Predicted recriminations come, but are undeserved


It is beginning to appear as though I am a soothsayer. Which, of course, I am not. But not hours after I said the recriminations would start against the Toronto Police on the one hand saying they didn’t do enough when the Black-Blocheads went on their rampage at the G20 conference, and, on the other hand they went overboard and abused human rights etc., blah, blah, blah, the recriminations started and pieces of absurd journalism, like this appeared.

Now, first of all, this is a sad excuse of an example of journalism. It is nothing more than a reporting of the propaganda of a collection of socialist wing-nuts.

This collection of wing-nuts managed to get an audience with a mainstream media outlet that, in itself, defies logic, is trying to make a meal out of the fact the police did their job. Read this quote carefully and think about it. “Camille, a slight redhead who refused to give her last name, said police then rifled through her possessions and found some black clothing. She also had a lawyer’s telephone number scrawled on her arm and an anarchist book in the car.”

Now, I may be little slow, but, if they had black clothing, an anarchist book AND a lawyer’s phone number inked on their arm in case they got arrested, I suspect the police just might have, just maybe, in a pinch, thought they might be intent on committing an offence.

I dont know, colour me naive, but if you write a lawyer’s number on our arm, it is quite likely you are going to do something that might get you arrested, and, you recognize that, hence, the inscribing of the phone number of the one person that might get you out of jail once arrested.

And, if the police suspect that you, might, just might, do something that might be a breach of the peace (Sec. 31 CCC), they can arrest you.

Hmmm, is it possible the police just might have acted appropriately, prudently and professionally? I suspect so. And I suspect the whiners quoted in this piece should have been ignored and not given credibility in the mainstream media. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.

Leo Knight

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  1. Excellent observations.

    The Black Blochead “activists” are nothing but spoiled rotten rich brats:

    An excellent example of police discipline and professionalism during the G20 riots can be seen here:

    Thanks for the post!

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