New crime data contradicts government gun plans

The latest crime data released by Statistics Canada make a mockery of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s posturing on gun violence. (Edmonton Sun)
  • We can't afford PM's political games
  • Mountie awarded more than $3 million for injuries suffered in two on duty accidents

    An RCMP officer has been awarded more than $3 million for chronic injuries caused by two motor vehicle accidents, one of them involving a police pursuit. (The Province)

    Kentucky teen’s remains found 10 years after she went missing

    The remains of a Kentucky teen who went missing in 2010 have been found in Ohio, police said. Paige Johnson was reported missing on Sept. 23, 2010, according to police in Covington, a northern Kentucky city across the state border from Cincinnati.(NBC)

    Two weeks too late, Ottawa finally orders travellers to isolate

    On Wednesday morning, a reporter asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his daily news conference why the government was not using the powers available to it to enforce the 14-day self-isolation of travelllers returning to Canada, and was instead merely asking people to adopt this critical measure? (Globe & Mail)

    MP’s pass emergency aid bill after overnight compromise

    OTTAWA - The COVID-19 Emergency Response Act passed third reading in the House just before 6 a.m. EDT Wednesday after significant delays caused by opposition to the Liberals' attempt to grant broad spending and taxing powers to cabinet without parliamentary oversight – something both the Conservatives and NDP described as an unexpected attempt to acquire a blank cheque.(CTV)
  • Liberals can't help being opportunistic with their COVIC-19 aid bill
  • Spare us from the patronizing idea that governments know best

    Please spare us from over-reaching governments who may mean well but don’t know the square root of bugger all about what they are doing. (True North)

    DNA leads to arrest in 1978 butchering of Buffalo woman

    The blood in the freshly fallen snow led detectives to the mutilated body of Linda Tschari. It was Feb. 8, 1978 and Buffalo was in the grips of a blizzard. Now, 42 years later, cold case cops say they’ve busted 19-year-old Tschari’s killer. (Toronto Sun)

    Over 50 NYPD officers test positive for coronavirus

    According to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, over 50 police officers have tested positive for COVID-19, but only one has been hospitalized. America’s largest police force is dealing with a sudden spike in officers calling out sick, with the 1st Precinct in Manhattan the hardest hit. 31 officers from the precinct have called out, 17 percent of the workforce, forcing the NYPD to call the Movie and Television Unit to fill in. (Fox 5 New York)

    RCMP warn COVID-19 related scams are on the rise

    The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) is reporting scammers are setting up websites to sell bogus products, and using fake emails, texts, and social media posts as a ruse to take your money and get your personal information. (Castanet)

    Getting a handle on COVID-19’s economic fallout

    The coronavirus crisis is complicated by the unusual state of panic that has possessed much of the world, and by the somewhat divergent concerns and goals of those addressing the medical questions and those trying to cope with the economic damage. The national American political media, in their hostility to the president in an election year, and before the proportions of the pandemic were clear, fanned the fires of public hysteria. At the same time, the Chinese government and media (the second is a branch of the first) first dissembled and lied about the virus and are now engaged in an immense work of fabricated myth-making. For two or three weeks, the spread of the virus in China appeared to be completely uncontainable and the U.S. administration was trying to damp down concern in a manner that seemed somewhat cavalier. (National Post)