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(Prime Time Crime exclusive  Feb. 8, 2010)

2010 - A good thing

By Bob Cooper



I recall the moment of the announcement that the 2010 Winter Olympics were awarded to Vancouver.  A group of us were grabbing coffee at a patio café in Yaletown and within seconds you could hear car horns honking and people cheering all over downtown.   Even though I’ve never been big into winter sports (apart from the Police Curling Bonspiel, long since discontinued due to injuries and running out of rinks that would have us back), I found myself caught up in the excitement.  Like Expo 86, this would put us on the map and generate all manner of economic benefits.  To me it was a no-brainer.  What’s the downside?

Well, I didn’t have to wait long for the usual voices of doom & gloom to chime in with a million reasons the Olympics would be a disaster ranging from the predictable to the bizarre.  Unscrupulous landlords would toss people out of their rooming houses by the thousands where the Vancouver Police were waiting to cart them off to secret internment camps until the event was over.  Sort of a ‘homeless cleansing’ of the Downtown Eastside to put our best face on.

Then came the Left’s shakedown artists with their demands for everything under the sun including housing ‘set-asides’ in the Olympic Village.  The threats ranged from violent disruptions at events to exposing our Capitalist greed to the worldwide press.  One of them predicted on the news that the world will be “horrified by our poverty”.  Spare me the drama, look at Haiti.  Our politicians along with VANOC caved in faster than the French Army.  They never learn the basic lesson in dealing with extortionists which is that if you pay them once they always come back for more.  Whatever they give these people it will never be enough.  It’s their raison d’être.

With 2 days before the start of the games the Citizens Summit Against Sex Slavery has weighed in criticizing VANOC along with government for not doing enough to prevent a surge in prostitution during the Olympics.  Spokesman Benjamin Perrin is especially miffed since his group warned both VANOC and the RCMP of this in 2007.  A surge in prostitution during a major event?  Gee, somehow I’ll bet the RCMP figured this out without the benefit of Mr. Perrin’s advice but given that they are tasked with preventing acts of violence & terrorism by groups like Al Qaeda and their local lefty supporters, a surge in prostitution was likely the least of their worries.  Secondly, I thought VANOC was here to put on a sporting event not sub in as the Vice Squad.

Now as Friday approaches the anarchist fringe are starting to show their true colors with various advance justifications like ‘we don’t promote violence but, you know, if someone who lost their home to the Olympics were to grab the torch, well…..’.  You absolutely know where this is heading.  Those in doubt should look to the disgraceful event this afternoon where protestors chained the doors of the Chinese Cultural Center shut to prevent a visit by the Prime Minister.  Danger to life aside, the place was full of law-abiding people including parents, children, and Chinese veterans who fought in WWll before they could vote.  All they were looking for was a chance to meet the Prime Minister once in their lives and were denied it by a mob of thugs.  I hope that somehow the PM is able to make this up to them.

Last night, my wife and I went out to watch the torch pass through our neighborhood.  All our neighbors were there with all their children.  Most were new immigrants but all were waving Canadian flags and one of the mothers who spoke very little English was passing flags out to everyone.   These people were all there because they wanted to see a once in a lifetime event, wanted their kids to see it, and were all proud of their country.  The Olympics represent the best values in society and the athletes provide role models for the next generation.

I’m all in favor of a compassionate society that looks after the basic needs of the less fortunate (emphasis on ‘basic’).  I also believe that society should celebrate its winners rather than be intimidated into catering to, and enabling its losers.  

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