dollars more the end of the day he will still have only the four that have come forward and I applaud the courage of those individuals.AS a tax paying citizen I will be reconsidering who I vote for in the next set of municiple elections and I doubt that the likes of Mr. Burrows will make it in again.

  4. Don’t forget Madaline King she also voted to allow Jack to use your tax dollars and mine to conduct this witch hunt. Oh and lets not forget Collie-Urgheart(sp?)who took the political oppurtunity to jump all over this yet does not return calls made to her office by officers and thier families…….maybe shes afraid of being on Jacks bad side?

  5. can anyone explain to me where the Chief actually sits in the grand scheme of things.At times he says he’s a super nice guy, his door is always open and that he’s never known any of his officer to be fearful of administrative backlash to going after them like a shark at a feeding frenzy then back to being the “Mother Teresa” of the police world.Please clarify this for me.By the way, how much can we expect our taxes to go up this year to help the Chief fund this hunt?

  6. Leo,

    I don’t understand something and hope you can explain…if this Chief has this “witch hunt” on for anyone who submitted their own personal stories or opinions, comments etc to these websites in question..does he not then have to continue to investigate, shut down and place the fear of GOD into every other website on the internet and the people who submit comments to them as well? Like yours…and numerous other sites I have noticed saying not so nice things about him. I’m confused.

    The other question I have…if the two people who the Anton Pillar order was executed have to apoligize to the officers that the stories were written about…how do they know which officers? The Chief states all was malicious lies, if thats the case as he says, then there should be no officers to apoligize too..No stories I read had names attached…which makes me believe that obviously the officers who want an apoligize, did recognize themselves in the stories…DUH.

  7. I agree with above, if there was no truth to the stories how did anyone recognize themselves in the stories …unless of course they were true.

  8. well, let me make things clear for you folks…

    The management of the Calgary Police Service pride themselves on promoting and protecting their “criminal cops”.these kind of cops bend over backwards to do the dirty work for Jack and his boys.

    any officer that comes foreward with integrety or any show of “core values” is quickly beaten down by the goons of CPS.hense the apology to the officers.good criminal cops always come forward when they’ve been victimized and the Chief will see to it that their wishes are granted.kind of like the leader of a mafia would and take care of his thugs.

    so it should be clear as mud.the criminals and the sexual deviants in the force realized that their gig was up in the stories on the web sites so now their running to PAPA Jack to make things all better.

    who needs criminals when you have the Chief and his thugs running the show!!

  9. oh oh Leo,

    make sure you’re familiar with the ANTON PILLAR and look for Jack and his secret service boys coming over to bash in your door.if he can go to the states and pakistan then i guess he can go anywhere,watch your back buddy.Jack is on the loose.there’s not a law abinding cop safe out there now!!

  10. Kinda runs like the KGB of old does’nt he……lests look at world leaders who have muzzled the media and used “state” assets to keep thier power….hhhmmmm…
    Mao,Hitler,Stalin,Pinochet, Idi Amin, Pol Pot….the Federal Liberal Party…..and oh yhea Jack…..

    Jack be nimble
    Jack be quick
    watch Jack smack all the good cops with his night stick…..

    Jack is lean
    Jack is mean
    Jack how do you feel?
    Jack rules with a fist of steel…
    only making the thing said more real….

    Jack is mad
    Jack is sad
    realizes now his “legacy” is all bad……

    Jack has shown
    what many have known
    that hes gotta go…
    so Jack make like the wind and blow…

  11. The really revolting thing about this is that Jack is now beginning to target innocent cops in his witch hunt. People who weren’t involved in any of those websites are being put in the crosshairs, probably for certain destruction. Anyone who has ever been involved in association business or anyone who has never been ‘liked’ by the establishment is becoming a target. One guy mentioned that he was even followed around by surveillance ops.
    When is this going to end? How many careers and families are going to be decimated by Jack Beaton’s personal rampage? Is anyone who ever sent an email or surfed the site going to be crushed by the freight train? And, how many more dollars is the City going to tolerate Jack using on what amounts to be a civil matter? This is not a legitimate investigation anymore. It is purely a fishing expedition with no credibility and no end in sight. Jack Beaton has only validated the message of these websites by doing what he is doing. He has effectively flushed morale in the service along with his credibility.If City Hall were smart, they would order Jack to put an end to this thuggery and cash-waste right now. Why aren’t they doing anything about this?

