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Last Saturday the uninformed and ill-advised held protests whining about the Winter Olympics in downtown Vancouver. Mixed in with the marchers were members of the so-called Black Bloc. Hooded and masked, these cowards broke away from the protest to smash windows in the Bay and TD centre. They also smashed car windows and terrified visitors to the city.

I was absolutely disgusted as were most Vancouverites.

The police arrested 7 of these genetically disenfranchised losers and, I am pleased to see, a further 11 were arrested yesterday. And, if there were any vestige of a justice system in this country, they would be held in custody for the duration of the Games.

The reality is that most people in this city welcome the Olympic Games. The streets in the West End are teeming with people enjoying the various events. One only needs to look around at the high rise towers and see all the flags in windows and balconies, and not just the Maple Leaf, there are flags from the world over displayed.

The idiots, and I am being generous, were railing against the corporate games in particular and capitalism in general. Yesterday, I attended a hockey game at the renamed GM Place. When seated I couldn’t help but notice there was no advertising on the boards as there normally is for NHL games. And not only that, there was no corporate advertising in any of the usual places including the scoreboard and the tunnel entrances. None.

Sure, there is corporate sponsorship of the Games, they couldn’t exist without it. But it is a far cry from being obtrusive.
Walking around yesterday in the sunshine looking at the various exhibits was a treat. And thousands of people seemed to agree.

The Black Bloc-heads tried to hijack the Games and give Vancouver a black eye. Fortunately, common sense and the power of the Games won out. Let’s hope we have seen the last of them and get to enjoy the rest of the Games for all the right reasons. -Leo Knight

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