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(Prime Time Crime exclusive July 5, 2016)

Biting the Hand


By Bob Cooper



Every time you think the Black Lives Matter movement couldn’t behave any worse or do any more to alienate themselves from the rest of society they seem able to sink to the challenge.  This year Toronto’s Pride Society gave the BLM the status of ‘honored guest’ in the Pride Parade and the BLM repaid them by hijacking the event and holding it hostage for over half an hour until the organizers acceded to the usual tiresome list of demands (money, quotas, preferential treatment) plus a ban on police floats and participation.  Pride executive director Mathieu Chantelois signed on the spot knowing this was the only way to get the parade moving again.  Somewhere Al Sharpton was beaming with pride.


Then Chantelois did the oddest thing.  Instead of just tearing up the demands and telling the BLM to hit the road once the parade was over, he characterized their “requests” as “extremely reasonable” and “making a lot of sense”.  Despite the crowd’s overwhelmingly negative response to the actions of these thugs (Yes I said thugs. Thugs, thugs, thugs - there), the Toronto Star Black lives matter protest scores victory after putting pride parade on pause and the Huffington Post Black lives matter protest proves pride needs more empathy, less prejudice fawned approvingly with the Star’s headline proclaiming that the BLM had ‘scored a victory’.  Like they’d stormed the cliffs at Normandy or cured cancer.  Thank God for the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington: Cops thrown under the bus in pride controversy, Pride Toronto now owe police an apology


The following day Chantelois seemed to have bounced back from his bout with Stockholm syndrome.  Perhaps he realized that once you start paying an extortionist there’s no end to it or others in the Pride organization (who appreciate what the police do for them) told him to give his head a shake.  Either way, he claimed he had no intention of honoring the agreement and is quoted as saying "Frankly, Black Lives Matter isn't going to tell us there's no more floats in the parade” and then had a conversation with Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack.   We’ll see.  


To listen to BLM you’d think they represent the only people in history that have ever been mistreated hence the suggestion they be renamed Nobody Else Matters.  Here’s an article from a couple of years ago which reveals how the movement viewed their white sympathizers Canadian pro-Ferguson rally organizers ask 'whites' to stay in background and by the look of Sunday’s events nothing has changed.  The word ‘segregation’ comes to mind making the BLM a parody of themselves.  Respect and ‘inclusion’ are met with contempt.  Other than Mr. Chantelois coming to his senses the rest of it is sadly right on script with political & community ‘leaders’ who should be condemning this nonsense cowed into silence by a bunch of race-hustling shake-down artists  who clobber them with their own political correctness.  You’d hope some valuable lessons were learned here but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Bob Cooper is a retired Vancouver policeman.  He walked a beat in Chinatown and later worked in the Asian Organized Crime Section and the Homicide Squad.



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