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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Sept. 12, 2008)

There’s No Whore…..

By Bob Cooper



Asked for his reaction to the 1984 appointment of former Liberal Cabinet Minister Bryce Mackasey as Ambassador to Portugal, Brian Mulroney said “Well, there’s no whore like an old whore”.  That phrase came to mind this morning when I heard that Stephane Dion announced that if elected Prime Minister he would re-introduce the Court Challenges Program.  This was a program that existed under previous Liberal administrations that doled out millions of taxpayer dollars to left-wing special interest groups and their lawyers to mount challenges against laws passed by our elected MPs.

Court Challenges was one of the first programs cancelled by the Conservatives after the last election along with a number of similar pork-barreling scams.  The shrill shrieks of the Left were deafening.  Their friends who until this point had lived in Liberal Welfare Heaven now faced the possibility of have to (choke) get jobs. Shortly thereafter I received a newsletter from my MP, Raymond Chan showing him at the BBQ at a Liberal fundraiser with the following  drama-rich headline: 


It then went on to list all the ‘progressive’ programs that were slashed and complained that the government dared to put some of the savings into (gasp) the military and increase it’s presence on the West Coast.

The following is the text of an e-mail I sent to Mr. Chan at the time:

YES!!!! Finally a government that ‘get’s it’. You use the word ‘wasteful’ in your narrative and that’s exactly what most of these programs have been (other than for the purpose of employing friends and advancing the cause of the Liberal Party)

$5 million cut to the Status of Women Canada – Good beginning.

$10 million cut to the Canadian Volunteerism Initiative – ‘Volunteerism’ means exactly that.

Not government pork-barreling

$18 million cut to the Literacy Skills Program – I thought we already funded schools?

Canadian Court Challenges Program – Completely cut – Best decision of all

“Beefed up Military presence on the West Coast” – I know that after decades of ruining this country’s once-proud military, this drives you libs mental (I remember your pathetic ad “Troops, on our streets” that probably cost you the last election). Just consider what would happen if a natural disaster such as the long-overdue earthquake were to hit the Lower Mainland? Our nearest help (other than Reserve Units) used to be at Chilliwack which was bad enough. Now, thanks to you lot, it’s in Edmonton and would have to come out here by road (if aircraft couldn’t land). Remember how long it took to get the U.S. Army into New Orleans? And they were a lot closer. Without a huge mountain range.

Mr. Chan, I know it’s old-fashioned, but I happen to believe that I can spend my money better than the government can. I want government to provide public safety institutions (police, fire, military, prisons) and to fund them effectively which Liberals never have. I want certain other essentials such as Medical, Dental, Hospitals, Education, and a Basic social safety net that’s designed to be temporary, not for generations to live off. Beyond the essentials, I want nothing but freedom. If enough people in this country feel the Status of Women should exist, then they’ll support it and it will. I want the freedom not to support them because they’re nothing but a politicized special interest group that hates men in general and the United States in particular. Same goes for the rest of these groups. They duplicate, in many cases, the work of privately-funded groups that already exist and the private sector will always do a better job than government in running just about anything.

You say they’ve cut $55.4 million from youth employment programs. Cut $55.4 million?????

How much was spent to begin with and what sort of ‘programs’ does it support? If they’re not real jobs then it’s just more welfare. When I was 17, I enrolled in a ‘youth employment program’. It was called the Army and the government already funded it. I came out of it a lot better prepared to further my education, get a good (real) job, and pay taxes. The only cheque I’ve ever taken from the government since has been a pay cheque.

I spend enough tax money electing governments that pass laws. I don’t feel like throwing good money after bad to pay lawyers for the Court Challenges Program to launch

Not only will Dion now revive the Court Challenges program, he’ll double the amount of our tax money the Liberals previously gave it.  Take that, Harper.

None of this is dissimilar to the Sponsorship Scandal.  Any other party would be ashamed of it but the word ‘shame’ doesn’t exist in the Liberal Party lexicon.  To this day Jean Chretien defiantly proclaims that he was out there doing God’s work.  A friend of mine who is a defense lawyer described this attitude in his clients as ‘sociopathic indignation’.



I opened the paper this morning to read that Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal has written a letter on behalf of Ranj Cheema on House of Commons stationary to the U.S. Federal Judge who was sentencing  Cheema for his part in a major drug conspiracy.  When caught out, he tells reporter Kim Bolan that he was just interested furthering Cheema’s rehabilitation.  He claims that after meeting Cheema on a few occasions he was convinced that he had turned his life around.  Oh spare me.  Cheema’s own lawyer was terrified of him.

Dhaliwal claims he wrote the letter after being approached by Cheema and his father, neither of whom are constituents of his.  OK, bets down.  Do you pick:

1.  Death threat

2.  Promise of delivery of votes through temple

3.  Other unspecified benefit

4.  All of the above

MP Dhaliwal could not recall the specifics of any of the meetings and defends his failure to check further into Cheema’s past by saying it would be inappropriate for a politician to contact the police in these circumstances.

Guess what Mr. Dhaliwal?  It’s equally inappropriate for a politician to contact a judge and more than one Canadian politician has had to resign for doing so.  But Stephane Dion sees nothing wrong with Dhaliwal’s behavior. 

Not surprising considering one of his predecessors, Jean Chretien personally intervened with his counterpart in Pakistan to obtain the release of Ahmed Said Khadr from prison so he could carry on further terrorism and murder in the cause of Jihad.  Now Dion is whining because the Prime Minister refuses to ask the United States to return Khadr’s murdering terrorist son Omar to Canada where he would presumably be arraigned in Youth Court and released back into society on an undertaking that he refrain from slaughtering infidels.

The saddest part of Dhaliwal’s ill-advised decision is the message it sends to all of the decent people in the Indian community.  Small wonder they are wary of government, our legal system, and are reluctant to cooperate with they police or testify in court.

I haven’t yet seen the video of the Puffin relieving himself on Stephane Dion but if anyone locates the creature I’ll buy it the best bird seed in the world for the rest of its’ life, along with a bit of caviar now and then.

Anyone who votes for these people deserves exactly what they get.

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