On a “Good” Friday


I have decided on this Good Friday, to post a Blog for a little back and forth on some of the issues that plague our country, our justice system and our police officers.

I will continue to write more formal columns, but I was thinking this format would allow some of you who vent away in emails, to be able to share some of your thoughts with other regular visitors to Prime Time Crime.

So, here it is and let’s see where it takes us.

Leo Knight

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  1. Hi Leo,

    Just checked into PTC and noticed the BLOG. The e-mail I sent you today is likely too long for this format. Once i start on the YCJA I can’t stop. What a piece of crap for legislation. Only a big “L” liberal could be proud of that work. It’s a basic “How to” guide for victimizing the public.

  2. I may have confused you with my first post. The piece of crap I was refering to was the YCJA not the e-mail.

    I meant every word of that article and I see you posted it in your contributor’s section. Thanks. Tell me this Leo, did Martin get a kick in the shins in Edmonton ?


  3. Hah! No, not as far as I know he didn’t. Although at the armories after the memorial service he dropped in, gave a speech and feld with all his flunkies. Other politicians, like Stephen Harper and Rich Coleman had the class to stay and chat one to one with members.

  4. I’m not surprised by Martin not sticking around. He must have been working on his plan to thwart Western alienation!

    I’m sure more than one member had to retsrain himself/herself from givin’ him a good swift one with their high browns.

    I can’t wait for 24 and a day. I have plans for a not for profit organization with a specific aim at shaming and exposing all the scoundrels involved in the Justice System and politics. From everything I’ve seen, it’s the only way to get change. I’ll leave you with a quote from Edward R. Murrow –

    “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves”.



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