Damned if they do . . .


I see that students at UBC are “outraged” by a couple of members of the RCMP who showed their human side instead of acting like jack-booted brown shirts. I mean really, have these self-aggrandizing twits nothing better to do?

And why in the world hasn’t someone in the RCMP told the student newspaper and any other media outlet thinking this is a real news story to take a hike?

It seems the Mounties pulled up to a group of students who were partying at a bus stop back in July. A number of the youths, if not all, had open liquor, an offence under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, a provincial statute. The police officers could have written summons’ for each of the students, arrested anyone being uncooperative and charged them with obstruction or simply carted a bunch of them off for being drunk in public. But they didn’t.

No, they did their job by getting them all to empty out their glasses and bottles and joked around with the students. You know, like real human beings.

We’ve seen it all before. If the police wade into a situation like that and try and “hard ass” the youths, a fight will evolve, people will go to jail and the police will inevitably be criticized by these self-same holier-than-thou jerks for being heavy-handed. This time they did what they had to do and did it without laying a single charge or putting anyone in jail. And they are still being criticized. Cops expect that theirs is a thankless job, but this is ridiculous. The RCMP should not spend one minute contemplating anything other than saying to anyone who asks that the members did nothing wrong.

Trust me in this, this is not a news story. It is nothing more that huffery and puffery by some self aggrandizing pinheads.

‘Nuff said.

Leo Knight


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  1. The only reason that these whiny, complaining UBC students are so “outarged” is because they’re jealous; the cop “got some” and they didn’t. Sour grapes. That’s all the “controversy” is.

  2. I come from a culture that encouraged police officers to engage the public on a day by day basis, simply by getting to know them. I spent many a day (while on my patrols) talking with young people of all ages, sometimes on relevant work topics and sometimes,just shooting the breeze. Where I come from it is known as community policing…..

  3. It is my firm belief that the outrage exists only because of selective policing. The police should be consistent.

    One time I was ‘hard-assed’ while walking from one house party, to another, one block down the street. I was carrying an empty beer bottle (which was imbibed at the former) and an unopened bottle, since my case was at the first party and I was conscientious enough not to litter or break it. They were going to issue me a $200 ticket for an open alcohol container, citing that “there was still a sip left” until I talked my way out of it.

    Try taking a bone-dry clear beer bottle, and eye-drop one drop of water in it, and it looks bigger along the bottom ridge of the bottle than the drop because of physics. Try sipping that drop — it won’t just fall out.

    We are outraged because they are hard on the good guys, and the real criminals run amok.

  4. People complain about anything these days. And sadly, the world seems to lack the right people in leadership roles with the guts to tell people to give it a break. Officers are just human and having a little fun with some guests at a Police Station is hardly a big deal in my opinion. Get over it people!


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