Perceptions are skewed


It’s heartening to know that Vancouver is, yet again, the world’s most liveable city according to the Britmag The Economist.

Also, according to The Economist, one of the reasons for the selecetion is that the crime rate in Vancouer is low. Really?
Oddly enough, in the same week, the Vancouver Police Chief Constable Jim Chu held a press conference to state publicly that the crime rate (specifically property crime) was too high and that the Department had to go the extra mile in hiring a hundred new recruits in the coming year.
Anyone who is a regular visitor to downtownVancouver doesn’t have to be reminded that the property crime rate is too high. The chunks of broken glass at their feet is reminder enough.
The Vancouver Board of Trade has made the issue the subject of at least two major reports and presentations of which I am aware. But, a significant issue nonetheless.
In every aspect and in every study, Vancouver is the property crime capital of North America. So, the world’s most liveable city? Methinks not.
Leo Knight
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