Delta Cop charged with murder appears in court


Yesterday, Cst. Jordan MacWilliams appeared in New Westminster Supreme court to answer the charge of second degree murder laid inexplicably after he fired the fatal shot in a armed-hostage taking situation in November, 2012.

There is something political about this and why this charge has been laid against a good, young officer who did his job and did it well. I don’t yet know what it is, but, I will find out and I will ensure that is made known publicly.

Whether it is the political ambition of prosecutor Peter Juk or the political survival of IIO chief Richard Rosenthal, I don’t yet know. Equally, I don’t know why Attorney General Susan Anton is letting this pantomime play out on her watch. But I will find out.

Yesterday, the Crown provided MacWilliams’ defence team with a document outlining what it is they think they can prove to justify a charge of second degree murder against MacWilliams. It is a flight of fancy at best.

More to come in this.

Leo Knight

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  1. This is part of a larger societal trend to be critical of what was onced viewed as mainstream institutions. The unholy alliance of cranky libertarians and counter culture socialists are behind this trend. be that as it may, this could not happen without the participation of the ambitious and opportunistic types in the justice dept. The tip off is the move to direct indictment as this case would not proceed past a preliminary.

  2. I really hope you can help find out these answers! This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous! It’s going to be a huge expense to tax payers but worse yet – weighs quite heavy on an honest man and his family. If this whole thing is all supposed to be for some political gain – shame on them! They’re dealing with a mans life and well being!

  3. If the details I’ve read are accurate and true, that man was lucky to live as long as he did. The minute you point a gun in the direction of an innocent person, never mind a police officer, is the minute you should be shot in the f***ng head without question…you chose your fate!! And that’s exactly what’s wrong with this beautiful country, it’s ran by a bunch of push over pussies who don’t see the true just in justice!!


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