Move on please

Is it just me, or is the media making a mountain out of a molehill on the David Emerson defection to the Tories?
And then there was the comments by the gone but not missed, former Prime Minister Paul Martin yesterday. He’s astonished apparently, that someone he plucked out of the private sector with promises of a cabinet post would have been plucked from the Liberal backbences by the promise of a cabinet post.
Why he would wait more than ten days to tell a disinterested country that he’s “astonished” is anyone’s guess. But frankly, Martin is yesterday’s man and few, if any, are interested in his opinion on anything.
And today NDP leader Jack Layton is swanning into Vancovuer to “make sure the matter doesn’t die.” Give us a break Jack. Everyone in the country, with the exception of the liberal media and the looney left has come to grips with why it was done and, agree or not, has moved on. There’s nothing left to be gained in trying to engage the nation this extended period of political flagellation. Move on. For God’s sake, move on.

Leo Knight

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