Fighting back against the Hells Angels

Friday’s raids on properties belonging to the Hells Angels East End chapter were a welcome shot across the bow of the outlaw biker gang.

Well, welcome for most honest law-abiding citizens I should say.

I listened this morning to Vancouver Chapter member Rick Ciarnello flapping his gums on CKNW on the Peter Warren show. For the most part he got a shellacking from callers only to have the blustery biker call them “stupid” for calling it as they saw it.

But Ciarnello, for all his propaganda, did make a good point when he refused to equate his club members with members of the federal Liberal party. The Libs are currently embroiled in the Sponsorship scandal that clearly defines the systemic corruption that has come to epitomize the Liberal Party of Canada.
Smart on his part I suppose. Despite the hundreds of murders attributed to the Hells Angels in this country, not to mention the arrests in chapters across the country, any suggestion that the Hells Angels were somehow comparable to the federal Liberals was somehow beneath him.

The day after the search warrants were executed we were treated to the vision of long-time East End member John Peter Bryce wailing and whining about the fact the police hit the clubhouse hard, using big tools to open the metal reinforced doors. Bryce whined that there were people there who would have opened the door if asked.

Well, whatever. The Hells Angels use hang-arounds, puppet gangs and prospects to provide security for the clubhouses. The chances of a wannabe allowing voluntary entry to a police officer knocking on the door asking “by your leave”, into a clubhouse are somewhere between slim and bugger all.

But we’ll allow Bryce his make-believe world. But I suppose he has to play “let’s pretend”, after all, one of the individuals caught in the latest police dragnet was his own son. It would seem the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

But at the end of the day, Bryce’s bleatings are just that. The Hells Angels, as an entity, may not be a criminal organization as a whole. In fact, the outlaw motorcycle gang operates in a cellular structure with individual members running their own “business” and using their gang status as their ultimate weapon of intimidation to ensure their “business” is successful.

But much of that may be little more than semantics. The police in BC have served notice in this investigation that the bikers do not have immunity from the law. They also said in their actions, that they will not be intimidated. That was their message to John Peter Bryce and his brother members when they smashed their way into their fortified clubhouse.

Leo Knight

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  1. Interestingly enough, one of the great advantages that law enforcement officers have in Canada is that most of the Hells Angels members are not exactly the criminal geniuses that they are made out to be. In fact, most H/A’s are quite stupid, hence the fact that most of their major players are sitting in jail. Unfortunately, this is probably their only advantage over organized crime.

    The H/A’s have basically been driven out of the U.S. because of RICO legislation and an unlimited budget for federal investigators to surveil, expose, prosecute and seize assets from criminal organizations. So, they have now crossed the border into Canada, where there is no such thing as 75 year prison sentences for organized crime involvement, and where an H/A member has many more legal options to protect his criminal empire and personal assets (Thank you, Pierre Elliot Trudeau). Canadians can now look forward to more organized crime, more political corruption and more bodies at the bottom of San Juan de Fuca strait because of weak anti-gang legislation. Hopefully, this latest story is one of many future crack-downs on an epidemic.

  2. But wait, with leadership such as that showed in Calgary which up to last week denied it even had gangs or a gang problem, we should have no problem tackiling OMG’s etc. I mean after Jacks ( Chief Beaton) on it , if….. he gets the budget of course.

    Maybe he should read Churchills Bio “Thier finest hour” and he could learn how a real leader behaves in crisis.


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