Hang ‘em high

The biggest story of the day is, without a doubt, the execution of the Beast of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein. Try as I might, I can’t seem to get terribly worked up about it.

In the hours after photos and video of the hanging were rocketing around the internet, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican all issued statements decrying the execution of a man that was directly and indirectly responsible for millions of deaths. I don’t get it.

Ever since they dragged his lice-bitten ass from a rat hole it was clear his days were numbered. The only mystery was why it wasn’t done in the forecourt of one of his former palaces and broadcast on big screens around the country.

Saddam was little more than a bully. Only he took the bullying to violent extremes. Think of Joe Stalin without the finesse.

All the lefties, hand-wringers and anti-American types lined up and in unison began decrying the barbarism of the execution. It’s amazing they don’t get nosebleeds, so high up on the higher moral ground they claim to be perched.

The best one though had to be the American lawyers who had petitioned a US Judge to halt the execution because – wait for it – Saddam still faced a civil suit in America. Perish the thought the Iraqis might hang one of history’s most prolific mass murderers before he could play in the great American pastime.

The media hand-wringers were prominent and fast out of the gate. (Around the World, Unease and Criticism of Penalty – New York Times) (Saddam’s hanging stirs death penalty controversy – Reuters)

The only thing missing was another Globe & Mail story invention “raising questions” about the righteousness of Saddam’s execution. (Here’s an example of how the Globe takes a non-story then writes it as though there is really something to it: Questions emerge as Kingsley quits Elections Canada post)

No, this one was simple. Fortunately, the Iraqi legal system didn’t have twenty years of built-in appeals available to the Butcher of Baghdad.

And, no matter what the New York Times wants you to think, the hanging of Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do and the world will not lament his departure.

Leo Knight

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