Supreme injustice

In 2003 the governing Liberal Party of Canada foisted a supreme injustice upon this country with the Youth Criminal Justice Act or YCJA.  Many police officers in Canada think YCJA stands for You Can’t Jail Adolescents, so weak was the legislation.  
But count on the Supreme Court of Canada to take an already weak piece of legislation and make it weaker still.  And in the case of Regina vs D.B. 2008 25  they did not disappoint.
Back when I was a young police officer we had the Juvenile Delinquents Act as our governing authority when dealing with the teenaged scumbags – oh sorry, poor little devils who weren’t breast fed and or their mommies drank and their daddies deserted them and boo hoo hoo – who seem to think that the rule of law doesn’t apply to them unless and until they get caught. Then they were happy to piss and moan about how hard done by they are and how it isn’t their fault.
Back then, we would complain about how the JDA was so lenient on juvies and how they couldn’t give a fig because nothing would happen to them.  I remember a cop who used to mail a birthday card to ‘frequent flyers’ wishing them a Happy Birthday when they turned eighteen. Inside was a photo of a pair of handcuffs and a bullet.  The implication was obvious; now that you are an adult, I’m coming to get you.
The JDA was replaced with another weak-kneed statute called the Young Offenders Act (YOA) which was later replaced with the YCJA.  All of this nonsense is created by the hand-wringers who simply cannot or will not understand that some of these criminal thugs are incorigible and irreparable as human beings.
The Supremes said that we can’t impose statutory reverse onus positions on the little darlings. It’s unfair to treat these charming young folks as adults unless Crown can absolutely prove that the crimes committed, be it murder most horrible as occurred in case of Rena Virk or the teens involved in the senseless and most brutal killing of 13 year old Nina Courtepatte.  
Much has been written about the killing of Nina Courtepatte.  But what has not been said is that for several hours she was raped and tortured and for a long period of time she was badly injured and knew she was going to die. And she pleaded for her killers to finish her off. And they wouldn’t. They did it slow and very painfully.  
You simply cannot view the circumstances of a file like that and not come to the conclusion that those involved are evil. And evil should never see the light of day ever again. 
But that will not be the case for the killers of Nina Courtepatte.  The adults, such as they were, will some day be eligible for parole.  The juveniles will be free in far too short a period of time. And Nina, unfortunately, will be forgotten.
And the Supreme Court of Canada  decided that the legislation that protected the people instrumental in the murder of little Nina Courtepatte are being unfairly done by politicians who haven’t a clue about the real problems in this country.
If the Supreme Court of Canada had any conscience or morals, they would be ashamed of themselves for not doing the right thing.   
And if my Aunt had balls she would be my Uncle.
Leo Knight
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  1. Yes, Leo, you are so right. The YCJA does stand for “you can’t jail adolecents.”

    The supreme court lives in an educated lofty fantasy world. They are quite out of touch with the reality of everyday life. Until there is a radical change in the legal system and in government. this is just another small step that we are taking towards the edge of anarchy.

  2. These are laws enacted by politicians to cover their own butt, because their kids are delinquent too. They didn’t want their kids ruining their political careers.

    In my experience, I have seen that its not only the scumbags that cry “no breastmilk” or “no father”, but also the ones with the silver spoons. I have seen so many of them carrying screwdrivers for stealing cars, or dealing cocaine to other kids. And the parents don’t wonder where the money is coming from, they think they’re giving it to them.

    We should be told who they are, and what they’ve done once they’re caught, and they should have a permanent record. They are getting younger and younger, and soon we’ll have 11-year-olds cutting pockets out of people with gangs, and who are you going to arrest? The kids parents? Ship them to a juvenile hall so they can learn more skills about evading authority?

    People don’t change. They will only grow up to be criminals with clean records, albeit temporarily. But it will be long enough to cause permanent harm to somebody else in our communities.

    Maybe send them to work farms in the arctic circle until they turn 30, and chain their feet.

  3. There’s nobody who runs faster to a lawyer than either a cop or a cop whose kid is in trouble with the law and there are PLENTY of cop’s kids in this category!


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