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“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan
Like many of you I was glued to a TV during the vote in the House of Commons today to see if it might actually be possible to topple the most corrupt government this country has ever seen. And, just for the record, I include the BC NDP Glen Clark government in the ’90s, in the analysis prior to making that statement.
But, at the end of the day, the Prime Minister Paul Martin suceeded, after doing everything in his Faustian gymnastics to cling to the reins of power. And I, like many of you, had to work to stifle the gag reflex as I watched Chuck Cadman do the unthinkable.
Now, let me say at this point that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Chuck Cadman. And, I don’t say for a moment that he succumbed to any amount of bribing from the desparate Liberals. But, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why he turned his back on doing the right thing for this country.
At least Cadman can claim the higher ground in doing what he did by claiming he followed the wishes of his constituents. It is not the case for the rest involved in the travesty foisted upon this country.
Whether we are talking about the shameless budget change to the tune of over $4 billion to buy the affections of NDP Leader Jack Layton, or the office of a cabinet minister to purchase the services of the latter day Mata Hari, Belinda Stronach, the actions are clear. Paul Martin, would do anything, pay any price, to hang on to the power afforded to him in the office of the Prime Minister.
So why is it that the politically deluded seem to think it is Stephan Harper who is power hungry?
Equally, how is it that the mainstream media have portrayed Harper as making a “deal with the devil” in siding with the Bloc Quebecois in voting against the systemic corruption and theft of taxpayers dollars? Not utilizing the Bloc’s 54 seats to try and stop the insanity of the Liberal corrupt chokehold on this nation is not climbing into bed with the separatists as has been painted by the Liberal spinners, but is nothing more than the reality of the Opposition trying to rid this nation of a cancer. To not consider the option would mean the Liberals might as well have the majority this country would not give them.
Unfortunately they failed. And the thieves will continue to have their hands in our wallets as they steal our money and waste it on ridiculous socialist causes or funnel it through to Special Interest Groups that achieve nothing more than having their constituents give over their vote in return for Liberal lolly.
On the same day as this travesty in faux democracy played out in Ottawa, Her Majesty the Queen, was paying tribute to the four Mounties who made the ultimate sacrifice in Mayerthorpe last March, doing their job in service to this country.

Belinda Stronach claims she jumped into bed with the thieving Liberals out of a sense of duty for her country. She doesn’t have a clue. Have another read of the quote from Ronald Reagan at the top of this to understand what she was actually doing.

She collected her lolly as the newly-minted minister responsible for HRDC, and ironically, for the ethical monitoring of activities following the Gomery report.

I am truly disgusted by the lot of them.

Leo Knight

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  1. Good piece Leo,

    I’m amazed at how much bull shit can flow from the “bought and paid for” crowd at the CBC.

    When Martin introduced Stronach to the media he looked like some pervert who had just enticed a two dollar whore with a five dollar bill.

    Truly a dignified man who deserves the title of “Right, honourable”.

    I can’t believe the amount of bad press Banana Republics have been subjected to as a result of the Liberals.

    At least in a Banana Republic the population will stand up, revolt, have a coup’d’Etat. The average citizen will risk his or her life because they aren’t willing to accept criminals in power. Many in our country simply change the channel and wonder what new entitlements will come their way.

    After Peter Mansbridge finsihed telling us how Stephen Harper was now hanging on by a thread, some viewers may have felt down on their luck and thought everything was going to hell so the CBC did all of Canada a great service by getting Ian Hanomansing to tell us how truly safe we are.

    We got to hear VPD’s deputy chief tell us that Vancouver is a safe city if you “stay away from trouble”. Truly earth shattering stuff.

    I couldn’t stop laughing when Ian interviewed the so called Indo-Canadian “Gang” member. Surely this guy’s rehabilitation can be attributed to Liberal policies. After all he’s a very articulate University student now and he used to run around with guns and knives. I wonder where this “gangster” was found. I’m sure it took alot of effort to find somebody so representative of the average “gang banger” on the streets.

    A big thank you to Ian for letting the Canadian Public know that these guys can just throw away their guns and crack vials and enroll into law school.

    Fear not people of Canada, we have good government and safe cities!

    I used to think my vote wasn’t worth much. Now i’m pretty sure I could get at least ten bucks or a pack of smokes and a cheap bottle of wine, from my Libearl MP.


  2. When I turned on the radio on Thursday all I heard was something about a “political bombshell involving Belinda Stronach”. My first thought was “she’s run off with Clinton”.

    That wouldn’t have been so bad. I mean despite the most intense investigation by a biased prosecutor (& I’m not a Clinton supporter)with unlimited investigative resources to draw on, all they could prove was he got a blowjob at work and lied about it to keep Hilary off his back. At least she’d have got US Citizenship out of it.

    Here, she beds down with a bunch of thieves for a brief term at the Cabinet table and wonders why people make unkind references to her. She really is stupid.

  3. She ran as a Conservative and I believe they have a recall rule, there should be a by election in her area…anyone heard how ther’re taking it?

  4. Suggested changes:
    -Whistleblower protection
    -Overhaul the rules governing public servants
    -Remove the appointment system
    Election reform
    -Open up all government funded activities to the Auditor Generals
    -Non-vested interest outside review of all associations, societies and groups granted special status by governments. (Including Law societies and Police departments.)
    -Removal of the publication ban laws and educated government funded employees on privacy laws


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