More stupidity from the Bench


The story out of Edmonton about the Queen’s Court Justice Lawrie Smith dismissing a case against a scumbag, sorry, alleged scumbag, because the cop was “following his hunch” is outrageous.

Smith said, “Rather than use his head to honour the laws of this country, he (the officer) chose to follow his hunch.” Let’s see, the scumbag, sorry, alleged scumbag, is known to police as a gangbanger and dope dealer; he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so the officer used this as his reasonable grounds to stop the vehicle; the scumbag, sorry, alleged scumbag, couldn’t speak properly because he had something jammed in his cheek; there were three other scumbags in the car with him. So, the cop investigated further and go figure, it turned out the scumbag, sorry, alleged scumbag, had eight spicballs secreted in his mouth. Surprise!
Gee, what a lucky hunch! Oh yeah, did I mention he was also known to police as a gangbanger and at the time of his arrest he had a handgun on him. Surprise! Hey, good hunch officer!
What nonsense. The cop was using the law to give him grounds to make the stop. He then found other grounds to make a search just as the law requires. Once done, he found what he knew he would all the while because the guy’s a scumbag – sorry, sorry, alleged scumbag.
It’s called good police work. Something this Judge, apparently, wouldn’t recognize if it jumped up and bit her pampered posterior.
Leo Knight
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  1. Leo, So this Judge is another Liberal appointee? She didn’t apply for her job did she? Sounds Like good work by the cop. Lets see here drug dealer arrested with the goods on him and a gun??? I take it the “toad” didn’t have hi sgun registered, didn’t have a trigger lock on it, didn’t have a ten round mag, gun was not in a locked recepticle and last but not least he didn’t have an ATT(Authorization to Transport, needed for restricted weapons)
    Ya gotta love the liberals….appoint ’em don’t elect ’em….third world gov’t at best.

  2. Another judge who has chosen to offend common sense!

    How can these people lay claim to have knowledge of what reasonable grounds are when they have little to no reason?

    They don’t appear to have any idea that police officers have amassed a wealth of street smarts which permit them to know when something is amiss. These are not “hunches”, they are life preserving skills that are needed to protect the public and themselves.

    A judge wouldn’t know this as you don’t need these skills when you live in a make believe world.

    When you’re in bed by 10:00 p.m and live a sheltered life, you wouldn’t know what a gang member looks like and you don’t have to be concerned about the thug putting the barrell of a gun in your face.

    Not only should the Crown appeal this case, the police officer in question should file a complaint against this ignoramus. The officer used his head and got out of the situation without getting shot, he seized the gun and the dope and should be commended, not criticised by someone who wouldn’t survive a week on the streets.

    We should get photos of these scoundrels and post a wall of shame!


  3. I guess the powers that be won’t be satisfied until they take away every last tool we have at our disposal. I would define a hunch as a subtle observation based on experience and training. So I guess we have to now ignore good sense, training, experience and never detain anyone ever again!!!! God forbid we infringe on a CRIMINAL’s “rights”!

    Hello, he’s GUILTY for crissakes!

  4. Nice – the Judges are making themselves irrelevant to the average person.

    No one really cares about the Judges “intelect and self important judicious decisions”

    Now that is scary!

  5. Cry me a river. If cops were allowed to make stops at will – rather than at random – then this country would be a police state. Check out this link on the atrocity of “racial profiling”:

    Section 24-CCRF protects everyone.


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