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While I’m sympathetic to the media following the Pickton trial, I have to say the lead story today was probably as lame as any I have seen in the last 25 years. To write a line story saying that there were more suspects in the Missing Women case than Willy Pickton and his brother Dave is well, to master the incredibly obvious.

This is news?

While I would never argue that what passes for journalism these days is remotely similar to the lessons I learned as a copy boy in the news room of the Montreal Star in the early ’70s, one would at least hope that a story saying the police investigated all possible leads in a massive serial killer file is, well, not news.

That’s what they do. Dave Pickton had access to the farm where all the DNA and body parts were found. Was he a suspect? Duh! Does he remain a suspect? Duh!

Dave Pickton is an aquaintaince of some nefarious people. Is that an aspect of the investigation? Duh!

C’mon folks. A lot of bad shit happened on that property. We know this because the DNA of over 20 women who were reported missing was found there. Is it not likely that the investsigation that has consumed millions of taxpayer dollars in police resources may have focussed on more than one person a reality or likelihood?

There’s a lot of aspects of this case as yet unreported. One would hope the editors of the mainstream media would understand this and not make routine police work the story. Well, one would hope.

Leo Knight

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  1. What story can the Media spin to actually make this family interesting? Serial killers and their families are not interesting they are usually just like the Pickton family stupid borring and low class. If this family had anything resembling normalacey they would be assisting every step of the way to assit the families to find closure.
    I beleive the media is finding out how unimpressive this “group” really is.
    The “Media” should really get off their asses and break the rules and get in the faces of the people that claim to know the “truth like Bill Hiscox and the self proclaimed freinds of the Picktons.As usual the mainstream media doesnt want to rock the boat they just want to whitewash everything for the sake of their preciouse jobs. Hopefully someone will grow some balls and expose what we already know. The police knew about these charchters and didnt care and so did many others who still are not allowed a voice.
    I hope the world understands how pathetic our justice system in Canada is, and how the rights of the perpetrator is held in higher regard than the victims.
    Just because these victims are no longer on this earth their stories are screaming from the grave and sooner than later the “truth will be told whether the Judges, lawyers or families like it or not.
    The truth is the truth you can’t dispute the truth.

  2. I would never have thought there were further investigations being carried on by the way this government has been acting. It has been placing women on the street by the hoards since this all came down while slashing women’s valuable resources. So your telling me there are other suspects out there we need to be very concerned about. Or no need to worry the police are looking after it? Rossmo told The Tyee that during his days as a Vancouver cop, a serial killer would not just fall through the cracks.

  3. Rossmo told The Tyee that during his days as a Vancouver cop, a serial killer would not just fall through the cracks “he would fall into an abyss”

  4. I’m not saying either. I was saying that the investigation focussed on a lot of potential suspects and that shouldn’t be news.

    However, if one does the math, there very likely is one or more serial killers still loose in Vancouver.

    How many women were considered part of the “Missing Women” investigation? Subtract the 49 Pickton is allegedly said to have confessed to killing. That leaves you with nearly 20 still missing and unaccounted for.

  5. Here’s a question. Has any media outlet in the lower mainland area ever investigated Rodney Pickton’s brother Dave Pickton; and his ties to outlaw motor cycle gangs? Seems to me that the farm was used by the H/A’s for some of their “parties” in past years. One wonders if a few other listed missing persons ended up there -over and above the sex-trade workers.

  6. Yes, but to my knowledge nothing concrete has ever been nailed down.

    Having said that, there have been a great many rumours floating about since the first search warrant was executed. Is Dave Pickton involved or have guilty knowledge? I don’t know. But it certainly seems a stretch to me that if Willy did what he is accused of and seems to have confessed to, that Dave knew nothing about it.


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