Immigration decision a mystery

It’s difficult to try and be respectful of the Canadian justice system when you get decisions such as the one rendered by Immigration adjudicator Daphne Shaw Dyck in the case of Jose Franciso Cardoza Quinteros, an admitted killer and member of the notoriously violent Latino gang Mara Salvatrucha or more commonly known as MS 13.

But then, I have come to expect so very little of a system designed to be overseen by people with little or no training for the role they are performing. For most, it seems the only qualification is to have connections to whatever political party is in power and makes the appointments.

Now, I don’t know the adjudicator with the double-barrelled family name. And, it may well be that from time to time she gets it right. But then, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
What I can and will say is that she is so wrong in this case that one has to question her competence to sit in judgement of immigration claims. When a waste of oxygen like this has already admitted to being a member of MS 13 and a participant in gangland murders, I sincerely question her ability to process information presented.
How she came to the conclusion that this lothesome individial was likely not a gang banger because, well, I have no idea. She had no evidence before her that said this goof was anything but what he said he was.
The real problem here is not that this adjudicator went off the reservation in this case, but rather that there are so many of these ‘appointees’ in similar positions of power to put at risk the rest of society in Canada. And there is precious little we can do about it.

It seems that Pierre Trudeau’s so called “Just Society” is really anything but.

Leo Knight

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  1. “Are all law enforcement soo unpatriotic and whiny?”

    No…but even Liberals have to admit that allowing a hitman for the MS13 into Canada is a bit much.

    As for me, I take the capitalist view. The more criminals allowed into Canada means more crime. More crime means more things those same Liberals will bitch about to their MP, all of which means more OT.

  2. What is unpatriotic about wanting to take out the trash and make the country a better place?

    People that have no idea of common sense, it would seem, shouldn’t be in positions that require it.

  3. A good point. . . .but unfortunately you are dealing with the true believers . . . those who simply will not believe the cops are the good guys . . . I recognize the genre . . .

  4. Good post Leo.

    There is something I have been wondering for a while now, perhaps you’ll have some insight based on what you did for a living.

    A while ago I was working as a physician in one of the forensics psychiatric institutes, basically managing any medical condition the inmates had. I was not involved in their psychiatric care, but we did have access to the record sheets and criminal history of the inmates. I was informed to read about each patient for personal safety reasons before I saw them as some of the patients had certain dangerous tendencies. Also reading this history may aid in spotting any medical pathological reasons to explain their behaviour. I might add that not many of these individuals actually had a definitive psychiatric diagnosis.

    I started to notice something almost immediately. Many of these individuals had multiple criminal offenses going back throughtout their lives. It was not uncommon to see over 10 assault convictions or 4 to 5 sexual assault convictions.

    What started bothering me was how these people managed to keep hurting other people, often randomly over petty things. Really my question was how come they weren’t in prison for a long time for some of the things they did. How did they manage to keep getting out, were their sentences too short?


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