Legacy media failing Canadians


The legacy media have really outdone themselves for their unwillingness to do their jobs with the situation with the unmarked graves found outside former residential schools. Headlines screamed “Mass graves!” And “genocide” prematurely finding fault long before sufficient information came to light. 

The “mass graves” were just cemeteries placed on the property of the residential schools and often they represented the only cemetery in or near the small villages nearby. The local native bands knew of the location of the cemeteries.

As to whether the graves were unmarked, it is more than likely they were marked with white wooden crosses as was the custom in those days. Wooden crosses don’t stand up well to the ravages of Canadian winters. So in 2021 the subject became totally misrepresented by the media as unmarked graves. They have no idea if the graves in those cemeteries were initially marked and their markings degraded with the passage of time. 

As far as the ludicrous claim by the legacy media that it was some sort of genocide fails to note that the vast majority of deaths that occurred in residential schools were from tuberculosis, as it also was in cities and towns across the country in the days before a vaccine was developed. The second largest cause of death was small pox for exactly the same reason. But genocide it was not. 

Let’s also not forget that the residential school system was formed in 1883 with an agreement between the federal government and the Catholic Church with a view toward educating aboriginal children who otherwise would remain illiterate. 

It was probably well-intentioned at the outset, but like with most things government does was fraught with many unintended consequences, not the least of which was abuse by some of the priests and brothers who were responsible for the children. 

The Prime Minister said today he would support an RCMP investigation into the whole matter, but considering most of the national angst was caused by the legacy media who, as usual, didn’t wait for the facts preferring to jump the gun and leap to conclusions to support an anti-Catholic and anti-white bias where none should exist. 

Personally I would much rather see the RCMP investigate the Liberals’ SNC-Lavelin obstruction of justice scandal. 

But the PM Justin Trudeau couldn’t have that as it seems he is dragging the country inexorably towards a federal election likely in the early fall. 

And while they are at it, they could maybe spend some time investigating the vandalism and arsons committed against Christian churches many of which are located on reserves where they have served their local community for many decades. Thus far there has been a deathly silence from the RCMP on the attacks on the churches, now numbering 48 according to the updated list being compiled by True North (tnc.news)

The criminal campaign against the churches has sprung up in the past few weeks seemingly as a response by the ultra left to the misinformation spread by the legacy media. 

Which brings me back to an incipient federal election. The only reason Justin Trudeau stands a chance is because of the legacy media who have been largely ignoring the absolutely tragically horrible performance by the PM since he became PM in 2015. 

This week we learned that he is now subject to an unheard of fourth ethics investigation. By rights, he should resign. Instead, the entitled PM is intent on going to the polls hoping for a majority government. Something he would stand no chance of obtaining if the legacy media did their jobs. 

Instead, we get their misinformation on things like residential school cemeteries and the failure to cast a critical eye on the massive spending done by the tax and spend Liberals. 

It’s not even subtle anymore. 


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