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(Prime Time Crime exclusive April 10, 2008)

More immigration insanity

By Bob Cooper



The following are excerpts from a Vancouver Sun article on April 8, 2008, Assassin walks free in Surrey, by Kim Bolan on the fact that an admitted murderer and member of MS-13 has been released from custody by a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board.  MS-13 is one of the most violent and feared organized crime groups in Central and North America.

After arriving at the Douglas border crossing last September, Jose Franciso Cardoza Quinteros told Canadian officials that he had killed at least four people, thrown grenades into crowds of rivals and been present at the beheading of a woman by a member of his gang, also known as MS-13.

“I can’t draw the conclusion from the evidence which has been presented that even any alleged membership by you with the Mara Salvatrucha in the past translates into a current or a future danger in Canada which terms and conditions cannot address,” Immigration and Refugee Board member Otto Nupponen said in reasons that were entered Tuesday in Federal Court.

Yes, you read it correctly.  This guy admits to membership in a criminal organization known for its ruthlessness and savagery.  He also admits to multiple murders and bombings all carried out in furtherance of this same organization’s objectives.  Yet our system admits him to Canada because he is physically able to utter the word ‘refugee’.  Perhaps this is in accordance with the government’s new goal of tailoring immigration to our economic needs.  I guess the Hell’s Angels just can’t find enough Canadian psycho killers to do the work.

Now, believe it or not, his refugee claim is denied, which is noteworthy in itself, and he is found to be inadmissible to Canada.  Do we put him on the next flight South?  No.  We’re so concerned about his safety we keep him here for months while we conduct a ‘pre-removal risk assessment’.  At the same time, we’re so unconcerned with the safety of our own citizens we allow him to remain at large.

None of the foregoing even touches on the fact that he tried to enter Canada by stealth and deceit and could reasonably be expected to employ the same tactics to remain here.  When he doesn’t show up for removal and becomes one of the many thousands who simply vanish, or worse yet, murders someone else, remember:  you heard it here first.  Why we have to keep learning this lesson is just beyond me.

The above (italicized) statement by Otto Nupponen, in denying the government’s request  to keep this killer in custody, is so breathtakingly stupid that further comment is hardly necessary.  I felt it worth repeating simply because it’s one of the most glaring examples of everything that’s wrong with our current immigration legislation and the cavalier attitude of many of those who administer it.

 It’s as if they lay awake nights trying to think of ways to outdo Corrections Canada in terms of incompetence, negligence and reckless indifference to the safety of Canadians.   

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