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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Mar. 8, 2010)

Give the People What They Want

By Bob Cooper



This is an old maxim that politicians once ignored at their peril.  It was popular here until Trudeau and his cohorts came to power in 1967 bringing with them an unprecedented arrogance and a determination to shove their brand of socialism down the peopleís throats because they knew what was best for the People.  This included institutions like the CRTC, its Canadian Content rules, and regulations restricting foreign ownership of certain industries.  Like all of their sacred social programs itís simply more Liberal pork-barrelling designed to ensure the survival of 2nd rate actors, 3rd rate media outlets, 4th rate businesses, and, of course, the Liberal Party. 

Itís the CRTC that decides what you and I can watch, read, or listen to because the government decided that weíre not competent to make those decisions.  Yes, the same government that a few years ago wanted the overstretched and underfunded RCMP to drive through neighbourhoods searching for houses with satellite dishes.  The skirting of Canadian content rules being more important than 911 calls.  Freedom & democracy are just words to these people.

As much as I criticize the Liberals for creating this situation I have to point out that the Conservatives have had plenty of time to remedy it and have done absolutely nothing.  And they have the nerve to criticize China.

Todayís Throne Speech brought a flicker of hope as the government signalled its intention to introduce competition into the cellular phone industry.  The reference in the speech was typically short on specifics but industry pundits believe it will involve relaxing the rules governing foreign ownership rather than allowing companies like Verizon or AT&T to set up shop here.  These protectionist restrictions have allowed Rogers, Bell, and Telus a virtual monopoly and enabled them to gouge us for years with some of the highest cell phone rates in the world along with lousy service and mediocre products.  Itís not nearly enough but itís a start.

We all have visions that inspire us.  Like clips of Terry Fox running across the country or Canadians winning gold in the Olympics.  A  favourite of mine would be the sight of Rogers Wireless executives standing in a food line.

While I was watching this, the postman delivered another solicitation from the Conservative Party and for the first time in a couple of years I thought about sending them a few bucks.  Then I got to the part in the Throne Speech where theyíre looking at changing the lyrics to O Canada to make them gender neutral.

I threw it in the trash.

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