Media absent in Mississauga shooting

On May 29 a shooter walked into the Chicken Land restaurant in Mississauga.  When the shooting stopped five people were shot, one fatally. The Peel Regional Police Homicide squad is handling the file. They have named three suspects: Anand Nath, Naqash Abbasi, and Suliman Raza (pictured). Two of the suspects were subsequently arrested and charged, but Nath tried to flee, boarding a flight to Montreal. He ultimately turned himself in and was flown back to Mississauga. Peel Police have since charged him with first degree murder as well.  Now you’d almost think that this sort of shooting attack would attract a lot of media attention. But it didn’t. Unless you’re a voracious news consumer, it’s likely you never heard of any of this.  I scoured the internet to find information about this incident but had precious little success.Tom Quiggan has been following this story on his excellent podcast The Quiggan Report. But where’s the mainstream media? The shooting victims were, all but one, members of the same family which operated the restaurant. Naim Aki, 25, was killed in the shooting rampage. His dad, 56, Jihad, mom Rania, 44 and brother Daniel, were also shot but not fatally. A shot was fired at the 13-year-old sister Sandra, but fortunately missed.  A 58-year-old male employee of the restaurant was also shot.  The victims were members of the Lebanese Druze community while the suspects are Sunni Muslims.  It looks like the shooting was targeting the family and appears to have been a bid to eradicate them. Why? Well,...

Legacy media failing Canadians

The legacy media have really outdone themselves for their unwillingness to do their jobs with the situation with the unmarked graves found outside former residential schools. Headlines screamed “Mass graves!” And “genocide” prematurely finding fault long before sufficient information came to light.  The “mass graves” were just cemeteries placed on the property of the residential schools and often they represented the only cemetery in or near the small villages nearby. The local native bands knew of the location of the cemeteries. As to whether the graves were unmarked, it is more than likely they were marked with white wooden crosses as was the custom in those days. Wooden crosses don’t stand up well to the ravages of Canadian winters. So in 2021 the subject became totally misrepresented by the media as unmarked graves. They have no idea if the graves in those cemeteries were initially marked and their markings degraded with the passage of time.  As far as the ludicrous claim by the legacy media that it was some sort of genocide fails to note that the vast majority of deaths that occurred in residential schools were from tuberculosis, as it also was in cities and towns across the country in the days before a vaccine was developed. The second largest cause of death was small pox for exactly the same reason. But genocide it was not.  Let’s also not forget that the residential school system was formed in 1883 with an agreement between the federal government and the Catholic Church with a...

Integrity and courage symbolize VPD not racism

In his opinion piece  in The Sun on June 18th, Matthew Nathanson writes: "The existence of systemic racism is a fact. And if you have any doubt about its presence in policing, keep in mind that the national head of the RCMP and the president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, among many others, have accepted that as truth. But Canning apparently knows better. Which means leading police officials from across the country are part of a nefarious disinformation campaign to discredit themselves?" There used to be a lot of systemic racism here.  You could see it clearly.  It was as obvious as it was deliberate.  The Oriental Exclusion Act.  Asians not being allowed to vote.  The Komagata Maru incident.  At one time a scheme existed in the British Properties where property owners included a clause in any sales agreement that the purchaser undertook never to sell the property to a Chinese buyer.  Drive around the British Properties now and look at the demographics.  The Chinese have long understood that embracing victimhood in perpetuity is a loser’s game and the best revenge is living well. All of this was a long time ago.  Is there still systemic racism?  Certainly, and it’s just as obvious now as it was then.  Affirmative Action laws that mandate race-based hiring and promotion.  Admission policies at Harvard and Yales that discriminate against Asians.  The Aboriginal Sentencing Discount.  All based upon skin color and no matter what liberals tell you, there’s just no such thing...

Canadians not served by tight-lipped RCMP

There was a double homicide in Richmond B.C. this weekend. Both were shot. The RCMP at one point had the house surrounded and it is believed the suspect was in the residence. Was this a barricaded suspect situation? We don’t know. How did it end? We don’t know. We do know the two shooting victims were “laid out and stunned onlookers” according to a CTV News report.  Was it gang related? We don’t know. Was it a stranger shooting up a home in a residential area in suburbia? We don’t know.  Was it a domestic dispute? We don’t know.  The RCMP said there was no reason for the public to be concerned for their safety. But other than that, said precious little about what went on. We don’t even know if the suspect was in custody, although the circumstances seem to indicate that. But when asked the question by a CTV news reporter, she was referred to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Unit (IHIT). Conveniently, they didn’t respond to enquiries.  Social media was abuzz after the incident and the flimsiness of the RCMP’s released info which generated much speculation. Needless to say the speculation was not based in any known facts but it sprouted and grew as the weekend went on. Some of the speculation was the homicides may have even involved RCMP Members.  As I write this, nearly 48 hours after the RCMP received the call alerting them to the shooting, we still don’t have any details to stem the speculation no matter how wild...

Atlanta shootings a tragedy, but not a hate crime

It's been amusing watching the political left set their hair on fire over the Atlanta shootings.It must have been a hate crime they claim. After all, they were all Asians. Well except for the two found-ins in the wrong place at the wrong time, folks whom the left simply ignore. Its embarrassing really. First off, the Asians involved were the furthest thing from the outstanding citizens killed by a depraved killer. Well, he was nothing of the sort. He is a disturbed young man obsessed with pornography and sex in general with whomever he can get it. The Asians killed were  . . how to be gentle here. . .ladies who give rub and tugs. These shops are all over the place and yes Canada too. They're a dime a dozen across Canadian cities. Remember the sainted Jack Layton? His 2010 election for the Prime Minister's job came unglued when he got found naked in one of these shops in the 700 block of Dundas Street in Toronto. He tried to claim when the police came in on a child sex trafficking investigation he was only there for a shiatsu. While standing, talking to a naked man the officer could barely contain his mirth. Tip: if you are going to claim you are only in a massage parlour for a shiatsu massage, don't get naked without a towel. I don't blame the women in these places.They are just trying to earn a living. Without English or marketable skills,  this is what they are left with. But, the blame...

B.C Mountie arrested after being found in vehicle with known gang members

A member of the Surrey RCMP has been arrested and faces possible criminal charges. Sources have told Global News that the constable was taken into custody earlier this week, after he was discovered inside a vehicle with known gang associates. (Global News)

Overturning notorious pimp’s verdict would be indecent and unjust: Crown

A prosecutor argued Tuesday that it would be indecent and unjust to overturn the conviction of a notorious pimp who is alleging police misconduct had an adverse impact on his trial. The comments of Crown counsel Matthew Scott came during the second day of the appeal of Reza Moazami, who was found guilty in September 2014 of 30 criminal counts related to the operation of a prostitution ring involving 11 female complainants between the ages of 14 and 19. (The Province)

Hells Angel wins court challenge over gun licence renewal

A full-patch member of the Hells Angels will get another shot at renewing his firearms licence. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari has ruled that Gaston Methot should get a second hearing in provincial court to make his case about why he deserves to have his licence renewed. (Vancouver Sun)

Attorney once on People’s ‘most eligible Bachelor’ list charged with rape

A Boston defense attorney once named as one of People magazine’s most eligible bachelors has been charged with raping two women, prosecutors said. (New York Post)

Police arrest woman who stole Pelosi’s laptop, say she may have tried to sell the device to Russia

Federal authorities have arrested a Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing a laptop computer or hard drive from U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during the storming of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump, U.S. media reported. (National Post)