  12. i will tell you why they aren’t doing anything about do so would admit some sort of wrong doing or maleficence to some silly hall will just sit back and watch king jack pillage anyone who gets in the way of his tyrannical,sociopathic, obsessions.there’s a famous old saying that applies to jack and the rest of his “thugs” and that is: An old tiger that senses the end of his reign will fight till the end.


    our union hammer that son of a bitch? you must be least you did something useful as a police union’s a lot more than we here can say about our union “rep” or “president”.he’s too busy taking warm showers with jack till the wee hours of the mornin to realize or have the nuts to stick up for his fellas,unless you’re looking at how to change plates on your vehicle to cheat photo-radar or stealing computer equipment from the association office.he’ll be able to tell you how to do that and get away with it.this is the shit we’re dealing’s a total police state and the entire system is geared to ruin the lives of those that serve and leader is will to step forward and make the changes necessary to protect those who protect the public.showing weakness in this force is like chumming for sharks.they’ll come at ya from all angles.

  13. You could not be more correct in your assessment, the way most of the supervisors and wanna be supervisors ( most with 3-5 yrs. service) circle the waters looking for a victim that they can all have a feeding frenzy on till the next poor schmo comes along is against every principle of leadership I was ever taught.

    As far as the assoc. goes what can you expect? he’s the Frankinstien child of the whole disfunctional mess…….

    the biggest disappointment to be is the totally lack of testicular foritude shown by ANY of our elected “leaders”………they seem to be doing a good job of standing in the field baying like sheep…………

  14. Good for Cst Shah and his wife for standing up and putting it to Jack. I’d urge the Standfirm group to keep standing up for fellow cops and know this: Jack can’t keep doing this crap forever. This will eventually blow up in Beaton’s face, along with all the other “secrets” in the Andrew Davidson Building.

  15. yeah i agree whole heartedly.Cst.Shaw and his wife have put themselves out on a limb to protect CPS members.They deserve recognition and support from the officers of the truly is a matter of time before Jack feels like the victim in a pool full of sharks.

  16. So, the judge in the case ruled that Bruce Dunn’s affidavit and investigative methods can remain sealed for the next 3 months or for all of eternity, so the ‘live’ investigation (read: witch-hunt) can keep on going.
    Have the judge or the media lawyers ever considered that a good reason behind unsealing the order might be because Dunn may have LIED in his affidavit to obtain any of the court orders? Possibly, Dunn could have used some illegal interception methods to obtain private communications (would not come as a surprise)or did a bit of ‘hacking’ into a computer system or two. Bent a few privacy laws, perhaps?? Since the chief’s agent seems to be known by everybody anyway, why not unseal the order? Then we can know for sure. But, this could “frustrate the Chief” I guess.

  17. And that’s is exactly the problem with the sealing orders. Dunn may not have lied. He may not have used illegal methods such as wiretaps or other electronic surveillance. He may have not had access to confidential police information from CPIC, the MVB or other database. But,he might have. And because the affidavits are still sealed, we cannot submit them to the requisite scrutiny of what is being done in the public’s name. And any way you look at that, it is wrong.

  18. the best way to keep dirty secrets is to keep them sealed/locked/buried etc, the public we have no rights.not in calgary anyway.the judges are making sure of that with jack beaten right there to make sure.i can’t wait to see what happens when his contract gets renewed!i don’t know how long jack is going to be able to keep his dirty little secrets secret!!
    i feel sorry for all the officers who have to work in an environment ruled by king beaton.jack has single handedly ruined the reputation of Calgary.we’ll continue to pray for the officers in the CPS.

  19. Well you know what they say “it takes just one rotton apple to ruin the whole barrel”.

    The saddest part of this is he could have been seen as the builder of bridges as the man that cleaned up CPS, but instead he choose to be “Hang em’ high Jack”.

    I think the reasons for this are twofold, speaking with members who have worked with and around Jack for years, they all say the same things: very smart, arrogant and not very good with might even say he uses his personality as a form of birth control. The seond he is getting really bad advice from his inner circle who are practicing the age old CPS art of chumming the water with a litlle blood and seeing who shows up to dine.

