None of the above

I don’t have a dog in this fight. And if ever there was an election that screamed out for a None of the Above selection on the ballot, it is this Presidential election in the USA.

A few days ago I was speaking with a waitress in the hotel lounge I was staying at in Calgary and she struck up a conversation on the book I was reading – The War Within by Bob Woodward.

It seems she is a young idealistic economics student at the University of Calgary. She asked me what I thought about the US election and I stated the above. She asked what I didn’t like about Barack Obama and I said that in my view he hasn’t said much about what he would do save and except for mouthing a bunch of empty rhetoric and the usual socialist tripe about raising the minimum wage and creating the conditions for more unionization in America.

She seemed appalled and said well, what about what George Bush and the Republicans have done to the economy? I replied that the current economic meltdown had very little to do with Bush and was almost exclusively the responsibility of former President Bill Clinton.

Well, she looked as though someone had just drowned her puppy. She then said that’s not what her professors taught at university. Which, of course, caused me to pass several ounces of a perfectly potable Australian Shiraz out of my nose.

So patiently, I explained, after I had cleaned up the table in front of me, that universities in Canada and the US, with all but a very few exceptions are bastions of political correctness and socialist dogma and of course they wouldn’t teach anything but what fits their socialist version of reality.

Well, with a few taps on the IPhone I unearthed several articles in places like the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily that proved my point. She then got mad, as she should have, at her profs and said they should be teaching the truth. Ah yes, got it in one my dear. But neither our institutes of higher learning nor the mainstream media can see past their dogmatic idealism.

In Toronto this morning, I watched the all-Obama news channel formerly known as CNN. They’ve already got this guy elected and were breathlessly talking about who might be his Chief of Staff and possible cabinet appointments. Well Obama may well be the President-elect come Wednesday morning or, as in the last two elections, the MSM may have gotten it wrong. But whatever happens, this election has clearly shown that both sides need to work harder to find better candidates.

Leo Knight

*For those of you who are interested in the original piece written by Terry Jones for the Investor’s Business Daily which is a subscription site, I have found a discussion board with the original article posted. You can read it here:
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  1. Its not going to matter who wins, nothing will change for the positive either way. As a bonus, if Obama loses then most US cities will riot because they’ll say Obama didn’t win because he was black, and declare racism. If he does win, nobody can criticize Obama or else be labeled a racist. I feel that no matter what happens, there will be riots. And there is the possibility that the current administration will declare a state of emergency and bring martial law to the streets.. Apparently on C-Span they already voted yes to martial law, there are all kinds of youtube videos showing it on C-Span.

    And I saw somewhere, that you should vote for Nobody, because..

    .. Nobody cares.
    .. Nobody will listen to you.
    .. Nobody will do the right thing.
    .. Nobody can fix the economy.

  2. Well, at least the student listened to you, Leo, and seemed open to new ideas. So, she was not totally brainwashed, maybe just misinformed by her profs.

  3. Leo you have many opinions on many issues. My question is how do you feel about adultery? Perhaps you can do a blog on that so we can understand what a truly honest human being you are.
    I’m sure that many of your readers would like to know more about you and how you use your power to impress women into your bed. I for one have no respect for what you write and how you behave. Seems to me that most police or ex police officers feel that they are above the law.

  4. What does adultery have to do with anything? Are you some religious nut? Do you define adultery to be between two people where one or more are already married, or do you mean adultery is any sexual contact with yourself or others?

    You religious freaks are absolutely crazy. I would rather read the bible in greek where it actually says “though shall not murder” instead of the twisted translations of the bible where most say “thou shall not kill” because in the old testament God gives a very clear description of justified killing. Very very clear.

    So go smoke some pot and dance in the flowers and go look up some online bibles that show you multiple versions, and see for yourself. And look up what adultery REALLY means for those religious cults that think there should be no sex before marriage.

    Open your mind and let the truth set you free. I believe Leo is an outstanding individual. Oh and next time you meet with your congregation, don’t drink the juice. I take the literal meaning of the bible and nothing more. There is no “reading into it” or between the lines, you may as well start making things up. All those supposed “old rules” are just there to control you so you have no choices, and all you have to do is open your mind and read the truth.

    If you want to talk about adultery, why don’t you take a look at, I think it was King David, when he was a peeping-tom and say a woman bathing herself.. To have her he sent her husband to the front lines to die so he could skirt around the adultery issue, then he bedded her. And he was a holy man.

    Adultery? I don’t know if Leo is married, if he is, its his business and none of yours what he does with or without his wife.

    Use his power to impress women into his bed? WTF. Looking for pick-up tips? Need a mate? Need to get laid and you have no luck? Jealous that guys with balls get the girls? Grow a pair.


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