Prime Time Crime

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British Columbia - The Best Place on Earth -

Just ask our criminals…

By Gerry Wickstead

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Summary and Highlights

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British Columbia Summary (1999-2003)

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British Columbia Summary (1997-1998)  Overall Crime rate (1990-2000)

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Canadian Police Reported Incidents Cleared by Charge (1990-2000)

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Solving ALL CRIMINAL INCIDENTS (1997-2003) 

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Solving VIOLENT CRIME (1997-2003) 

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Solving PROPERTY CRIME (1997-2003) 

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Solving OTHER CRIMES (1997-2003) 

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Solving HOMICIDE (1997-2003) 

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Solving ATTEMPT MURDER (1997-2003)

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Solving SEXUAL ASSAULT (1997-2003)

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Solving COMMON ASSAULT (1997-2003)

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Solving ASSAULT WITH WEAPON (1997-2003)

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Solving ROBBERY (1997-2003)

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Solving BREAK AND ENTER (1997-2003)

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Solving THEFT OVER $5,000 (1997-2003)

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Solving THEFT UNDER $5,000 (1997-2003)

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Solving MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT (1997-2003)

Page 19

Solving HAVE STOLEN GOODS (1997-2003)

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Solving FRAUD (1997-2003)

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Solving OFFENSIVE WEAPONS (1997-2003)

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Solving MISCHIEF (1997-2003)

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Solving ARSON (1997-2003)

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Solving KIDNAPPING (1997-2003)

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Solving COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY (1997-2003)

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Solving IMPAIRED DRIVING (1997-2003)

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Comparing Police Resources Police Officers by Level of Policing

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Comparing Police Resources Expenditures on Policing

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Comparing Police Resources Expenditures on Policing

Page 30

Comparing Police Resources British Columbia versus Quebec

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Comparing Police Resources British Columbia versus Quebec

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Comparing Police Resources Reported Crime

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Court Decisions and Admissions to Prison

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Court Decisions and Admissions to Prison

NOTES:  Any differences between this posted report and Gerry Wickstead's report are my mistakes.  

This report is based on criminal stats that have been reported, therefore the amounts are always going to be smaller than the reality as not all crimes are reported. 

Taking an extreme example "  Of the 100,000 persons reported missing each year, the overwhelming majority return or are found very quickly. Nevertheless, the RCMP estimate that, a year after being reported missing, around 4,800 people are still missing, with an average increase of around 270 new, long-term missing persons each year."  DNA Missing Persons Index (MPI) A Public Consultation Paper   It is possible that some of these missing people have been murdered and their bodies have not been found.  

On the other end of the examples nor would you, driving home after a few too many drinks, if you were not stopped for impaired driving.  No crime would be reported even if it had taken place.  -Chris

BC CORONERS SERVICE:  Homicide* Statistics - 1999 to 2003

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