  20. This whole story reads much like a Shakespearean tragedy. One, you have Jann Vahey, who wanted to help out the officers that she has done so much work for over the years. Now, she and her family are probably traumatized for life, dragged through the public mud, suffering financial hardship- all because her heart was in the right place and wished to help an officer in need.

    Second, you have Cst Taufiq Shah, who was tyrannized nearly to death (as were his wife and children) by a few dirty cops in 3 district and has suffered psychologically as a result. The Service, under Chief Beaton, had a legal duty and a moral responsibility to help Shah and his family. They failed at this and violated every one of their “Core Values” in doing so. Shah was no doubt at the end of his rope and acted in desperation after going through years of Hell at the hands of the administration. In the end, he stands up and takes responsibility for the websites and will probably lose his job as a result of following his conscience and fighting for his beliefs (as well as his menatl health).

    And, you also have Jack Beaton, who, at the end of all this , will probably lose HIS job, as a result of compiling scandals- especially this one, which will not go away. Jack’s 30 some-odd years in policing will be forever tarnished by these recent events and ones soon to follow. This will be an indellible black mark on the Calgary Police Service, which will ALWAYS be attributed to Jack. He will spend his retirement with a disgraced legacy, wondering to himself every day “where did it all go wrong?”

    And finally, you have the members of the Calgary Police Service, who put their lives on the line every day, trying to hold back the floodgates of crime and disorder in a rapidly growing city. They have to go into work every day trying to avoid a merciless McCarthyistic witch hunt that may not end for years. A once proud Service appears to be falling into the abyss with morale at a low ebb.

    If there were to be a solution to this tragedy, it would be for Jack to call off his private hounds before innocent people get hurt and try to salvage what is left of his declining reputation. If the Commission were smart, they would get a new Chief from outside the Calgary Police Service by the fall, with a mandate to end the witch hunt and make the necessary amends…… and work with the Solicitor General, Police Commission and the Service members – including Taufiq Shah – to clean up the current old boys club within.

    This is the only way that true healing and restoration will take place. Until then, we will have to continue to watch Jack’s march into darkness, with who knows how many victims along by the wayside.

  21. As a serving member of CPS I must agree that the last blog sums it all up.
    I have to wonder where all of the officers are that participated in that infamous survey that was blown off by Chief Beaton as BS, for lack of better terms.
    I am trying to do my part by rounding up as many officers as I can that participated in that survey, to my knowledge, and show support for a fellow brother who has come forward and had the you know whats to challenge the wickedness of our administration. I fear that as time passes and the Chief finishes licking his chops of victory that the hammer at CPS is going to come down on us with an unimaginable vengence and I am begining to see that the Al Koenig who sold us down the river during the, now forgotten, WAC 10 is, yet again, in the process of mending old wounds with a Chief that he has tried so hard to remove from office. Talk about your classical display of political flip/flop.



    As a taxpaying, voting citizen of the City of Calgary, I do hereby DEMAND the resignation and/or dismissal of the Calgary Police Chief, Jack Beaton. I have every right to ask for this, since I am one of the citizens he is obligated under the Police Act of Alberta to provide adequate policing services for.

    Chief Beaton has misconducted himself in his office by failing to meet the ‘core values’ enshrined within the legislated mission of the Calgary Police Service. He and his lawyer Grant Stapon have subjected Cst Taufiq Shah and his family to untold amounts of suffering, degredation, threats, intimidation, and harassment. He has also protected the supervisor who pointed the gun at Cst Shah and tormented him continuously. Chief Beaton is also guilty of abuse of process by using police resources for his own civil advantage in accessing the private home of Jann Vahey and her family. A gross invasion of privacy was committed under the direction of the Chief, through his former partner, Bruce Dunn. The Chief is also in conflict of interest by using his old buddies to do covert computer surveillance and obtain search warrants through fraudulent means – all with my tax dollars!!
    I believe that there are many other Calgarians who share this view, as would many police officers who cannot speak out on the issue without facing severe repurcussions. It is time for the City of Calgary to take action and end the reign of one of the most unethical police leaders in Canadian history. The police are supposed to protect the innocent and capture criminal offenders. They are not being allowed to do this under the current Chief, who seems more interested in getting a few more years out of his $150,000 a year contract—while milking the municipal legal fund for his own personal legal pursuits. It is time for an immediate change in the office of the Chief Constable.


