Surprise over Israeli attack plans a surprise

The Sunday Times story about Israel having a plan to use low-yield nuclear devices against the Iranian nuclear production facilities generated headlines expressing horror around the world today. But really, wouldn’t it surprise you more if Israel didn’t have plans to eradicate Iran’s nuclear production program?

The former terrorist who is now the President of Iran, has been crowing about their nuclear capability for months now. When he does that in the same breath as he vows the state of Israel should not exist, well, how would anyone expect Israel to react?

Born of war and depending on its ability to fight off those who would rather see its demise, Israel has long said it would take whatever steps it deemed necessary to ensure its survival as a nation state. If that includes a proactive nuclear strike, well then that is precisely what they will do. The only real surprise is that anyone seems shocked by the story.

The mullahs and their devotees have been spoiling for this fight for years. The rocket incursions by Hezbollah last summer were little more than a measuring stick to guage Israel’s stomach for a fight and how the observing world would react. Predictably, the mainstream media, the Eurocrats and the UN fell all over themselves to condemn Israel for fighting back.

The mullahs are betting that Israel won’t do anything like stage a preemptive attack on their nuclear facilities for fear of again suffering the withering condemnation of western intelligentsia.

I’m not sure I’d make that bet were I them. If nothing else, Israel has shown over the years that it is prepared to go it alone in their struggle to survive and they have the balls to do whatever it takes.

They will in this too.

Leo Knight

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