Jack’s last gasp

As if to underline how inneffectual he was as a Chief Constable in Calgary, Jack Beaton has served Michael Bates, the lawyer for Cst. Taufiq Shah, with notice that he will file an application with the Court of Queen’s Bench to overturn the Police Act hearing and ruling made by Edmonton Police Supt. Logar. (see Chief wrong . . .again )
How many times does Beaton have to get beaten over the head with something before he understands it? He was wrong to do what he did. He overtly tried an end run around the Police Act and he got caught. And Logar said so in his judgement.
Since the dismal failure to prosecute Shah, who was primarily the victim of racism, (See What’s up Jack? ) Beaton has had his long goodbye cut short by the Police Commission . . .finally. His replacement, Rick Hanson is due to be sworn in October 1, 2007, less than two weeks after Beaton served notice on Bates.
Unbelieveable. As against that, I suppose it’s probably a fitting way for Beaton to go, by making yet another ham-fisted attempt to get revenge on Shah for daring to be critical of Beaton’s administration with the web site Standfirm.biz and its successor Code200.com.
Let it go Jack. For just once in your troubled tenure, couldn’t you show a little class and just go quietly?
Leo Knight
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  1. At the end of the day, Leo this just further goes to show that he is exactly what he’s been accused of: a vexatious, vindictive, ego driven, morally bankrupt fool with unlimited public funds that feels he’s above the law. No one proved those websites to be more spot on than Beaton did.

    Perhaps he is hoping that Shah will run out of money and crater? Who knows. What’s the gain? Does this extend his 15 minutes of fame post retirement and keep him in the headlines? Negative attention is better than none at all I suppose.

    But the facts remain, Beaton and the Commission arbitrarily changed the WRITTEN LAW of the three month rule in 2003 to their new and improved SIX month rule with blatant disregard to the legislation. WILL and SHALL doesn’t not translate to MAYBE in any language. This is one of many strategies employed by Beaton during his tenure. The law only applies to the little people apparently. Oh yeah, six months (give an inch take a mile) extended itself to over a year at the end of the day. They couldn’t even follow their own amendments.

    Beatons actions make big statements and for the most part they have appeared to be self serving.

    It’s now up to Rick Hanson to do the right thing and only time will tell. Will he right the many wrongs of CPS management and move on to a more productive use of public funds and CPS time?

    Rick, your first order of business should be to hire a new law firm and get rid of Bennett Jones and Stapon. Find a reputable firm who actually has solid respect for the law!

  2. “Let it go Jack. For just once in your troubled tenure, couldn’t you show a little class and just go quietly?”

    Nope. Sociopathic personalities never do.

    The ‘Notice to Appeal’ of Logar’s decision is a waste of time and taxpayer’s money. It is little more than a last ditch cash grab by Grant Stapon before the money-tap gets turned off by a new administration. There is no legal basis in law for the appeal, ZERO likelyhood of success, and it will probably be laughed at by the Queen’s Bench justice. This is just one more example of how much abuse of process Jack Beaton has been allowed to get away with over the last half decade. The further attack on Cst. Shah accomplishes nothing. It is just pure egotism and malfeasance of fidiciary duty on Beaton’s part. The internal hearing clearly showed that Beaton BROKE THE LAW! Period! Prior to this, a Court of Queen’s Bench justice ruled that BEATON HAD VIOLATED CST. SHAH’S CHARTER RIGHTS (remember when Jack tried to shut the doors of the hearing to the public and media?)! Can someone please explain to me how much more public money that Beaton and Bennett-Jones are going to be allowed to piss away without making recompense?????

    To this day, Darwin Pearce and Kirk McCallum (both named parties in Shah’s original lawsuit) are allowed to remain on the job. Tof Shah, however, is still getting hammered by Beaton and his syncophants. Cst. Shah wins his case, and Jack Beaton refuses to quit stalling, huffing and puffing. But, what further house is there left to blow in?

    Throughout this mess, Beaton’s behavior pattern has seemingly read straight out of the DSM IV Manual (look it up on ‘google’ if you don’t believe me). Jack Beaton is a living disgrace to the once proud uniform of the Calgary Police, a disgrace to every honourably serving member of CPS, and to every member who has ever fallen in the line of duty in Calgary. Jack’s very presence in uniform and Office of Chief is no less than nauseating. It insults good police officers and taxpayers.

    The ongoing administrative harassment and persecution of a CPS whistleblower with public tax-dollars (when he has already been found ‘not guilty’) is an insult to our intelligence and pocket-books. The fact that the Calgary Police Commission has allowed Beaton to get away with these kinds of atrocities for 7 YEARS (under the excuse of “we have to maintain public confidence at all costs, so we can’t fire him ’cause it will look bad”) is a further slap in the face to Calgary’s police and its citizens.

    There is no reason to applaud Jack Beaton with any public honours, medals, lucrative buyout packages or legal indemnification. The city should have left him working in the kitchen of the greasy-spoon restaurant where they found him. We all would have been better off this way.

    It is time for someone, somewhere -to put an end to this sordid waste of taxpayers’ dollars immediately. There is no further reason for public dollars to be wasted on one of Jack Beaton and Grant Stapon’s ego-trips. I hope that the public and powers-that-be will take note that this is an election season, and that many of us are sick and tired of being witness to Beaton’s ridiculous behavior.


    A Highly-Aggitated, Voting, Taxpaying Vet!

  3. Jack is not just stopping at Shah, he’s going after several other people as well, including people he believes were involved with the web sites but has no proof of…because if he did he would have Bruce ( the hells angels did it !) Dunn Anton Pillar them………

    He is a poor excuse for a leader and from what I can see even lacks the testicular fortitude to talk to his critics face to face..instead he hides behind Bennett Jones law firm….or Burrows from the commission…….

    He shames not only the members but the citizens of Calgary as well… but lets not forget, he did’nt maintain his grip on power on his own, so wait for it the rats to jump ship!

    And we can refer to the last 7 years as the “Black Years” or something similar for those who have survived the regime……

  4. Now Jack says he’s going to attend every grad because of “blue Blood”? too bad he did’nt think that way when he was destroying the “blue” goals and aspirations of so many members……..please Jack don’t go away mad…just go away!

  5. “Jack is not just stopping at Shah, he’s going after several other people as well, including people he believes were involved with the web sites but has no proof of…because if he did he would have Bruce ( the hells angels did it !) Dunn Anton Pillar them………”

    What is Bruce Dunne’s role in this whole thing? Last I heard, he was doing Private Investigation work of some kind. What’s Bruce got himself into now?

  6. So Chief Hanson is now left holding the smouldering bag of dog crap. Sucks to be him. It will be interesting to see how he handles this mess.

  7. Jesus Leo, you weren’t kidding about this guy. Isn’t this the same Chief who had civil search warrants executed on cops because he didn’t like what they said about him? Now he’s going to waste more money on this?

    I can’t imagine what our poor Calgary brothers have had to put up with these last few years.

    Let it go & head for the golf course Jack, you’ll live a lot longer.


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