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In order to keep up with traffic, I have moved from Blogspot to WordPress.
The move will allow much more ability to evolve from a post and rudimentary comment page to a more integrated and interactive blog.  I hope to integrate poll questions and twitter updates as we move forward.

Thank you for stopping by and for all the support in the past and I hope you like the new look.

Leo Knight


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  1. Hi Leo
    I read your article covering Chinese intelligence ops in Canada after Googling McKenna and Gautier. I was doing this trying to find a connection with two of them and the sale of NB Power.
    What caught my attention was an article in an oil trade magazine stating that New Brunswick had major oil and gas find, nearly two trillion cubic meters of natural gas. This is enormous amount of gas, over twice the amount on the Sable Islands, and I wondered why no one in government was mentioning it. The find would could turn the provincial economy completely around.
    With further digging I discovered that Hydro Quebec, the would be purchaser of NB Power, was drilling for and had found oil and NG on Anticosti Island and the Gaspe region.
    After studying all the statements of both parties involved I concluded that Hydro Quebec was not after all of NB Powers assets, they only wanted the Crown corporation for its transmission corridors, and the expropriation rights of a crown corporation.
    I then began to study the companies involved in oils and gas in this province and Quebec, paying particular attention to any links between all of the corporations. And there were a lot.
    Two particular links among dozen intrigued me. McKenna, the initiator of this sale, and Mme Gautier who is on the board of TransCanada Pipelines.
    Finding your article now has me thinking. Is that a matter of economic sabotage directed at the US?
    I say this because while researching McKenna a come across an article accusing him of insider trading during 9/11 and the implication that he attempted to disrupt the US stock market.
    Your comment would be appreciated.


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