    An Angry Calgarian Taxpayer

  23. To all angry citizens of Calgary

    The Police Commission public meeting is on Tuesday May 24 @ 6:00pm at city hall – Engineering Traditions room, I believe.

    I would encourage any and all members of the public to attend and make thier thoughts and feeling regarding our Police Service known.

    This Police Commission NEEDS to hears from the citizens of Calgary – the CPC NEEDS to know how much we disagree with what is going on in our Police Service!!

    Nancy Killian Constant

  24. I speak everyday to members of the Calgary Police Service and can say overwhelmingly that those in the know, agree with ahat was said on the web sites. The only ones that seemed to have any issues with are ones that everyone else knows has bought into the whole” eat our own” promotion process.

    On an interesting note CPS Pysch. services has sent out a survey ( remember The Chief said he puts no credence in surveys, unless of course he decides the questions)one of the questions being asked is What outside factors cause you the most stress in your job, with one of the 10 possible answers being ” the treatment of the CPS in the Media BUT , BUT, no where does it ask how has the tyrannical leadership of the executive affected the stress in your job…

  25. Because the tyrannical executive did not decied on that question…

    I urge everyone to attend the CPC meeting on Tuesday.I already predict that the CPC will cancel the meeting if too many citizens show up to protest the crap thats been going on lately with their police service!

  26. Cover-ups, racism, threats, intimidation, obstruction, abuse of authority, criminal misconduct, bullying, abuse of process, lying, cheating, fraud, favoritism,illegal use of public resources, invasion of privacy, etc, etc,etc….
    These are the things that the websites and the CPA survey seemed to talk about. If these things are “malicious lies” as Jack Beaton and Al Koenig claim, why then did they spend so much money and resources trying to shut these sites down and shut the authors up? Why not just dismiss the allegations and laugh them off – pay no heed to them? Obviously, there was TRUTH conatined in these sites that scared a few ‘elite’ people. Especially, it seems, this group of 30 that is demanding a reconciliation meeting.
    It is frightening to know that there is evidence of 30 potentially corrupt police officers out there in Calgary. Even more so if they are in positions of power within the service. Another troubling thing is the fact that the CPA president is not doing anything to protest the behavior of the Chief and all these cover-ups. Why is Al Koenig selling out his membership like this? Does he not have a mandate to try to change the working conditions in CPS that his own survey and the websites described? When someone like Shah gets ripped apart by his managers and supervisors, does Koenig not have a duty to defend Shah and his family against such victimization? Or, is Al fearful of the dirt the Chief may have on him?

    Hopefully, the Police Commission in Calgary will put an end to this sleaze soon by putting Jack Beaton’s career out of its misery. If not, they will reap what they have sown (and ignored for too long). No more lies, Jack. No more coverups. Its time to stop!

  27. To Chief Beaton,

    It is very sad you have taken this position of vengence. It would have made more sense if you had acknowledge that possibly there are problems within the organization and gave support to those who wanted answers and quite simple took some kind of interest in the members of the service and their concerns….that is what a real Chief would do. Why you insist on a witch hunt is beyond me…however I hope you realize now what you have done, and you only, have created now more bad press upon yourself and the service, by acting as a tyranical person, as now proven, to all the citizens in Calgary and around the world. Obviously all the web sites, bloggs are correct…you have proven yourself, what is scary, is that you probably sleep at well at night.

    To the Council at City Hall….I really hope you have made the correct decision in supporting this act with tax payers money. You have now stepped into the tangled web of untold will now take the responsibility of your decisions.

