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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Sept. 5, 2011)

Absurd and Insignificant

By Bob Cooper




Back in the mid 80s we were watching the news in the wire room at the old CLEU building on West 7th and Svend Robinson was moaning and groaning and wringing his hands over some trivial issue when my old Mountie boss said “Ever notice how these NDP types all sound exactly the same?  They must have a special school for whining that they send them to”.

Over the years I’ve noticed that it’s true not just of the NDP but pretty much all Lefty twits and none more so than our friends at the BC Criminal Liberties Association.  Lacking any serious allegations such as police torture, (they tried that one before and it didn’t work so well for them Probe of Chief Constable a waste of time) they now spend their days trying to justify their existence by coming up with totally absurd and insignificant things to set their hair on fire over. 

The BCCLA’s David Eby announced yesterday that the sky is falling because two retired RCMP Officers have been hired by the provincial government to consult on the new Independent Investigations Office.  They’re only being hired to give advice on setting the unit up.  They’re not being hired to run it or even work there but Eby’s antipathy towards the police in general is so rabid that he can’t see that.  Unfortunately, neither can some media outlets.  It’s as if he suspects that their involvement will poison the entire process or that they’ll leave some vile mind control device behind to corrupt the new investigators.  As those with common sense know, there’s only one place to learn investigative skills.  They don’t teach it at law school and it can’t be found in the writings of Marx or Lenin so I’m afraid, Mr. Eby, that they’ll just have to consult the police and there’s nothing we can do about that, any of us.  I did note that their salaries appear to match that of John Furlong.  Hopefully they’ll turn in a product with a little more substance (“Too many drunks and not enough cops”. Yeah, we figured that out for ourselves, move on).

In a similar vein, the BCCLA were swooning like divas over the Oppal Commission hiring 3 cops from the Peel Regional Police to assist with interviews and research.  One of them, a Deputy Chief, was apparently involved in the Bernardo Case.  In any inquiry it pays to know something about your subject matter.  In this case one of their lines of inquiry is how the police handled a huge, complex investigation.  What better expertise could you ask for than to have someone who seen first-hand the difficulties of running a huge, complex investigation?  If I were assigned to investigate a surgeon for criminal negligence in the operating room I’d have no choice but to consult with other surgeons.  Sorry boys, but it’s an imperfect world.

I’d just add here that the Oppal Commission is also mandated to examine the actions of Crown lawyers and what’s the Commission staffed with?  If the BCCLA weren’t such hypocrites they’d be demanding that all lawyers be removed and longshoremen and truck drivers be brought in to do the research and conduct the hearings.

Speaking of hypocrisy, remember the man who was shot and killed a couple of years ago when he pulled a knife on two constables on Dunsmuir Street?  The shooting was captured by high-quality security video cameras in the area and as this previous column explains (The other shoe drops), some media outlets milked this one for all it was worth and stirred up a great deal of controversy, distortion, and venom from the usual cop-haters.  To counter this, Chief Constable Jim Chu took the bold step of sending a written narrative of what the security video showed in chronological order to all members of the Department.  A copy of the memo was obtained and published by the news media sending Eby into spasms, raving about tainting potential witnesses, etc. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when a cell phone camera captured a man allegedly learning one of life’s little lessons, in this case that it’s difficult to spit on a policeman a second time with a fist in your face.   Two nights later Eby was on the news going through the video in slow motion and doing more than what he’d criticized the Chief for.   When a cop’s rights are involved, these people are able to shed their ‘passion for justice’ like most people take off their hats.

Like our city government, the BCCLA have an endless capacity to make mountains out of molehills and shriek hysterically over nonsense that affects about .01% of the population.  Eby’s duplicity is just icing on the cake.  That some of the mainstream media feel that his ravings deserve headlines just exposes their laziness and lack of judgment.

Bob Cooper is a retired Vancouver policeman.  He walked a beat in Chinatown and later worked in the Asian Organized Crime Section and the Homicide Squad.



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