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(Published in the Chilliwack Times week of Jan. 22, 2007)

The Left’s crush on Islamofascism


  By John Martin

Understanding the reasoning of liberals has long been a challenging and exhausting undertaking.  Defying all logic and common sense, the inner workings of the liberal head- housing unit is no less a mystery than Roswell.

Whether it’s economics, foreign policy or social programs; liberals have gotten it wrong every time.  But the illogic of the liberal is most troubling with respect to the war on terror.  Their treasonous and self-destructive behavior impedes the noble efforts of those committed to neutralizing the real and dangerous threat of radical Islam.


On one hand, today’s liberals may be little more than reincarnates of what Lenin affectionately referred to as his “useful idiots”; those who enjoyed the freedoms of western democracy while playing footsie with Bolsheviks.  Liberals have long admired any culture and society that looks a lot unlike their own.  So long as it’s foreign, lefties automatically consider it exotic, peaceful, righteous and unblemished by the trappings of capitalism and western greed.

On the other hand is the childish dynamic that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  “George Bush is leading the war against Islamofascism. I hate Bush.  Therefore, I identify with the terrorists.”  A similar thread of reasoning characterizes the collective anti-Israel stance that has become so chic and hip among the left.  Such is the remedial cognitive wiring of many a liberal. 

Another explanation can be summed in a single word, “idolation”.  On an ideological, philosophical level, the left is in a state of collective awe with radical Islam. After all, leaders of the Muslim world long ago attained what liberals dream of; absolute deference to the ruling orthodoxy.  Not only is dissent nonexistent, but even the mere questioning of authority is prohibited.  Opposing perspectives and alternative viewpoints are capital offences.  Unwavering compliance and obedience are mandatory.  What liberals seek by way of human rights legislation, speech codes, and political correctness; Islamofascists achieved with the sword.

Liberals yearn for a world where never a discouraging word is heard regarding wealth redistribution, feminism, government day care, multiculturalism, affirmative action, abortion, or the rights of drug users.  A world where the banning of firearms, SUV’s and Wal-Mart is met with absolute acquiescence.  A world in which the CBC and Toronto Star are the lone commentators on events near and afar.

Mercifully, the left must rely on liberal friendly media, academia, and much of the entertainment world to denounce and ridicule opposing views.  They are limited to demonizing, gag orders and human rights commissions to silence independent thinkers.  True, they have also created hate crime legislation, but unlike human rights tribunals, the criminal courts still observe due process and the presumption of innocence; concepts that liberals loathe (unless of course we’re talking about an alleged terrorist, in which case there are no greater champions of the rule of law).

No doubt liberals would be outraged at the notion they idolize fanatics who behead and slit the throats of their adversaries.  But the left, to this very day, is unapologetic, unmoved and unrepentant at having fawned over the likes of Stalin, Mao and Castro throughout their terror.  Tens of millions of innocents slaughtered and imprisoned was a mere toll to be paid on the road to their precious socialist utopia.

To practice a morality that enables and rationalizes those who would exterminate one’s own culture, society and way of life is truly horrifying.



John Martin is a Criminologist at the University College of the Fraser Valley and can be contacted at

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