    To Cst.Shah, don’t ever give up… and to the family that the Chief served the Anotn Pillar too and knowing that they probably went through your underwear draw to find evidence (Renee and Jan)..stand up for what you believe

    Totally disgusted!!!!!!!!!!! Citizen of Calgary

    P.S. Whats with this reconciliation to the 30 officers of the CPS…if the stories are untrue, what officers are needing apoligizes…don’t get it

  28. Latest News on the Witch Hunt:

    What we have here is your classic David vs Goliath battle between the little guy (Shah and his family) pitted against the big, bad ugly ogre (Jack Beaton). So that the public, police and political powers that be can totally understand exactly how out of control Chief Goliath – I mean, Beaton – actually is, here is the latest scorecard on what he has done as of last week:

    1)He has sued 2 civilians for publishing websites that exposed all of the dirt, did a search warrant on their house and took their computer equipment away (and dug through their home).

    2) Jack is trying to sue the CBC and is threatening to use an Anton Pillar search warrant to enter the home of a reporter.

    3) He is trying to sue The Shah family for going public.

    4)He is launching a lawsuit against a former communications officer shop-steward who sued HIM 2 years ago, claiming she violated a non-disclosure agreement (part of the toxic-mold scandal maybe?)

    5) Jack is a named defendant in up to 150 seperate lawsuits, In which some of plaintiffs are former police officers/employees.

    So, there you have it. Your tax-dollars at work. You have a P.I. and a law firm getting paid a lot of money running around trying to gather dirt on people, you have an entire department living in fear of computer privacy invasion, you have a huge abuse of legal process and you have a city council that is NOT holding the police chief accountable for public dollars or his irrational behavior.

    Is this stupidity ever going to come to an end? When a public figure cannot take criticism that is WELL FOUNDED IN FACT and then chooses to go after women and kids with lawsuits paid for by the taxpayer – there is a serious problem here! Jack is going to sue a mom with 4 children for talking to the media???? Screw that!

    To Cst Shah and family: KEEP UP YOUR FIGHT. In the end, you will win.

  29. I’m not surprised by anything that ego maniac does , not long ago he went after another one of the Comms. officers who was off recovering from cancer treatments and Carpel Tunnel , he had his on retainer PI firm surviel her, they took pictures of her walking across her acerage in a nightie and rubber boots carrying a empty bucket and used thoses to accuse her of malingering , she has seen 22 Dr’s who have all said shes disabled yet the City GP says shes fine to work SURPRIZE !! SURPRIZE !!!!!

    Having myself been a victim of Jacks paticular brand of employee justice/ relations, I can say without equivication that everything that I saw on the web sites that I had personal knowledge of was true and I have no doubt that so was the rest….Why do I believe that?…..Jacks actions speak volumes.

    We need a elected Police Commission
    WE need a full review of the everyone holding the rank of Inspector and above….
    We need a judicial review of every complaint broght forward since Jack took over as Chief…..
    We need a Chief from outside the service brought in to break apart the “Old Boy” network, Supervisors who are identified as having targeted thier subordinate for negative documentation should be reviwed on a case by case basis and those that havegone too far should be just that, GONE!.

    There needs to be a process put in place for indepentdent arbitration and review of complaints broght forward by service members ie: whistle blower protection.

    Within the service we all know about the “Golden Children” and thier “Rabbies” they should be seperated, and the “Golden Children scrutinized for competency.

    We need the implimintation of a CONSTABLEWS OMBUDSMAN, this person who would be outside the service but a former police officer would answer directly to the Police Commission and the S.G. about complaints broght to him by the members at large….this would be a “Check and Balance” to the abuse prone system in place now.

    I am not signing this, why make the job of Jacks witch hunt patrolany easier as apparently he has an endless supply of tax payer dollars to use, or set myself up for future career hits by the “Dirty Thirty” suffice it to say I am proudly one the “Disgruntled”.

  30. ‘Amen’, to the above blogger!!!

