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(Prime Time Crime exclusive Jan.  7, 2008)

Mob Rule or the Rule of Law

By Bob Cooper



This morning’s news was full of headlines and stories proclaiming, almost triumphantly, that supporters of ‘paralyzed refugee claimant’ (read: left wing ‘open the borders’ political stooge) Laibar Singh have once again prevented his removal from Canada.  They accomplished this by gathering at the Surrey Temple where Singh was staying for the purpose of intimidating government officials charged with enforcing the law the same way they did at the Vancouver International Airport.  Sadly, on both occasions, it worked and our already toothless justice system was further enfeebled.  There was a time this wouldn’t have been allowed to happen but that’s a whole other column.

Let me be clear that I am not being critical of either the Canada Border Services Agency or the RCMP.  Given the way both agencies were savaged by the mainstream media in the wake of the Dziekanski affair it’s small wonder that neither was inclined to use any degree of force on anyone, anywhere near YVR.

But, back to Mr. Singh.  Prior to the YVR episode he was staying at a Sikh temple in Abbottsford being posed freely for photo-ops amidst throngs of devotees and promises of limitless financial support.  After leaving YVR, Singh stayed briefly at another temple in New Westminster before moving to a third temple in Surrey.  One would think all this moving around could hardly be good for someone in Mr. Singh’s delicate condition but I’ve seen no explanation for it in any of the mainstream media outlets.  Rumors of waning community support were vehemently denied by all and sundry claiming to be his supporters (read: puppeteers).

Now on the evening news comes word that Mr. Singh’s condition may not be nearly as grave as previously alleged.  Under direct questioning by a journalist who cared enough to ask and happens to be Indian himself, Mr. Singh’s physician has admitted that he is not suffering the effects of either a stroke or an aneurysm and is “getting better”.  With more time in Canada he should improve substantially, the doctor opines.  Exactly what Mr. Singh is suffering from wasn’t made clear by the good doctor and the public is left to assume that it’s something more severe than a cold.   Frankly, I have a vision of him doing push-ups and jumping jacks as soon as the cameras leave the room but I’m sure that things will unfold over the next day or so.

Deceit aside, the bottom line is that the Removal Order must be enforced and the sooner the better.  While the government may once have had some room to move on this, Mr. Singh’s supporters took care of that at YVR.  Their actions effectively backed the government into a corner and left them with two options.  Remove Mr. Singh and restore some respect for the law, or capitulate to a mob of thugs and destroy it entirely.

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