Flight path to Haiti blocked by liberal thinking

For a clear example about how screwed up this country is, look no further than the top two stories on today’s Prime Time Crime.
The first story is from the Washington Post and tells of a new border security initiative from the Canadian government that will cost $368 million over five years. Well, that’s great. Five years after September 11 and someone finally made a decision to improve the security on our porous border.
Yet, right under that good news story, there is a piece from the Globe & Mail that defies all logic.
Canada won’t deport a hardened criminal, a gang-banger, pimp and all-around piece of dog crap because something bad “might” happen to him in Haiti. So, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announces that we are going to invest in protecting our borders but we can’t toss out an immigrant who has not led a productive life for a minute since he’s been in this country? What’s wrong with that picture?
As former Vancouver police officer Bob Cooper said, “What good does it do to spend millions of dollars on new fences and not fix the gaping holes in the existing ones?”
What good indeed?
The saga of Jean-Yves Brutus, a Haitian born immigrant in Montreal, epitomizes the problem with the wolly-headed thinking in this country. Brutus has been a member of a Haitian street gang in Montreal called Crack Down Posse. They engage in drug dealing, pimping, assaults and murder. Nice folks.
He has been back and forth through the revolving door of justice all of his adult life. Four years ago an Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator finally told Brutus this country had had enough of him. But something calle a “pre-removal risk assessment” put an end to that idea.
Cooper teed off on the subject in an email to me earlier. I’d thought I’d share it with you.
Leo Knight
Mr. Brutus has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity that millions of less fortunate people the world over would risk life and limb for, but never attain. An opportunity to start life over again in a secure, peaceful country with boundless opportunities.

Does he count his blessings, change his ways and perhaps contribute to society by getting a job and paying taxes? Of course not. He leaves that sort of drudgery to suckers like us.

He makes his living off violent crime and the misery of others. He takes our daughters and turns them into whores so he can beat, rape and rob them.

In other words, he spits in Canada’s face and continues to do so every time he is arrested and allowed to stay here. We all stand there like typical liberal dopes, wipe the spit off our face and remind Mr. Brutus that the rules apply to him as well. He is admonished and told that if he keeps getting arrested then one day a judge will become very cross and perhaps send him to jail. Remote chance? Yes, but possible. He’s already learned that no matter what he does, we won’t send him back to Haiti.

Why? Because some reports say that those repatriated with criminal records are often mistreated. I rather suspect that just as often, if not more, they are not.

Given what I know of Haiti, the Jean-Yves Brutus’ of the world do quite well there. Granted, he would face more risks there over the long term than he would from our system here.

And guess what? I know this will sound politically incorrect, but I don’t give a rat’s ass. And you know what else? I’ll bet if Canadians were polled on this right now, the majority couldn’t give a rat’s ass either.

The only pre-removal risk assessment that should be required is a weather check on the flight path to Haiti.

Personally, I wouldn’t care if they blew Mr. Butus’ head off on the tarmac. I, for one, am tired of wiping the spit of the world’s criminals off my face while my taxes support them and pay for their lawyers.

This government has a lot of work to do and this would be a good place to start. And Mr. Day, if the government is a little short on the price of a one-way ticket to Haiti, I’d be glad to help out. Just let me know how much and where to send the cheque.

Bob Cooper.
Richmond, BC
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  1. Yes Brutus should go back Hati. Are there not Canadian Police in Hati? Hati is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and we are trying to help them. Put that ashole in Canadian Jail for a long time. Incarcreration IS being denied.


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