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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Jan. 21, 2008)

Layton talks tough on handguns

By Bob Cooper



Not that I had any doubts about the lunacy of David Millerís repeated call for a nation-wide ban on handguns, but if I did, the endorsement of Taliban Jack would certainly put them to rest.

No folks, itís just the shrill left exploiting the death of another innocent victim to whore for votes.   They are nothing if not inventive.  Theyíre even using these tragic deaths to criticize the government for increasing security at our borders to combat terrorism.  You see, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are really no threat to Canada and even if they were we can just negotiate with them according to Jack.  Never mind that increased security for whatever reason is actually what keeps a lot of guns from getting across the border.  It wins points with the Ďopen bordersí crowd.

Their other objective is to deflect public attention from the fact that Liberals have brought this situation about by gutting and weakening our justice system for decades to the point where gangsters walk the streets of our major cities packing guns with absolutely no fear of consequence.  A gun is a present day gangsterís most basic fashion accessory.  If you cheat on your taxes you absolutely will go to prison.  Get caught with a gun and itís a whole different story.

First, the crook will be back on the street before the cops finish the hours of paperwork that would once have taken them 15 minutes.  Thatís because of the Bail Reform Act.  Thanks Liberals.  Second, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides fertile ground for defence lawyers to challenge the legality of the search and get the gun excluded.  No matter that the guy was caught red-handed with it.  What about the truth?  Thatís for law-abiding suckers.  Thanks again Liberals.  Third, should this case manage to successfully negotiate this legal minefield and the accused actually be convicted, his chances of doing a day in jail are less than minimal.  A section of the Criminal Code requires judges to consider all possible alternatives to incarceration when deciding sentence.  Extra points if youíre aboriginal, by the way.  Thanks again and again Liberals.

Lots of people are killed every year in Canada by drunk drivers yet you donít hear anyone proposing the elimination of either automobiles or liquor.  But, according to Mayor Miller et al, when it comes to murder, better to ban guns from coast to coast.  You see, in Toronto the vast majority of these killers (as well as their victims) represent a certain demographic group that Liberals would rather die than offend, so instead of advocating that the killers themselves be held accountable and punished, itís far easier to demonize and take away the rights of legitimate gun owners who probably donít vote Liberal anyway.  This is nothing new.  Their steadfast refusal to ban the terrorist, criminal group the Tamil Tigers was done for the same disgusting reason.   The other thing is that most guns are manufactured in the Great Satan to the south which makes them an even better Liberal whipping boy. 

It never occurs to these people that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  They never met a crime they couldnít rationalize or a criminal they couldnít make excuses for.

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