    Here are the facts. The websites and their content were T R U E !
    These things actually did HAPPEN. There was an attempt at a cover-up on the McCallum Ponzi scheme, there were instances of sexual harrassment, there were distasteful shenanigans going on behind closed doors, a staff sergeant did show up to a fatality scene half-corked and Sgt Pearce did point his gun and harass Cst Shah to the point of mental breakdown “…and to think that I saw it all on Mulberry Street.”
    Yes, Chief Beaton can scream defamation all he wants. He can knock down all the doors he wants, he can do all the witch hunts and surveillance he wants. But, these things DID happen. There was substance to the allegations made on these websites. As ugly as the content may have been to look at for some people, and hard to accept(as it was for me), no one can deny that these were not merely rumours and innuendo.Anyone who works for CPS will tell you that if they’re being truthful.
    We cannot deny the authors of those sites their right to speak out on the issues that should have been subject of proper investigation and inquiry. Instead, Commandante Beaton tried to sweep the dung under the mat in hopes of hiding systemic problems within his department. The problem is, it began to smell and other people noticed, as they do today.
    To try and hunt down good police officers who may have emailed these sites, to get Grant Stapon and company to sniff around for probably hundreds of “potential defendants” is just plain SICK AND DEPRAVED. Stapon should be disbarred.
    Regardless of the current politics, the websites seem to have given the rank-and-file some hope that they didn’t have. That, and a good chuckle. May God be with the men and women of CPS during this time of great tribulation. Let us hope that Jack Beaton’s days as Chief are now numbered.

    – One of the Hopeful

  31. Lest we forget that Chief Beaton is systematically going through those who had the audacity to email the site to further his witch hunt? Where is city hall when they aren’t picking up the tab? Where is the police commission when they aren’t sponsering the tab? Where is the calgary police association (union)? The president of the union actually came out in their local paper stating that is it unconscionable that the police chief still does not have a signed contract. I have to wonder how those cops felt when he did that? Isn’t his role something along the lines of voice of the cops? Is he advocating for the same police chief who wrote off hundreds of his members who also complained about the same things that were in the website in a survey that the president of the union sponsored? Let’s not forget the good alderwoman who was on tv saying that if police feel they have to appear on tv in blackout there must be some kind of problem in their police force then three weeks later is in the local paper complaining that Chief Beaton doesn’t have a signed contract. It just keeps getting better and better.


  32. Did anyone notice the timing of the “chief doesn’t have a signed contract yet” story? I often wonder what occurs behind those closed municipal doors.

    If the elected powers that be ever recieve any backlash over what Jack does, or if any of the product hitting-the-fan where ever to spray back into the face of the ELECTED ones, I’m sure that they would change their tune of kissing Jack’s ass pretty quickly. They would drop Jack Beaton like a dirty pair of underoos if any of his created scandals ever began to affect them. Maybe they’re waiting to see what the final damage is before they sign off and take 3-4 years of additional risk on Beaton.

    As for Koenig, he’s a snake, everyone knows he’s a snake and now the members all regret voting for him. Jack will use Al until he’s served his purpose, then drop HIM like a dirty pair of underoos. Unless Al stabs Jack in the back first….but I doubt it.

  33. To the last blogger:

    You are very accurate on your assessment and I could not agree more.However we all need to realize that the two are in bed together and have way to much DIRT on each other to do themeselves in.It’s like our own version of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” you know that knew movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.Although the two appear to be at war they are very much in love with each other and support each other when crunch time comes.

    The members are sorry they voted for Al and have every reason to be.The only things he’s interested in supporting is the Chief and revenues from the infamous beer tents.By the way where did all that money go Al??We know the Chief asked you before in the papers but you did not reply.Perhaps that was all a ploy to cover up a “KICK-BACK” the chief must have recieved from the profits.

    I find the article in the CBC today to be more than amusing:


    The chief seems to be doing an “about-face” and politically inviting the whole notion of have an actual civilian oversight to deal with complaints against police.

    **Beaton says the big hurdle is regaining public trust, and ensuring that if any officers have acted inappropriately, that complete investigations are done.

    He believes that amendments to the Police Act in Alberta, which call for more civilian oversight in dealing with complaints against police, will help.**

    The first paragraph is a total crock of BS! Jack will never ensure a “COMPLETE” investigation into the misconduct of a police officer (why change now?) and he is way beyond regaining public trust!!

    He has done nothing but envoke heart stopping fear into the public and officers that he was suppose to protect.Hell will freeze over before Jack changes his ways….

  34. Spend a little time in Pakistan (as a white male/ female) and you will very much find yourself on the receiving end of racial slurs and harassment. This is what we have found. The big difference here is that in Canada you have legal recourse whereas in Pakistan they would just laugh at you. I say if you can’t take the heat get out of the fire.


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